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#742 – Dressing room

Someone told me on twitter the link to get the second chapter of the comic wasn’t working, simple reason selfy putted down my account due to new policy that don’t allow adult and copyright stuff. Anyway it’s fixed and the two chapters of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic are now available so don’t miss get a chance read them… ^^

I’m preparing a little event but for now it’s hard get time work on the project, the access to the website is blocked at work and I’m out of city due to family reasons all week-end lately. For sure familly is something really important that you have to care about but it’s also goo to have some free time to relax too sometimes.


There is really famous illustration with overwatch character and thanks to Tallon there is now a dressing room illustration with Rosalina and his two lovely OC Angel and Tess, cute face and sweet ass drew by SaMelodii, I hope you like it guys. Tess is on the left, Angel in the right and in the middle, SaMelodiicouldn’t fit in rosalina face but I think u get it‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I’m sure a little pervert but can’t resist to the powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, a great close on the lady asses with a little panty tease on Angel, SaMelodii also made the girls looks so cute and adorable in the mirror reflection. Also more than a sexy piece, this one allow us to imagine what kind of suit they will wear (or not) and what will happen next. SaMelodii did a great work on ladies but also the background with lot of details and make me wonder what behind the « exit » °w°

If you want to see more about SaMelodii then don’t miss visit her HentaiFoundry or support on patreon. And if you wish to get a commission it’s th perfect time since there is ‘Summer deal: buy one commission, get one half off‘. From adorable sketch for really naughty comic page there is nothing SaMelodii can’t manage and she’s also open to many fetishes, just check the commission page linked below if you are curious.

Artist: SaMelodii / Cost: ??? (gift)

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#739 – Lunakiri’s birthday (after party)

June 28th 2017 – Lunakiri is turning 29yo
Happy birthday to you… \(^o^)/
princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian birthday lunakiri swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian birthday lunakiri naked

No need introduction for this post fully dedicated to Lunakiri for 29th birthday this June 28th, Happy birthday to you… I wish I could give her a big hug (and not just from skype) but at last I hope Lunakiri will have a marvellous day for her birthday, anyway I also hope the other days will be lovely too, just one a year isn’t fun… ^^

Also a tender and romantic illustration to celebrate Lunakiri‘s birthday draw by… Lunakiri… More I think at it and more it’s stupid ask the once that celebrate his birthday create the illustration that celebrate it instead of get a surprise from another artist. At first Lunakiri offered me to draw this duo with Rosalina and her OC luna and the description sounded so marvellous that it was hard to refuse, also it seem there was some messy touch from the main suggestion so she got one of my weakness from this fetish… ^^’

Finally Lunakiri managed something sensual with some cuddles on the beach with sunset to make it even more romantic and intimate (why my birthdays never end that sweet?), for sure it’s just the start and many things can happen, even more since Lunakiriput them on a big ass blanket to offer some protection‘ so no way this night can’t be intense. On a more lovely side I love the idea of a plushie Luma as gift from Rosalina, I guess I must keep that in mind for next year… ^^’

I hope you like it guys, also compared to what expected Lunakiri you have here the HD version instead of patreon exclusive, it’s celebration day so we just have to enjoy it. Anyway Lunakiri is an awesome friend and really good artists so take the time give her a little message then visit her gallery (here)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#733 – Teasing a little fairy

And here is a new artist of the month, I let you discover BandiJones and his fetish for cunnilingus and high heels. He have many project and wish get the funds to participate in con and sare his passion for art but need some help, that’s the reason he recently started a patreon page (here) so don’t miss have a look.. ^^

I’m sorry for the previous publication that came a bit late, I was in a trip with friends on Switzerland for 3 day that were sure intense and special. The level is really hight for when will be our turn invite them… O_o


The main idea when created the project was to pair Rosalina with ‘famous‘ characters to be sure people will see about the illustration was looking at fanarts, with time I saw so many ravishign original characters that for sure weren’t famous but OC also could make a ravishing duo with Rosalina. Already got a lot with Rosalina and today it’s a new illustration Mazzacho drew pairing Rosalina’s with Kittehskye‘s OC named Miri.

A little fairy than Rosalina want to see if that cute, tiny and fragile body can be so sensitive as human one using a stem (or bade of grass) softer an smaller than her finger to be more sweet. I’m sure it tickles a little that way and must be intense like the way Miri hold her leaf and antennas moving, I also love the way Mazzacho drew it pressing on her breast and have a sweet curve appear. As you can see that little fairy is really cute with freckles and I’m sure Rosalina wont resit gently press her breasts to see how soft they are… °w°

Mazzacho managed a lovely illustration where cuteness and sexiness mix so nicelyand also where your imagination can play a lot, just imagine all kind of sweet caress Rosalina can give to Miri body, touching and teasing with fingers or even get that huge princess tongue tasting all that sweet body. the tip of the stem can also do more than just teasing and then Miri can also her turn explore Rosalina body with her being curious and tickle that princess body. I’m sorry for Mazzacho that I don’t think intended to make something with so explicit meaning but how about you guy? what kind of story you can imagine from this scene?

As you can see on the right, Mazzacho was already working on the stem idea but Miri pose was a little different on the first sketch. Being more quiet and sweet that way so I like how she turned more expressive on the final version… °w°

Once again, here is a big hug for Kittehskye and Mazzacho, I’ll never regret meet you two. For more guys you can get HD version on my patreon (here) or Mazzacho patreon (here) but no the only thing you can enjoy from this powerfull artist. Feel free visit places listed below to see more about his art, watch him stream maybe your commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)

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#732 – Not in my butt Ilumia!

Still waiting for an answer from the artist to get the confirmation but I can announce for sure it’s Ivan Bucio that won June patreon raffle and will get anyone he want with Rosalina and/or decide a theme as long it respect the artist rules. There will also come some patreon exclusive versions like the Piranha plant series that you on the left.

Also talked to peoples about pay-up-front or paywall, for the first one it’s to prevent all that join the top tier for a few days to steal content (go so many of that) and for the second, I’m far to be a paywall. I want patreon to support the project and help it grow but there will have more rewards for patreon and never less on the blog. For now I just do extra efforts get more content to offer to patreon and I hope that will work… O_o


And not here is May patreon raffle reward for Kittehskye that asked Rosalina with her OC Ilumia that you must do not to confuse with her other OC Imelia that appeared on the Shota trap party (see it here). For sure it wasn’t intended to get that quality but the artist Ocanya wasn’t able finish the commission because of personal problems. I’m really sorry about that and must find a way to apologies… U_u

Ocanya made a first sketch that you can see on the right and isn’t bad at all, the ass and back are great, she looks like she’s got one hell of a squishy ass, which some people love. On his side he wasn’t really happy with it and wanted to try ‘another sketch more sexual and that the girls look younger’. The second one Ocanya sent was really good, I love the pose for Rosalina, lingerie and high heels add a so sexy touch (love that part) and the wand make it even more kinky.

Unfortunately, for this second attempt the result wasn’t good enough for Ocanya that told me he have trouble with Ilumia and ‘do not understand this character’. I think he had trouble to draw Ilumia by following other artists style instead of draw her the way she would look with his own style. For now I noticed all art from Ocanya‘s gallery was deleted. I don’t know what happened but sounds really bad, just hope thing will goes better and see him back soon… O_o

Artist: Ocanya / Cost: ??? (abandoned)

One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
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#703 – Let me be your (futa) valentine

princess rosalina ecchi yuri lesbian tiger anthro crossover futa futanari

A new publication that come a bit late due to family obligations, at last I’m still in time so could be worse (and it already was). Anyway as if publications aren’t always posted in time I never missed one in 5 years with two publications a week, a crazy rate that is sure hard to manage but as long I can I don’t see a reason stop and show even more Rosalina art to show how that princess is marvelous and can be sooo sexy too… Oh yea… \(^o^)/

Also I plan themed weeks more than just for Easter/Halloween like tentacle one coming next month, at last I think this one will have better feedback then watersport piece but also will have exclusive patreon art for the first time. Don’t worry I don’t plan make it happen often but want offer a little something to promote it more.


After the illustration I made for my valentine card, here is the one I received as Valentine gift from my cutie featuring Rosalina and her tiger girl OC; Lilah. This illustration was created by Rancid Art that is basically more into furry characters but also can also manage humans as you see on this illustration with Rosalina looking so adorable and can’t resist about that marvelous lingerie set she wear (love the star design on the bra and panty), for sure my cutie know me really well about that point. ^^’

At first, Lilah isn’t a futanari character and kinda appear on the hottest illustration my cutie own and there is so much I would love to share with you. For now there is this illustration the left that is the reason of this duo, first time I saw this piece I was curious about the panty and wondering if artist error or a bulge for a trap kittie. I really Lilah design and was so curious about that bulge that on this illustration and it’s why Rancid Art was requested to draw her as futanari in this duo. It keeps a sensual and romantic touch for Valentine day theme but maybe in the future she will be back in something even more naughty as girl or futa… suspense… °w°

I hope you like this illustration guys and enjoy that mix into cuteness and sexiness we all need so a perfect and sweet Valentive day. If you want to see more about Rancid Art on his Facebook page (here), see him stream on Picarto (here) and you’ll have to go on FurraFinity (here) for the naughty stuff but this place isn’t updated lately but you can already see some nice pieces on that place. Once again, thanks so much for that so ravishing as sexy piece… \(^o^)/

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#698 – Mistress Imelia nipple torture

February is here and it’s time to announce the winner of Patreon monthly raffle and congrat to Ivan Bucio. I’m actually preparing with Lunakiri a series based on characters from Nier Automata game and Ivan will be able pick the girl he want from all planned and ask what I want her to do with Rosalina. Could be lovely and sweet to extra naughty but for now… suspense… °w°

And on the bad side, it’s always frustrating when you prepare the article at work, save it on USB key then once you are home ready to post but… Forgot that fucking USB key at work. Already Wednesday so not can’t allow me goes a day late (as if no one would notice) but I have no choice rewrite all… Bwaaaa… T_T


And a new piece that I received as gift from Kittehskye and created by Mazzacho, what a powerfull combo (you two are so wonderfull). This time Rosalina meet Imelia for the second time, first one was during a really naughty party with some cute shota traps furies that are all owned by Kittehskye and once again, draw by Mazzacho. It’s me that commissioned this piece and if you are curious then you can see it from the illustration on the right.

To be honest I don’t really know if in that kind of scene we can talk about ‘nipple torture‘ or even ‘bdsm but what is sure is that Mazzacho made it so intense. Both ladies looking so sexy and erotic, Imelia with this lingerie and heels (love the design on the bra anyway) is also damn naughty being so rough while playing with Rosalina breasts. Rosalina is also so expressive, the chair give her a pin-up look and cause that fetish for high heels, can’t deny I love so much those latex boots Mazzacho gave her… °w°

It’s also interesting see differences from the sketch to final illustrations, first Imelia had a tail that was removed but the action and her pose are really different and even more wonderfull in the final piece. I’m just a little confused how goes Rosalina’s hairstyle, Basically Rosalina have an hair lock hiding her right eye as you see on the sketch with Mazzacho had to cheat a little with that point on the final piece or it would hide all Rosalina face and don’t allow us make her that expressive. Anyway I still love sooo much the result and hope you too guys, for more don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s page or support his patreon where you can get some extra SFW and NSFW content still with his so incredible style and skills… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (Kittehskye’s gift)

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#686 – Christmas show for Krampus

Traditional art is really powerfull, wont say so much since it can offend digital artists (really) but when you get the original that no one will be able to copy/paste it’s kinda magic. The only problem is the only place I can scan them is at work and when you need to scan this kind of illustration you sure must be really prudent.

Also since quiet at job I spend some time on phone with games trying to complete all google trophies, if you know some that can be easily completed then don’t hesitate share them in a comment… ^^


There is an artist that we didn’t hear about since June 2015 and is now back, celebrating Christmas again with a new illustration by theFloppyBunny. There was a project named ‘Anti-Klaus Calendar‘ with 24 themes (that you can find here), everybody was able choose a theme open and suggest an idea. For sure all the best and more exciting were already taken, I finally chosen the 12th: Bells and asked theFloppyBunny for Rosalina and a Reindeer girl with the bells on both ladies outfits. I hope you like it guys.

The little problem was according the the even rules, Krampus had to be here and you can imagine it’s not good for a yuri project but he was the main theme since theFloppyBunny is totally addicted to this horror character. So I asked Rosalina and a reindeer girl having some fun together then Krampus is on the back enjoying the sensual show. For sure when you imagine what can happen next it’s logical to have Krampus join getting pleasured by this horny couple and enjoying those warm pussies. Can’t deny that idea sounds exciting but a bit frustrating, anyway, I sure love so much this piece theFloppyBunny created. Thanks sooo much… \(^o^)/

About Krampus, he’s a horned, anthropomorphic folklore figure described as ‘half-goat, half-demon’, who, during the Christmas season, punishes children who have misbehaved, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards the well-behaved with gifts. There was also a Krampus movie that you can be sure theFloppyBunny was really excited to see cause ‘its just a run of the mill horror but still…KRAMPUS!‘.

I really love this illustration, Rosalina is so hot as reindeer especially with some lingerie and high heels. Also a lot of details on the reindeer girl and it’s not that easy manage fur on traditional so I’m amazed how theFloppyBunny colored it so nicely. Lot of details as bells everywhere and some more cute as the ribbons on reindeer’s tail and arm. Also those ribbons have a sweet blue color like they are from Rosalina who putted her on her sweet friend then you can imagine some sensual foreplay while putting those sexy outfits… °w°

Once she was back to deviantart, theFloppyBunny offered me to send the original after made the illustrations (that will come on the blog soon) and I received a nice batch of illustration with some wonderfull and freaking pieces. Until I publish them on the project I suggest you have a look at theFloppyBunny’s profile to discover about her art giving her a follow and support for some motivation to draw again

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#656 – Carrionslut mascot hiding dangerous secret

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacles monster swimsuit cum creampie

Also curious that it seem some people don’t receive the newsletter, for example with last one it was good for gmail but yahoo users didn’t get it. I regularly check if the site is blacklisted or not and seem not but must make a double check with both domain and ip to be sure. Just don’t know how to find the website/domain ip. O_o

Edit: Working on this post I found a way get the website ip and after some check I got that I’m blacklisted but only in a few place so not that dramatic… Then I wonder why or who did that… >.<


This illustration by Carrionslut was originally announced to be on the previous post and bit delayed cause rushing on the naughty princess trio (see it here), anyway now time to let you discover about a new girl with special abilities that Rosalina didn’t expected but when you are so ravishing and pretty princess meeting someone naughty then sure Carrionslut can’t resit to the temptation make her OC play a bit and abuse Rosalina body. ^^

If your are curious about that particular girl, she’s Carrionslut‘s OC and her name is Carrionslut, also when you know than she describe herself saying ‘Im a perv and i love tentacles‘ you kinda understand about her tentacle ability and she drew that OC as an anime version of herself. If you take time visit her gallery, you’ll see more about Carrionslut‘s mascot so sexy and naughty but sometimes a bit more scary and also some photos of the artist herself that have so beautifull panties (I’m not lingerie lover for nothing) and then you can easily find some similarities into the creator and her OC. ^^

As you can see, Carrionslut made 3 versions for this illustration (thanks so much) but curious detail that only the SFW version have fyll shadings compared to the other versions only with flat colors. Anyway some bonus come as extra tentacles pleasing Rosalina and a crazy expressing for that little princess that seem really enjoy it. Also as messy lover it’s so powerfull to have a creamy version, not easy get some sticky cum on a yuri project bur Carrionslut‘s tentacles help a lot… XD

I was looking to find more info about Carrionslut‘s mascot and must admit I’m kinda scary after having seen this illustration (on the right) and the description telling she ‘A ghoul that likes to draw dicks and titties and eat flesh occasionally‘. What do do if she feel hungry after that little play and decide to eat Rosalina… Anyway wont be easy defeat a badass princess from Smash Bros. as if you have strong tentacles, then I hope Carrionslut with keep an eye on her little OC the time I come protect Rosalina, just in case… O_o

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: 42$
Tumblr (NSFW)
DeviantArt (SFW):

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#641 – Horns and femdom

Wasn’t here lately and bad news when I’m back, I first received notification that I got two new patreon members and wanted to write a thanks message but noticed they left after stole the content (those bastards), if only patreon can prevent this shit and block access to content until there is a confirmed pledge. Maybe it does exist but must contact patreon about that.

Other bad new about the newsletter, recently it stopped work and most of the subscribers wasn’t able to receive it, at first thought it must be a problem from the plugin and tried several other systems/sites but always the same result. I discovered than some mails are blocked after sending and after some researches that the blog is blacklisted on some places cause corrupted, checked all the site and nothing so I’ll wait and see how things goes.


 Then many external troubles with that project but that’s not enough to stop it and let me present you the next illustration I received from Ar018. Rosalina exploring a new world meet two faun girls and seem it’s kinda the melting season for those two horns girls that decided to abuse of the sweet princess body or maybe it’s Ar018 that imagine that race to be really naughty in general.

First of all, Faun girls are mythological half humain-half goat,humain from head to chest excepted the fact they have horns, also Fauns and Satyrs were quite different creatures and you can read more about both on this wiki page. Also for those into Wracraft, be sure as if Fauns and Draenei have some anatomical similarities, they origin, story and either skin are totally different. So be careful talking to Ar018 or other artist to be sure don’t say something stupid confusing Faun, Satyr or Draenei.

Ar018 always drew several illustrations with his so pretty as sexy faun girl but never expected he will decide then pairing them with Rosalina when accepted to participate to the project pairing a virtual princess and myological animal girl. This impossible crossover looks really surprising but work perfectly with Ar018 that was able make both fit perfectly together then then make sometime damn hot that little perverts must enjoy, thanks so much… \(^o^)/

And about pervert side I sure you noticed Ar018 drew a really hot illustration, Rosalina giving a cunni being anal fisted and that red color on her hole make it even more rough. Really love that painting style on the background that is really fantasy and both those girls are ravishing, and the black haired one have so perfect breasts that no one can resist fondle them but as you can see hear, Ar018 teach us that we must be really careful with Faun girl.

Feel a little stupid cause when Ar018 sent me the illustration, I focused to ask him put the link of the blog first cause when illustrations are shared on other forums or sites like rules34 it’s the only way I have to promote the project and it’s after that I noticed Rosalina hair lock is on the front of her left eye instead of the right. Also didn’t wanted to reverse it myself destroying what Ar018 created and also his signature so I keep this error for myself (face hitting desk). Anyway don’t miss take a look at Ar018‘s art cause many more faun ladies and epic illustration (naughty too for sure), he’s on DeviantArt, HentaiFoundry and Tumblr so no way miss him… Oh yeah…

Edit: Ar018 offered me to edit the illustration to fix Rosalina hair. Thanks so much \(^o^)/
Artist: Ar018 / Cost: 0$ (request)

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#635 – Cosma, princess of the Ying and Yang

Sites like deviantArt have a huge worldwide community and sometimes some French artists but since it’s always english and people are used to talk that way I don’t really notice about that detail. Most of the time it’s the artist answering in French or saying ‘Hey, I’m French’. I wonder how they can notice it so easily with me. Maybe I’m not used to check infos on profile or there is something noticeable on my messages… O_o

Anyway paypal finally unlocked the money and I was able pay the artists. Compared to delivery service that give you the package in the shorter estimated time (and with some bonus with Rosalina’s Delivery Service), when paypal say they can keep the money from 7 to 10 days it seem they prefer the highest estimation. >.<


I didn’t talked about french artists without reason cause it’s Haarmades that is French and made Rosalina meet his lovely OC; ‘she’s the fusion of my two OC Reality and Rêvie, it make Cosma the princess of the Ying and Yang‘. The illustration looks wonderfull, both ladies so beautifull as sexy and also feel honored Haarmades created a so pretty character especially for this illustration. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

Once as me you finished focus of those perfect breasts (so perfect and a bit pointy, want to fondle them), then you can continue explore this illustration and never stop be amazed by all details, Haarmades really did a powerfull job. Starting with Rosalina it can looks kinda classic outfit but lingerie really give a magical touch to a lady and this blue transparent suit with star motifs suit her perfectly, she got her crown, earrings and medallion, just so bad there is power stars instead of Lumas but those little things are so pure and innocent that it’s kinda better don’t see her looking soooo sexy. Rosalina can have some private and relaxing time and Haarmades gave her a nice friend.

Then after Rosalina and the background no way to miss talk about Cosma, Haarmades also worked a lot on her creating a beautifull lady and cool design. As you can see the ying and yang are everywhere, hairstyle, dress color and buttons and one over her head too. Only her panty is fully black but looking at that part is not really with pure idea and in other side there is the aureola over her head so it keep a perfect balance. I hope Haarmades will get opportunity to draw her again in the future or create more wonderfull (and sexy) character… °w°

Once again thanks for your hard work on this illustration Haarmades and for more guys don’t miss visit his Deviantart gallery, for sure you can ask for a commission; 30$ for a fullbody, 5$ for extra character and 5$ for nude version (btw, wonder there isn’t nude for this piece, as lingerie lover this one is perfect for me). You can also support him over patreon and for 20$ you get a commission so even more powerfull in that way… Oh yeah…

Artist: Haarmades / Cost: 35$

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#631 – My offer still stands

I want to thanks all that help me with the project supporting on patreon or buying the Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic. I sure help a lot not to get more content but also increase the quality of illustration and also allow me commission even more incredible artists… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Btw, the winner of the patreon raffle decided about the pairing he want to see. I already contented the artist and now waiting for his answer, for now I’ll just say Rosalina will enter Steven Univers series and stay turned for more.


I promised you something a bit more sexy after a SFW week and it’s Uxdragon that is back to offer us this sweet illustration. He first contributed to the project with a kinky Rosalina and Daisy duo you can see on the right, then we discovered about his OC Lysithea with Your dream by… event (see it here). Now Lysithea is back to meet her lovely friend but it’s time for her true master to offered me the opportunity make it happen and here is it… °w°

At first it was a raffle Uxdragon made to celebrate his birthday, everybody was able participe choosing a character and describing how would be a dating with his OC Lysithea. For sure I had to join (and not use tell about results) but seriously… How we can’t tell Uxdragon is a so amazing guy celebrating his birthday offering gifts to other people. He said that his happy when he can make people happy and that sounds sooo kind. Be sure when you get a friend like his you must never let him go cause you’ll lots someone amazing.

Then was a little confused about Uxdragon‘s ‘birthday rules‘ but I can’t allow me miss an opportunity get some more content for the project so I entered suggesting ‘Rosalina and Lysithea enjoying a romantic fancy dinner together. Both with gala dress and high heels, Rosalina using her foot to tease Lysithea[…]‘. Then as you can see it’s finally Lysithea that show Rosalina her true desires gently caressing her leg but since Rosalina is more pure and innocent than her sweet friend so it sounds more logical in that way and a bit exciting exciting too… °w°

Lysithea is a robot so love that furutistic environment for their dating and Uxdragon gave Rosalina those high heels I love and Lysithea wear the same kind, sweet smiles, beautifull dress, great background, and adding those sexy shoes there is so much powerfull details here. Also the title ‘My offer still stands‘ was by Uxdragon, then you can imagine Lysithea offereing Rosalina to spend the night with her in a private room to discover about each other and sure have a little fun. So much can happen with a little imagination and feel free to comment with some littles stories if someone pop in your (kinky) mind.

If you are curious about Lysithea, to quote Uxdragon she’s a SINNER Gynoid (Synthetic INtellegence NEuronic Replica),programmed and designed for purposes such as modeling, music and advertising, anything which requires grabbing the attention of the public, I think that mean she know anything to get your attention and be sexy is one or her ability. Then you can see how she looks on the left and get additional information here or visiting Uxdragon‘s profile and gallery.

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: 0$ (Birthday raffle)
Tumblr (SFW)
Tumblr (NSFW)
DeviantArt (SFW):
FurAffinity (NSFW)
Hentaifoundry (NSFW)

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#628 – BatteryGirl hungry for butt

Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit Rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian vaiderman batterygirl spit trap futa

Out of town and no internet this week-end so the blog post was made earlier and planed for this week-end, also had to cheat on the main post planning a new one and make the previous expire at same time so I’ll remove it manually. For the RosalinaxGirl patreon it’s a little complicated, since you can’t have planed publication I don’t have choice post them when I’ll be back on Monday morning. Also another week-end without be able looking for new artists so I’ll have to rush next week.

For now I due to financial situation, I live on my father living room (yeah, don’t have my own bedroom) and since he spend so much time watch tv (near to my computer) it’s impossible for me have some intimacy or open NSFW content so you can imagine how hard it is to manage the site. Only safe when he goes to sleep (late) but since some family will come on June he will go to sleep on the living room too so technically I’ll never be able get time manage the site for two weeks. Must really find a solution or will give me huge troubles… O_o


For now here is a new piece linked to ‘Your dream by…‘ event. After tell SacciSalt her idea won, the artist had to move on another piece due to technical issues but didn’t want to come back and say the drawign she was waiting for will never happen, must be so bad. Then I promised her do my best made it happen and after some discussion with DigitallyDeviant and some black panties deal (long story) we finally managed to get this kinky duo happen. Also if you are curious, BatteryGirl is xxxbattery‘s OC and mascot. First time she meet Rosalina and about xxxbattery he already participated to the project with that powerfull duo featuring Marie and Callie from Splatoon and even more great piece that you can find here.

Since DigitallyDeviant really love butts, we picked the second reference from Sacci’s idea. Due to our actual deal, I pose as (sexy) model wearing my Rosalina cosplay and illustrations are used as reference to draw illustration adding another lady for a naughty duo that come in the blog. I first made a little photo series for DigitallyDeviant with both Rosalina and BatteryGirl pose and then he started work on the illustration. Due to the even the original idea was for a cunni but using crossplayer as model for trap photos it was easier make it ass oriented. That’s why there is two versions. That’s fun cause the trap version is from the true original photo but since the true Rosalina is a lady, then the female version is more right for her. At last DigitallyDeviant made a powerfull job and was fun challenge pose for this illustration. Now just pick the version you prefer and I hope you enjoy it guys, also hope to get your feedback Sacci and Vaider… ^^

BatteryGirl sure have a really cool design and love those neon motifs on her skin, like a mix into futuristic tattoo and tron Universe but I guess xxxbattery had in mind this futuristic and digital look creating her so it looks so cool. Then she now invited Rosalina on her universe but not just to give her a little visit, had to be a fun day and can’t be fun without some sex. Preparing Rosalina ass with spit, she also got some « little » toys so you can be sure it will be intense and I’m sure she’s also getting excited that after that her turn will come to get abused by that sexy princess needing her revenge. They sure will have lot of fun together and each one can imagine how it will turn, that part is the more exciting in my opinion… °w°

With all WIP I received from DigitallyDeviant, I have now a great step by step series that I decided to publish as patreon reward cause would be too huge for the site and don’t want overload the post. Then for sure it wont have the original photos I made as reference with Rosalina crossplay. At last if you want to get an idea I posted one on my DeviantArt account that I really love. I looks so sensual on this one but as if no nudity it’s kinda more ecchi/mature than safe for everybody. It’s also the second illustration from DigitallyDeviant, previous one was the rough duo with samus (here) but many more will come so stay tuned. Oh yeah.

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: 0$ (Deal)

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#627 – Lysithea join a dream

June is close and I now know who will be the artist working on the next patreon illustration for the monthly raffle. The request will goes to LadyBarbero so don’t miss take a look at her page to get an idea what kind of piece she could draw and not too late to win an illustration from her joining RosalinaxGirl patreon and enter the raffle.

Wasn’t here to manage the site last week-end due to mother day and I’ll be out of town again on this one to learn about sewing and work on my next Rosalina cosplay, can’t tell more for now but must show you how it looks once done. I have the original dress to cosplay since years so time for a new one for more variety during con. ^^


For those who remember about ‘Your dream by…‘ event, I first announced SacciSalt as winner and BandiJones started to work on the illustration. He really loved the idea of Rosalina and BatteryGirl as the reference poses but after some time I received a new message saying it was really hard piece due to BatteryGirl design and skin as those heels that are so damn hot as pain to draw. Finally BandiJones moved on another idea from all participations and he draw the one by Uxdragon asking ‘Rosalina being serviced orally by my OC Lysithea’, here is the result. ^^

After lot of work here is the final illustration by BandiJones, He really love cunni and high heels so as little pervert too must admit that kind of theme was really interesting and I hope you like the result guys (especially you Uxdragon). First time Lysithea meet Rosalina here but in fact it’s the second illustration I received of this duo, the other was made by her sweet owner and will appear soon in the blog. Will be also nice opportunity to present you a little more that so cute as kinky lady. XD

I really love BandiJones‘s art and as if it can look basic at some points without a lot of details and shading, if you look at his gallery he really increased his level and work hard to make even more powerfull and impressive illustrations (even more sexy too). Compared to the previous illustration with Rosalina and Samus he made for the project and that you can see on the right, this time there is more shading, light effect and the background look cool (BandiJones is really proud of this part). You can see all his art on Tumblr, Pixiv and all sites listed below for now but he also try hard to reach a level that will be accepted on HentaiFoundry and be sure they are really exigent. I wish you good luck my friend, you can do it… Oh yeah…

Still a lot I want to say about this illustration, Rosalina looks gorgeous with this lingerie and high heels, also love her expression that turn the scene even more intense and show how Lysthea is talented. BandiJones started the illustration with BatteryGirl and I’ll post the sketch as patreon reward if you are curious to see it. at last Since I announced to SacciSalt that she won, feel it end on that way so I managed to ge this pairing happen and be sure it will be epic, stay tuned. And for now, thanks so much BandiJones for this wonderfull piece and your participation to the project, that’s so powerfull… \(^o^)/

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#625 – Succuby friend

As patreon members can see, there the update on that side is kinda late but there is actually some troubles with the site. It’s impossible to select if you want a post to be public or from what tier people can see it so it’s ready to publish but can’t be submitted for now. Trying to login/logout several times and also using another browser so no choice to wait. Hope will be fixed soon and put the bonus on patreon again… Oh yeah… ^^

Also each time starting a new post, I have the feeling I have something important to say but can’t figure what, that’s kinda frustrating but not use focus on that and time to present you the new illustration… Oh yeah…


Time to present you the art of a lovely pink hair artist named CreatureCandy, she draw really sexy and lovely OC but seem to be a little too much suggestive for D.A. that decided to suspend her account (they are really annoying destroying ecchi artists). Lickily it was back before this post get published so don’t you can’t miss enjoy her gallery and drop a little comment. Also in case it goes down again I guess her Tumblr (here) will be still active and allow you to enjoy her uncensored illustrations… Anyway that’s so powerfull to see your D.A. back… Oh yeah…

Today Rosalina meet a ravishing but so naughty succubus, I was looking at all publication on CreatureCandy‘s tumblr to find more info about that sweet OC and especially her name but seem she don’t have one in fact, she’s just a Demon succubus that still so ravishing as sexy knowing how use her body and enjoy Rosalina one. For now will be time for a long and intense night for that sweet princess but I’m sure both will really enjoy to discover about each other. Once again, thanks so much for your participation to the project CreatureCandy and let us know more about your pretty OC.

Both are so ravishing and many great details and shading on the body that show more curves without make then like true muscular ladies. It looks really sweet and innocent like Rosalina face but the Subbubus teasing Rosalina set pussy with her tail add a kinky touch so that’s fun depending where you look the illustration turn more romantic and sensual moment or like a naughty trap for Rosalina, what will you imagine happen next guys? Also as Rosalina addict there is a detail I can’t miss cause CreatureCandy drew the hair lock on the wrong side hiding her left eye and not the right. I know some artist have to cheat with that point cause they must reverse the entire illustration of if Rosalina hair lock in the right side all her face will be hidden. She’s still recognizable and marvelous as always so the illustration is still so wonderfull…. \(^o^)/

That kind of demon Succubus must be so sexy as dangerous but I’m sure she will take care of that little princess she got in her hand, as lovely pet and sweet friend and so sexy lady no one can resist to Rosalina charm and so adorable face. I really love that illustration and so excited finally able to show it here, CreatureCandy sure made an awesome piece and don’t miss to see more of her art on Tumblr (here) and Deviantart. Also never forget than a little comment and fav are always a great support for artist and motivation to do more, and looking at CreatureCandy gallery must be so stupid she stop on that way… °w°

Artist: CreatureCandy / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr (18+):
Deviantart (old):

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#614 – Special meeting with Anna

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacle anna horian mavruda galactic slut double penetration princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tentacle anna horian mavruda galactic slut cum creampie double penetration

I was looking to buy a NAS and the day after my external drive just died, that is really bad coincidence and also give me troubles since it’s the one that had all my data (pervert or not). Most files from the RosalinaxGirl project were on a cloud so safe at this point and the sit can continue growing. I gave the disk to a pro but technically there is 20% chance to be able save some data (not all), let si if I’m lucky this time. ^^’

Also two week left to participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ and WIN A FREE ILLUSTRATION. At last take time to visit the raffle event page and feel free if you have any questions. A few participants for now (unfortunately) but it also give you more chances to win.


Today Rosalina meet Mavruda‘s Mascot: Anna the Horian. She’s a galactic slut and so perfect character to invite Rosalina for a meeting. Rosalina sure accepted the invitation without know what her new friend had in mind and why this planet too. Not the best place to have a quiet meeting drinking tee but be sure for a naughty girl as Anna, some doubles tentacles are powerfull for some intense fun. Was so long I wanted Mavruda pair his girl with Rosalina and the result is so awesome… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Tentacles are hot but simple tentacles isn’t enough for Mavruda that made then double ended and still so naughty as you can expect, for sure it’s really more intense for both ladies and Rosalina will be addicted and plan a new meeting really soon. Also love Anna’s original space suit, with some latex and wedge shoes so asked Mavruda give the same kind to Rosalina and it suit her nicely (on a kinky way for sure). As bonus there is clean/messy version, just wonder why this back point on Anna right leg on the messy one, Mavruda let us a little mystery.

For those who don’t know about Mavruda it’s time to fix it and discover about a wonderfull artist that put so much efforts managing his art and Patreon that get really frequent updates with more then just good fappable content. Also some great comments, ideas or reaction in general so as if you only goes to fap at first take time read too, it’s always interesting. Mavruda have an ironical and maybe bit cynical way to see the world that with find on his art than mix so nicely with the naughty side. ^^

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 35$

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