#060 – Solo – Red Chinese dress

I know the blog dont look so much active but you can be sure my love for Rosalin anever ended and it’s the same thing for the Rosalina & girl project. Just need to find more artist and also time for publications. English is not my main language and as if the blog is a powerfull way to increase my level make a post like this one is sooo long. Adding the fact I only work with Html because blogger generate me weird codes and after that it’s so much time to clean and change it.

Also may think about the wishlist, it’s now kinda huge but I’m sure there is still so much beautifull ladies who deserves to be added. I’ll prepare a little list and make a huge update for next post… Albeit, adding girls is great but after that I will have to find artists to draw them… not the same thing… XD


It’s not because Chinese new year is over that we can’t give a beautifull chinese dress to Rosalina. This beautifull illustration made by Ediiee who had the kindness to participate to the project with a so cute and adorable Rosalina… she’s so beautifull and her shy face really add a lovely innocent touch.

I also love chinese dress, it’s a particular design but really beautifull kind of clothes. As me it make ladies so sensual and of course if you make it short like Ediiee did, it also add a little sexy touch but I’m sure it wont be a problem for you guys. The mix into sexiness and cuteness is always a really powerfull combo and the result is impressive. Thanks sooo much Ediiee… (^o^)/

Ediiee also did an excellent job with colors, as if Rosalina’s original dress ifs blue I must admit red clothes suit really nice on her. Albeit I really prefer this one to the fire suit she have on Mario 3D world, I also love so much this color as if I don’t like blood… Do you think it’s surprising?

Once again, thanks so much Ediiee, I know an illustration really need so much time and efforts so like the result you can be sure he worked so much on this piece. Just hope it was fun to do… Also, if you want more lovely and pretty sexy ladies don’t hesitate to visit Ediiee’s gallery (here) and why not let a little comment. As if it’s short you can be sure it’s always a powerfull support for artists and they really deserve it… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ediiee / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#056 – Solo – Nipping her wand

For people you think the blog is dead, you must know that it will never happen. I’m in love with Rosalina since I discovered her playing Mario Gakaxy and now I wont let the project die. Or it will die with me (though I don’t want to think about that for the moment)… ^^

I know updates are slowly and I really sorry that the blog is not more active but now I have some illustrations ready so prepare yourself guys… Maybe slow but wont die, don’t forget that point… En eh.


This time a little commission bust I asked to the adorable and talented KatrineP, I found a beautifull witch on her gallery (on the right). Looking for more information on her profile I found that she do commissions and prices are really interesting like her style and illustrations quality. 3.77$ for a bust, you must admit it’s an interesting offer and if you are interested, you can read her journal for more infos about commissions (here).

I wanted to ask something lovely and tender to KatrineP for the Rosalina bust. Not just Rosalina looking at us with a lovely smile but something more sensual so looking at the want in my hand (yeah, I always have it) I thought to Rosalina nipping her wand. As you can see the result is amazing, KatrineP did an excellent job, Rosalina is so lovely and adorable, a sensual touch with the want and… Well… Also a sexy one with her breasts but wont complain about that point…°w°

I also commissioned KatrineP for a second bust but not Rosalina this time. It wa a little gift for my friend Tallon who help me so much with the blog commissioned damn powerfull illustration and also the Halloween comic (here) who is just epic… Haku don’t have a wand so I suggested to KatrineP to draw Haku holding a little invitation fot Tallon… Yeah, nipping it again but I was so happy with that idea… XD

Artist: KatrineP / Cost: 3.77$

Added to wishlist: Honey and Grace from Fighting Vipers (see it here)

2007 – 2013… Rosalina have now 6 years of existence

November 1st – Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s a good reason to let a little comment… ;p

Yeah, I know it’s a little late but I was really busy but ti’s not a reaon to forget Rosalina’s birthday… it was on november 1st, so Rosalina have 6yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on november 1sr 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day Rosalina appeared to the world. Time to celebrate the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

Artist: – Gift from Tallon

A so powerfull surprise drew by the talented SainTail who was also a gift from my friend Tallon… Yeah, his support is amazing and he’s also an amazing friend. He’s one of the rare guy I know who was never annoyed listening me talking about the blog again and again… XD

As you can see I received a lovely Rosalina looking at the blog during this special day, I have to admit she’s so cute, SainTail really drew her in a lovely way… You are so adorable, Love you so much Rosalina… °w°

#053 – Solo – Cute Rosalina

The objective of the blog is to pair Rosalina with various girls, like this people looking for fanarts or this character must see her with Rosalina and (I hope) see how she’s beautifull… The idea is great but if I don’t publish more it wont be great so let’s start… Oh yeah… XD

Today it’s a really lovely bust but I also received an adorable illustration featuring Rosalian and Chii for Chobits. The second one will be for the end of the week so stay turned guys and don’t forget that a little comment is a great support for the blgo and also the artist…

Today an amazing drawing by DelacroixLegion who already drew Rosalina as warrior that you can see on the right (click on the illustration for the full post) and he came back with an other so lovely drawing and I’m so happy to show it to you. Simple cute and adorable, Rosalina don’t need more to show how she’s beautifull and sweet… Love this drawing… °w°

In fact if you look at the blog there is a lot of solo illustrations arround here, it must look a little special like the original project but Rosalina is for me the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world so see artist draw her so lovely and adorable… That’s so powerfull… Thanks so much everyboby and thanks DelacroixLegion for contribute again to the project with this so pretty illustration…

A lot of artist draw her in a more sexy way but she don’t need to to be beautifull…I fell in love with Rosalina when I discovered her playing at Mario galaxy, not with a sexy fanarts and for me she’s still an amazing girl and I hope you will have the same feeling after see the blog… Though not use to fall in love with her (or you will have problems) but you must admit how she’s beautifull and splendid… (^o^)/

Don’t hesitate to take a look to DelacroixLegion profile. For the moment he don’t have a huge gallery but some really interesting piece lie a cute Elizabeth from bioshock and a dangerous vempire ready to fight with you… DelacroixLegion is a really pleasant artist who really need more support and comment but take care of the vempire… Mwahahaha…

Artist: DelacroixLegion / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Viper GTS (see it here)

#052 – Solo – Van-Hellsing Rosalina

I really want to post some speedpainting videos, it must be really powerfull and original than just show some WIP with she final illustration, but I need some artist who accept to draw Rosalina and record it themself or maybe I’ll do it myself during a speedpainting (but the quality wont be the same.

Don’t hesitate it you are interesting or know someone who can help me. I tried 2-3 times but there is always a little problem or mistake so for the moment I don’t have anything… Maybe the world don’t want I do these videos… U_u


A new post with a simple but so lovely Rosalina drew in traditional art by my friend Lou (yeah, it’s her name). She have 14yo but already a great and original style, never imagine see Rosalina as vempire hunter a day. She’s simple and so lovely, this is an adorable illustration… °w°

Lou drew this Rosalina while I was chatting with her on skype. It wasn’t expected at star and finally a great surprise but I don’t remember why this idea come in her mind. It’s the second time she draw Rosalina, the first is more a sketch but with a little different style. Lou is young but already a little pervert loving read yaoi fanfiction… O_o

I’m sorry guys I don’t have a page or something to link. Lou draw for fun and don’t often show her art. Sometimes a sketch appear on her facebook page but I can’t link it… I hope you like this drawing guys, don’t hesitate to let a little comment and I’ll share it too Lou if you want.

Once again Lou… Thnaks so much for your kindness and this awesome piece… (^o^)/

Artist: Lou / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Rayne from Bloodrayne(see it here)

#049 – Solo – Rosalina bust

Japan Expo is coming soon and Rosalina will be in Paris in a few days (I you don’t remember my Rosalina cosplay it’s here). I will be really busy for a week so don’t expect me to be really active but don’t worry if I don’t answer to your messages or mails but I won’t forget you… Oh yeah… ^^

I also hope this blog will be more and more active because I want to create a little event to celebrate Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st. Not sure I will have the budget for a true contest but we cant’ miss this birthday… ^^


Today it’s a really beautifull bust of the more beautifull and lovely princess in the world. I won’t this drawing in a raffle organised by the really pleasant artist ruri-tan to celebrate her 50th watcher on deviantart. She has a great style so don’t hesitate a look to her profile and gallery but you can also let a little comment and watch, ruri-tan really deserves more fans and support. With more fan she can also make new raffles so hurry up guys… XD

We are also here for Rosalina and I must admit I love this drawing, ruri-tan really did an amazing job. Rosalina look more simple with this hair style but still so cute and lovely. In fact she look like a young Rosalina but this hair style is also more realistic. Not just one huge lock in front of her right eyes but a lot of little one, exactly like my wig in fact but I can’t be so cute… Eh eh…

This drawing is like a memory, when you see a girl walking in the street, looking at her and the girl looking at me with a little smile. Ruri-tan, you drew a so powerfull illustration. I’m in love with Rosalina since I saw her in Mario galaxy but when artist draw her more detailled, more expressive… She’s amazing…. Thanks so much…. (^o^)/

I finish the post with a little information; ruri-tan don’t do request but is open for commission and may accept art-trade depending if it’s on hold or not. Don’t hesitate to take a look to ruri-tan profile and send her a mesage for more information… If mabe you want to commission her Rosalina… Maybe… °w°

Artist: Ruri-tan / cost: 0$ (Raffle)

Added to wishlist: Julie Yamamoto from Ben10 (see it here)

#046 – Solo – Lovely cowgirl

I really wanted to create something new for the blog like a page or project and I finally had a little idea: an “Information” page (see it here). this page contain informations about Rosalina, how to contribute and I’ll add some about me too if you are curious. by the way the size of the blog changed, nothing really important but it’s now a little more larger. I hope you have huge screens guys… ^^

Do you remember the beautifull rosalina I commissioned to momo-kuroi? If you are curious I added it on the left but you can also see the complete post here. In fact this lovely Rosalina is not the only I commissioned because I also asked to momo-kuroi a second commission a little more explicit, a sexy cowgirl Rosalina… ^^

At start I didn’t planned to add the drawing here because it’s a blog for all age but like the result the first words who came in my mind where beautifull, lovely, adorable… And few adjectives after maybe sexy but as you can see this is a really cute cowgirl than momo-kuroi drew… I hope you like her guys… ^^

If you are curious why a cowgirl,, it’s because a little fetish about this uniform. People generally love nurse or maid (Akali nurse and Nidalee maid are great thought) but my favorite costume is the cowgirl with chaps, they are just amazing and gorgeous that’s why I asked a sexy Rosalina cowgirl to momo-kuroi… °w°

momo-kuroi did an excellent job and I love the result, Rosalina look perfect with her style and her face is soooo cute. by the way don’t hesitate to take a look to momo-kuroi‘s profile if you are interested for a commission but you can also win a free drawing because a raffle to celebrate her 50th watcher. you can win full color drawings and ‘The more entries I get in the raffle, the more prizes that will be given out (and the bigger/better they get)‘… so why not hesitate, if you want to participate, just click here and post a comment to participate.

Artist: momo-kuroi / Cost: 10$

#043 – Solo – Mario Galaxy 2 and Rosalina

Rosalina is characterized by her hair style, blue dress and wand for the more important points but we can forget she’s the adoptive mother of the Lumas… Sometimes artists add a little Luma on the illustration, some are cute, other more special and funny but still really lovely that’s why I had a little idea. I’ll create a little page showing all Lumas I received as little avatars than you can use for the blog. As example you have this one on the right but I’ll also use one from this illustration. what do you think guys? Interesting by a little Luma avatar?

Today it’s a really amazing illustration by a french artist: Ange10. He didn’t draw a solo Rosalina or paired her with and other blog so this drawing can look a little special like the original project (though not so much as some Rosalina x bowser I received) but I must admit the result is really amazing. A so beautifull Rosalina and some inspiration from the Mario galaxy 2 cover and… Taadaam… *w*

Ange10 really have a great style but I expected something more like a cute bust so I was so happy with this drawing. So much details on the ship, Mario and Yoshi (Mario… U_u) but also on Rosalina who look really beautifull with a realistic style and alive like her face expression. Mario is playing with the Yoshi but Rosalina is really more powerfull and it’s like she’s looking at us, waiting for something, maybe for me… ^^

I asked to Ange10 if he can send me the high resolution, I really want to make a nice poster for my bedroom. Instead of this little gashapon figure nintendo didn’t create anything with Rosalina so it must be a realy original and beautifull decoration. If you are interested too after Ange10 send me the high resolution I’ll post a link to download it.

Artist: Ange10 / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#040 – Solo – What a cute Rosalina

I’m late on the main blog and if it continue on that way it will happen here two, after this lovely Rosalina by momo-kuroi there is two other drawings waiting, I never expected ind so uch interest on deviantart for the project who look really small for the moment but I’ll do my best increase it and create something epic… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

This drawing was made as commission, Like momo-kuroi style and level 5$ for a single character sound really nice but with actual budget I just asked a solo Rosalina. If I know she will be so lovely you can be sure I asked for a duo, after all for a Rosalina x girl blog it look a litte special but I’m really happy with this drawing… ^^

Rosalina is a really beautifull and adorable character (it can explain why I’m in love with her) but the way momo-kuroi drew her is amazing. she really close to the original character but there is something on her face who turn her to a really more innocent and cute girl than she look in Mario galaxy… Like a shy girl who have nothing to do with a fight against Bowser… °w°

So guys don’t hesitate to take a look to momo-kuroi gallery, there is so much really beautifull illustrations but as me it’s really this one who is the cutest, and not because it’s Rosalina… And if you want to commission momo-kuroi you must know than you can ask for a livestream to see it… Why I didn’t noticed it before… U_u

Artist: momo-kuroi / Cost: 5$

#037 – Solo – Rosalina pureview

I noticed than the wishlist is not completely finished, I have to finish it soo and after that it will be time to really think about what I can add to make the blog more powerfull and interesting, maybe a bonus page… Open for suggestions… ^^

So a new drawing bu Paccu who wait since october 2012 to be published here, I agree it’s a ridiculously long time, it’s not the first time I let an artist wait so long to see his art on the blog and I’m not happy about that, thanks so much for your kindness and patience Paccu

A agree a little sexy with this bikini but the pose and Rosalina body are not really suggestive, she’s just beautifull… Sooo beautifull. After a first drawing with Rosalina and Miku from Vocaloid, Paccu decided to let Rosalina relax a little enjoying the pool and some music… Rosalina is really lucky because like the actual weather in France it’s not really the moment for swimming pool… XD

There is a detail I didn’t asked to Paccu and finally I need you help guys because in the description Paccu say ‘Rosalina+pureview for my friend’s blog‘ but when I google pureview I only have a phone by sony… I think it’s the inflatable mattress but I need your knowledge guys… Maybe it’s a stupid question but I prefer that instead of stay stupid and finally always have doubts… ^^

Artist: Paccu / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

#036 – That’s Rosalina… are your sure ?

It was a long time I said I wanted to restart the blog and I finally find the courage take the time for a nice post. I don’t have a lot of drawings to show for the moment but it was really hard to choosed the one will be here for the first post since more than two months… I think the best way it to start with an original post and as you can see this Rosalina drawing look really curious… O_o

Yeah, you can find this drawing is a bad joke so let me explain. It’s a commission than Tallon (thanks so much my friend) commissioned for my birthday (or Rosalina one, not sure) to DigitalMake in deviantart. He asked to the artist Rosalina eating her cake and there is the result.

I know she’s not eating her cake, I know it’s not Rosalina but there is something I don’t know… why? I left a little comment on DigitalMake publication saying ‘She’s really lovely but who is this character? Tallon said me he commissioned you Rosalina eating her birthday cake so I’m really surprised by the result… O_o‘ but he never reply…

This drawing was a huge dilemma for Tallon who hesitate to show it and some thing for me but the girl is really cute and I think it’s the best way to publish more in the soft blog. Now I have to continue add new drawings and really show Rosalina in the last publication… And maybe guys if you have some time you can also let a comment in DigitalMake‘s profil asking why this Rosalina, with some spam I hope he will react… XD

By the way I didn’t count this one one the blog stats, I don’t understand who is this Rosalina and how an artist like DigitalMake who have an amazing style can fail a commission like this… That’s so stupid… T_T

Artist: DigitalMake / Cost:??? (gift by Tallon)

#032-035 – 2013 birthday

January 7th… Hey… It’s my birthday today…
So let get the party starting… (^o^)/


After Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st it’s my turn to have a little fun, I agree it will be a really special post here (though a lot a artist thought I’m a girl) but once a year… I think I can do it… ^^

The idea for my birthday was “Rosalina and Me” and I commissioned some drawing in that way but you can see I received some gifts from friends and lovely artists here… Really powerfull and sometimes really original gifts… Don’t hesitate to take a look and maybe let a little comment, it’s always really nice…

The first drawing I received is a gift from Tallon… You know the little mail with “Don’t open til your birthday “… It was hard to resist for a month but I’m alive and it’s now time to open it… Yeah…. ^^

So my first gift was draw by DeadCorpseBarbie representing Rosalina and me dancing… This one is really powerfull and I must admit I have a great costum and the perfect song: Rosalina’s observatory… Excellent one DeadCorpseBarbie and thanks so much Tallon

Other drawing sent and drew by the awesome dmfo who already contributed with a little story in Bowser laboratory (see it here)… Dmfo love scifi, machines and laboratory so I decided start a little serie with him… But didn’t expected this gift… I love the concept, idea and I agree my dreams with Rosalina are always so electric… That’s the only reason sleep is so powerfull as work on my blog… Thanks for your participation dmfo… (^o^)/

Other gift I received from Eromanboy… For people who know Mario galaxy you can see on the original soundtrack there is 3 songs for Rosalina’s observatory and made piano and recorder versions and sent me the song… After the new wishlist page my idea was to add a little music on the blog so it was a perfect gift… Thanks so much Eromanboy… And why not a CD cover…. Hum… ^^

My first commission for my birthday, of course I expected some gifts but for a bigger post I commissioned some drawings too. The first commission was to izka197 who already drew a Really cute Rosalina as commission for Tallon (see it here).

Izka197 have a really lovely style so I decided to ask her something more romantic and cute, hope you like the result… I don”t have a so powerfull uniform as the one asked by Tallon but I love this blue cravat in reference to Rosalina’s dress… That’s an excellent one… ^^

I want to say a huge thanks for everybody who (will) wish me an happy birthday but I’m to tired (and lazy) to write all names so thanks everybody and have a great day, oh yeah..

#030 – Solo – Christmas Neko

Christmas is coming, I have to finish my presents for friends and family but I was pretty busy for the moment and don’t have a lot of time ask for new drawings so not sure have something to celebrate christmas. Finally thanks for Tallon who saved me, I hesitate to show it for christmas but finally I prefer let you enjoy it now… ^^

I love neko girls and of course for christmas the best way is Rosalina wearing a christmas dress so a neko christmas Rosalina, it’s just awesome… And the result is so lovely… Thanks so much tallon90… (^o^)/

It’s a commission to shinn3 on deviantart, I don’t really like this site, it’s too big for me and we always miss a lot of drawings and artist though like shinn3 style I must go back and try to spam a little… It must be great to increase a little the soft blog… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: shinn3 / Cost: ??? (Gift by Tallon) /

#029 – Solo – Just so cute

At start I was a little sad receive a lot of drawing with only Rosalina, like my blog name and project it’s not the best way, like there is something missing. But after all, the more important is Rosalina, for me it’s the mroe beautifull and cutest character in the world so other girl or not it’s just so nice have one more Rosalina to show… Oh yeah… XD

And this time I’m so happy to show you this lovely and pretty original Rosalina drew by izka197 and commissioned by this awesome tallon90 who is really helpfull… Thanks so much tallon90 and congratulation for your awesome job izka197… Hope you like it guys (you must like it in fact)… ^^

The pose is really simple but I said Rosalina look really original with izka197 style because her hair style. Like the original character, Rosalina have a lock who hide her right eye, it’s an important part of Rosalina style. izka197 drew this lock more bigger as she need and like this we easilly reconize Rosalina but as me she look really different, still so beautifull but different, that funny…

Thnaks again for your support tallon90, I never expected find someone who can help me with the blog so much as you do… In fact I often dream abotu this but never expected it can happened… And don’t hesitate take a look to izka197‘s profil, you can see she have a lovely style and great commission prices, 5$ for a waist-up or 10$ for a full-body, that’s really interesting… ^^

Artist: izka-197 / Cost: ??? (gift)

#027 – Solo – Hair slide Rosalina

I have really special colleagues at work, some often ask me about Rosalina and the blog, not really because they are interesting but make fun, they are not really bad persons, that’s just so bad they need that to laugh, I hope their life are better than I imagine… But this time it’s my turn to laugh about them… Mwahahaha!!! Oups, I forget they follow the blog, must run…. Bwaaaaa… T_T

Though, there is an trainee, a little more curious and crasy but more sympathetic who drew a little sketch with Rosalina (see it on the right), at start the hair style was wrong because Beverley (yeah, it’s his name) forget hair in front of her right eye so it was more Peach than Rosalina but the mistake was fixed so it’s one more Rosalina for the blog… ^^

And about Rosalina with Peach Hair style, it’s not the first time it happend (pretty often in fact), when I ask a drawing with Rosalina and an other girls, artists often think to Rosalina – Nintendo – Peach, so sometimes they suggest a drawing with Peach and Rosalina, in this case they must know what differences have these two girls or when they just want to draw a solo Rosalina, they have Peach hairstyle in mind, that’s why I must continue this blog to show how Rosalina is more powerfull cute and beautifull than Rosalina… Oh yeah… XD

This new drawing was made by Jude with felt-tip pen during the “Love Japan” meeting, not something huge but it was a really funny moment… So when I saw Jude make some illustrations, you can be sure I asked her if she can draw a little Rosalina and she answer ” why not “… That’s so nice.. (^o^)/

I love see artist drawings, that’s so powerfull how they can represent something with 2 lines, it look easy but in fact we need a lot of experience and practice to reach this level, for the moment I have a huge level to ask drawings with Rosalina, but to draw…. Hum… Forget that… T_T

So like I said, a little error with the hair style, after notice it to Jude she cheat adding two hair slide but I was really pleasant look at her during the line and the coloration. Jude made this drawing in 15mn, just awesome… XD

Artist: Jude / Cost: 0$ (Request)
(first time I link a tumblr account, so hard to pronounce tumblr)