#015 – OC – Aurata

Yesterday it was my driving licence exam and I succeeded…. Oh nice… Maybe it’s not really interesting about the blog but now I’m not so stressed and can continue the blog… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Today Rosalina have a little moment of relaxation at the beach with Aurata… An original character by eente who had the kindness accept my request and do a really beautifull pic… Rosalina face and expression is awesome, Each artist draw her with her own style so even if it’s Rosalina, in an other hnd she always look different, it’s like a new Rosalina… So every time I see a new pic it’s a great surprise… ^^

Drew Rosalina with Aurata was a great idea, like that it really someting “by eente” in my blog and this OC is really cute and maybe, a little sexy too… Maybe if you are curious about Aurata, you musk know she’s not a cat or a dog but an Otter woman… So if you are curious there is other drawings with her in eente’s deviantart gallery (here).

Other small detail I like, the crab, it’s so funny… It’s not important but I wanted to say it… So thanks again eente, It was a long time I don’t publish an other OC here and Aurata is really beautifull (not as much as Rosalina) but I’m really happy with this pic… That so nice… XD

Artist: eente / Price: Request
DeviantArt: http://eente.deviantart.com/
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-eente

#004bis – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno coloring

Driving licence exam approching… Exciting… Excting… So I prepare this post yesterday, for the moment I can still write… That’s nice… ^^

Today it’s a prety special publication, not a new drawing but an image coloring by Dongolian who accepted do it as request… Maybe credits are to Empty for the original lineart (see the publication here)… I already post the lineart pic so you can see that each artist do a really nice job… The original drawing was really nice and colored it’s now awesome… Thanks so much Dongolian… (^o^)/

Don’t have more to say… Maybe I have other lineart and like the result, It must be interesting to try again… Don”t want to ask again a coloring to Dongolian (He say it was really long to color)… Interesting detail, there is some artists like Dongolian who love color pic but don’t draw, I know 2-3 other artist who do that and it’s a really nice thing, they have a great level so when artists do greats linearts but don’t want to color, these artists are really nice….

Hope you like it guys, now I’ll notice Empty about this pic… Two requests, two artists and an awesome result… Thanks so much for your kindness Dongolian and Empty… XD

Lineart: Empty /  Price: Request
 Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Empty.php
Coloring: Dongolian  /  Price: Request
Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-Dongolian.php

#014 – Solo – Chibi Rosalina

Merethide is a really nice friend she drew some pics for me, ask commissions as gift for me and this time, she can have a free Chibi as reward and ask Rosalina to ooneithoo… That’s so nice… Thanks so much Merethide you are an adorable artist and friend and thanks to ooneithoo for this sooo cute Chibi…. (^o^)/

Merethide receive this chibi from ooneithoo for her contribution to the site “France officiel “… That’s a little curious to write this post in english because Merethide, ooneithoo and me are french… But nothing here is in french…. Maybe… A Harmonie, la plus belle femme au monde ta beauté et ce blogs ne pourrons mourir tant que j’existerais… Now if you don’t understand french, that’s your problem… XD

So it’s a huge thanks to Merethide and congratulations to ooneithoo. It’s my first Chibi Rosalina and this one is just so beautifull and cute… Maybe it’s the definition for a Chibi but I’m really happy show this one, Rosalina is so adorable with her Lumas, now everybody can see she’s an incredible character…

ooneithoo have a really nice style and gallery so don”t hesitate to take a look and comment if you like, artist love nice comments (me too but not a lot in my blogs… T_T). Maybe ooneithoo‘s is great but for the moment, this pic is the best as me, not use to say why… XD

Just me… And Rosalina… (^o^)/

I was so excited show you this pic that I prepare the post yesterday, now just have to click on “publish” and it’s done… So powerfull… ^^

This photography is like a dream, I see some guys asking drawing like “me and Rosalina” but I’m not a fictive character so I can’t really meet Rosalina in a drawing but in truth, it’s an other thing… and it happend… When I see the cosplayer during the mang’azur I was so exciting and pretty stupid run while shouting “There is Rosalina… There is Rosalina…” and when I was front of her… Wow, I finally meet her… (^o^)/

Maybe I know Rosalina is a game character, so I just see a cosplayer wearing clothes of the more beautifull and cuttest girl in the world (as me)… But it’s not the same thing than just see a pic, during a moment I never think about fictive or not, just it’s Rosalina and meet her turn me totally crazy for all the day…

I was really happy meet Rosalina and at start I think to take photographies with her and other cosplayer like Peach or other for the blog but she say she prefer be quiet for a moment but after, I try to find her and when I see the Peach and ask where is Rosalina, just see a girl without the blue dress, it was over… And I was really sad at this moment (not cry but it was just)… So I’m happy meet Rosalina, have a photo with her, but it’s so hard to see it’s over, and the cosplayer say me she wont use the cosplay again… Bwaaaaa… T_T

I want to say a lot more about this awesome day but like my english level, I think this post don’t need much mistakes and like all people who read all I write, more is not use… Just want to say Rosalina was a

Artist: Me / Price: Hum…
It was curious write that… XD

#013 – Solo – Happy Easter

I don’t have to level to draw but I love take photography so today if will be a special publication with me and a Rosalina cosplayer… I finally meet one… (^o^)/

Today it’s an Easter Rosalina, I know it’s a little late since easter but this is my fault, too much pics waiting before maybe it’s not Easter is over that you can’t enjoy this beautifull Rosalina by Merethide. If you don’t remember her, she gift me two drawings with Rosalina and Rosetta Christopher but she’s an artist too who drew the first pics in my blog with Shirona… Merethide is a great friend and nice artist who’s too busy to draw a lot so I’m so happy have a new Rosalina by Merethide here… That so nice… XD

Important think about Merethide, she need more support to draw so if you post post a little comment here or in her Deviantart page encourage her, sincerely it must be really nice so don”t hesitate and thanks in advance guys… ^^

Merethide wasn’t really happy how turn the line so at start she didn’t want color it but she stopped a lot of drawings so I insisted that she finish and color this one and there is the result… Thanks so much Merethide… Maybe other information, she have a project for a story with Rosalina and an other girl, Maybe I’ll do my best to encourage her but I prefer don”t say or show more for the moment, be patient guys… ;p

Artist: Merethide / Price: Request

#012 – Chrno Crusade – Rosetta Christopher

Sunday will be a great day because I’ll meet a Rosalina cosplayer… Meet a “True” Rosalina… \(^o^)/

For this new pic, I was really exciting to show it because at first it was a gift from my friend Méréthide who ask two drawings for me, one soft and one more hot (maybe I don’t show the hot version here) but other important detail, the other character: Rosetta christopher from Chrno Crusade. Sincerely it was the first anime I like and before know Rosalina, Rosetta was my favorite characters… In fact these two girl are the more important for me, so I’m so happy with this gift… Thanks so much Méréthide

Maybe Méréthide ask this pics for me but a huge thanks to oORayonOo who drew this… She have a really nice style so it’s so nice show her art in my blog… I’m really happy make this post , nice gift, nice characters, nice artist… It’s awesome… ^^

At start Méréthide send me three sketchs by oORayonOo for each category and let me choose my favorite. so I show here these sketch… Maybe Méréthide submited some character to oORayonOo that’s why you can see Blair from soul Eater and Shirona from pokemon in 1st and 3rd sketchs.. They are a little more sexy than the final pic maybe it was a great surprise but so hard to choose into The one with Rosetta and other with Shirona, I choose Rosatta because I love this character but I love the other with cynthia.

Maybe if you are curious, I already have a pic with Rosalina and Shirona by Méréthide (see it here)… Maybe you can have a idea about Méréthide style, but actually she’s really busy that’s why she ask commission to oORayonOo, it’s a nice thing, like that I have a new artist in my blog… This pic is really are awesome, Rosalina and Rosetta are incredibly cute and adorable… thanks again Méréthide and congratulation oORayonOo… ^^

#011 – Dragonball – Android 18 (C18)

New drawing by crazyjen, a Deviantart artist who love to drawn C18 like his gallerie and accept make a pic with Rosalina and (of course) C18… Enjoy… ^^

Crazyjen is not a fan of really hot or sexy but he love drawn romantic situation, you can take a look to his deviantart gallerie (click here), there is a lot of nice and so cute pics with C18 and Krillin. Maybe this time Krillin will be jealous, but I understand C18, Rosalina is so beautifull… XD

Rosalina have so cute and expressive face, C18’s expression is almost evil glee, she has got plans in her head, Rosalina should be afraid… I don’t quote all but take a look to the Crazyjen’s publication in deviantart (here), he write a nice and interesting description with the pic: “A few things, this is actually the first time I actually draw Rosalina. She came out pretty well after a few sketches^_^. I like this Nintendo character a lot so it was fun to draw her. Secondly, it’s a Shoujoai/Yuri picture. I can safely say I have not drawn many of that variety, I think this is the third one ever I did? Anyway, it was a challenge but I succeeded I think!”

Artist: Crazyjen / Price: Request
Deviantart profil: http://crazyjen.deviantart.com/
Hentaifoundry (18+): http://www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-cj4dj.php

#010 – OC – Niiesca (Niie)

That so nice to see artist having interest for my project and are really interested to make a drawing for my blog… This time thanks so much for ajahime-chibichan‘s kindness for this so beautifull drawing…

I see a really cute and funny drawing with Niie in and ask her if she accept to draw Rosalina with an other girl as request or commission, she answer “I would love to draw you a picture so I will see what I can do!” but don”t say what character she can show with Rosalina so I submited Niie and there is the result… That’s so nice… Hope you like it… (^o^)/

I love how ajahime-chibichan drawn Rosalina, she’s really nice and expressive in this situation, look so happy and alive, how nice… Just one detail a little special as me, I think it’s Rosalina’s star but she look more excited than Niie. ajahime-chibichan answer “Niie’s expression gave me trouble @_@ I was aiming for something like, “oh yeah I’m riding on a star,” but failed X3“, But Niie look more strong like Rosalina so it’s not so bad in this situation, and the result is beautifull, that’s the principal… I love use quotes, it’s so easy but with my english level, it’s better like this… ;p

So thanks again for your kindness ajahime-chibichan, and if you are curious guys you can see other drawing with Niie in deviantart (here) or an other in Hentaifoundry a little more sexy but so cute and funny (here)

Artist: Ajahime-chibichan / Price: Request
Deviantart profil: http://ajahime-chibichan.deviantart.com/
Hentaifoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/profile-SquishyINK

#009 – Code Geass – C.C.

Now it’s a little are pretty funny strip with C.C. from code geass and Rosalina… If you don’t know C.C., you must say she’s addictive to pizza… Now you can understand all… XD

This cute and funny drawing was made by Sehad but there is one condition: I must show it to the first post “Welcome in my collection”… I was a little hard to choose because I can’t accept this condition often but for Rosalina, I must do it… And I’m so happy with the result… Hope you like it too… ^^

Don”t hesitate to take a look to Sehad page. He don’t have a huge gallerie for the moment but started to draw again and like this pic, I’m sure there is a lot of great stuff who must come… So don”t hesitate to post a nice comment in his page… He must continue to drawn for a long time… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Sehad / Price: Condition

#008 – Metroid – Samus

New crossover with a Nintendo Character, Samus form metroid serie… She’s not famous as Zelda or Peach but it’s a important part of Nintendo, and she’s really beautifull, so nice to have a pic with her in the blog… (^o^)/

About the artist, thanks so much to pervling who accepted drawn me Rosalina as request. Thanks so much for his kindness, it’s so nice to see artists with interest for my project and help me for my collection… ^^

Pervling drew Rosalina like the original character but change a little her dress to make Rosalina a little more sexy but don’t want to drawn porn so it could appeal a bit to everyone’s tastes… That’s true a lot of people prefer drawings a little more sexy but don”t want to have a hentai blog here, so it’s a nice to have picture like that… ^^

And finish with the artist quote, thanks for this kind words… ^^
Harmonie_Rosalina asked if I could draw his favourite character, Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy, together with another girl so he could add to his growing collection on his blog. I found his fascination with the character interesting (while I didn’t know her), and created this pin-up with Rosalina and Samus from the Metroid series.

#007 – Solo – Swimsuit Rosalina (Wallpaper)

So this time it’s a commission by the lovely MikazukiShigure who propose me a really nice price for this commission… But it was for a solo character so just Rosalina… But like the result, it’s a beautifull Rosalina. MikazukiShigure have a really nice style and love drawn realistic body, not the idea to do a perfect a sexy girl but show a lot of details, he have a pretty nice level…

So I show the original pic and some wallpapers versions. Personaly I use the one with black background and it must be for a long time… And you, what your favorite version? Don’t hesitate to download these pics and use at wallpaper, it’s free (not for me… T_T) and if you want to take a look to MikazukiShigure gallerie,it must be a nice idea… ^^

#006 – Solo – Dark Rosalina

So it’s a nice artist from Deviantart: Suuxe who accepted to make a drawing with Rosalina. He never play Mario galaxy before but start this request because I let him totally free with the drawn… Just need a Rosalina of course, but for the situation, it was a surprise to me.

So he do a “dark” Rosalina portrait, it’s an interesting style but just think Rosalina eye look a little special, it’s too shining as me… But the global pic is really nice, thanks so much to Suuxe for his kindness… (^o^)/

If you are curious, Suuxe posted a little “step by step” video in youtube… At start I was a little scary with firsts previews because I thinked the drawing must be really dark but he add some colors after… How nice… So if you want to see the video, click here.

Finish with a little artist quote: This character is Rosalina from Super Mario galaxy ^^ Never played galaxy but everybody knows who super Mario is and atleast played one of his games ^^

Artist: Suuxe / Price: Request

#005 – HotD – Saeko

A French artist fond on HentaiFoundry and in love with Zombies… That the reason he choose Saeko from Highschool of the Death (what else for a zombie lover… XD). The result is pretty nice… The two girls with torn cloths and the Giant Boo in the background are really nice. Just for information, in Mario Galaxy, there is a level with the King Boo…

It’s an artist found in HF but the result is not so hard but Really nice… It’s not really gore but If you prefer, there is the version without blood. What your favorite?

Artist: Bobzombie / Price: Request

#004 – Sailor Moon – Ami Mizuno

A new manga character with Rosalina, this time it’s just a line because the artist have some difficults with coloring but you can agree it’s a really nice pic… Rosalina and Ami during story time… That’s a really nice and so cute drawing… but this artist was found in HentaiFoundry, So I can’t say the complete version…

This time the congratulations are for Empty (funny name… XD), for this request… This time again, no answer to my request post but some day after: “Et voila! Pour vous, Harmonie_Rosalina.” in my profil… It’s french and the traduction is ” That’s done, this is for you Harmonie_Rosalina”…. Not a beaufifull comment? (^o^)/

Artist: EmptyRawrshaw / Price: Request

#003 – Gurren Lagan – Yoko

That’s true there is some requests in my blog, but I don’t spam artist only for that… So this time it’s a commission by Sontiskel. I found her in HentaiFoundry with an beautifull drawing of the merrow race in an RPG her husband is creating and if you are curious about the RPG, it’s here… ^^

I’m not her husband so it’s not the same quality but this drawing is really nice when Sontiskel send me some sketchs for the commission, I see one where Yoko have a so cute face but not in my favorite sketh, so the only think I ask to the artist was to use this face… And for Rosalina, just so cute and perfect… ^^

So Rosalina having a relaxing day at the beach with Yoko from Gurren Lagan… I think a lot know her so it’s not use to say more about yoko… Same thing for Rosalina… ;p