#086 – Azumanga Daioh – Yomi

Yomi is the70th girl who meet Rosalina and the 100th drawing must comme soon… (^o^)/

First picture by the lovely artist kdbug12348 (a second must come) who give a nice promotion to her first commissionner (it’s me… ;p)

For this drawing, she would love to drawn Yomi from Azumanga Daioh with Rosalina. If you are curious about the anime, you can take a look to wiki here… I don’t really know it because it wasn’t translate into french. I see some episodes but not a lot.. T_T

Kaitlyn send me some sketchs about this commission with Yomi. They are really nice and girls are so cute in this situations. This time it’s not Rosalina having hard sex but receive a little kiss by Yomi, so romantic… I found kaitlyn in Hentaifoundry, you can see it with the naked part. I start a wanted to ask for a clothed version for my soft rosalina&girl blog (see it here) but don”t want to ask to much to the artist, so only this version… ^^

I’m a little pervert so I like see Rosalina in hot situations but it’s really nice to have pics more soft and cute like this one… You have here the example that a nice drawing don’t need to be hot… There is a lot of cute and funny pics I love and Rosalina in soft situation can always be beautifull… Oh yeah… XD

#084 – Mario – Peach N°8

I start to have a lot of Peach in my blog, she’s pretty famous and when I ask a drawing for my blog, Rosalina from Nintendo and Nintendo, it’s Mario who save Peach captured (and maybe raped) by Bowser… This time thanks so much to the Hentaifoundry artist B-Intend. He was really interested by my idea and accepted make a drawing as request for me… So nice… (^o^)/

At first B-Intend decided to drawn Rosalina with Bowser… Generaly I let the artist free choose the second character and already have a pic of Rosalina with Bowser in my blog but I ask if he can change a little the pic with a girl instead of Bowser. B-Intend was nice and accepted so he do Peach with a Bowser strap-on, so we don’t totally lost Bowser but Bowser lost an important part of him… That’s why we never see his dick in Mario games…. XD

So thanks so much to B-Intend for his interest for this project and this awesome pic he make for me… What a pity it’s just a line for Peach, but Rosalina is beautifull and colored, the moreimportant part is done… ^^

Artist: B-Intend  /  Price: Request

#083 – Soul Eater – Blair

First day in Hentaifoundry, first post and a request… Accepted… (^o^)/

Thanks so much to Loopyluri who accepted my request and do one of my favorite character: Blair… She’s so funny and really beautifull in the manga so see her with Rosalina is just so nice…

I think it’s interesting to talk about blair, at first, she’s not humain but a mere cat with strong magical powers and for the pumpkin; the theme of Blair’s magic consists of pumpkins, which she uses as weapons. Her incantation for her spells is “Pump-Pumpkin, Pumpkin”.But it’s the first time I see her using a pervert pumpkin… XD

This drawing is simple but Really nice. The two more importants things for Blair are her hat and pumpkin, so they are i the drawing… And for Rosalina, crown and hair style, nice… And I love Rosalina face, it’s the first time I see her with this expression, really interesting… Just the right Rosalina arm who look a little special, like this it look a little useless… But in general, it’s just a really beautifull pic… Thansk Loopyluri, you’re so nice… ^^

Finish with the artist quote, I love the “lovely Harmonie_Rosalina“… So cute… XD
Pu-pumpkin pumpkin~ Licky Pumpkin!!
This was a request I did for the lovely Harmonie_Rosalina to support their RosalinaxGirl collection they’re building, and it was an honour to have a request on my first day as a member!

Artist: Loopyluri / Price: Request

#081 – Black lagoon – Revy

New mangan this time it’s Revy from black lagoon who have some fun with Rosalina. I was a 15$ commission by Lanthanides. HE don”t have a lot of drawings in his galerie for the moment but a really nice style, don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, it must be interesting… ^^

So the artist send me 3 ideas and say me this one is my favorite… I hesitate into this situation and the one where Revy fisting Rosalina because I haven’t see this situation for Rosalina before but for me the more important is artist have pleasure make the drawing so we use this idea… ^^

Revy penetrate Rosalina with her wand, it’s not the first time Rosalina use it like this but in all Rosalina fanarts I see (soft and hot) in this one she have her biggest wand… ^^
I asked to the artist a wet version but the result is not really interesting as I thing, but thanks to the artist who accepted to drawn it…

#071 – Darkstalkers – Morrigan

nintendo mario princess rosalina Darkstalkers Morrigan crossover lesvian yuri hentai porn
New pic with the sexiest darkstalkers character: Morrigan. It was a commission drawn by BadmanBastich. Due to my budget, it not a colored drawing but he have a pretty nice level with grey tones so I’m really happy with the result…

I decided to ask BadmanBastich a commission because I see an incredible pic in his gallery (Ice Cream) and think a messy drawing with Rosalina must be awesome… I already liked messy but for style like this I prefer find an artist who can be good with that and for messy, I found one incredible…

So it’s Rosalina and Morrigan in a little bit of a sticky situation at the dinner table (artist quote… so easy… ^^) an other particularity, Rosalina using a reversed stool as dildo… This is a little special because it’s not the first time I asked Rosalina using stool like this but due to my english level, it’s was really hard to give a good description to the artist and we stopped the idea every time… I first I don”t really know why this idea but I find after this commission an old drawing in my hentai archive and don”t use to say more… Easy to understand… ^^

So don”t hesitate to take a look to the other versions… We choose this one for have a better quality and I prefer the stool in this position than she other sketch you can see beside…

#055 – Rosalina double futa

I really want to show these drawings here instead of the other page, they wasn’t created for the blog but are really interesting and so beautifull… You must see it… ^^
At start, it was a lineart commission of a double-cocked futa Princess Rosalina showing Princess Daisy and Peach who’s boss and in the description, the artist say ” Feel free to color this as you see fit “. The drawing was quite popular because 3 artists accept to color it, that’s why there is multiple versions about it… And all are sooo nice… (^o^)/

So there is the original drawing by Aeolus. Rosalina as futa have sex with Peach and Daisy. Not use to see more, all is in the drawing… XD

Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-123934


 The first artist who publish a colored version is Red-Herring who say he’s a fan of Aeolus drawings and jumped at the chance since Aeolus encouraged anyone to color it. There isn’t background in this version and it’s the more simple as colors but he work… That’s nice…

 Original drawing: .hentai-foundry.com/pic-124012

Second colored version publish by dimsumboy22. Really look to Red-Herring pic with a little better quality as me but it’s just for this drawing, the two artist have really nice pics so don’t hesitate to show their galleries… Colors for Rosalina and Daisy clothes are like the previous drawing, it’s just peach who have pink garterbelts in reference to her original dress. Other nice part, the background look to a Mario bros. game… ^^
Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-124058

There is a french proverb who say “Never two without three” and it work… See the third and last colored version by Donovan. This one look really different and a little more dark with orange hairs for Peach and Daisy who is really really bronzed. Just Rosalina is like the original but like this it look different and more original so it’s wasn’t a bad think, like this the 3 versions are really differents…

Original drawing: hentai-foundry.com/pic-124101

Congratulation to the four artist and thanks to the commissioner who ask the original drawing… ^^

#043 – Samurai Shodown – Nakoruru

A new beautifull request from the really nice artist SaittaMicus he see I have Iroha and Mina Majikina from Samurai shodown in my wishlist and ask me if he can drawn Nakoruru from this game… It’s his favorite character and he really want show her with Rosalina… You can look at this gallerie he have 10 drawings with her… And in the site HentaiFoundry, there is only 11 fanarts of Nakoruru, so just one is not by SaittaMicus…^^

So the final drawing is really beautifull, Rosalina and Nakoruru are telling each other “bedtime stories”… Colors are really beautifull, it’s not easy do drawn a scene during the night and this one is really good… Thanks so much to the artist for this awesome drawing… (^o^)/

Artist: SaittaMicus / Price:Request

#032 – OC – Neira

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover warcraft draenei milking hentai porn yuri
It was a long time I hope to have a warcraft character in my collection, I’m done… This beautifull drawing was made by franarok who drawn Rosalina with his OC Draenei… At start I think it exist only one Draenei design, and that was on HentaiFoundry I discover every artist have his own Draenei… And this one is really cute… ^^

At start, the artist say if it’s better with or without milk… I say in this situation, milk can be really better… No??? So if you want to see a clean version, there is the shetch, without milk… But the colored version is the best…

So thanks again to the artist and his incredible kindness, the only problem is the drawing description, about me he say “she”… I must do a presentation in the blog.

Artist: Franarok /  Price: Request

#027 – FF10 – Lulu

nintendo mario princess rosalina high stripper heels anal beads lesbian yuri crossover final fantasy lulu hentai porn
Yeah… I have a new final fantasy girl… This time it’s Lulu from FF-X who can have the pleasure to meet Rosalina and have good time with her… Really nice drawing…

This drawing is a request, thanks to the kindness of DarkDamien, I asked him a request, he was very interesting to make a drawn for my collection and choose the character… I don”t say me who he choose, it was just a surprise when he say “Your request is complete”… So nice… (^o^)/

Rosalina like this is really awesome, and her face is beautifull, Lulu look have a lot of fun too, With two dildos like this, she must be expressive… I love this drawing, it’s one of my favorite, but with all drawings here I have a lot of favorite… XD

Artist: DarkDamien / Price: Request

#006 – Winx – Bloom

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian winx bloom

After see all drawings in HentaiFoundry, I decided to stay a little in this website to find artists cheap… And I was really happy to find this one who accepted to drawn a lot of Rosalina and Girl as request…

The first he made is Bloom from Winx club kissing rosalina… Generally I prefer Full-body characters but as a request I think this drawn is really nice… ^^

#005 – League of Legends – Tristana

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian lol league of legends tristana

This time it’s Tristana from league of legends… I love to play time game with only one Character: Tristana… She was the first character with I play at this game and now the only for all my parties… ^^

Looking for some sexy fanarts about League of legends on HentaiFoundry (That sure, It can be soft here), I find an artist who drawn Tristana and ask her a drawn with Rosalina… This drawn was her idea but I look nice…

For league of legends, If you are ready to play with me: chibifalso

Artist: Neige / Price: Request

#004 – Naruto – Temari

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian naruto temari lingerie

An other artist found on Deviantart: Reit… I find him with a sexy drawn on tinkerbell (what a pervert… ^^) and after see his price… I ask Rosalina with Temari from Naruto… I often let the artist choose a situation because I’m not really good to imagine nice situation but this time, It was Temari licking Rosalina, with a position like this and some lingerie (like this too… ^^)

I post here the sketch, the only think who change with the final version is Rosalina Lingerie at the bust…

Artist: Reit / Price:7.00$

#003 – Pokemon – Misty

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon misty

Now it start to be a little more hard… And I think a lot will love this… ;p

I find this artist with an other drawn with Rosalina and Samus for Metroid. At the moment, she was open for commissions very cheap so I decide to ask her an other drawn, with misty from Pokemon… The more hard she can do… What else… XD

For the drawn with Samus, it’s here

Artist: Superprincesspeach91 / Price: 150 D.A. points