#084 – Mario – Peach N°8

I start to have a lot of Peach in my blog, she’s pretty famous and when I ask a drawing for my blog, Rosalina from Nintendo and Nintendo, it’s Mario who save Peach captured (and maybe raped) by Bowser… This time thanks so much to the Hentaifoundry artist B-Intend. He was really interested by my idea and accepted make a drawing as request for me… So nice… (^o^)/

At first B-Intend decided to drawn Rosalina with Bowser… Generaly I let the artist free choose the second character and already have a pic of Rosalina with Bowser in my blog but I ask if he can change a little the pic with a girl instead of Bowser. B-Intend was nice and accepted so he do Peach with a Bowser strap-on, so we don’t totally lost Bowser but Bowser lost an important part of him… That’s why we never see his dick in Mario games…. XD

So thanks so much to B-Intend for his interest for this project and this awesome pic he make for me… What a pity it’s just a line for Peach, but Rosalina is beautifull and colored, the moreimportant part is done… ^^

Artist: B-Intend  /  Price: Request

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