#085 – Solo003 – Swimsuit Rosalina (Wallpaper)

January 7th: 90th drawing and happy birthday to me… (^o^)/

So it’s now the 90th drawing in the blog and with other waiting, I can reach 100… Thansk so much to all who help me increase this blog, it’s really fantastic… (^o^)/

So this time it’s a commission by the lovely MikazukiShigure who propose me a really nice price for this commission… But it was for a solo character drawing so just Rosalina… But like the result, it’s a beautifull Rosalina. MikazukiShigure have a really nice style and love drawn realistic body, not the idea to do a perfect a sexy girl but show a lot of details, he have a pretty nice level…

So I show the original pic and some wallpapers versions. Personaly I use the one with black background and it must be for a long time… And you, what your favorite version? Don’t hesitate to download these pics and use at wallpaper, it’s free (not for me… T_T) and if you want to take a look to MikazukiShigure gallerie,it must be a nice idea… ^^

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  1. Yukikah

    It’s not the best picture of Rosie I’ve seen, but then I already pointed that one out! It makes a lovely wallpaper and is very sensual though. Nice interpretation of her with a tan too.


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