#086 – Azumanga Daioh – Yomi

Yomi is the70th girl who meet Rosalina and the 100th drawing must comme soon… (^o^)/

First picture by the lovely artist kdbug12348 (a second must come) who give a nice promotion to her first commissionner (it’s me… ;p)

For this drawing, she would love to drawn Yomi from Azumanga Daioh with Rosalina. If you are curious about the anime, you can take a look to wiki here… I don’t really know it because it wasn’t translate into french. I see some episodes but not a lot.. T_T

Kaitlyn send me some sketchs about this commission with Yomi. They are really nice and girls are so cute in this situations. This time it’s not Rosalina having hard sex but receive a little kiss by Yomi, so romantic… I found kaitlyn in Hentaifoundry, you can see it with the naked part. I start a wanted to ask for a clothed version for my soft rosalina&girl blog (see it here) but don”t want to ask to much to the artist, so only this version… ^^

I’m a little pervert so I like see Rosalina in hot situations but it’s really nice to have pics more soft and cute like this one… You have here the example that a nice drawing don’t need to be hot… There is a lot of cute and funny pics I love and Rosalina in soft situation can always be beautifull… Oh yeah… XD

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