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#043 – Samurai Shodown – Nakoruru

A new beautifull request from the really nice artist SaittaMicus he see I have Iroha and Mina Majikina from Samurai shodown in my wishlist and ask me if he can drawn Nakoruru from this game… It’s his favorite character and he really want show her with Rosalina… You can look at this gallerie he have 10 drawings with her… And in the site HentaiFoundry, there is only 11 fanarts of Nakoruru, so just one is not by SaittaMicus…^^

So the final drawing is really beautifull, Rosalina and Nakoruru are telling each other “bedtime stories”… Colors are really beautifull, it’s not easy do drawn a scene during the night and this one is really good… Thanks so much to the artist for this awesome drawing… (^o^)/

Artist: SaittaMicus / Price:Request