#081 – Black lagoon – Revy

New mangan this time it’s Revy from black lagoon who have some fun with Rosalina. I was a 15$ commission by Lanthanides. HE don”t have a lot of drawings in his galerie for the moment but a really nice style, don”t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie, it must be interesting… ^^

So the artist send me 3 ideas and say me this one is my favorite… I hesitate into this situation and the one where Revy fisting Rosalina because I haven’t see this situation for Rosalina before but for me the more important is artist have pleasure make the drawing so we use this idea… ^^

Revy penetrate Rosalina with her wand, it’s not the first time Rosalina use it like this but in all Rosalina fanarts I see (soft and hot) in this one she have her biggest wand… ^^
I asked to the artist a wet version but the result is not really interesting as I thing, but thanks to the artist who accepted to drawn it…

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