#003 – Gurren Lagan – Yoko

That’s true there is some requests in my blog, but I don’t spam artist only for that… So this time it’s a commission by Sontiskel. I found her in HentaiFoundry with an beautifull drawing of the merrow race in an RPG her husband is creating and if you are curious about the RPG, it’s here… ^^

I’m not her husband so it’s not the same quality but this drawing is really nice when Sontiskel send me some sketchs for the commission, I see one where Yoko have a so cute face but not in my favorite sketh, so the only think I ask to the artist was to use this face… And for Rosalina, just so cute and perfect… ^^

So Rosalina having a relaxing day at the beach with Yoko from Gurren Lagan… I think a lot know her so it’s not use to say more about yoko… Same thing for Rosalina… ;p

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