#080 – Gurren Lagan – Yoko

They are some characters pretty famous so I start to have some doubles in my blog with Peach, Zelda or Tinkerbell as example but these characters are really nice so it’s not a problem… New drawings with Rosalina are always nice… Oh yeah… XD

So this time it’s Yoko from Gurren Lagann who have a date with Rosalina. This awesome and really sexy drawing was made as request by SarahHeartsYou,thanks so much to her. Compared to the previous pic by Sontiskel (see it here), it start to be really hot, I think Rosalina and Yoko want to do a lot of things this times.

Yoko and Rosalina have really cute face here and the little innocent (for the moment) luma as the background is pretty cute… Other interesting thing, Rosalina earrings in reference to Yoko barette (hair clip)… That’s a nice detail… ^^

Artist: SarahHeartsYou / Price: Request

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