#079 – Original – Just some…. you know… ;p

3 versions drawing by blacktooth40 who is really busy but accepted drawn Rosalina as request… That’s so nice… And about the other character… I asked to the artist who’s she and the answer is prety funny: ‘The other character is just some…. you know… i didn’t think anyone specific 🙂‘. So she haven’t name just a random girl who meet Rosalina… She’s sooo lucky… T_T

I think some time to ask a drawing like “Me and Rosalina” but I see a Deviantart user who spend all his time spam artists to ask that (you say no, 2 day after he ask again) so I hesitate… Maybe for the 200th pic in the blog… XD

So I show here two versions, and if you want the see the 3rd, must go to blacktooth40 blog, just click here… Thanks so much to him for this pic and his kindness… One more in the blog… (^o^)/

Artist: blacktooth40 / Price: Request

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