#082 – Solo003 – Dark Rosalina

So it’s a nice artist from Deviantart: Suuxe who accepted to make a drawing with Rosalina. He never play Mario galaxy before but start this request because I let him totally free with the drawn… Just need a Rosalina of course, but for the situation, it was a surprise to me… ^^

So he do a “dark” Rosalina portrait, it’s an interesting style but just think Rosalina eye look a little special, it’s too shining as me… But the global pic is really nice, thanks so much to Suuxe for his kindness… (^o^)/

If you are curious, Suuxe posted a little “step by step” video in youtube… At start I was a little scary with firsts previews because I thinked the drawing must be really dark but he add some colors after… How nice… So if you want to see the video, click here.

Finishing with a little artist quote: This character is Rosalina from Super Mario galaxy ^^ Never played galaxy but everybody knows who super Mario is and atleast played one of his games ^^

Artist: Suuxe / Price: Request

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