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#217 – Solo – Beautifull Animation

I’m really lucky see there is a lot of lovely artists who accept participate to my blog and think it’s a cool project, Rosalina’s birthday is soon but with the dress in progress, I don’t have a lot of money to ask some commissions for this event… Though there is some in progress and other artist who had the kindness to participate as request… But don’t really know how many… surprise… XD

Though this time it’s not a request but a commission I asked to suuxe who already contribute to the blog with a dark Rosalina (se it here) and for the second one, I asked him a commission, I think it’s more fair in that way but I received a really powerfull surprise because I asked for a colored drawing and suuxe sent me a flash for the final version… How Nice… (^o^)/

Suuxe sent me a huge folder with some images and the step by step but if I show everything this post will be a little too huge, so just post some drawing and the rest is for me… Just for me… After all it’s my commission, my Rosalina… Mwahahaha… XD

Interesting detail about this animation, suuxe said how many effects he add and how many layers for each, so for mists, there is three layers, only 1 for flying dust and other effects are glow on star necklace, eye, flying star and brillant crown and “star animation” over the character and on the star necklace… so you can see it’s really a lot of work, and all as bonus… That’s so powerfull… ^^

If you love this one, you must know it’s the seconf animation suuxe did, suuxe also created an animation of his Black Rock Shooter fanart and you must take a look a it here… This one in incredible, hope you like it guys..

Artist: Suuxe / Cost: 15$
Deviantart: www.suuxe.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/user/suuxe/profile


#082 – Solo003 – Dark Rosalina

So it’s a nice artist from Deviantart: Suuxe who accepted to make a drawing with Rosalina. He never play Mario galaxy before but start this request because I let him totally free with the drawn… Just need a Rosalina of course, but for the situation, it was a surprise to me… ^^

So he do a “dark” Rosalina portrait, it’s an interesting style but just think Rosalina eye look a little special, it’s too shining as me… But the global pic is really nice, thanks so much to Suuxe for his kindness… (^o^)/

If you are curious, Suuxe posted a little “step by step” video in youtube… At start I was a little scary with firsts previews because I thinked the drawing must be really dark but he add some colors after… How nice… So if you want to see the video, click here.

Finishing with a little artist quote: This character is Rosalina from Super Mario galaxy ^^ Never played galaxy but everybody knows who super Mario is and atleast played one of his games ^^

Artist: Suuxe / Price: Request