#127 – Metroid – Samus N°2

Where you found a nice artist who love draw latex suit and accept make a pic for my blog, it’s so good but when I see the other girl is Samus, I think ” Of course “… XD

So this time it’s a new awesome pic drew as request by Arantonak with an really original idea for this drawing: ” The concept is Rosalina X Samus Aran. Both of them are wearing zero suits ” and there is the result, hope you like it guys…

I love how Arantonak drew Rosalina, she’s really beautifull and sexy wearing this suit and her face is so cute and expressive. Comparate to Rosalina, I’m a little disapointed with Samus face but I say it’s not easy to find a nice style so I hope it was a nice training for you Arantonak… ^^

Artist: Arantonak / Price: Request

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