#128 – Solo008 – Rosalina – SP

Continue this blog with a new really nice pic drew by zucker who miss to read the initial project about the blog is to show Rosalina with other girl(s), maybe I quote his comment, it’s pretty funny how he write it: ” lol. just realized there was supposed to be another lady in pick… …that’s why you learn to read kids “… ^^

So other girl or solo Rosalina, the more imporant is the drawing is nice and I think this part is OK… Rosalina is really beautifull, sexy and dynamic in this situation, I love the color red so the result is awesome and the little luma look really nice. Just a little bug with hair style because zucker don’t add hairs in front of her right eye. Not really a bug because there already the mesh… And in general the result is awesome so I’m really happy publish this pic here… Thanks so much zucker…(^o^)/

About zucker, don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallerie (click here), there is a lot of nice pics and like his profil description some interesting stuff coming soon… ^^

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