#129 – OC – Random girl

First I want to say the little vote (Reactions) was reset, I see a lot of dislike and hate, I’m sure there is some jealous people who come her just for downvote each post so the hate was deleted. GI know some know who are able doing this thing so I’m really disapointed see this but there is always a lot of nice artist and people with a lot of interest for my blog, thanks to him… ^^

So enjoy this new pic drew by Crocface who has the kindness accept drawn Rosalina as request for my blog with a random girl. I’m a little disapointed he don”t choose an existing girl or one of his OC but there is Rosalina so it’s so nice… (^o^)/

Crocface have a really curious and interesting style, not huge quality art but some nice points like girls faces, they have really simple eye but are really expressive. I’m curious to see how Crocface‘s art will turn… Sound really interesting..

Little detail about the blog, it’s the first time I have Rosalisa witn a randon an non-named girl (see the first here and the second here)… I’m curious to know why artist choose to draw this type of character instead of their own OC or a other character the like… If somebody can help me… ^^

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