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#099 – Fashionable romance with Valerie

It was impossible to get access to the site from 7am to 11:30am in France, this was cause two issues from the host OVH, the datacenter main and emergency power supply where down. Luckily everything back and no data lost, also this happened earlier in the morning for American people that may be all sleeping at this time.

I also had troubles earlier in the week with the website repeatly down for 30 seconds to a minute max, it happened really often at some time and it’s sure was really annoying when visiting or updating my side. I’ll keep an eye on it during the week-end and will send a report if continue that way… O_o


Took a long time after Misty and Cynthia to have a new pokemon character I love so much, Valerie is a ravishing lady with cool design mixing kimono outfit and lolita style for a suit that it’s sure totally impossible to wear but looks damn cool, she also have high heels so no way I can’t be addicted. Her outfit is a huge challenge and it’s B-side7715 that was enough kind and crazy to work on this duo. I had not specific idea in mind so offered him to give suggestions and I received 3 sketches from B-side7715 that were so cool that I commissioned him for another pieces to get at last two of them draw. ^^’

The pose was set and for both outfits, I asked B-side7715 to have Valerie keep her outfit I love so much and nothing specific for Rosalina since more of her body is hidden, as you can see Rosalina got a more casual suit, both ravishing and sexy with a busty touch. Some heels cause I wanted Valerie one be visible anyway my favourite part is how both have a so adorable an cute expression, so lovely and innocent in kind of romantic scene. I hope you all enjoy both sensuality and details in this illustration… °w°

B-side7715 drew a sensual scene but not that private since it’s show on giant screen so everybody may soon see a tender kiss between both ladies so captivated by each other that they slowly forget about the audience. Each one able imagine how this is going with Rosalina with Valerie. also if your imagination keep working and make you wish get a piece with that style, don’t hesitate take a look at B-side7715‘s commissions, could be adorable and nudity accepted but can’t goes more explicit.

#068 – Meloetta Selfy

I know there isn”t so much updates here but always some visits, thanks so much for people stopping here but sincerely don’t hesitate to let a little comment as if it’s as anonymous to give me your opinion and show me I have a reason make this blog alive as it deserves… Oh yeah… ^^

So much work on December and christmas wont help to have some free time. So hard to find present for the family especially when you don’t see some people really often… But I can do it and hope christmas presents wont give you to mush problems too guys…


I’m so excited about this Nintendo Direct but before it I have some time to prepare the new post and show you a new illustration drew by the lovely JHTriune who accepted to contribute to the blog and finally made a new illustration for the little pokemon project… A new pokemon join Rosalina, how powerfull… (^o^)/

JHTriune didn’t chosen a famous or classic pokemon but a really lovely legendary one (don’t know how we can caught it btw). It’s the beautifull Meloetta from the 5th generation of pokemon (#648). I also really love JHTriune‘s idea. when you find a new pokemon it appear on your pokedex but it must be really powerfull to pick the photo yourself and make a little memory, must be fun to have custom photos on our pokedex…

Just so bad we don’t see more Meloetta but I love the idea. It’s a really lovely picture. Thanks so much for your kindness and this beautifull piece JHTriune. Now if you want more, don’t hesitate to take a look to JHTriune‘s profile and gallery for more illustration and impressive ladies. He drew an amazing Chun-Li btw… °w°

Last detail, JHTriune do commission, you can find his pricelist on his profile but he regularly open commission so keep an eye on it and maybe, I’m sure a little comment can be really powerfull, artists really need our feedback and support if you want them to stay amazing and continue draw.

Artist: JHTriunes / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#063 – Pokemon – Kimono sylveon

I had a bad kneecap slipping and I can’t do anything now. Lucky I was able to go back to home after it happened but now can move leg and walk… Shops will be all close for two days so don’t have crutches…Now I’m at home and can’t move so no reason make an update on the blog… ~__^

Also thanks to Sandro for his screen, Now I know that the blog look the same on PC and tablet, that’s a good new and feel free to use your to visit the blog guys… ^^


Today a lovely illustration commissioned by Tallon to the amazing izka-197. I found her gallery because a lovely Kimono eevee (on the right). I think it’s because this so adorable gijinka that I wanted to pair Rosalina with some pokemon ladies, but the first girl I wanted to pair with Roslaina was an Eevee. Maybe this drawing by izka-197 is the main reason…

In fact I was never able to commission her, my budget was always kinda dead but she drew some Rosalina illustrations for the blog, all commission by Tallon who contributed so much to the blog, he’s so powerfull… so after a lovely Rosalina (here) and cute duo with me for my birthday (here), Tallon commissioned izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dram who become true… (^o^)/

First time I see Rosalina wearing a kimono and I must admit it suit amazing on her. Izka-197 did an excelelnt job with this illustration, each kimoni having some details in reference to the orignal character. I also love Rosalina face, this expression make her so adorable, she seem to really love this new outfit and I must admit it look perfect on Rosalina… I hope you like it too guys… °w°

Don’t hesitate to take a look to izka-197‘s profile and gallery, so much damn beautifull and adorable pieces. There is a lot of pokemon ladies I love and she also drew some cute chibis, cynthia is my fav, sooo cute… It seem that Tallon often commissioned izka-197 and you will find some pieces of his ladies, the last one featuring Tess, willow and angel with some lovely kittens… °w°

Artist: izka-197 / Cost: ??? (gift)

#059 – Pokemon – Valerie and Sylveon

I saw captain Harlock movie. For battleship lover it’s a really nice movie and the quality is amazing. If you consider it’s the same compagny who produce One Piece anime it’s a great surprise. The only bad point is abotu the story, for people who already know the old anime it’s ompletly different and if fact this movie is more here to show battles than an interesting story… So bad. U_u

The movie is beautifull with some touchs of fanservice (just a little) but you can be sure there is gorgeous. Only 3 ladies in this movie but all will join the wishlist and I hope a day they will meet Rosalina… ^^


Now a little commission, I asked Dan to pair Rosalina with a gijinka Sylveon (it’s Eevee fairy evolution) and my favorite trainer in pokemon X/Y: Valerie. I love so much her design and dress. She also have high heels and you can be sure it’s one of my biggest fetish. So bad Dsan didn’t drew them but we must admit he did a great job… ^^

I found Dsan on Hentaifoundry after he published an illustration of his OC Amethyst that I really love and asked him if he accept requests or commissions, At start I really wanted to ask Rosalina and Amethyst but we finally talked about a trio and you can see how it ended… I suggested Rosalina with Valerie and it’s Dsan who choosed Sylveon.

Artist: Dsan / Cost: 60$ (30$ x 2)

Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Space Pirate Captain Harlock (see it here)

#050 – Nintendo – Peach N°4

I know it was a long time since my last update and I’m really sorry about that. You can be sure I wont let the blog die and always thing to new ideas and projects but the main problem is to find artists… I hope the blog will give more interest at a moment but I have to continue increase it and make the Rosalina x Girl project more powerfull… ^^

By the way, about projects, my last idea was “Rosalina x Pokemon” where Rosalina will meet pokemon girls but not true pokemon, it will be gijinkas or humanisez form depending of the pokemon. As example for Gardevoir (Rosalina pokemon clone) that you can see on the right, not use to create a gijinka. Her original form adding a little humanization and she’s really close to a normal (and really lovely) girl.


Today Rosalina and Peach spend (again) some time together and decided “to paint the castle in blue, it seems fun! And Rosy finds a moment to make a little prank, on Peachy’s nose“. I sure everybody know who choosed the color and it’s a huge than to soma011 for this so beautifull and lovely piece. I hope you like it guys… °w°

I asked to soma011 if he may have some interest to draw Rosalina and he accepted saying “I have an half idea, maybe a classic with Peach”. I was really curious with the result and was sure like soma011 art that if must be a really powerfull piece but this drawing was a great surrpise, It’s a funny and adorable piece, thansk so much… (^o^)/

If you love Rosalina you must take a look to soma011‘s gallery, there is so much beautifull illustrations and other greats pieces with Rosalina. By the way the last he published is a lovely rosalina maid commissioned to celebrate as birthday gift and she’s so pretty, I must admit this maid uniform suit really nice on her… Continue on that way soma011, you’re a really amazing artist…

Artist: soma011 / Cost: special (Commission)

Added to wishlist: Mavis from Hotel Transilvania (see it here)

#048 – Nintendo – Daisy

For the moment I play Animal crossing on 3DS trying to be the better in my friends and creating a girl who ressembles to Rosalina (I’ll show her soon if you are curious) but there is one detail I really love in this game, not really a detail but more a character because it’s Isabelle (called Marie in the French version).

This girl is cute but also really adorable and so lovely, so nice we can’t do more with her but I really want to show her with Rosalina so she will be the new wishlisted girl of the day. I hope this pairing will appear soon in the blog, Rosalina and Isabelle must be really amazing together and it can make a so cute illustration… °w°


For the drawing of the day, it’s a sketch made by iedasb since the time I helped Merethide with her Deviantart account (who is now abandoned. Sincerely I totally forgot this drawing, don’t understand how I can forget Rosalina but thanks so much iedasb for sent me this little message with your drawing… Now it will be on the blog and people can’t miss it… Oh yeah… ^^

I often say than I prefer colored drawings to lines or sketchs but sketch are also really important and powerfull. There is a lot of artists who draw a lot of sketch and never share than so we miss a lot of great ideas. The more important in this type of drawing is not really the illustration but what the artist want to show with it. For the rest we just have to use a little our imagination and it can be amazing…

I think it’s useless to say than the second girl with Rosalina is Daisy who belong to Nintendo but there is some people who don’t know Rosalina (that’s shocking) so maybe there is also people who don’t know Daisy… Fixed… By the way iedasb drew the first Rosalina x Daisy than I show here, these two girls are really beautifull but not so popular as Peach who is really more famous… U_u

Thanks again for your message iedasb and guys don’t hesitate to take a look to his/her gallery and profile. There is a lot of great illustrations can also ask for commissions or adoptables. A digital illustration with one character and background colored cost 7$ and iedasb also do traditional art, it’s 4,5$ for a colored character but you can’t ask for a background in this case… For more infos about commission click here…

Artist: iedasb / cost: 0$ (Request)

Added to wishlist: Isabelle from Animal crossing (see it here)

#044 – Nintendo – Peach N°3

I don’t really know what happened to google adsence rules but at start I earned like 1-2$ per month with the publicity now I’m at 0.20$… Not good… I really need to find some sponsors or help if I want a “level up” for the blog but I don’t have idea about how I can do it. I asked it to 2-3 sites but they never answer me and I don’t want to add more pubs on the blog. It’s not the main objective… Don’t hesitate to comment if you have an advice for me or maybe a little click on the ad on the right must be lovely, thanks guys…

I think Peach and Rosalina is the more popular duo I know. Actually with this one sanukiu made it’s the 3rd Rosalina and Peach I have but you can be sure this one will be the cutest of the series. It remember me free hugs during the Japan Expo, it was really funny but you have to be careful because in some signs I saw “Free kick ass”… XD

Thanks so much for your drawing sanukiu and sorry for the long time to publish it and don’t hesitate to tale a look at his profile and gallery, the rest of is art is not so gentle and soft. By the way I’m curious why Peach is so cute and happy but Rosalina look embarrassed or pensive. Or maybe there is something I missed… ^^

Artist: sanukiu / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#039 – Nintendo – Peach

At start an artist is just a name and a gallery with 2-3 drawings (or more if you are late)… Of course you can enjoy the gallery, save your favourites pics in your computer and leave but you are sure to miss something awesome… When you love an artist and his style don’t hesitate to follow him and let a little comment sometimes you can meet new friends and have awesome discutions with them. It’s like this I met Pandaxoxo, Quaraci, Merethide,Tallon (though it’s him who found me), Ordinarium, Delacroix_Legion… It’s really interesting an pleasant to speack with so lovely people from other countries, but not easy to meet them IRL… ^^

I decided to restart this blog and I’m really happy with this decision,It’s so powerfull look at new artists and find really adorable persons, when I created the blog the objective was to show how Rosalina is beautifull but I wasn’t really confident to find artists who have some interest to contribute at this project…

Finally I’m happy to say I was wrong and a huge thanks to JessieDreadful for this awesome drawing with the two more famous and beautifull Nintendo girls… Though I think there is more poeple who know Zelda instead of Rosalina but I’ll do my best change that… Oh yeah… ^^

Rosalina and Peach looking at us with these lovely faces are so lovely, it’s like we caught them when she started to have some fun and their dress look amazing. In general artists in hentaifoundry draw rosalina naked but it’s not this case with JessieDreadful and that’s so nice see her original dress come back… finally it will be a little suggestive for the soft blog but I really want to show it, they are so beautifull… °w°

By the way don’t hesitate to take a look to JessieDreadful‘s gallery but be careful, There is a lot of really beautifull drawings like “Little Miss Hara-Kiri” but also some illustration a little more explicit and sometimes guro… Maybe you can hesitate, but I don’t think it’s a great idea… I’m sure you will enjoy the gallery and don’t forget to let a little comment to JessieDreadful, it’s always a great support and the best way if you like an artist and want him to continue publish amazing stuff… ^^

Artist:  JessieDreadful / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#002 – Mario – Peach and Daisy

Rosalina, Peach and Daisy… I think it’s the most famous and beautifull Nintendo trio… ^^

Thanks so much to Amytenchi for this incredible pic and her kindness… HentaiFoundry artists are so nice… But comparate to Deviantart, the often do pics more “sexy”… So I can’t show these drawings here… ^^

I think for this pic it’s interesting to talk about hair color, there is a lot who think Peach and Rosalina have same hair color, and it’s false… The answer with the artist quote: ‘I was going to do the same color originally, then I realized that Roselina is more a white blonde, while Peach is a golden blonde‘… Of course… And there is some people who say Rosalina as “Peach recolored”, so it’s a Peach_V2, but really more beautifull… ^^

Artist: Amytenchi / Price: Request