#944 – Disturbing Nikki

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PATREON BONUS: Pokephilia lesson (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

Find new artists for the project isn’t as easy as you think when you have a limited budget but luckily still not impossible. Though sometimes there is surprises as yesterday, saw a nice illustration, the artist into ecchi, made some fanarts, open for commission, cheap prices and… No lesbian allowed… Naaaahhhh… T_T
Also still waiting for DarkEcoFreak and Fernando Lloret ideas for their raffle reward, again you can decide about a duo that will be created by Vaiderman alias xxxbattery. °w°


Today illustration is a new piece from an artist duo called Aurastudio on deviantart, they did a great commission offer that I cannot miss and got some art for the project. Thinking about the second character I was looking for someone that wouln’t be too complex to draw for Aurastudio with a character that is simple to recognize and I suggested Rosalina disturbing Nikki from the 3DS swapnote based on an illustration I really like that you can see on the left. The artist were fine with the idea so was going ^^
I unfortunately lost the wips I received from Aurastudio so can’t show the first concept for this illustration, on the first version Nikki had a pose like getting an intense orgasm but I asked if can be something when she looks more serious like trying to resist to that talented and kinky princess tongue to finish her actual level. On the second version Nikki wasn’t as much concentrated as I was expecting but didn’t wanted to give much more work to Aurastudio with another edit. Also I kinda like the idea of Rosalina tongue feeling so amazing that it’s impossible to Nikki to stay serious and concentrated, better offer herself to Rosalina and fully enjoy it °w°
Also had the surprise discover on of the two artist is Hyokagami who already contribute to the project 5 years ago with a Rosalina and Sakura Kasugano from Street fighter (illustration on the left and see the original post here). Was fun see him again, as he can see many years later the project and the post are still here and now I can also show his new skills after so many years.

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
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