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#757 – Harmony of the universe

Another change on the site you didn’t noticed was on the lightbox system, before when you had multiple illustration in a post, you were able switch illustration using left or right key but was impossible save from a right click. Now there isn’t the switch system but you can easily save and share, admitting it’s the second part that I really worry about cause it’s the main way I have promote the project by spreading art with the watermark.

Also got extra hours to do at work this week cause an employee written off sick (this term sounds so weird for a French man like me). There is also another part I want to include for the next huge blog update that will need more work so this one may take more time than expected, I just hope still be able release it on September… O_o


And here is a new illustration by the talented Mazzacho that I still admire so much and feel so happy be able consider him as friend, so bad he’s internet friend as I feel sick to use so much but once teleport technology will be working I’ll be able kick their ass to all that called me like that (sweet dream). For now time to admire Rosalina dressed as Espeon with a Umbreon girl based on Merethide design you can see on the left that allowed me to let Mazzacho use it as reference… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

To be honest, the reason that I really wanted this design was cause how cool looks that Umbreon and the tight effect make the breasts looks sexy and it’s was kinda my only request to Mazzacho, keep the breasts part so sexy and powerfull as it looks in the reference. On the other side, it’s Mazzacho that designed Rosalina outfit with a design inspired by rose petals especially for the bra, and I love much the outfit that is ravishing with the lace and decoration on her arm but also a little sexy adding some see-through effect and the garter-belt… °w°

I’m still amazed each time I look at this illustration by the amount of details and also impressed that Mazzacho was able imagine and draw everything. Both ladies looking like goddess, maybe Egyptian for Umbreon and Arabian for Espeon, I also love on Rosalina the way Mazzacho keeps the gems from Rosalina’s crown for the jewellery hair decoration were is fixed the fabric that represent Espeon ears.

So much part I would like to talks about or even told you about the colouring process I was able to see during those long but marvellous hours where Mazzacho was streaming (and I highly recommend you to follow him on Picarto). I’m so proud of this illustration and hope you’ll enjoy it as me guys and don’t miss spread some love to Merethide and Mazzacho that made this powerfull piece becoming reality… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 80$
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
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#EVENT – Misty dress-up poll

Casual, naked, sexy, swuisuit, bondage, costume…
Vote on what suit you want her to wear on this illustration



princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn lesbian yuri crossover pokemon misty dress-up Rosalina and Misty will appear together once again but this time it’s you who decide what should wear Misty, thanks to Mothclip who helped me create and manage this new event where visitor can participate and everybody can vote on the dedicated page (here) during a month and the suit that end with most vote will be draw.
Time to share it and have your friends help your favourite suit win the poll. And for those that took the time read until the end I have a little secret for you… You can vote once each week so don’t miss this opportunity… °w°
15 different pose available for Misty
Which one will you vote for?



#743 – Indiscrete horny winner

It’s a long time no one posted a comment on the blog so I was curious if there is some troubles with it, at a moment all was blocked cause a spam protection pluggin so it could happen again. I finally decided to try and you know what guys? The comment section is perfectly working… :p

More than an illustration, next post will announce a free event everybody can participate. It’s was a long time I haven’t do something to make visitors participate since ‘Your dream by…‘ so I hope this upcoming one will be a success and many people will come to vote during the month… ^^


New piece I received from Ivan that is so supportive as naughty and sent me this illustration made by HauntedDoge, another talented artist than I’m so happy to present you. This piece featuring Rosalina and Daisy during Olympic game award ceremony with a special touch on Rosalina. Before commission this piece to HauntedDoge, Ivan asked me if there would be a problem with futa but since the only rule is ‘no men‘ this fetish was perfectly fine… Anyway Rosalina look really hot that way… °w°

From the first sketch (on the right), you can see Rosalina pose and expression changed for something less excessive and the second point is moving from bust to full body so there was really lot of work for HauntedDoge. There is also a detail that may be wrong, I guess you’ll never see high heels during a gymnastic competition but we are not here to follow rules and standards, even more when you start asking a futa Rosalina revealing a huge bulge in public. We can also talk about their shoes but as high heels addict I will never complain about that decision and HauntedDoge managed them so nicely, it’s powerfull…. \(^o^)/

HauntedDoge made both suits really tight and hot revealing many exciting details like Rosalina’s breasts perfect curves, Daisy pussy and for sure this indencent and shocking bulge according to Daisy expression. A gymnastic suit have to be tight but it must be even more that way for Rosalina since you can even see the vein appear through the suit, not really comfy and Rosalina may be impatient remove it but what can appear once both ladies will be back in dressing room? So much possibilities to continue HauntedDoge‘s illustration, Rosalina removing alone the pressure or abuse of Daisy sweet body in dressing room or even shower, what scene would you imagine?

Feel free left a comment about a subsequent scene or story you could imagine
If looks enough inspiring it could be a great reference for upcoming illustration

If you wish to see more of HauntedDoge feel free visit place listed below, a lot of great piece to see and some so powerfull as hot like Samus, Velma and even Jessie illustrations. Commissions are sure open if you feel interested and as you can see HauntedDoge really do her best for her clients. Just a little sad the blog watermark is missing on her posts, can’t promote the project that way… U_u

Artist: HauntedDoge / Cost: ??? (gift)
Deviantart: www.haunteddoge.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/HauntedDoge
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/HauntedDoge/profile

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#738 – Sandcastle true masters (summer wallpaper)

It was a long time since the last edit but there is now more illustrations listed on the gallery page (here). This need so much time cause more than just create the thumb and edit the code, I do a same time a redo on all posts to fix and clean the html code that looks like a hug mess after moving from blogspot to WordPress.

Another week with family anyway there isn’t internet working since two weeks and mobile phone network is really shit on that place so hard to be active. Anyway I was prepared to put the blog and patreon posts before left and tumblr/twitter will be updated when back on Sunday evening. Feel free visit and follow on these places… ^^


Here is an illustration I wanted since more than 2 years, I planned to commission the same artist as the Christmas wallpaper (that you’ll see soon) but her prices increased much more than my budget so I never had the opportunity got with a commission. Anyway I took the opportunity use the actual deal I have with Mothclip to make that idea come true. I have a really awesome level and style so I was sure he can make a powerfull piece so after some really hot messy and tentacles duos I asked Mothclip goes on something safe and adorable.

The idea was Rosalina building a basic sandcastle then notice Bay Rosalina and Lumas made one together that is masterpiece for for those that know about Mario Galaxy series this huge castle looks like Rosalina’s observatory that sure sounds like a challenge for Mothclip that managed it like a pro. So many things to manage on this scene with placement, poses, outfits and details that I sometimes missed to mention I wanted Rosalina kneeling and not standing up but Mothclip was so kind and accepted rework on that part… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

The character placement needed long talk and homemade sketchs on paint to show what I have in mind (sacrilege), there is also a huge difference on Baby Rosalina that Mothclip drew a little older as she appear in Mario kart series since he thought ‘this age looks nice in that style‘. I must tell she looks really adorable that way even more cute and I’m also addicted how fun looks the Lumas with Mothclip‘s style, the one with shovel made me think at a dwarf from Snow white and the other with bucket to an alien, maybe stupid or crazy but I think it add a fun touch to this ravishing illustration… °w°

Mothclip was really dedicated and patient and that’s even more incredible when we know how much my ideas can be crazy then he also made a little bonus with this step by step gif that is always powerfull when you have many wip you wish to share. Here you can see the evolution from the first sketch with arrangement, flat colour and then shading that have a huge impact on the final version atmosphere… °o°

I hope you like this cute illustration guys, you can get the HD on patreon (here) for a powerfull summer wallpaper and for all perverts, be sure the naughty side will be back in the next illustration I plan with Mothclip. For now you can ask him about commission with great skills for a correct price and an artist dedicated to do his best with the devise: ‘I happy when client happy‘ (the grammatical error is part of the quote)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / 80$ commission

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#661 – Pichu growing fast

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka pichu latex princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian pokemon gijinka pichu

Once again it appear Lunakiri is cursed, she was on the way fix her bugs problem with a heated truck and financial troubles came once again, that’s not fair. Compared to what I announce in the previous post, she may be back to the internet to be able do commissions and pay the bills. Please consider help Lunakiri enjoying her cheap prices at same time, 15$ a colored duo and 25$ an animation like on the right.

About the blog, the page for Where is my pokemon? project is now up to date including all I recently received and this new one that appear today. Don’t hesitate take a look to see all those cute, sweet, badass or kinky pokemon ladies that enjoy Rosalina compagny. Any suggestions for the next to meet that cute princess?


And time to show again an artist that contributed so much to the project this year enjoying JamilSC11 skills and kinky mind (be sure she is), she now enter Where is my pokemon? project with two illustrations that don’t come in the right order (so stupid) so you see today the more recent she did. For those that know about the series, I hope you easily recognized Pichu, technically it’s a baby pokemon but you can prevent a pokemon to evolve and JamilSC11 drew her older with nice attributes and naughty mind, for little perverts it’s even more powerfull that way… °w°

I really love the result and one more time JamilSC11 was amazing with her skills and idea, she designed Pichu without any reference and it was a great surprise discover her sketch. I just have to admit Pichu hairs are designed and colored a way she can looks to an arabian lady at first, it’s a bit confusing but original detail on a way, could be the first hijab pairing I have with my favorite princess. JamilSC11 made a clothes and naked versions that are both so cool, the naked one make it more intimate and sensual that let us discover those perfect curves in both sweet bodies but in other way, clothes really add a magical touch to a lady and I’m really fan of those sexy suits.

Both versions are incredible and tell there is one I lvoe more the other. Also many nice details on this illustration like the electric touch (make me think at electric love” and also Pichu face or Rosalina clothes make them like two little dolls. Adding some latex and kinky fingers JamilSC11 made is really exciting, clothed isn’t really SFW but not that I will complain about that. I hope you like this illustration guys, stay tuned for more from JamilSC11, also why not visit her main page and gallery if you can resist see sexy ladies she drew, depend you mod there is also ravishing chibi to discover and for even more why not looks for a commission… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

One year ago: #554 – Sensual pole dance
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#638 – Young and pretty Kyogre

Change of plan and wont be the second Fallout illustration (sorry Suika), I want to dedicate this post to my friend Lunakiri that open Emergency Commissions (more info here) cause ‘I need about 3ooUSD […] Because my landlord is a sodding piece of shit that is useless.‘. Not just help a lovely artist, she also have really cheap prices, for each character you have 2$ a sketch, 3$ flat color and 5$ full color. Mean a lovely or sexy duo made with her full love and power would cost 10$.

Then while this post appear it’s my last day in Paris cosplayed as Rosalina and this day it’s the special outfit that I’m soooo happy. Sweet, comfortable, perfect for hot day at con and a bit sexy too. Let’s show to the world that so wonderfull and incredible princess… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Then promoting Lunakiri and her special commissions (more info here) I decided post an illustration she made you give you an idea of her skills, then since this piece she practiced a lot and goes even more powerfull, be ready to be amazed when her duo with Symmetra will be published, btw you can already see the sketch as patreon members.

Lunakiri can make really sweet to light hentai illustration and this time we move on the lovely side in pokemon universe. Rosalina meet Kyogre but not a so badass and impressive one as it appear on the game, it’s a young version of Adrian wearing a Kyogre dress that Rosalina will meet. That OC is always so powerfull for water pokemon and looks so incredible as Dratini (see it here) or Vaporeon (see it here), this last one is my favorite from Lunakiri for now but no way don’t say “Awwwww” looking at this new one… °w°

Anyway Lunakiri dressed Adrian as many other pokemon like Lapras or Darkrai, she’s one of the girl that meet the most Rosalina on the blog and wont stop so easily. Anyway you can see everything linked to this series on Where is my pokemon? page, still far to complete the collection and with a new generation coming it will be even more choice for artists and hard decisions for me. Let see if there will be some sweet water pokemon to suit Adrian and go with more commissions to Lunakiri.

Be sure Lunakiri is awesome artist and and if you visit her gallery be sure to be amazed. She already made a lot for the Rosalina x Girl project and a lot to come, duo with Symmetra, Adrian, Avatar girl (surprise) and her own anime representation. So many and her last cheap commission where a powerfull opportunity, take the time to looks at the dedicated journal (here) to have an idea… Oh yeah…

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 10$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#632 – Shauntal goes kinky

Thanks to my patreon members and their support, was able to manage some commissions and be sure there is powerfull pieces coming. Some kinda sweet and sensual other much more kinky. Then I’m always careful looks for deals and offers to be sure don’t spend a month budget in a single illustration.. Technically… ^^’

I’ll be quiet and alone for this week-end with apart just for me, some friends asked me what I plan to do but in fact there is nothing planned, just relaxing and be quiet with some privacy. Must manage make some photos for the deal I have with DigitallyDeviant and for sure if nice weather enjoy it too. Edit: I’m sick T_T


As if he describe me as ‘a fun customer‘, I must admit make artists wait so long to see their illustration published on the blog isn’t really fair, I apologies about that AnonymousKatsudon (dat name). So for today let have Shauntal from Pokemon series join Rosalina for some fun. Really love her cute look especially when you have a little fetish for glasses. Then she’s a Master Ghost-type Trainer and as if we know those pokemons can be really friendly it still sounds a little scary but I’m sure AnonymousKatsudon didn’t get nightmares with that drawing. XD

It’s sure a ravishing and sensual piece kinda juicy and sure exciting where you can see how AnonymousKatsudon style is epic. Both have really cute and expressive face, Rosalina doing some lovely moaning and Shantal happy to make her friend feel so good, skin color and shading are also awesome and love that wet part with this little juice bridge from Rosalina pussy to Shantal finger that make you able imagine it moving slowly after pleased that sweet princess pussy. Now if you goes to focus on Shantal other hand AnonymousKatsudon did a great work on this part, fondling Rosalina breast, it looks soft, stretchy/squishy with a bit of gravity to make it so perfect… °w°

Also there is the HD version as patreon bonus, if you are curious the sketch is one the same resolution so you can get an idea of it’s size.

In my opinion, the only detail missing on AnonymousKatsudon‘s art is nails, when you looks at all details on Rosalina nipples it’s like there is something missing on hands but I’m still addicted to this illustration. Anyway don’t miss to take a look at his Deviantart gallery or Tumblr account that is use for uncensored stuff at first but deserve more updated. At last AnonymousKatsudon is kinda active recently, there is a cute piece of D.Va from Overwatch and some a little more kinky about his OC Kyrie. Don’t miss to take a look and why not consider a commission to let him make your dreams come true. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: AnonymousKatsudon / Cost: 80$
DeviantArt: www.anonymouskatsudon.deviantart.com

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#629 – The Birth of Rosalina

princess Rosalina nintendo birth venus princess Rosalina nintendo birth venus

Was a really beautifull and sunny week-end that I spend in the shadow of sewing machines. Not that I complain cause I had a great stage to learn about clothes creating and sewing when I was learning while creating a new Rosalina cosplay. We finished just in time and get the Tennis outfit done, for sure the part my teacher made looks much better but for a first time I’m really happy with the result and can show it saying “I made it”… °w°

Previous post was planned and had to make to cheat with the main post make the previous expire while a new one appear then show again the old one to get back all comment it received but it worked nicely so I know that I can manage the blog to update correctly when no internet. So bad can’t do the same on the RosalinaxGirl patreon.


Actually featured as Artist of the month, I’m so excited to finally show more about Mazzacho‘s art on the blog with that so pretty illustration he made and for those who know about art, you may already noticed this was inspired by the famous painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Time to show a ravishing and pure Rosalina as the protector of the galaxy and Luma’s mother.

Kinda sketchy but amazing piece, I love that power Mazzacho have to draw a lady looking so pure, innocent and ravishing but also with a little touch creating a mix into cuteness and sexiness that no one can resist (or maybe you must be yaoi addict). Rosalina so pretty with such beautifull colors, adorable face and blushing touch that is soo sweet but on other side you can’t miss Mazzacho gave her some sexy attributes. You can’t keep focus at one point moving from her face to bust and also curious about this Peach appearing and then moving on the illustration you discover everything and that amazing. I hope everybody get that feeling and enjoy it.

On the first sketch (that you can see on the right), Mazzacho added Mario and Luigi to illustrate the other protagonists from the original painting but since it’s a Rosalina x Girl site and also have to admit I’m jealous see men with Rosalina he accepted change it, deleting Mario and replacing Luigi by Peach. Then for the final version we goes a little far from the original idea with a solo Rosalina illustration but she sure looks ravishing. Then I really wanted to show WIP with Mario, Luigi and Peach to show all work Mazzacho putted on that illustration and also how it can evolve with time. Sometimes you can’t imagine all the process with just the final illustration and it’s important show it cause artist always need to make changes and try before reach the final piece as you can see here.

Then don’t miss to see more about Mazzacho‘s art on all places listed below. He do so wonderfull and impressive illustrations as the floating castle (see it here) or a cover book her recently made, they come so pin-up pretty sexy in general but always with a sensual and sweet touch like the poster with bikini Peach and Daisy (see it here). Sometimes come more spicy drawings or funny comics but I let you search about it. There is also his patreon holding awesome content so don’t miss join and give him some support. Last point (and the best) is to meet him during livestream and why not get a commission. For 30$ you can have 3 hours steaming on Picarto while he spend time doing some sketches for your topics.

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 0$ (Gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#618 – Peach Sensual caress

LAST DAY to participate to ‘Your dream by…‘ and WIN A FREE ILLUSTRATION. I received two entries that I must add but you still have your chance. If something kinky pop in your mind for a great duo with Rosalina feel free to submit it in the ‘contest page (here)‘. Bandijones told me he’s really busy at this time but stay tuned.

May is here, time to think about the next Artist of the month but I already have a little idea in mind so won’t take so long to add him. Don’t miss to take a look for great surprises and wonderfull galleries… ^^


Today Rosalina decided to offer some company and her sweet body to Peach for some sweet and sensual moments together while Mario is missing (again). This lovely illustration was made by Diamanda and it’s also the 30th time I receive this dup for my project. Peach and Rosalina are from same universe and kinda similar proportions so really easy pair then together and make everything happen. I love this one to is really romantic and intimate like the start of a long night that can turn more sensual and intense depending what we want to imagine. More than an illustration it’s part of a story and I love that feeling Diamanda created here.

Love the mix into cuteness in this illustration, soft breasts to foundle and perfect ass to grab (and maybe give little spanking) with on other side woth so quiet, romantic and sensual with an adorable look, Diamanda sure made a powerfull combo and the result is wonderfull. Little pantie touch for lingerie lover and it’s just perfect. I hope you love it as me guys. ^^

For more don’t miss to take a look to Diamanda‘s gallery for more damn sexy ladies and be sure kinda more than sensual, some really hot poses and naughty action that you will sure enjoy. Not so many piece but we really see quality increasing with time so with a little support to encourage Diamanda to continue on that way, Diamanda‘s art must reach an epic level. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mavruda / Cost: 35$
Tumblr: www.diamandaart.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Diamanda/profile

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#611 – Drunk and kinky after party

April is here and it’s raffle time, an illustration by JamilSC11 for patreon raffle winner and everybody get a chance to WIN a FREE ILLUSTRATION participating at “Your dream by…” event. Rules are simple, just comment with a situation involving Rosalina and any other girl you want and the artist will pick his favorite and draw it. This time the theme is cunnilingus, sounds so tasty and exciting… Oh yeah… °w°

So feel free to take a look at “Your dream by…” page for more info and drop your idea. You have until March to tell us about your kinky dreams and why not see it come true.


To give you an idea about the kind of illustration you can get, the new piece is from BandiJones that is also the artist involved into “Your dream by…” event. He love hentai, especially cunnilingus and high heels but since no one drew what he have in mind then he decided to be an artist and create is own drawings. For now the style is kinda simple as for details and colors but BandiJones started only a few months ago and already got a great level. He made so cool ideas and poses as this Rosalina and Samus (or Samus/Pikachu you can see on the bottom) but so much other awesome (naughty) pieces on his Tumblr (here).

As you know Nintendo character are supposed don’t know about alcohol and sex but with Rosalina and Samus able to travel through the galaxy and discover new… Cultures it’s not the same thing. Today they goes together to a Gala wearing both a ravishing dress but aren’t still used to drink champagne and back to home both are kinda drunk and feel excited looking at each other then starting the true night of pleasure. BandiJones really had a cool idea for this illustration and it have a sweet backstory, now Samus started giving Rosalina a little cunni to taste that little princess pussy before go play with those sweet and sensual beasts that are like and invitation to be sucked and fondled.

BandiJones already drew both ladies and I feel so honored he wanted to contribute to my project, with common fetish for yuri and high heels so it was so powerfull. Love Rosalina expression and as if her breasts are so sexy and exciting, it seem the left one is bigger than the right and also curious it’s Rosalina with black dress and Samus with blue one. Both have blue suits but I’m so addicted to Rosalina that the opposite sounds more logical for me. At last not a so important detail and BandiJones sure made an incredible illustration. Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

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#608 – Tiny electric lovers

April is close and you’ll have two chance win a illustration then put your fav girl and fetishes with Rosalina. One will be on the blog as next edition of Your dream by…, you can see previous editions here, the artist will be BandiJones and second chance with the participation of JamilSC11 for patreon raffle. Stay tuned. ^^

Also added new pieces on the gallery page, still a lot to do to reach the current illustrations but if you are curious it’s a great way to discover about the first illustrations and posts from the beginning of the project.


I expected wait a little before show you this illustration since Lunakiri is still absent (I hope to her about her soon) but love so much this illustration that I can’t resist longer, here is now another piece for ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ project featuring her OCs Adrian that I love so much as Minum (blue) and Nats as Plusle (red). Lunakiri made both so cute and sweet but also really kinky and ready to have many fun with that perfect princess body. Oh yeah… °w°

Lunakiri have really lovely OC and they work so nicely for this project, more than just a random pokemon lady it’s more fun to have a sweet girl dressed as pokemon and be able see her on other illustrations/situations. You can see them on the illustrations, from the left to the right let me present you Nats, Adrian, Ria and Belle. As if Adrian is my fav each one have a different colour that can allow many pokemons especially for fire, water and grass. Also Minum and Plusle are cute duo that Nats and Adiran can suit really good, or like the illustration Lunakiri made I must say so perfectly… \(^o^)/

Not so much gijinka existing with minum and plusle, some with girls wearing dress were so adorable but wasn’t so powerfull for something more kinky and dynamic. To suit the pose Lunakiri decided give them gloves and thigh-high for clothes part and for sure ears, tails and marks on cheeks. Also asked for Rosalina to get some lingerie and high heels and it looks so awesome on her. Lunakiri also did a great job with Rosalina expression and juicy touch that make it even more intense and exciting. I hope you like it guys and don’t miss all pokemon ladies she made on ‘Where is my pokemon?‘ page.

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 15$
Website: Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

One year ago: #512 – Cheetara can be so sweet
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#596 – Lickilicky skilled tongue

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Lickilicky tongue tentacle hentai messy

Really hard to find artists this time, for sure some awesome pieces on the queued so stay turned but at this time most of them are solo illustration. As me the more important is Rosalina so it’s always so powerfull get more of the so incredible and ravishing princess but for a yuri project will be hard get her meet new ladies, especially since the idea is to make people find about Rosalina looks at fanarts of those other girls.

596th illustration today, as you can see the 600th is really close but must admit don’t have celebration piece. Thinking at it a little late and can’t find any good idea so instead of miracle I’ll think at it for the next step…


After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (or click here for the full post) had to go back with her trainer but never forget about her awesome friend. After battles and training, she evolved into Lickilicky and decided to meet again that sweet princess to show her new skills and abilities. An awesome duo made by the lovely theFloppyBunny that won’t stop amaze me with her style and kindness, also admit her pervert mind and ideas are so cool… °w°

This new illustration is a commission, after some bondage and sexy auctions I wanted her to work on a duo for the project. Don’t remember how it moved to this decision but theFloppyBunny wanted to take part to theFloppyBunny project pairing Rosalina with Lickilicky. Referring the original pokemon it was a huge challenge to turn this one into sexy anthro but she was able do it and the result is so cool… °o°

After a long night of pleasure, that kinky lickitung by Zyvo on the right (As you can see on the first sketch theFloppyBunny send me, we clearly see about the pose and love that close-up on Rosalina ass, it’s really hard to figure a pose that have great action and also nice view on all character without head a part of the face or body, especially when goes the action so a close-up is the perfect alternative. Enjoying Rosalina sweet face and body without that pose without lost about the fun and hot part. It wasn’t easy to imagine about a sexy Lickilicky on the sketch but I know theFloppyBunny was confident with it and like her art it must turn really powerfull.

There is 3 versions depending your tastes, I love both messy piece and as lingerie lover the panty one is also damn exciting, you can also see theFloppyBunny made Lickilicky hand different depending the panty/naked version with a finger sliding into Rosalina pussy. Not a huge but really interesting detail that make it even more kinky and intense for Rosalina. Also feel free to visit theFloppyBunny profile for more art and why not take part to her YCH auctions or ask for a commission. She’s kinda cheap and always do her best.

Artist: theFloppyBunny  /  Cost: 25$

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#579 – Final squirt with Gardevoir

Rosalina Nintendo pokemon gardevoir hentai yuri lesbian fingering squirt

Working on open space it’s really complicated manage the blog at work, must be really careful especially when it’s time to add illustrations but when busy week it’s hard find some time working on it. Also not so many time on saturday so my apologises for this late posts but I’ll always to my best keep the two new illustrations each week. So many awesome artists ready to amaze you and be sure I can’t miss them. Oh yeah… °w°

Also feel free to take a look at patreon page and support the project. Also since there is no one on the 3rd tier, it’s 100% chance to win the monthly raffle and see your fav girls/fetishes with Rosalina…


For now let’s get one of my favorite pokemon to be back again and spend some kinky time with Rosalina. Some sweet fingers that made Rosalina squirt, Gardevoir for sure is so beautifull as talented and it’s a huge thanks (and some admiration) to Yellowroom that helped me with my project and made a so powerfull kinky illustration. He sure have a wonderfull style and accepted requests before start working on commissions and I feel so lucky I was able get a slot and a fully colored duo. At last the more important is the artist have fun and freedom with the illustration and Yellowroom was so perfect. Both are gorgeous, so beautifull and lovely as sexy with the situation and Juicy touch, what a powerfull combo into cuteness and sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Gardevoir have a human look that is really interesting but she’s also a pokemon so not easy make her as a sexy female and still close to her original style but it sure was a success here. Also love so much both expressions Yellowroom drew, they are so sweet and adorable with an innocent touch, that’s more sensual and lovely in that way but all that juice and Rosalina squirting add something expressive and exciting. Once again, thanks sooo much for your kindness and support Yellowroom.

Not sure to say “I hope” because I know you must love it guys. Also if you are curious Yellowroom drew Rosalina a second time as request paring her with a sweet Draenei that you can see on the left. I love so much the design of that girl and the dragon dick dildo is awesome with the transparent touch. Two incredibles duo with Rosalina but there is many more powerfull illustrations on Yellowroom‘s gallery. Also keep an eye on him until he open commissions, an illustration like this once with two characters and background is kinda at 140$, kinda expensive but like the quality and all efforts it need, that’s understandable.

Artist: Yellowroom / Cost: Request
Tumblr: www.deyellowroom.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Yellowroom/profile

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#545 – Some romance with Cynthia

Rosalina Nintendo lesbian yuri cynthia pokemon hentai

I saw Pixel movie recently, was kinda disapointed by the movie and can understand it have really bad feedback, so bad cause it have really cool parts, ideas and jokes. Also the more surprising was that guys in love with Lady Lisa from the video game Dojo Quest (1982) who was able to see his beloved girl become “real”. Must send some Rosalina stuff in space and wait until they send her… XD
Also chapter 1 of Rosalina’s Delivery Service is still in progress, just need the last page to be sketched but some have line already finished and cover is ready so can’t wait to see it. I’ll update the page soon with the cover to give you an idea but prever wait to be close to the publication before show some previews and promote it. Stay turned…


After somme illustrations with Rosalina enjoy Victoria Seras, Peach, Cynthia, Dark Magicial girl or Baby 5 compagny (See them here) it’s now time to talk about the so kind and talented War-Off-Evil who gave me the honor draw a so romantic and sensual duo pairing Rosalina and Cynthia from pokemon. If you take a look at his gallery you must see and impressive portofolio and several Rosalina illustrations (she always looks gorgeous with his style) but this time War-Off-Evil decided to draw Rosalina again for the blog… How powerfull… \(^o^)/
No use to explain what in this illustration Some sensual yuri action with so sexy lingerie (love lingerie so much), adding a Luma and Bidoof in the background for a cute and funny touch you can be sure War-Off-Evil made an awesome illustration. At first I was confused with Cynthia’s right hand, I thought the idea was the hand against Rosalina cheek but look curious cause Rosalina earring and War-Off-Evil said “>Cynthia is not holding the Rosalina’s head xD is a caress, or that is the idea at least“. That’s even more romantic… °w°
I hope you like this illustration as me guys, for sure War-Off-Evil really did a wonderfull job. Rosalina and Cynthia are so sweet and sensual, also both are in my top 10 favorite ladies so that’s always so powerfull see fanarts who those wonderfull girls. Once again thanks so much War-Off-Evil and guys don’t miss to visit his gallery, if you love sexy girls no doubt you will enjoy it.

Artist: War-Off-Evil / Cost: 29$ as commission

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#543 – Pokemon #157 – Fire of love with Typhlosion

Rosalina Nintendo Pokemon Typhlosion hentai

I continue working on the Gallery page slowly increasing it to get the full blog collection, 20 more illustrations will be added today and if everything fine it must be up-to-date on August. I hope you already visited it and discovered some cool pieces just don’t forget to also take a look at the Wishlist page (here) to find all illustrations by series.
At the moment I’m spending more efforts working on another project at ChibiBead.deviantart.com, I started one with a friend I lost and make this project again for myself, the objective it to be able make some commissions who can help me financialy. The blog cost 1.000$ (kinda) per year and with the ads, I’m able to get 5$ PER YEAR. I’ll never stop that project but cause life it’s kinda complicated manage it… Wish me good luck guys… ^^


After that crazy duo with Lickitung it’s time for another pokemon to join and have some intense and hot time with Rosalina, like the illustration you can be sure I don’t joke with “hot”, this illustration was made by the incredible Crimson-Karma. I’m more fan of cute and sweet pokemon while playing games from the series but that’s powerfull how artists can make badass pokemon turn into so lovely, adorable and sensual anthro girls, the charizard (see it here) was incredible and now I must admit I also love so much that version of Typhlosion. Also if you wonder, it’s Crimson-Karma‘s favorite pokemon.
So much fire and so much love in this piece, if you already saw pokemon movies about fire pokemon, you know that we don’t have to worry about fire if the pokemon trust in you and its fire doesn’t affect you but as if Rosalina is immunized it’s not the same thing for her dress slowly burning. It’s Crimson-Karma who add this idea and I must admit it’s excellent, an original way to undress, Rosalina slowly revealing her perfect body to her lovely partner when both exchanging a long and sensual kiss. I hope you like it guys… ^^
If really love Crimson-Karma‘s art and style, if you want to see more you can be sure his gallery in HentiFoundry have so much wonderfull content including some Rosalina illustrations (of course) and an amazing comic that have great story, naughty scenes and sone nice humor. You can also find and support him on Patreon (here) so feel free to take a look if you are curious.

Artist: Crismon-Karma  /  Cost: 58$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/crimsonkarma
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Crimson-Karma/profile

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