#088 – Galaxy is a beautifull place

princess Rosalina nintendo super mario bros. cute Luma

A big thanks for all my patrons for their new month of support, more than help the project it also allow me commission some artists that I consider as talented but in bad situation and really deserve some support. For sure without patreon the project would be totally destroyed and still not easy for now but I do my best have a project with great illustration but also help and promote some artists that have potentiel to be epic… Oh yeah… °w°

Also for patreon that visit tumblr (here) or twitter (here), I don’t use these sites to promote the sfw illustrations that are published on the blog. Mostly of the content is adult and kinda explicit so I prefer keep the safe and sweet illustration out of this places, if you have some suggestions for places I can post SFW art, feel free…


Let’s end this week with an adorable gift from Kittehskye and made by N64 (I wonder if that name is linked to Nintendo btw), Rosalina floating in the galaxy with one of her Luma being so cute as always, so pure and innocent but the way N64 draw the mouth and some curves adding some sensuality, there is a mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so marvelous… °w°

I really love colors in this piece but I’m really curious about N64 idea for Rosalina pose and so bad her hands are hidden. Other light detail, the motif on the crown isn’t like the original one Rosalina wear but no way stay negative, everything else in this piece is marvelous. The luma is great and I’m really addicted to the way N64 managed Rosalina’s hair so nicely, that’s bit voluptuous and so ravishing…

I was a bit surprised looking at N64‘s gallery since this Rosalina illustration is one of the only SFW illustration he did, so many other kinky furry art that you must enjoy if you are in kinky mod. Also if you are interested in commission, an illustration cost like 10$ for a solo and 30$ for a duo but I really suggest to visit N64 gallery first to see his style before think about commission idea, once again his general art is really digerent than this sweet Rosalina… ^^’

Artist: N64 / Cost ??? (Gift)

#087 – Star lingerie

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi lingerie sexy

March is here with a new patreon raffle, the winner is Ixalon and as I said previously it’s LadyBarbero that will create the illustration. Also if you want to support the project, there is the patreon page where you can get some exclusive content, earlier illustrations and HD versions in return… °w°


He’s coming again to show her cuteness, a huge thanks to PaladinoM who drew Rosalina so ravishing as always. As the previous illustration he made (that you can see on the right), this time Rosalina isn’t naked this time but keep a part of sexiness and mystery teasing us a bit with her mask and lingerie that suit her so nicely. I love how PaladinoM made her really sensual and the design of her bra with that star sure linked to Rosalina but also at this place it could work as a little reference to her medallion that is an important part of the character.

The mask is also a great detail, only keep her mouth available being ready for a sensual and romantic kiss but it also can be like some kind of erotic game. I’m curious what exactly PaladinoM had in mind creating that piece but it allow so many possibilities with some imagination, so many stories possible but better keep it sweet as Rosalina deserves looking so pure and innocent. Anyway I can be wrong but looking at the background (on bottom right corner) it looks like this happen on the bathroom, it make it even more intimate for some kind of roleplay but once again, only PaladinoM really know the truth about it… XD

PaladinoM have a really nice style and gallery, I also really love is Suzanne Lin pin-up that you can see on the left, she’s pretty, so sexy with a great point of view and it’s also effective due to my fetish for lingerie. He’s also open and ready to many style since he ‘draw in the anime / manga style with Hot Girl theme but also do drawings in cartoon style‘. For more by PaladinoM just have a look at places linked below and enjoy… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: PaladinoM / Cost: Request

#085 – Happy Birthday to you (2017)

princess rosalina Nintendo birthday cake dress

Another big thanks for all that sent me wishes for my birthday, it was so lovely and also get some powerfull gifts as a core membership on Deviantart that allowed me change my name to Harmonie–Rosalina… How powerfull… (^o^)/


Today illustration had to be with Valerie from Pokemon but this piece by Alycia I received as birthday gift, totally unexpected present as you can imagine or I would planned to publish it before. Anyway it was a so powerfull surprise get a so lovely wish with Rosalina and I love it. Thanks so much Alycia… (^o^)/

Already go a beautifull series of illustrations From Alycia, starting from lovely chibi to some nice panda or Eevee dress to a sensual look that you can all see here. This illustration is still so adorable but goes even more sexy this time, seem my friends start to really know about my fetish but how you can resist to a cute Rosalina teasing us with a bit of lingerie in that kind of pose… °w°

More than how Rosalina moving up her dress, what got my attention first was how Alycia drew shadows and folds on the bottom of the dress. I thought there was a see-through effect that make Rosalina panties and lingerie appear through the dress but looking at it again it’s just part of shading on the dress. Anyway that part always confuse me looking at this piece still hopping it can be what I thought first, I’ll check that joining her to enjoy that cake she made… and I hope more… ^__^

I’m sad I don’t have links to give you about Alycia since she never created Deviantart account or dedicated facebook page. It’s so bad she don’t share her art and skills but I guess she’s not interested by this just drawing as hobby for her friends and family. Anyway I’ll keep you in touch if things change in the future… Stay tuned…

Artist: Alycia / Birthday gift
No link for now (sorry)

#084 – Christmas meet new year


princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi Christmas
2017 come with all my wishes of happiness and a huge thanks to all that contributed to the project and help it continue exist. There is also some changes planned my side since it goes hard with time and a huge edit on the wishlist page, there will have a gallery then you can discover about characters that you never heard about, more effective than just a name so don’t miss it when it will be done °w°… ^^


I can’t deny it’s a bit crazy to celebrate new year with a Christmas pin-up but I received this one from Lonely-Cartoonist just before finish the previous post and I wont told him to wait a year until I can publish it in time so let’s have a bit more Christmas sweetie to enjoy 2017. Lonely-Cartoonist promised me he will work on a sweet piece for Christmas and he did it (better later than never after all)… ^__^

Really love that illustration, Lonely-Cartoonist still have to improve his style but can already create ravishing illustrations. Rosalina so lovely and adorable with this santa suit and the sexy touch from high heels is so powerfull, also we can imagine she have a sweet lingerie set under her suit that work with her shoes to add a spicy touch as if I’m sure Lonely-Cartoonist never planned that option while drawing it… ^^’

Thanks so much for your support and kindness Lonely-Cartoonist, also guys if you take a look at his Deviantart’s gallery you’ll be able to find another Rosalina he drew and that will come later in the blog and at this time why not drop him a little comment with support and nice wishes to start this new year… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Lonely-Cartoonist / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#082 – Lovely surprise

Another update, slowly moving close to the 100th illustration to the blog but many more pieces of that so cute and lovely princess to come first and hope you’ll love them too. Also there is some events coming like Halloween and the more important Rosalina’s birthday in November 1st. Hope to get some great art to celebrate it… °w°


Little mistake on previous post, it was Symmetra announced for this one until I fixed it (thanks Lunakiri) but it’s JamilSC11‘s turn today with a ravishing bust she offered me as gift as thanks for all commissions I asked her , I feel so honored and happy with that adorable Rosalina (how can’t be in love when she looks at you that way), thanks so much for this awesome present JamilSC11 I love it soooo much… (^o^)/

I generally ask for wip to see how the illustration evolve with time and how artists work, you really can learn interesting things from them but this time JamilSC11 just sent me the final version so a little special cause I don’t know anything about the illustration. Maybe just that I must really change my name in deviantart but I wont pay 3 month membership just to change it and have to and follow again all artist I actually do as JamilSC11… O_o

Thanks again for this powerfull gif as if honestly I feel more it’s me that have to thanks to JamilSC11 for her persistent kindness and awesome commission offers that allow me get great content for the blog, you can see all she drew for the project here,for sure more to come and don’t miss take a look at JamilSC11’s profile to see her actual commission offers and don’t miss let her make your (art) dreams come to reality… Oh yeah…

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus

#081 – The Birth of Rosalina

Was a really beautifull and sunny week-end that I spend in the shadow of sewing machines. Not that I complain cause I had a great stage to learn about clothes creating and sewing when I was learning while creating a new Rosalina cosplay. We finished just in time and get the Tennis outfit done, for sure the part my teacher made looks much better but for a first time I’m really happy with the result and can show it saying “I made it”… °w°

Previous post was planned and had to make to cheat with the main post make the previous expire while a new one appear then show again the old one to get back all comment it received but it worked nicely so I know that I can manage the blog to update correctly when no internet. So bad can’t do the same on the RosalinaxGirl patreon.


Actually featured as Artist of the month, I’m so excited to finally show more about Mazzacho‘s art on the blog with that so pretty illustration he made and for those who know about art, you may already noticed this was inspired by the famous painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Time to show a ravishing and pure Rosalina as the protector of the galaxy and Luma’s mother.

Kinda sketchy but amazing piece, I love that power Mazzacho have to draw a lady looking so pure, innocent and ravishing but also with a little touch creating a mix into cuteness and sexiness that no one can resist (or maybe you must be yaoi addict). Rosalina so pretty with such beautifull colors, adorable face and blushing touch that is soo sweet but on other side you can’t miss Mazzacho gave her some sexy attributes. You can’t keep focus at one point moving from her face to bust and also curious about this Peach appearing and then moving on the illustration you discover everything and that amazing. I hope everybody get that feeling and enjoy it.

On the first sketch (that you can see on the right), Mazzacho added Mario and Luigi to illustrate the other protagonists from the original painting but since it’s a Rosalina x Girl site and also have to admit I’m jealous see men with Rosalina he accepted change it, deleting Mario and replacing Luigi by Peach. Then for the final version we goes a little far from the original idea with a solo Rosalina illustration but she sure looks ravishing. Then I really wanted to show WIP with Mario, Luigi and Peach to show all work Mazzacho putted on that illustration and also how it can evolve with time. Sometimes you can’t imagine all the process with just the final illustration and it’s important show it cause artist always need to make changes and try before reach the final piece as you can see here.

Then don’t miss to see more about Mazzacho‘s art on all places listed below. He do so wonderfull and impressive illustrations as the floating castle (see it here) or a cover book her recently made, they come so pin-up pretty sexy in general but always with a sensual and sweet touch like the poster with bikini Peach and Daisy (see it here). Sometimes come more spicy drawings or funny comics but I let you search about it. There is also his patreon holding awesome content so don’t miss join and give him some support. Last point (and the best) is to meet him during livestream and why not get a commission. For 30$ you can have 3 hours steaming on Picarto while he spend time doing some sketches for your topics.

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

#080 – It’s birthday time

Rosalina’s birthday in November 1st but sometimes it’s my turn to be 1 year old. Must admit it’s not a really optimistic day for me as lot of nice wishes, thanks so much guys. And as if publications come really close for this week, I can’t miss to show you this lovely illustration I received from my friend Engin also know as Delacroix_Legion in HentaiFoundry ( it sounds kinda huge and impressive name but his art is so damn incredible)… °o°

After some hentai illustration, this time Engin sent me a so lovely illustration as birthday present with a so beautifull and adorable Rosalina. After all I don’t consider her beautifull and cutest girl in the world without reason and I’m also addicted to that so cute princess… Thanks so much Engin… (^o^)/

Rosalina looks so pure, sweet and adorable looking at us with this cute smile, Engin turn her so ravishing. Must admit I was curious with back hairs, wondering why we don’t see them so much especially like Rosalina hairstyle. In fact Engin decided to give her a ponytail as she have in Mario 3D World when she get a fire flower. As if the original hairstyle is my fav I can’t deny she’s pretty cute in that way… °w°

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Cost: Gift

#074-078 – Powerfull lovely combo

Nintendo recently announced three new (classic) card games with mario themes. Rosalina appear in the queen of clubs card but sincerely I’m really disappointed by the illustration they used. It’s a classic old fanart that they used as reference for the Gashapon figure, sincerely with photoshop we can make the same thing. As if Rosalina I wont order this (Sorry Rosalina).

Also for people who are always on the internet to find “famous” talented artists, sometimes your friends are really more powerfull than you can expect and there is some amazing surprises. Artist are not only on the internet so be careful… ^^


And about friend, must admit it’s a little special with Alycia, I only know her from the internet as if we leave in the same country (France is huge) but at first it wasn’t because the blog. I discovered later her talent when sh offered me to draw Rosalina and was a powerfull surprise. Now after a lovely panda dress (here) and time as mermaid (here), I have some news from Alycia to show you. Also not a single or two drawing but 5 mores at the same time. Oh yeah… °w°

I wanted to make a post for each illustrations but since all are from Alycia must looks better in the same post like a so beautifull and wonderfull pack. In fact I must admit the more complicated was of organize the 5 illustrations, 4 or 6 are easy to order but 5 sounds like a challenge… Now let’s quickly introduces Alycia‘s illustrations from the top left to the right…

#1 – First one is a sweet bust, about the text “Harmonie” is simple the French Rosalina’s name. Really love that cute smile and embarassed touch, it make Rosalina looks so lovely and innocent with a shy touch.

#2 – After a sweet face, there is Rosalina back, kinda simple but with a sensual touch.

#3 – Third piece is like a mix into panda dress and “where is my pokemon?” project. Alycia decided to pair Rosalina with a little Eevee give eevee inspired dress to Rosalina and as you can see a little crown to eevee, I love that detail, it’s so cute but Rosalina’s dress is the best. Love sooo much the design… °w°

#4 – A true Rosalina on the fourth piece, this time seem she don’t need MArio help to find some star and no doubt about that, Rosalina is so wonderfull. Also we don’t see it a lot here but Alycia used glitter pen en the result is really beautifull.

#5 – Last one is really the cuttest of the serie, A so adorable chibi Rosalina. I love her expression and also the wind effet on her dress adding a dynamic touch.

Once again thanks soooo much for your kindness Alycia, I have a wonderfull and so lovely art collection now. I hope you also like them guys and feel free to let a little comment here to Alycia or visit her profile, you can be sure some nice messages and feedback are a wonderfull support to an artist and give them more motivation to continue draw and amaze us… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Alycia / Art trade

#073 – Cute kitty princess

Can’t wait to try the Rosalina outfit for Mii on Mario kart. Since I do Rosalina crossplay (photo on information page) it will be fun to have my Mii with Rosalina suit… Also it will be really powerfull in one hand cause everybody will be able to enjoy her on the game. Rosalina as heavy pilot, baby Rosalina as light and now for medium we have the Mii. Love the idea make ther hair lock on the helmet, give a cool look… °w°

Spring is her so it mean more con to wear my cosplay, you can be sure it sound powerfull. About videos (here) for the moment I don’t plan make a new one. Only a few people watch them and they don’t seem to be really usefull or effective so must focus on other projects for the moment.


Today a really sweet and cute illustration I received from xkalibolg who drew a cute Neko Rosalina inspired by her catgirl suit form Mario 3D World and the result is sooo beautifull. Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma who are baby galaxies so they need some attention and are really playfull too. For sure Rosalina is the cutest but can’t deny xkalibolg made Lumas look so adorable too, how to resist give a hug to those littles stars… °w°

Colors are beautifull and so much great details, I especially really love Rosalina’s suit xkalibolg made, as you can see with screen on the right, Rosalina have her head covered and only see her face but her it’s really more powerfull, really more cute like this and those cat ears are a nice touch, She’s so sweet, want to give her a hug. Also other surprising point, as you can see Rosalina have two tails but it’s an error from xkalibolg who said ‘I don’t know either why I draw her 2 tail‘. At last I’m sure Lumas love it…

Once again, thansk so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration xkalibolg, I hope you also like it guys and if you want to see more just don’t hesitate to take a look to xkalibolg’s gallery (here) for more pretty illustration but be sure some are more crazy or a little pervert too.

Artist: xkalibolg / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#071 – Rosalina and panda fusion

I have in mind to create a project on the blog named “Where is my Pokemon?”, the idea is to pair Rosalina with pokemon girls but not in their original form. They must be humanized (Anthro or human form) or as Gijinka (girl wearing a pokemon costum). Artist are free to draw the Pokegirl they want so surprise must come… I hope… XD

As example I already have three illustrations who can work for this project, one with Meloetta (here) and two with Sylveon (1st here) and (2nd here). Mow must create a page to regroup them and have more lovely pokemons with Rosalina. What your opinion?


Now while I’m working on this new page time to enjoy an illustration I received for a lovely and kinda talented French friend Alycia, she don’t want be believe it but compared to my level she’s damn powerfull and she also have the ability to draw Rosalina… Alycia is a goddess… °o°

Explain this illustration will be simple, Alycia is addicted to pandas as me with Rosalina (thought she’s not so crazy as me) and proposed me to draw Rosalina, was a powerfull offer for sure and can’t resist. She decided to mix our two passions and drew Rosalina with a panda dress. Finally she’s not really dressed as panda like I expected but Alycia made a nice and so lovely combo. Love the result.

In fact I must admit there is a little error on this illustration, like Rosalina hairstyle the must have an hair lock hiding her right eye and it don’t happen here but not like Alycia completely forgot it cause the lock is here, just don’t cover her eye but it’s a small error like artist who put it on the wrong side cause they missed that detail or no choice if don’t want the hair lock to hide Rosalina’s face.

For the moment Alycia don’t have a profile on some artistic place like Deviantart but I hope she will continue draw and create a nice gallery a day. For the moment you can still add her as friend on facebook and give her some friendly support. Last thing, Alycia gave me the honor to draw another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel so stay turned… °w°

Artist: Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#070 – Harmonie in the sky

I just found a job starting on sunday until April, will be really better for my financial situation (not sure about my health) but the main problem is that I’ll lost internet for this period out of my town. I’ll live in collocation with a friend who accepted let me use her laptop a little so I’ll be able to continue update the blog but nothing more so wont be really active for a moment.

I’ll do my best to answer to mails and messages but no time looking for artists interested to take part to my project, not good… Just don’t worry if updated getting slow, I’ll be back on April for sure…


Soft illustration this time. I won Khaneety‘s kiriban. If you take a look at her gallery you can see that she’s really into Final Fantasy characters so I wasn’t sure Rosalina will sound fun for her. For sure I tried to suggest my favorite princess and the result is so much powerfull than I expected… Khaneety made a so beautifull and lovely Rosalina floating in the sky… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Khaneety is a really adorable and kind French lady, at start I wanted to make the post in french because at start I write it as honor for the artist but I want to be sure everybody can read it (as if if don’t happen often). Khaneety also make efforts to write in english so don’t hesitate to take a look to her Deviantart profile (here) and gallery (here) if you are curious. As always a little comment is a great support  to show the artist you love his art and what him to continue… Oh yeah…

Back to Rosalina, this is really one of the cutest I ever see, lovely face and nice pose (though her crow have a curious position) but the more impressive is really how Khaneety drew the dress. It look amazing, so beautifull and excellent shading effects. There is really so much work behind this illustration and not only during the drawing process. Khaneety never heard about Rosalina before but she really made a perfect Rosalina, not so much artist think about Lumas or draw the true crown design… The dress is a little different from the original but I must admit I love this version sooo much… This is a really impressive illustration… °w°

If you want an illustration from Khaneety, you can try to win her next kiriban (at 15.000), as you can see you will have an impressive illustration but if you can’t way and want to support Khaneety you can also commission her. 6$ for a chibi, 10$ for a bust and 20$ for a full body (colored of course), like Khaneety‘s style and all efforts she put on each illustration it’s a really nice deal. At start she’s more into F.F. characters but refereeing to this Rosalina illustration, she wont have problem with new characters… Commisions info here

Artist: Khaneety / Cost: 0$ (kiriban)

#069 – [Speedpainting] Lumas love candies

Wish you so much fun and pleasure for this new year, for sure it can’t be perfect
(that sounds impossible) but let’s try to make it fun and cool… Oh yeah… ^^

Finally the Rosalina amiibo is open to preorder, you can be sure I ordered two figures (on to open, the other who will keep her box but I must admit I’m kinda scary. I ordered a Zelda amiibo on December and they wasn’t able to keep one in a corner for me and I’m still waiting for it since 3 weeks so I hope they wont have this problem with the Rosalina one but you can be sure I’ll do my best to have one (or more)… °w°

Also, I want to make a little collection with a Rosalina amiibo from each country, my biggest problem for the moment is to have one from Japan but can’t order one due to taxes, if you know someone from Japan.


After amazed me with her Rosalina x Gaige (borderlands) illustration, I wanted to come again with something made by the so lovely and talented Suika for the blog. It’s finally on a Rosalina group on deviantart that I found the idea, they are holding a little contest with Christmas theme and since the group is dedicated to my favorite princess. With the help of Suika, I wanted to make the contest and group look more active and at the same time show how Rosalina is a wonderfull lady to deviantart community.

It’s a soft group and mean must be a soft illustration so can sound surprising I chosen an hentai artist but Suika made so lovely and funny pieces accepting my request… (^o^)/

The idea was Rosalina giving some candy canes to her lovely and adorable Lumas, dressed as santa for sure. Ask you can see Suika made an adorable illustration (as expected) and now it really deserve a nice place to the Rosalina-club‘s contest. At start the admin wanted to make a pool and everybody can vote for his favorite but in this case it’s more a popularity contest and skill don’t count so that’s not fair. I talked about that with the admin and it will be changed to a Jury, wont have to spam here on on Suika side to ask people to vote and we really have a chance to win…

As for her previous illustration, I asked Suika if she accept to record while drawing and turn it into a speedpainting, she also accepted (so kind) and you can enjoy the result on Speedpainting page (here) or just click on the illustration on the left. It’s really interesting to see how the artist work on an illustration and it also add some interesting details or littles stories to the illustration.

As example, at start Suika drew all Lumas on the floor, it can work like the one running on Smash Bros. video announcing Rosalina but referring to Mario Galaxy in fact Luma levitate. She fixed that point an simply moved Lumas and edited Rosalina’s arm but looking at the speedpainting (here) you will see what happened to the cute Luma close to get his candy. It’s not like Suika just edited the piece for a first version but created a story between both version and make it alive… Love it… ^__^

Artist: Suika / Cost: 18$ (+ speedpainting)

#066-067 – Rosalina have now 7 years (of existence)

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2014

AS if she don’t officially have a birthday date, the first time Rosalina appeared to the world was in November 1st 2007 when Mario Galaxy was available in Japan. I consider this date as her birthday and seem I’m not the only due to some other artists on Deviantart who made celebrations illustrations at the same time.

Now let me show you the coll pieces I received, they are just listed in order I received them so no preference in the order… After all I love all of them and thanks sooo much to all artists who helped me make a powerfull post to celebrate this event… °w°


Second illustration is from Mavruda and may be the soft version of November calendar. s for the smash bros. illustration, this illustration is not girl only so special an the blog but sincerely, Mavruda made is so powerfull that I don’t care. I love this illustration and the way he draw Rosalina. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

As me, this one is the cutest Rosalina Mavruda ever drew. She look so lovely, so adorable, so happy, that expression is so cute. I wish her a wonderfull birthday and looking at this drawing I’m sure it will happen. Everybody have a cool present (I wonder what inside Bowser one btw). Also love the way Mavruda drew other characters, she look nice and kinda funny with his style. Will be a really cool birthday party, but I can’t be here… Bwaaaa… T_T


Another soft and lovely illustration made by my (ex) friend Shao-pix. Just keep in mind that he bought a tablet and started to draw there is less than a month so he still have to practice a lot but it’s an excellent start. I love this illustration because as if it’s really simple without so much details or shading he made Rosalina so expressive. That’s surprised expression make her soooo cute. Love that point… °w°

It’s the second time Shao-pix draw Rosalina (you can see the other one here). He also made a lovely Miku (here) and some illustration who show he really need to practice anatomy but it’s a great start and let see what he will be able to create in some months… Oh yeah… ^^

I think this one is the last for Rosalina’s birthday, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration Shao-pix.

#065 – Solo – What a lovely smile

Damn, this illustration is in my folder since my birthday (was a beautifull gift) and forgot to post it. I just created a excel file to list all illustrations I received to be sure wont miss to publih them now.

Also working on a smash bros video but I have some troubles with white screen. Must have a perfect light and so hard to have something without shadow or the record is useless. Need more materiel but can’t buy anything for the moment.


A little birthday gift from my friend OmniMaid who drew this sooo lovely and adorable Rosalina. He gave me the honnor to participate to the blog several times and this little piece was an amazing surprise… HE just made a little error with the link forgetting to add “blogspot” but that’s nothing important. Just thanks so much for your kindness and amazing frendship OmniMaid… (^o^)/

For people who don’t know about OmniMaid, his old name was “Eromanboy” (yeah, that sound kinda pervert). I decided to restart with a new name so just search with the now one on google to find more place to enjoy his drawing and music skill. You can be sure he’s really talented wih both… Still have his song he made for me last year… Love it so much… °w°

And last thing. I think to start a raffle on the blog named “Your dream by…”. The idea is everybody is free to suggest a idea involving Rosalina (of course) and the girl you want, doing what you want. at the end the artist will pick his favorite idea and draw it. One selection by the artist and to be more fair maybe a second piece selected randomly. what do you think? Want to participate?

Artist: OmniMaid / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#064 – Solo – Sadness Rosalina

Ok… Ok… Not so much updates here but I’m really budy looking for a job and you can be sure my love with Rosalina will never die and it must be the same for the blog. Sincerely I don’t have so much time and also troubles to find artists. Maybe because crisis they are more into commissions than requests or suggestions… U_u


I learned a new word recently; it’s “kinky” but as you can see it wont be really helpfull for today publication. this so adorable and sad Rosalina was made as request by Yuri4US. Thanks so much for your kindness and this lovely piece, she look so cute and innocent… °w°

I really love this illustration for two reason. The first is that Yuri4US made an beautifull Rosalina, so pure and innocent as the true Nintendo princess that I fall in love since the first time I saw her. After all she don’t need to be naked with open legs to be gorgeous but so bad Yuri4US drew her to look so sad. I only want to come and give her a HUGE hug and lot of tenderness.

The other reason I love this piece is that it’s traditional art. As if it don’t look so powerfull as digital illustrations just think that when you draw a traditional piece like Yuri4US, you don’t have ctrl-z so you must do it great at first and it need great power. At the end there is also an illustration that nobody will be able to copy/paste… the true drawing… Want it… °w°

Now if you are curious to see more illustration from Yuri4US don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart profile (here) and if you prefer more “kinky” there is some pervert and sexy ladies waiting for you in his gallery… Now I’m sure you are more interested… XD

Artist: Yuri4US / Cost: 0$ (Request)