#938 – Naked princess on the stairs

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I was always wondering how artist can manage keep working so hard on their art and social medias without any time to rest or break during the year and now I got the answer. Artists do need breaks but unfortunately take them mostly once they reach their limit, and sometimes with pretty bad consequences. Lately it happened to FalseAlias that need a huge break from Patreon and obligations, I wish you nice rest and holidays ^__^
As you noticed I also took a break that I really needed, wasn’t totally quiet cause worked harder on another project that was hosted as sub-domain of this website and finally moved to his own domain causing some damages to the RosalinaXGirl website layout luckily it’s all back to normal now °w°


Let’s restart slowly with a sketchy but still marvelous piece from Mazzacho following the spirit of the Casual co-worker illustration (on the left). Also there was nothing requested by me with this illustration, what you can see here is a random idea that came in Mazzacho mind during of of this sketch session on picarto and I sure was so happy to discover Rosalina appearing while he was working on it… Originally this was planned to be a 30mn sketch session as usual anyway this illustration got some extra time that allowed more details and colour for an even more powerfull finish… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love the scene, Rosalina looking so freaking adorable looking at us with a little (and seductive) smile like a model posing during a sensual photoshoot, her expression is really my favourite part from this drawing (you really are the best Mazzacho) anyway for sure I can’t miss that perfect princess body and high heels (when I say he’s the best). What I also admire is how much details Mazzacho figured in this piece like for the hairs on her back, the dress in her legs, high heels, tattoo on shoulder or even the stair design and lamps on the wall. Of course it’s not much if you consider them separately but all of them together is really a lot of work and even more challenging when you consider there was time limit with this drawing (of course he cheated a bit and goes over the timer to get a result that amazing) ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration, Mazzacho really made something stunning, perfectly mixing cuteness and sexiness adding a really decent amount of details (and perfect heels to Rosalina). Once again don’t miss goes to Mazzacho’s picarto page and follow him to get notification when he’ll be back to stream, for now he enjoy some nice and deserved holidays visiting France but don’t come say hello… Waaaahhhhh… Not fun that even countries can be so big and don’t allow me to met him personally even if he come so close this time… T_T

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