#948 – Rosalina Shining Star

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PATREON BONUS: Princess in action (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi latex high heels fetish sexy pinup
A huge thanks for my dear and amazing patrons for their support, many of you are here from years now and never failed to help the project so at some point I consider you as kind of family I should all invite next year for a powerfull BBQ party. It makes me wonder how far you are from France btw °o°
Also let’s follow the tradition and announce Tallon as winner of October ticketing raffle getting an illustration made by dsok135. As I told on the previous post, according to the artist art and spirit the illustration should be lingerie theme SFW or ecchi. Honestly not sure you can do SFW lingerie but considering the public ads you see on the street or TV, I guess society consider lingerie as fine to show to kids ^^’


Each time I take a look at the list of illustration to publish, be sure there is always illustrations from Mazzacho ready to shine soon on the queued, you can’t imagine the incredible amount of amazing illustration, powerfull support and magnificent friendship I get from this artist. For today illustration come the result of a livestream quick drawing session where Mazzacho gave me the honor pick Rosalina as model. He have so much characters and ideas in mind that I’m always thinking “He must be done with Rosalina for a moment and will now switch to his own art” then Rosalina come again… Nyaaahhh… °w°
Considering his illustration and the content share in his discord inspiration channel, I really think Mazzacho have a fetish for thigh shiny/latex pants and it was so powerfull see it on Rosalina. Those long and thin legs with this sexy pant give an amazing look to that princess, also high heels makes a powerfull addition to reach the perfection. I love this pose mixing cuteness and sexiness, Rosalina being sure provocative but her face keep her super adorable, no doubt she know how attractive she looks and enjoy teasing th little perverts we are… ^^
If you like his work and want more, you first can join Mazzacho group on discord at discord.gg/YxHg49Q to be part of the community, chat with him and discover about his life as artist but also human. Also you can support joining on SubcribeStar being mostly and equivalent of Patreon, whatever the place he’ll be happy see you coming… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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