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princess rosalina sexy ecchi office uniform
Actually I work on the blog and posts to look great on computer device managing to get the paragraph and illustrations fit perfectly together anyway looking at JuicyAds stats I noticed mobile users represents 70% of the traffic. Now I wonder about focus on mobile but honestly I’m not really fan of that option… O_o


Today come an illustration by Mazzacho that is simple and sketchy but totally deserve to get it own post even if I don’t have to much to say about the creation process. Anyway it started from a quick sketch session during Mazzacho‘s livestream who decided himself to draw Rosalina so I had no idea about what was coming until I start appear a line suggesting Rosalina hair lock (and was so excited and hyped at this moment. In fact when artists draw Rosalina it’s mostly from the hairstyle that I know the princess is coming °w°
I don’t know how it came to that idea anyway it was interesting to see Mazzacho seems to have a fetish for office ladies and honestly like how gorgeous looks Rosalina in his drawing I’ll be totally corrupted. It looks like a casual scene with lot of cuteness but it’ so hard to focus on Rosalina adorable face and admire the star shining around her when there is so hot cleavage. There’s a so perfect view on those perfect breasts and lingerie touch with the bra showing at some point, totally the kind of co-worker that will hypnotize you… ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration, Mazzacho really made it looks incredible even if really sketchy on the general atmosphere you can feel on it. On one hand you have Rosalina looking so sweet with an adorable expression and the stars around making her shine as a goddess, even the hair add something magical to her look. On the other side you have the busty, lingerie, short dress, perfect dress and heels turning her as the most sexy office girl ever. I’m so thankfull to Mazzacho from this drawing… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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