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(September 18th) – Welcome in my collection … Yeah…

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Soft blog February 5th => Romantic dance with Meroko

Hi guys…
I’m not here to upload my art (I don’t draw) but to show all my collection and find great Artists for help me raise my Rosalina collection… I’m in love with this Nintendo character and want to have a huge collection of her with other female characters (Yeah, just girls, what a pervert… ^^).

About Rosalina:
Rosalina, knows as Rosetta in Japan or Harmonie in France, is the adoptive mother of the Luma race (the stars) and overseer of the Comet Observatory. She first appeared in Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii, and has also appeared in Mario Kart Wii, 3DS and WiiU as an unlockable character. Rosalina wears a silver crown, has platinum blonde hair with a side-fringe, a frilly light blue dress, and carries a wand. Rosalina appears in a non-playable role in Super Mario Galaxy 2, what a pity… T_T

About my collection:
My dream is to have a lot of pictures with Rosalina, of course, but with an other female character, it can be a manga, video game girl or and OC. Sexy is great, but a little soft touch is not so bad. A pervert can love funny and cute too… ;p

Now I’m looking for commissions or (the best) for artists who accept request, I have a wishlish with more than 350 girls and a full body colored drawing with 2 characters, Not very cheap… But it’s the price… ^^

Actually: 762 drawings ( 389 girls – 93 OC – 162 Solo – 34 Pokemons )
Enjoy it and if you want to participate, don’t hesitate contact me… ^^

If you like this blog, don’t hesitate to comment, follow or repost…

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\/  really heplfull… ^^ \/

#732 – Not in my butt Ilumia!

Still waiting for an answer from the artist to get the confirmation but I can announce for sure it’s Ivan Bucio that won June patreon raffle and will get anyone he want with Rosalina and/or decide a theme as long it respect the artist rules. There will also come some patreon exclusive versions like the Piranha plant series that you on the left.

Also talked to peoples about pay-up-front or paywall, for the first one it’s to prevent all that join the top tier for a few days to steal content (go so many of that) and for the second, I’m far to be a paywall. I want patreon to support the project and help it grow but there will have more rewards for patreon and never less on the blog. For now I just do extra efforts get more content to offer to patreon and I hope that will work… O_o


And not here is May patreon raffle reward for Kittehskye that asked Rosalina with her OC Ilumia that you must do not to confuse with her other OC Imelia that appeared on the Shota trap party (see it here). For sure it wasn’t intended to get that quality but the artist Ocanya wasn’t able finish the commission because of personal problems. I’m really sorry about that and must find a way to apologies… U_u

Ocanya made a first sketch that you can see on the right and isn’t bad at all, the ass and back are great, she looks like she’s got one hell of a squishy ass, which some people love. On his side he wasn’t really happy with it and wanted to try ‘another sketch more sexual and that the girls look younger’. The second one Ocanya sent was really good, I love the pose for Rosalina, lingerie and high heels add a so sexy touch (love that part) and the wand make it even more kinky.

Unfortunately, for this second attempt the result wasn’t good enough for Ocanya that told me he have trouble with Ilumia and ‘do not understand this character’. I think he had trouble to draw Ilumia by following other artists style instead of draw her the way she would look with his own style. For now I noticed all art from Ocanya‘s gallery was deleted. I don’t know what happened but sounds really bad, just hope thing will goes better and see him back soon… O_o

Artist: Ocanya / Cost: ??? (abandoned)

One year ago: #629 – The Birth of Rosalina
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#719 – Sensual and messy wedding birthday

Basically, I post twice a week and since a year has 52, it means more than 100 publication on the site, tumblr and twitter each year. Now if we count the patreon page that have each time a public + patreon post, it’s 200 posts a year on that side. So if we count everything together I reach 500 posts each year and this doesn’t count all the external things to manage the site, artists and commissions/requests… This project really needs so much time but I can’t stop doing it as if it may destroy my life wasting so much time… O_o

Wish I could buy this figure


It’s the second time I get a pairing with Rosalina and Sonico (first one here by Omnimaid), not that I planned Mothclip draw her again since the main objective of the project is have Rosalina with many different girls, but when I saw this special version made to celebrate her 10th anniversary (on the left) it was just impossible to resist. I still wonder why a wedding dress to celebrate her birthday but the lingerie touch was so epic according to my lingerie fetish and when Mothclip offered me to work on this duo I was sure it would be epic, and it is like the result… \(^o^)/

So, Sonico is back and meet Mothclip‘s power mixing lingerie and messy fetishes, adding high heels the result goes over the limit that allow me stay quiet looking at this kind of illustration. At first I was into a more explicit pose but it goes for something more ‘Grounded that mean no big actions is going on and poses are kind of laying on each other‘. A bit frustrating at first when you have pervert mind but the sketches Mothclip sent me was really nice and since it was a gift I didn’t insist. Anyway the more important part was still here; Rosalina and Sonico in weeding lingerie covered by syrup and cream. Sensual, sexy and messy for a powerfull mix that I hope you guys like… ^^

Being a lot into messy, I asked to add a wet touch around the parts there is cream or syrup like the fabric absorb it as real clothes, finally it didn’t happened since Mothclip thought about that detail but decied that ‘it could shade the other more important details‘. As messy lover I still think some absorption would be nice but agree with Mothclip, it’s important don’t hide to much those beautifull and detailed lingerie bridal wears, I’ll keep this fetish for an illustration oriented mostly on the messy side with even more cream, syrup or… who knows, so many ways to make an outfit dirty but the more complex will be to decide the one to pick, I have that kind of choice… T_T

And about details, there is really a lot to admire here, both outfits really detailed with lace on Sonico and see-through on Rosalina, you can also see the red ribbon on Rosalina’s suit appear on the neck, corset pantie and even high heels that are also soo sexy. There was also a lot of work for Mothclip to manage all syrup and cream, Rosalina giving Sonico a strawberry with syrup running all along the glove and girls bodies that we want to lick and eat every part of the body. There is also another detail I asked Mothclip; with Rosalina’s crown being filled by syrup that overflow making the hair messy, kinda light detail like all cream around but I love this detail and you may see it appear again in the future… ^__^

So much to say about Mothclip that I admire not only for his art level, he’s a really amazing man open minded and supportive always ready to listen to you while doing his best to work on your ideas as if they can goes totally crazy like guro or Hitler raped, it ‘s like you can find anything on his page so must be ready for some special fetishes but there is sure illustration that will make you addicted. Mothclip is also open for commissions offering powerfull skills for a correct price as you can see on his ref sheet on the left, it kinda remember me when you hear ‘the only limit is yourself‘ (and as always, the law)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
Next to come: Easter lingerie bunnies (ecchi)

#715 – Race accident

EDIT: the comment below was April fool
It’s far to what I want this project to be so no worry ^^

It’s a long time I was thinking about it, kinda hard manage the project with my actual budget and looking at how many other famous artists site I guess I must try turn the RosalinaxGirl project to a pay site and keep the content inside exclusive for members and if it work I’ll be able get even more quality and kinky art with Rosalina and get more interaction with members. Anyway patreon members will get a discount to free membership depending their pledge as thanks for their support.

As for artists that contribute to the project it’s not the same thing if it’s a pay site. I’ll give artists a part of benefits based of the number of views an illustration get from a month until it’s published, wanted to make a vote/fav system but views will be a better and more fair indicator in my opinion. Working on the new version of the site, it sure need lot of work so I’ll slow done publications before a membership will be needed to see them. I apologies for that bad new to actual visitors but stay tuned for more updates and infos. Thanks.


I’m really thankfull to my patreon member for their support and help to give me a stronger power to get art, already marvelous but it’s even more powerfull since today illustration is from one of them. A huge thanks to Ivan Bucio who commissioned this illustration to Neshadas. I guess it’s not really usefull to describe the situation since most already know about Mario kart and the power of a blue shell but this time Neshadas made it more realistic since it’s hard to resist to a so destructive weapon.

The final piece is really beautifull, I love colors and every part is really cool. Rosalina so adorable and innocent with this preoccupied expression having her motorbike damaged as her suit adding a nice mix into cuteness and sexiness. It’s expressive, sensual, detailed and Neshadas also added a dynamic touch with wind on Rosalina’s hair. Talking about details, The vehicle is really well made being so cool and a impressive but wont be easy to repair it. Like the background Neshadas made it happen on the Star race but I hope it won’t be dramatic if you leave the road and be lost in the galaxy… O_o

The Luma in corner also looks sooo cute and adorable, I guess Neshadas made him blush seeing his mama partially naked. At some point I consider Lumas being so pure and innocent that they don’t really know about what mean nudity but I wont say Neshadas made it wrong at all. After all, Rosalina being a human she may have told them about privacy or I’ll wish all my life to reincarnate into Luma and be able see her on the bathroom… Just from that ecchi touch Neshadas added, I’m not sure publish it on the soft blog, really light nudity for sure but better be prudent.

Once again, thanks so much for your support Ivan and Neshadas who did a marvelous illustration, Rosalina looks so beautifull and pretty with her style. Also to discover more that Venezuelan artist, just have a look at her profile on Deviantart (here) or Tumblr (here) and HentaiFoundry (here) where you can see her NSFW art.

Artist: Neshadas / Cost: unknown (gift)
Deviantart (SFW):
Tumblr (NSFW):
HentaiFoundry (18+):

One year ago: #610 – Quorra make the show
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#704 – Sensual night with Levy McGarden

I was talking about the latex nurse outfit I was refused to use cause TheKite didn’t like watersport piece and my tailor told me it’s not the only suit existing so no reason design something else as a sexy military suit for Rosalina. After thinking at it I guess I must get more Rosalina in sexy costumes, already ton of cowgirls (that you can see here) cause I love so much that outfits but many other possibilities with Rosalina as maid, cop, firefighter, teacher, student , military, racing or taxi girl (I saw a ref for the last one that is freaking sexy btw)… °w°

I guess I’ll use this with a pool or theme in next raffle for patreon members so if there is a suit you wish to see on Rosalina don’t hesitate to join. Now have to think if it must be on the sexy way with short dress and high heels or cutie in a chibi series… what do you think guys?


A new illustration created by Ryev Alki and I must admit that was a bit delayed with the 700th piece then virgin killing sweater and Valentine day illustration but the next one he’s preparing with Rosalina will come with huge priority so stay tuned for more. This time Rosalina meet Levy McGarden; a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that stands at a rather below-average height for her age so not easy get an artist that can work on something sexy with that loli style character. Anyway looking at a character to suggest, I thought she can be perfect to fit Ryev Alki‘s style that mix both cuteness and sexiness at a so epic level and the result is so wonderfull… \(^o^)/

This pieces turn so marvelous with many interactions and I’m even more amazed by Ryev Alki‘s style with this one. Started so sensual with a long and romantic kiss, eyes closed and tongue out moving together, the breasts add a sweet and soft touch pressing together and finally those more intense with those kinky hands fingering each other pussy. Also adding some love juices as I love Ryev Alki made it sooo perfect…

That’s interesting cause it looks sketchy at some points but Ryev Alki putted many details on this piece, like Rosalina’s lingerie and gloves that show us Rosalina is fingering Levy and vice-versa, the brests with so perfect curves and that I want to fondle like hos soft they looks. Also Rosalina earring that isn’t affected by gravity is the only mistake I can find here so nothing that need to ask and edit to Ryev Alki.

No sketch or WIP about this illustration to show but if you want more just have a look at Ryev Alki‘s art on Deviantart (here), Tumblr (SFW here and SFW here) to discover cute designs to naughty actions where the cute part of the girls is never missing. You can also consider give him the support he deserves on patreon to get exclusive illustrations, request art and help create even more powerfull stuff.

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
NSFW Tumblr:
SFW Tumblr:

One year ago: #599 – Aurin girl
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Google destroyed me but I’m resistant

I started this site on when google announced on February 23th 2015 when blogs with adult contents must be forbidden and deleted. They finally moved mack on March 5th 2015 and I back to blogger as a young and stupid guy to finally have another message on August 26th 2015 to notice my blog was deleted for “Other abuse” without any other information. At this moment I lost access to eveything I created since 4 years and no way to make a save so no choice, I had to forget about blogger/google and come here definitely.

Thanks for wordpress that give me some tools to redo my project as if it’s not really perfect but since it’s not the same as blogger I must reword every posts I was able to save on February and completely redo all pages and posts created after that. So much work so the Rosalina x Girl project is on hold untill October. Also since blogger was fully deleted no way to informe about this place, 4 years of work audience is lost… O_o

To do:
– [Done] Prepare new design and site colors
– [Done] Replace all widgets
– [Done] Redo all posts to february 2015
– [Done] Redo all posts from february 2015 to August 2015
– [Done] Updates links on Wishlist
– Restart gallery page

#504/505 – Lovely pokemon and catgirl

The blog had 49 followers, moved to 48 there is a month and now I’m back to 49, thanks for the last who joined… Now I hope I’ll get a 50th follower, it’s like 6 months I’m waiting for him but nothing happened. Still the end of 2015 so everything can happen… XD

Also I always look at followers but in fact the best problem is about comments… Nothing. I wanted to make pools to let people choose into sketches when I get multiple ideas but no participation or feedback, that’s so frustrating.


Today it’s a new illustration from EpicSubterfuge who participated so much to the blog and deserves a huge thanks for his help and support, can find his other illustrations here. Now here is a new piece, it’s his 4th for “Where is my pokemon?” project and I hope it’s not the end like all pokemons still waiting for Rosalina. I’m sure you are surprised about these two versions so let me give you some explanations.

In fact I received the one on the left some time ago from EpicSubterfuge and when I was close to publish it he noticed me that he wanted to remake this duo again. On he showed me this new illustration I told him it was like a redo and he said “I went for a redo exactly because you liked the first one, and if I changed it too much you could not enjoy the changes, like in the production process for the Snorlax one”.

I must admit there were troubles with Snorlax illustration but EpicSubterfuge amazed me with his first version so as if the second look completely different I must love it, since there is Rosalina it’s always powerfull… °w°

Seriously EpicSubterfuge, I always love see different ideas (that’s why love sketches and WIP) so a completly different illustration must be powerfull too, also the more important as me is the artist have fun and freedom so there is a huge thanks for your kindness EpicSubterfuge but must admit I feel bad for you that you didn’t had all freedom you need

The second version EpicSubterfuge made (on the right) is also excellent, it’s like one is more realistic and the other more cartoon, first is more serious and sexy (that suit is amazing on Rosalina) and for the second more fun and crazy. Must admit my fav is the first version since Rosalina look so sexy but EpicSubterfuge made her sooo cute on the second that’s why I wanted to show both together, they make a wonderfull combo… (^o^)/

Artist: EpicSubterfuge  /  Cost: 5$

One year ago: Paper Mario – Vivian N°2
Next to come: Master Samus is back

#503 – Naughty princess come at Super Bowl

I think about stop the Wallpaper calendar project, Mavruda‘s schedule is really busy and nothing since December so not use to continue in that way. I must create a new project with Rosalina and real girl. I hesitate into ladies from live-cam or since I love so much lingerie why not pick a lingerie model and draw her with Rosalina both wearing this sweet lingerie the girl have in the reference.

Must have illustration to illustrate both ideas a day to make it more understandable so stay turned cause more will come for sure… But for the moment, What you opinion guys?


Now an illustration who made people really surprised and confuse, can’t explain myself how it came but after saw Katy Perry show at Super Bowl I really wanted something related with Rosalina and on of these so sexy dancers (they also have crazy smiles, perfect for a naughty piece). It’s a huge thanks to Psicoero who accepted change the commission I planned with him for this illustration and he made a wonderfull job… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

I didn’t have a precise idea for the situation, just said to Psicoero that I wanted Katy Perry in her bleach outfit (not sure people really wear that though), Pink or yellow dancer (love asian girls) and For sure Rosalina dressed as a dancer too.

After that I believed into Psicoero power to make something amazing and he sent me two sketches. I can just say it was so hard to decide but I hope you like the result.

If you are curious and I’m sure you are in fact, I added the other sketch from Psicoero, for sure I love how they play with Rosalina giving us a powerfull vie on her so perfect body but I wanted to see more about Katy Perry and her suit from the superbowl show but must admit I love so much how Rosalina look on this one. I love when artists sent me multiple sketches or idea and thanks so much for these two pieces Psicoero but in other hand hate so much that kind of decisions, life is cruel… T_T

Now if you want to see more from  Psicoero feel free to take a look to his gallery, so much wonderfull illustrations and gorgeous ladies. He made some excellent commission and as you can see always do his best for his commissioners so don’t hesitate talk with him about your kinky dreams and fetishes, I’m sure he will amaze you. And thanks again for accepting make this piece Psicoero, I know your really love your smash bros. orgy but she must come a day… Oh yeah…

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 60€/70$

One year ago: League of Legends – Tristana N°4
Next to come: Lovely pokmon and catgirl

#502 – Never too late for a nice wish

Two huge commissions came for this month and as if I’m not satisfied how one turned I hope you will like the result. I came with a really precise idea and finally not able to see it done, what a same. Now the blog budget is at -80$ so nothing more for this month and I’m kinda desapointed. That’s so stupid.

Also I said I was waiting for the 50th follower but finally we get back to 48. Don’t know who left or desactivated his account but the counter don’t grow so much for the moment, at last some views and comment are really powerfull (and a click on ad is a great support too, be sure about that).


Generally you have until the end of January to wish happy new year and I received this piece but HentaiTeodor in January so perfect timing but as me it’s never late for nice wishes, especially when it’s from Rosalina, a really sexy one btw. It’s a beautifull piece I received from the talented HentaiTeodor and for sure it was a powerfull surprise. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

This illustration is freaking powerfull and HentaiTeodor really drew the kind of Rosalina I love (and would love to meet a day), so beautifull and adorable face but a gorgeous body and that pose give us a perfect view and sexy touch. How we can resist to that kind of girl, they are incredible. Also the best part is not her breasts (as if hard do’nt focus on them) but HentaiTeodor made an amazing job with hair, Rosalina have a complex hairstyle and he really did an amazing job with that part… Impressive…

In fact much more will come from HentaiTeodor, futa twins Rosalina, futa Rosalina fucking futa Rosalina and the true Rosalina sucking both twin futas. Also forget a Rosalina and korean singer on the list so there is a huge program with HentaiTeodor and you must be amazed guys, stay turned cause it will be epic… Oh yeah… °w°

If you love hot girls, incest, tentacles and naughty fanarts you must take a look to HentaiTeodor’s gallery , you can be sure this piece is damn soft compared to other piece he published or are in progress that you can see on his livestreams (here). There is also a Patreon page (here) who must turn epic. With 1$ per month you have full access to his art and a custom “thanks you” illustration when you reach 5$ level. His objective is not to make so much money that’s why no more level so feel free to take a look and why not subscribe too…

One year ago: Wallpaper calendar – February
Next to come: Super Bowl galactic show

#501 – You still can’t defeat my breasts

I said last time I I found a job who had to get me out of town (and internet) until April, Finally I found another one, still full time job and as if less money it’s a permanent contract so it’s not like I can refuse it, that’s a powerfull opportunity I can’t refuse knowing how it’s hard get a job in France.

So I stay here to manage the blog, don’t mean I’ll have more money for the blog, must save some for the moment but I’ll have more time to manage the blog as expected… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


Never saw enough episodes of Bleach to see this damn sexy Matsumoto Rangiku luckily I noticed about this beauty with some (naughty) fanarts, Rukya is cool for sure but so much big breasts come to defeat her. After some naughty play with Sybian (see it here), it’s a huge thanks to Wotno1 to make this duo meet again. Rosalina have now more experience and sex-appeal using her power to cheat on breasts size but like Wotno1 illustration, it’s still not enough to defeat Rangiku.

As you can see, not a surprise if I say Wotno1 love really huge breasts and you can be sure those are nothing compared to other illustrations he made as if he created an OC named Diana a lovely girl with small breasts, just take a look to his deviantart gallery (here) and you will understand how it’s unexpected like the description she wont stay flat for a long time… XD

Thanks so much for your kindness and participation to the blog Wotno1, I know some artists who already drew Rosalina with big breasts but nothing so impressive as this one. Also guys feel free to visit Wotno1‘s profile and gallery for more gorgeous ladies and if you want him to draw a specific woman he’s open for commissions, 10$ for a pin-up, just let him make your dreams come true..

Also I must admit Wotno1 had to wait so long to have his illustration published here, I’m really sorry about that. During this long wait he had time to draw so many other illustration and especially another sexy duo with Rosalina and Tharja from Fire Emblem. If you can’t wait for the publication you can already find it on Wotno1‘s gallery…. Enjoy… ~__^

Artist: Wotno1  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Final fantasy – Aeris
Next to come: Happy New Year 2015 (late)

#500 – Chubby girl in fishnets is a perfect combo

I just found a job starting on sunday until April, will be really better for my financial situation (not sure about my health) but the main problem is that I’ll lost internet for this period out of my town. I’ll live in collocation with a friend who accepted let me use her laptop a little so I’ll be able to continue update the blog but nothing more so wont be really active for a moment.

I’ll do my best to answer to mails and messages but no time looking for artists interested to take part to my project, not good… Just don’t worry if updated getting slow, I’ll be back on April for sure…


Now a marvelous lineart I received from Anthonio Amaury (also know as Amaurymangaka on Blogger and HentaiFoundry) who accepted to take part of my project and made a damn sexy chubby Rosalina pin-up in fishnets. Just take a look at his gallery, he made amazing illustration with Winx ladies in gereral drawing them as sexy bunny girls or with gantz outfit as example, so much epic illustration and now I have Anthonio‘s art on the blog. How powerfull… (^o^)/

I have a huge fetish for high heels and lingerie, including fishnets (that the reason I get some interest for Naruto series at start once I saw Anko and her powerfull suit) so you can be sure I really love this illustration Anthonio made. It’s not porn but like so sexy and sensual as a perfect pin-up, also a dynamic touch cause we can easily imagine Rosalina slowly walking close to us giving us a close with on that beautifull face and curvy body. As if Rosalina must be really slim she’s gorgeous like this, Anthonio did an amazing job… °o°

Clothes really give a magical touch to a woman, As if Anthonio gave her a string and fishnet, I agree it’s not like they can hide something but that’s finally a powerfull combo, we don’t lost anything of that perfect body who look even more sexy with that suit. It also keep a part of mystery cause until we remove it we can’t fell her skin giving some sensual touchs. Or she look so sexy that I don’t want her remove anything, what a huge dilemma…

Now if you want more from Anthonio, just take a look to his art on places linked just below and you can also ask him for a commission and let him make your dreams come true. You can find his pricelist on Blogger or HentaiFoundry, as example a line like this one cost 50$ and if you want Anthonio to make a colored piece like the “Rei Rei” on the right it’s 100$. Ask him for more infos and as you can see he can make amazing illustrations. Oh yeah…

Artist: Anthonio Amaury (Amaurymangaka)  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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#498 – WiiFit lesson 04 (again)

Actually I’m thinking about the the videos page and especially if I must continue it or not. I made it to add some original way to announce news and explain what happen on the blog, also to show there is a human behind this project who need your feedback and support but videos only get a few views and it look like a duplication with speedpainting page. what is you opinion guys?

Also, sorry to all artists waiting since months to have their illustrations on the blog, everything was reported du to special publications with Rosalina’s birthday, Christmas and new year, now back to normal queued and you can be sure I’ll never forget a Rosalina illustration… Oh yeah… (^o^)/


As promised time for the WiiFit trainer to give a new lesson to Rosalina as if this time it’s more like a redo with new Psicoero‘s style and skills. Like you play the same stage from Wii to WiiU version and it get some improvements but it’s still really powerfull. You can see on the right the first illustration than Psicoero made and just click on it to go to the original post if you want to compare old and new illustration. Which one is your favorite?

Sincerely I love both versions (since all have Rosalina), each one have interesting details; as example, Psicoero made the new one look a little more sketchy but colores are more realistic and love the background, it made the action outdoor so a little more exhibitionnist and kinky.

Psicoero made WiiTrainer more expression on the new one (love her face) compared to Rosalina who looks more calm and serious compared to the first one where she’s kinda crasy face. But I’m sure she still have so naughty ideas in mind to play fwith her friend… Also love Rosalina’s suit that Psicoero created for the new version, look like a cheerleader outfit and suit her really nice. Can’t deny she also look damn sexy wearing it… °w°

I must admit I’m more fan of lingerie in general but Psicoero can design really powerfull clothes…And if you love his style it must be a shame don’t take the time to visit his HentaiFoundry’s gallery. So much gorgeous and damn hot ladies, adding lot of cum and naughty tentacles you must love it. He also made redo of other illustration like the Peach beside, here is the old version, try to find the new one Psicoero recently made… ^^

Artist: Psicoero  /  Cost: 20€/25$

One year ago: Original character – Cleo
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#497 – Chipmunk naughty mistress

After several injuries, Lunakiri was ready for a come back and continue her series for the pokemon series or some naughty Rosalina illustrations but the USB port to charge her tablet don’t work and without method to charge the battery, Lunakiri need to replace that. She opened a Crossfunding page (here) to get found and buy a new tablet, feel free to give her a hand or at last take a look to the page for more information about this problem and rewards. Thanks for her

About the blog I’ll edit the Curriculum page soon to add new info due to January Nintendo direct and a new application on Japan 3DS. Also lost my best friend saying I’m a manipulator cause he can’t assume what he did and need a scapegoat. It was a really bad week guys.


I promised you something more kinky after these three lovely illustrations I published before and not time to be amazed by a so talented artist in hentaifoundry who gave me the honor to take part to my project: mushroompus. He had choice for the second girl and picked Gadget from the chipmunk series. If you wonder “why” I’ll just quote mushroompus description: “I’ll say that’s because of my girlfriend – she used to play both mario and that chipmunk game so she suggested Gadget“.

I already know Gadget  but more like the version you can see on the right and never expected to see her with Rosalina a day cause her design and I must admit I was really surprised by mushroompus illustration, able to turn her more human and sexy to keep her so lovely as the original character, both look gorgeous and I love so much the result. The mix into cuteness and sexiness is always so powerfull, thanks so much for this amazing illustration mushroompus… (^o^)/

Two so lovely and pure ladies at start playing naughty games together, Rosalina as pervert mistress using her wand to spank (also the light effect on the wand look excellent) and seem her little pet really enjoy it. mushroompus really made an amazing job with expressions and colors that’s impressive.

Also, both have really different design at start and not so much artist have to power to draw them together but mushroompus and as you can see it’s a success. Also this one is just his second publication on hentaifoundry and feel free take a look to mushroompus’s gallery cause he published so much since this one and never stopped increase his level. This Rosalina and Gadget duo is marvelous and his last publication are even more powerfull. Like mushroompus’s skills and the quality of this art I have no doubt you will love what he does… Oh yeah…

Artist: Mushroompus  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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#493 – [Speedpainting] Lumas love candies

Late publication, I’m really sorry about that guys, some personal troubles yesterday and lost all my motivation, also with the speedpainting and post in deviantart this illustration need a really huge update and so much time to be published everywhere. Also will add it on the soft blog (here) tomorrow.

Minor change with publicity on the blog, they are now animated but these ad flicker are really ugly so if it don’t change anything I’ll turn them back to normal images. Also, I earn like 0.10$ per week with juicyad and wanted to take a look to adsense (google), it’s 0.01$ per month… How powerfull… O_o


After amazed me with her Rosalina x Gaige (borderlands) illustration, I wanted to come again with something made by the so lovely and talented Suika for the blog. It’s finally on a Rosalina group on deviantart that I found the idea, they are holding a little contest with Christmas theme and since the group is dedicated to my favorite princess. With the help of Suika, I wanted to make the contest and group look more active and at the same time show how Rosalina is a wonderfull lady to deviantart community.

It’s a soft group and mean must be a soft illustration so can sound surprising I chosen an artist from Hentaifoundry but Suika made so lovely and funny pieces. And she accepted my request… (^o^)/

The idea was Rosalina giving some candy canes to her lovely and adorable Lumas, dressed as santa for sure. Ask you can see Suika made an adorable illustration (as expected) and now it really deserve a nice place to the Rosalina-club‘s contest. At start the admin wanted to make a pool and everybody can vote for his favorite but in this case it’s more a popularity contest and skill don’t count so that’s not fair. I talked about that with the admin and it will be changed to a Jury, wont have to spam here on on Suika side to ask people to vote and we really have a chance to win…

As for her previous illustration, I asked Suika if she accept to record while drawing and turn it into a speedpainting, she also accepted (so kind) and you can enjoy the result on Speedpainting page (here) or just click on the illustration on the left. It’s really interesting to see how the artist work on an illustration and it also add some interesting details or littles stories to the illustration.

As example, at start Suika drew all Lumas on the floor, it can work like the one running on Smash Bros. video announcing Rosalina but referring to Mario Galaxy in fact Luma levitate. She fixed that point an simply moved Lumas and edited Rosalina’s arm but looking at the speedpainting (here) you will see what happened to the cute Luma close to get his candy. It’s not like Suika just edited the piece for a first version but created a story between both version and make it alive… Love it… ^__^

Artist: Suika  /  Cost: 18$ (+ speedpainting)

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#492 – Finish your cake and let’s play

2nd safe illustrations and next one will be even more cute too, if you want something more naughty I’m sorry but for the moment just scroll a little but I promised you that you must love publications who will come after this SFW series. And after all I’m sure you can also love cute and adorable illustrations too… ^^

Also received a preview from January calendar, this time Rosalina will be with the Vocaloid Haku. You can see the sketch about safe version on the right and stay turned for more about Wallpaper calendar project.


 Ska Jr Zombie (just see his gallery and you will be amazed). He’s also the one who made the second chapter of Rosalina’s Devivery Service and will also work on the chapter 1, script is done, just need the budget prepare yourself guys. With the dakimakura I received for Christmas (on the left), I have another Rosalina girl for my birthday made by the marvelous

I always make a cake for Rosalina’s birthday (and so sad there is only my family to eat it) but this time, thanks to Ska Jr Zombie, I receive one from Rosalina and a lovely invitation. I always play Rosalina on Mario kart but now she will be with me and on the game, damn too much Rosalina (you want to kill me Ska Jr Zombie in fact). Also, I play on WiiU cause Rosalina on several games but in this case I prefer play with that lovely (and busty) princess in front of me more than with the WiiU… XD

Once again Ska Jr Zombie, thanks for that beautifull (and unexpected) gift. I hope you will love that adorable Rosalina guys, after so much time working with her Ska Jr Zombie is now a pro with Rosalina and can’t wait to start the next chapter of Rosalina’s Devivery Service. For the moment don’t hesitate to get your copy and if you want to see more from this talented artists, just take a look to links below.

Artist: Ska Jr Zombie  /  Cost: 30$
Tumblr (SFW):
Tumblr (NSFW):

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