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#1004 – Cow breaking the tempo

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Stars after the show (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of both illustrations for 2$+ patreons
princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie princess Rosalina nintendo mario solo ecchi sexy cow cowgirl lingerie ponytail

There was too much silents days lately and I’m thankful to all of you that came asking for news and see if everything fine. At last I’m not dead (yeah) and don’t know if can call this a hiatus since the reason is totally a lack of time. I’m now running a cosplay project and each one are enough to keep me fully busy so trying to get a balancing was not easy as I expected. Now after like a year working hard on the cosplay project I got it’s not getting back the energy level that this one does. I also get a week off due to covid (low activity at work) so can prepare some stuff.

I’m still getting a huge Rosalina addict and getting art of her so don’t worry about the content, also I’m going commission Mazzacho several sketches to help him financially then got an idea. All patreon members on the page can request an illustration up to two characters, whatever your tier, anyway it’s a 1 hour sketch session (+10/15mn) on each illustration so the more complex it is the most details get lost. Choose wisely :p


Many illustrations by Mazzacho started with the inspiration coming from a post on Twitter or instagram and this time even being from a photo I sent him the result is the same. It was photo of sexy cow model sitting on a huge milk churn and when Mazzacho managed to stream the next day there was a cow Rosalina sitting on milk churn (not a coincidence for sure). You can see about the original photo on the left if you are curious, the model being trap I was a bit worries that he can dislike the photo since not everybody is into trap/trans but never expected that he could like it enough to get inspiration for his next illustration… With Rosalina… \(^o^)/

After hours of stream and breaking the finish line several times (so if you took the time read to this point you now know where the title comes from), Mazzacho decided it was time to stop here with the illustration entering an “unlimited polishing process at this point. There’s some drawings that make you think can always be improved adding more details or shading options ad finally you can spend so much hours on minor editing without be able end with that feeling so it’s important to be able to stop on it and be able move new thing. Be sure it’s more easy to say than to do especially for Mazzacho being a perfectionist and can easily spend hours trying to make his drawings perfect. Anyway as many artists he have ton of projects but not unlimited time so it’s important to push him to stop to rest a little before get his perfectionism habit back ^^

Also sometimes the extra details you add to illustration don’t come with the result you expected, as example with this illustration Mazzacho added cows inside the barn before finally say I think it better without cows. I agree with that statement and to be they add the strange feeling to the environment, of course it’s interesting and realistic but when you put a sexy girls stripping in the middle it can give some disturbing bestiality ideas, even more when your are into beast fetish and start imagine the cows coming around Rosalina liking her princess body and sensitive spots with their huge tongues (and I better stop here cause in my mind it’s just the beginning). Anyway I posted both version so you can see by yourself ^^

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#1002 – Mazzacho’s celebration

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone princess Rosalina nintendo sexy magazine celebration milestone

2021 is here and it’s time to wish good luck to everybody for this new year. I would like to stay positive and hope all the best but 2020 was quite rough on my side for several reasons and those are still around like Corona-chan for example but other things that I’m sorry but can’t talk about. Anyway once again 2021 is here so I can’t just continue myself on that way, for some people the 1st is just another day but let’s use it as excuse to bring back some energy and give a big spank to all those bad habits and troubles that keep hold me… Oh yeah… °w°

Not sure about what else to say, for now this new year is just starting and hopefully can’t go worse so let’s do our best improve it but still, never stop be careful with what outside so take care of you and people you love ^^


Another change of plan since the previous publication cause artists never stop surprises me as Mazzacho did after the 1.000th illustration release, don’t worry the KDA illustration will come next (if another unexpected event come until). So after linking the 1.000th milestone where he was featured, Mazzacho decided create something that I discovered while he started to stream the illustration with a lovely Rosalina pin-up siting on a huge 1000th. The only unfair point is being at work while he was streaming so cannot fully enjoy his live but there was regular wips shared on Mazzacho’s discord group to be sure don’t miss the progress and evolution… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Be sure that Mazzacho have an heart as bit as he’s talented (careful I’m talking really seriously here) and I was quite wondering if we would make something by himself to celebrate the 1.000th illustration for the project, honestly according his super busy schedule with work and family adding the time need a full drawing I expected like a sweet doodle but I did underestimate his power. Still being serious there is dozen of Rosalina illustrations by Mazzacho that need to be published, many sexy doodles and pretty sketches that deserve love and attention so stay tuned °w°

Last bonus is a magazine style rendering that is pretty cool that remind me about Mazzacho maybe a day we’ll get the magazine printed but I would keep all copy for myself (^^’). Theres sure more coming but if you can’t wait for more, you can find a lot (with bonus) on Mazzacho’s patreon page so don’t mind have a (pervert) sneak peak.

Artist: Mazzacho / gift
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
One year ago: #943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur
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#1000 – Holidays at the mansion hotel

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Now we did it… Now we can’t stop, Oh yeah!!!

nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn yuri goo sex slime monster high heels anal futanari luigi mansion semen cum

so much enthusiasm reaching this impressive millstone for the project that I managed alone for more than 10 years now, you can also see how was looked the project at it’s beginning when it all consisted as a list on my Hentaifoundry profile description. Starting 2005 my waifu was Rosetta Christopher from Chrno Crusade (that remain my fav anime ever) and two years later Rosalina was able beat her on the first day I played Mario Galaxy on the Wii, a strong addiction and love for Rosalina that 10 years later no one was able to defeat. By the way The project started by an illustration I commissioned to the French artist Merethide to pair my two favorite ladies: Rosalina and Rosetta christopher and it’s after this illustration I was in the mood to start pairing with Rosalina and my fav girls characters without expecting it would be the start of a so ambitious project °o°

You can see how was looking the blogger page in 2013 and pretty much that all active projects at this time are now dead and moved to the archive page so you can imagine many things changed in 10 years. First I moved from HentaiFoundry into blogger creating the “Rosalina & girl page” being initially a SFW place then due to some NSFW content I requested I had to create a second page called “Rosalina x girl” for the lewd stuff that quickly moved to be the main from all the art and visitors. Main problem with blogger was my website being blocked several times cause copyright issues and one time I was close to never get my stuff back being flagged as spam site and blogger refused to send me a back-up to “use it to create another spam website” so it was time to act before come a real issue.

It’s being close to definitely lost my project on blogger that I decided to move to another place and made my own website hosted by OVH using wordpress base. That way I was able to get a better control on all my datas I it’ better get a warning then do appropriate changes than lost all access to the datas and potentially get everything deleted without any chance of a backup. There was several changes on the rosalinaxgirl website with time, it first was only to host the NSFW website, then I moved the SFW making rosalinaxgirl.com as swf an rosalinaxgirl.com/nsfw for adult content but since the nsfw place was 5 times bigger than the SFW it wasn’t great having the SFW as main so in 2019 there was no more SFW version and only the rosalinaxgirl.com place that you can visit now and that celebrate it’s 1.000th publication… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


I wanted to come with something epic for the 1.000th illustration and original plan was a new Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic drew by Mazzacho but this unfortunately never happened cause the artist being super busy and obliviously me coming too late with a proper storyboard, I managed to push the 1.000th post the most I can but what we have today if only a sketch of the main page so I have no choice to give-up on that project. So I’m sorry to tell no Rosalina and Tinkerbell coming but I still wanted to give the honour to Mazzacho to shine at this time so came with a commission inspired from Luigi mansion 3 using the Goo Luigi concept for a Goo Rosalina with some special pleasuring equipment and messy abilities as you can see and I hope you don’t mind spying them :p

For this commission I asked Mazzacho to draw a green Goo Rosalina to keep it close to Goo Luigi and create a visible connexion with Luigi Mansion game (also with the fact Rosalina playing the game too), now thinking at it again I still think the green was a good choice on that direction but it could also be interesting to have a blue Goo Rosalina and use coloured goo girls for orgy, like a pink Goo Peach and range Goo Daisy as example. It can work with every character like a Blue goo Samus and characters from other series like yellow goo Victoria Seras but it would look like more a slime clone than the Luigi Mansion goo, anyway I still love the of an orgy between girls and their goo clones so can be definitely a thing to go with in the future… Would you also be hyped about that Goo clone sharing concept?

On the first sketch that you can see on the left, Mazzacho initially drew the Goo Rosalina playing on switch instead of the original princess, this was fixed in the next version anyway my mind wasn’t sure at this time which version was the most interesting cause both would look pretty interesting. I decided keep going with my original idea and Rosalina playing switch and to make it the most intense and naughty we goes with anal fuck while semen overflowing from Rosalina’s pussy happily playing her game letting her goo clone raping and filling all her holes slowly making the bed turn into a cum and goo bath. For me loving indecent and messy pieces this on is sure so powerfull and exciting, I also love that Mazzacho managed give high heels to both ladies (people that know me also know about my huge addiction for heels).

Be sure Mazzacho did a really incredible and long work with shading to reach this point, there was so much variations and evolution from all previews he sent me (that you can all see on the step by step patreon reward). After a moment Mazzacho told me I found style wich I’ll be used for this pic so I knew we were close to reaching the final version and a few days later it was ready to shine. You can sure admire the amazing work with shading and also on the background inspired from the game mansion hotel and I also love the doggy addition suggesting the fun is not over and allow us to imagine so much scenes from that pervert trio °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / 90$ commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #943 – Lumakini and Côte d’Azur
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#989 – Rabbit princess wanna have fun

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Patreon bonus: Haunter special Maniac training (NSFW WIP for 1$+ tiers)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi busty lingerie bunny bunnygirl easter mazzacho

Corona-chan adventure is still going insane and looking at what happen in USA it’s super crazy anyway no one really know what happen since many governments must lie about the real situation and number of cases as China did (and seems Russia situation is really more dramatic than what we know). Anyway don’t say there’s nothing we can do, be careful and stay safe to not get that shit and stay informed with serious informations, don’t listen at all those fake shitty informations we could find on facebook being share thousand of times U_u

Honestly at first I though people are mostly ignorants cause it’s something unprecedented and new for our society but I must admit that after telling many people the information they share is a fake or seeing everybody walking in the street like there’s no problems; seems they finally are just totally stupid. Anyway don’t follow them and be stupid guys, stay safe, well informed and careful being outside. °o°


Every bunny ears lover must be happy since thanks to Mazzacho Easter isn’t over on that place with even more bunny Rosalina, it was an unexpected illustration but super powerfull surprise. At first I contacted Mazzacho to ask his help with a problem on the bunny Rosalina and Saeko post having a problem with how the illustration display from the main page (it open on another page instead of the preview you actually get). Mazzacho is a talented artist but also professional website designer so he always have precious advices (thanks so much my friend).

Finally the display problem was caused by “google tag” plugin so it goes back to normal once I deactivated it (but lead to another problem having a plugin I can’t use now) anyway the link between that plugin problem and today illustration is Mazzacho was inspired to draw a bunny Rosalina after seeing the Easter illustration with Saeko investigating with me on the problem. Later on the day he was starting a livestream on picarto and you can guess what starting to appear on the sketch °w°

Talking about sketch, I’m sad I forgot save some wip to show about the evolution from the initial concept to the final version; as example Mazzacho placed a “wet” carrot on the bench that was sure used for some fun earlier but I suggested him this was broken the overall cuteness and sensual spirit of the illustration. Finally even is there is so many stuff linked to Easter, whatever how many tasty chocolate eggs in your basket, having a gorgeous bunny to celebrate Easter with you is always be the best part, of course being a magnificent and sexy bunny princess in lingerie make it so powerfull… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #920 – Easter show has started
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#981 – Let’s Go To The Party!

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HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons (16 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo metroid samus aran latex shiny sexy fetish

It’s now a moment I have no news from KoriBaer in charge of February raffle illustration for patreon, the artist was super nice and sending long notes then no more (and no reason of course). I hope the artist ok and noticed she logged to Deviantart less than 24 hours ago so sent a new note that would hopefully get and answer. My apologies to DarkEcoFreak for the wait and in case I have to find another artist, wanna come with a new idea of keep the actual pairing you suggested? Update on that case coming with next post ^^

Also started a new job (2 weeks holidays replacement) unfortunately and for security reasons the person wasn’t allowed give his computer access giving some troubles with job and I also can’t work on the blog on my spare time (missing my USB key full of notepad files). Result is less time for the blog like updating the gallery page being long process since I’m simultaneously redoing all posts to clean all mistakes from the blogger to wordpress migration that need be manually fix on every posts (would be not fun being too easy) ^^’


New illustration that was delayed for Valentine publication and I still feel sorry about that, luckily it wasn’t for too much and the shiny Rosalina and Samus duo from Mazzacho finally appear ready to tease and amaze. There was several illustrations that I already posted that way so it should not be a surprise to tell Mazzacho love tight and shinny clothing as you can see by taking a look to the Rosalina illustrations by Mazzacho; you can see the Teddy-bear one on the left anyway there’s many more gorgeous pieces he made so I really suggest you see take a look at the link before to see all pieces he made and maybe get an idea of how much he did to the project °o°

I wish you were with me to see the full creation process of this illustration during the picarto livestreams anyway the video-clip with Drawing process is available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you wanna give him some love and support for some epic (and lewd) art perks in return. Talking about art, after several illustration he drew with Samus I asked Mazzacho about his fav ladies and they are Peach (Super Mario), Samus Aran (Metroid), Dark Elf (Lineage II) and Lineage II (Starless), he drew Peach so much and was interesting to see Samus coming on his art with his mood for tight and shiny clothes being perfect for that kind of fashion. Maybe a day Mazzacho will enter get fetish for elf or maids then his two other fav ladies will start to shine on his livestreams and picarto page (give me commission ideas also) °w°

Looking at the archives, it’s important notice the insane work Mazzacho made since 2012 to support the project drawing epic Rosalina art, he’s the artist that contributed the most with 44 pieces made for the project counting this one (enough to run the blog 5 months posting 2 drawings a week). Pretty amazing that Mazzacho appear pretty much everywhere and even the One year ago (on the bottom) was made by him. Looks like an invasion before he takes control of that place… Waaaaahhhh °o°

One year ago: #909 – Sexiest waitress of the galaxy
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#978 – Magic in Underground parking

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Special wave for surfer princesses (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)
+ HD version of this illustration on Mazzacho’s patreon (4 times bigger)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi latex fetish high heels

And there’s not the budget for a ceremony as the Oscars so I count on your imagination to give a magnificent and epic look to February raffle winner announcement, that I once again have to tell is based on a ticketing system so there is no RNG). Now we have the fireworks and formalities ready it’s time to announce DarkEcoFreak as winner getting an illustration by KoriBaer who’s all new on deviantart but so promising artist… °w°

I already announced the results to a few days ago since the artist was already chosen and waiting for the idea, the illustration will be a duo with “Io from Code Vein, and the artist can do what they’re comfortable with” and now I’m waiting for KoriBaer answer hopping the character sounds nice for her/him. Make me think I should ask about the gender or that wont be easy to write the post ^^’


It would be not use to present him after sooooo many illustrations he made for the project, Mazzacho is back with a new stunning Rosalina illustration made during a fast drawing session while he got the chance stream for a moment on Picarto to escape the insane pressure from work. If you ask me what I think about the really important amount of art from him that I published, let’s me tell that the picture on the right is the best to tell what my mind thing about Mazzacho‘s art, I agree it’s a bit selfish but aren’t true fans that way always wanting to get more and more from their idols and people they admire. Unfortunately the result isn’t always the best cause this support can finally be more boring than helpfull but when you are really a fan of something, it’s hard to make good decisions in general ^^

This illustration was made during a quick drawing session on picarto so it’s sketchy aspect is due to time limitation before Mazzacho have to get back to work and even being already super amazing just show a few part of his really power. This was a gift I got having the honor to see Rosalina being chosen for this illustration, also the scene comes from Mazzacho mind and fetish for skinny latex outfits that I can’t deny give an insanely sexy look to Rosalina, even more with so sexy and indecent heels (that I love so much). Even if sounds unusual outfit and place for Rosalina this scene isn’t that impossible and could be like a secret stage in New Donk City on Mario Galaxy game, I must admit a part of me want to play the game hoping this could be true ^^’

Also I would like to add Mazzacho work (mostly) as graphic design (and his able to make so much different tasks/jobs), maybe you haven’t noticed but there’s many jokes and meme existing about this job cause it’s really a crazy one (was hard choose just one to show here), not really on the job itself but most on what request customers thinking it’s so easy and quick to make changes in the middle of a process. And I wanted to say that because that’s also a problem on art with people don’t understanding the true amount of work and effort being an illustration also not giving artists the respect they deserve, luckily it’s not always that way but it’s still a bit crazy universe (And Mazzacho is both artist and graphic designer, let’s pray for him) ^^’

One year ago: #904 – Perfect seat for special fun
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#973 – Rosalina in defiant pose

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HD version of this illustration (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi lingerie crossover Abigail Williams Fate

Needing my patrons advice today, actually Fernando Lloretwon this month raffle but each time I win the slot he remain silent to my messages (I hope you are fine man). So there was some months without a patreon raffle reward illustration like it could be this January but it’s a waste of power to make my dear supporters to participate. So what would you suggest to use unclaimed illustration slot guys?. Like a pool about character/pose but feel free if you get some suggestions and inspirations on stuff you would have fun participating ^^

Also soon Miku concert in Paris, I don’t understand why they decided make it happen on Thursday and sounds pretty stupid to me put it in the middle of the week considering the kind of people going for the show. Also there is a huge strike in France with many trains being cancelled so luckily I go with bus but I’m sure will give troubles to many peoples too. For now let’s hope everything will be fine and must decide what cosplay to wear at the even between Miku or Rin (also here is my Miku cosplay) °w°


And Mazzacho make the show one more time (proud of my rhyme), also for those that think it would be too much of the same artist I totally don’t care about that point. I love so much Mazzacho‘s art, style and kindness and be sure I’ll never be tired of publish his Rosalina illustration here, in fact this opinion hide a fear about the point Mazzacho could end tired of drawing Rosalina a day. It’s something that unfortunately happened and with a person like me that life for Rosalina I’m sure many people could get so much of that princess talking to me ^^’

Back to the illustration, I go the surprise see Mazzacho work on it while joining one of his stream on Picarto and must admit the first thing I did was make a screenshot that finally work well as wip to illustrate the post. This was the idea of a “fast speed drawing, thiught it’ll be Rosalina in defiant pose” (now you got where this post title is from). Mazzacho also do that kind of session when he can allow him a some drawing time to relax from work and I guess sometimes it would need more than an hour to remove the insane work pressure (and frustration) but boss and clients aren’t the most friendly thing in the designer universe. Maybe I’m wrong (tell me if I am) but in my opinion graphic designers never get credit they deserve even being so amazing, talented and patient able to deal with crazy clients and create masterpiece, why society is so unfair with these powerfull persons?

Last part Mazzacho worked on was the shiny and latex effect on boots giving Rosalina an incredible look, even more considering my high heels addiction… I really love lingerie/see-though but can’t deny latex also offer something really powerfull. Anyway I guess the most fun and interesting part of the stream was when Mazzacho played with layers effects giving Rosalina so many variations, sometimes lighter, sometimes dark and even getting transparent like a sexy stripper ghost princess when low opacity allowing to see the stool through Rosalina leg… ^^

I want to share so much love and thanks to Mazzacho for everything he do, here you can see the Rosalina drawing so you must consider the time and effort to work on it, the stream he did run to share it to everyone and finally that powerfull kindness he have. Honestly never do bad stuff to Mazzacho cause he fucking don’t deserve it, share love (yes), share support (yes too) and don’t hesitate visit like bellow to see more about him… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #894 – Femboy cutie
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#971 – Naughty teddy bear

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PATREON BONUS: The chamber of tentacles (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)
+ Naughty teddy bear HD versions for 2$+ patreons (16 times bigger)
2020 – HAPPY NEW YEAR °w°
princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn latex sexy teddy bear princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn latex sexy teddy bear

2020 is starting and come the usual wishes for a wonderfull year, I do hope health and money for you as everyone wish each year but it don’t seems to works so much in general. Anyway let’s at last survive this new year and enjoy it the way we can… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And another month going with the amazing support of my patrons, I know some of you are here since sooo long and never failed supporting the project and be sure it mean a lot to me. As you can see the RosalinaXGirl project is still running but I know you deserve don’t see it just going but growing and be part of something even more epic so let’s try for 2020. Also I’ll announce soon the winner of the ticketing raffle and talking about wishes, for 2020 I hope patreon wont put my account under review each time I say “raffle having to send the same answer each time to explain how it works (I even made a notepad to copy/paste each time) ^^’


Let’s Mazzacho be the first artist for in 2020, he did an insane support to the project and didn’t stopped create gorgeous Rosalina art so he totally deserve it. Also if Mazzacho continue that way I think there will be enough illustration to run the page for a full year (ok I exaggerate but maybe not that much) ^^

This piece started during a picarto stream, Mazzacho started to work on a gorgeous pin-up in latex with a giant teddy-bear and I got the surprise to discover the lady was Rosalina, even if they are dangerous to watch at work I’ll never miss a chance to enjoy those streams. No lie Rosalina’s suit is absolutely magic, first super hot for sure with those strippers heels and tight latex bodysuit any if you take time and watch closely there’s also a really hard work with details, shading and texture. Rosalina suit have lot of details with some extra straps/belts and you can notice the different part of the suit as example on the panty part that give an incredible realistic look and remind me the kind of gorgeous latex suit you can see on Twitter.

The bear looks pretty and fluffy and to me the more naughty in the scene is Rosalina but I was wrong cause did a mistake; in fact I made some screenshots during Mazzacho‘s stream to have a little step-by-step series that I unfortunately lost. It’s while searching those wips back that I discovered there was an alternative version that explain event more the “Naughty” attribute of this teddy bear and now Mazzacho‘s title goes totally accurate. I’m glad I figured about that mistake before the post so can show you both versions but also feel a bit stupid I missed it at first when Mazzacho posted it on his discord group (wasn’t enough attentive and thought he made a mistake posting the same illustration twice) ^^’

Once again thanks so much for this amazing piece and your support for the project my friend (seriously how you can still not be tired of Rosalina and me?). Also you guys are free to join on picarto and you can also commission Mazzacho while he stream, it’s 10$ for 1 hour session so pretty cheap and allow get some nice sketches or get an idea before maybe commission it to be fully colored… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

One year ago: #894 – Femboy cutie
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#961 – Princess in action

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PATREON BONUS: Playfull Kitties (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex

No major updates about the project or Rosalina today and it makes me feel bad to say that… I always want get something new and interesting to feel the project is going alive and full power but today… It’s blank page… Well, let’s not be totally negative since there is a new illustration coming… And super kinky one today °w°

I was with family last week-end but it’s not the reason for this late post, in fact I expected it be be nice a refreshing but fate decided to make me super sick for those two day. Luckily I was way better… the day back to work! That’s so unfair and I hope you guys had a more enjoyable week-end than me (and if you haven’t, big hug to you)… ^^


No need to present him, Mazzacho magic come one more time with his 40th illustration to the project, he’s really the artist who contributed the most (Lunakiri is pretty close anyway). I’m really thankfull to those incredible artist putting so much love and energy drawing Rosalina and honestly they deserve way more than what I give them in return but I should need get the budget like 10 times bigger to get that power. Anyway they are back again and again with a big heart and magnificent Rosalina drawing so no time to cry (from happiness of course) and let make their art shine here and around the world… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

This illustration came from one word: “indecent, after many pin-up always sweet and even a little sexy Mazzacho wanted to go with something more naughty this time and I sure had no objection with it. It seems Mazzacho already had something in mind so I didn’t made any requests and suggestion to be sure don’t alter his original idea, also when I noticed Rosalina in shiny latex and high heels it wasn’t usefull for me to make requests, Mazzacho know me too well and Rosalina was looking so gorgeous and sexy as I love… Nyyyaaahhh °w°

Technically the girl with Rosalina is a random/original character, I saw several illustration where Mazzacho used a model as reference so maybe it’s the case for this girl with Rosalina or she’s just the result of his actual preference the moment he made the drawing. There was some artists drawing Rosalina with a girl that they wanted me keep the identity and origin secret for some reason so maybe the case here. In fact it can just be a total random girl created by Mazzacho but I like giving a touch of mystery ^__^

Artist: Mazzacho / Commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #886 – Squid singer and slimy place
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#958 – Rosalina Secretary doodle

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty busty cleavage breasts secretary uniform princess

November 11th if off in France and this was a Monday this wear but finally the problem with extended weekend is you think you’ll have time to do lot of stuff and just end even more lazy than usual, I’m really sorry for the last post coming today. No worries anyway, I wasn’t totally unproductive and contacted some artists to start on new illustrations so stay tuned cause more Rosalina lewd is coming to the project °w°

Coincidence with today illustration, I got a warning from patreon about the trap orgy by Mazzacho I posted on September 4th 2016, don’t know why they took so long to react to this post that I’m pretty sure one one will now reach by scrolling on the main page. Maybe they updated their bot to detect more sensitive content, that’s the kind of update they never mention in their monthly newsletters ^^’


Of course Rosalina got many official outfits from Nintendo games and recently the witch costume for Halloween anyway it’s also nice to also goes a bit more original sometimes. After being a latex pin-up, gorgeous cow-girl or sexy bikini lady, here come a secretary Rosalina designed by Mazzacho perfectly mixing the proncess cuteness with a great cleavage bonus. This one was created during a sketch session on Mazzacho‘s picarto page when I got the surprise and honor to see Rosalina being the main subject of this session.. Oh yeah!!!

Can someone resist to this perfection?, An adorable face with cute glasses, a cleavage to admire her perfect breasts magnified by a lingerie touch from her blue bra and this continue with a delicious shape and stunning long legs in pantyhose to finish with some pretty heels. I also like the crown like a discrete aura to remind about her princess origins even if I have to admit her original crown is important part of her so the true design keep the best. Mazzacho managed the powerfull surprise of an alternative pose seeing Rosalina from back holding her heels, I must admit for an heels addict like me the holding heels touch is kinda effective on me ^^’

Due to his actual job and life you must be really careful and attentive with Mazzacho; he could be silent for a long time and them offer you a day filled with crazy livestreams so to be sure never miss updated I highly recommend you to follow his picarto page and join his discord group. Also patreon get as reward a wip of next illustration by Mazzacho who already released the final version on his patreon page if you would enjoy see a really sexy Rosalina in latex catsuit and stripper heels… °w°

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#948 – Rosalina Shining Star

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PATREON BONUS: Princess in action (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi latex high heels fetish sexy pinup
A huge thanks for my dear and amazing patrons for their support, many of you are here from years now and never failed to help the project so at some point I consider you as kind of family I should all invite next year for a powerfull BBQ party. It makes me wonder how far you are from France btw °o°
Also let’s follow the tradition and announce Tallon as winner of October ticketing raffle getting an illustration made by dsok135. As I told on the previous post, according to the artist art and spirit the illustration should be lingerie theme SFW or ecchi. Honestly not sure you can do SFW lingerie but considering the public ads you see on the street or TV, I guess society consider lingerie as fine to show to kids ^^’


Each time I take a look at the list of illustration to publish, be sure there is always illustrations from Mazzacho ready to shine soon on the queued, you can’t imagine the incredible amount of amazing illustration, powerfull support and magnificent friendship I get from this artist. For today illustration come the result of a livestream quick drawing session where Mazzacho gave me the honor pick Rosalina as model. He have so much characters and ideas in mind that I’m always thinking “He must be done with Rosalina for a moment and will now switch to his own art” then Rosalina come again… Nyaaahhh… °w°
Considering his illustration and the content share in his discord inspiration channel, I really think Mazzacho have a fetish for thigh shiny/latex pants and it was so powerfull see it on Rosalina. Those long and thin legs with this sexy pant give an amazing look to that princess, also high heels makes a powerfull addition to reach the perfection. I love this pose mixing cuteness and sexiness, Rosalina being sure provocative but her face keep her super adorable, no doubt she know how attractive she looks and enjoy teasing th little perverts we are… ^^
If you like his work and want more, you first can join Mazzacho group on discord at discord.gg/YxHg49Q to be part of the community, chat with him and discover about his life as artist but also human. Also you can support joining on SubcribeStar being mostly and equivalent of Patreon, whatever the place he’ll be happy see you coming… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#941 – Lumakini doodle

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princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi swimsuit bikini high heels
I was watching Lunakiri streaming on picarto and her SFW account name on that place is “ArtByAmberLynne“. What surprised me was when another person joined the stream with the name “ArtByKenopsiae” so now I wonder how many artists are using the “ArtBy” on their name. Do you know any guys? °o°
Also I need find more artists now, artist universe is a thing that change really quickly and it’s not fun at all but you can be sure Mothclip isn’t the only who disappeared. I still know some gorgeous and amazing artists but also interesting to find new people and style to show… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And today another illustration from Mazzacho still enjoying some long and so much deserved holidays actually in a trip to France with his family, I wish him so much fun even if I must admit I’m a bit sad to know he’s actually visiting my country but I wont get a chance meet him. Back to hard this piece was made during a quick sketch session from Mazzacho‘s livestream on picarto after I presented him the Lumakini concept for Rosalina, his version is a bit different than the real Lumakini design I love so much but Rosalina in a sexy bikini and high heels, how don’t be addicted… °w°
The process was full of surprises, a first pose came, then a second that I though would be the final one and finally Mazzacho worked on both poses and now we have two gorgeous Rosalina pinup pieces. I really love both poses being so cute and sensual each one showing a part of the perfect princess body, first for a general body shave with perfect curves and sexy bikini then second a bit more seductive with some booty and high heels. No doubts Rosalina would get so much attention at the beach and I’ll sure manage to be here enjoying the magnificent parade she’ll offer walking on the place ^__^

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#938 – Naked princess on the stairs

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PATREON BONUS: Oops, caught (NSFW wip for 1$+ patrons)
+ Step by step series of this illustration version for 2$+ patrons

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi naked high heels
I was always wondering how artist can manage keep working so hard on their art and social medias without any time to rest or break during the year and now I got the answer. Artists do need breaks but unfortunately take them mostly once they reach their limit, and sometimes with pretty bad consequences. Lately it happened to FalseAlias that need a huge break from Patreon and obligations, I wish you nice rest and holidays ^__^
As you noticed I also took a break that I really needed, wasn’t totally quiet cause worked harder on another project that was hosted as sub-domain of this website and finally moved to his own domain causing some damages to the RosalinaXGirl website layout luckily it’s all back to normal now °w°


Let’s restart slowly with a sketchy but still marvelous piece from Mazzacho following the spirit of the Casual co-worker illustration (on the left). Also there was nothing requested by me with this illustration, what you can see here is a random idea that came in Mazzacho mind during of of this sketch session on picarto and I sure was so happy to discover Rosalina appearing while he was working on it… Originally this was planned to be a 30mn sketch session as usual anyway this illustration got some extra time that allowed more details and colour for an even more powerfull finish… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
I really love the scene, Rosalina looking so freaking adorable looking at us with a little (and seductive) smile like a model posing during a sensual photoshoot, her expression is really my favourite part from this drawing (you really are the best Mazzacho) anyway for sure I can’t miss that perfect princess body and high heels (when I say he’s the best). What I also admire is how much details Mazzacho figured in this piece like for the hairs on her back, the dress in her legs, high heels, tattoo on shoulder or even the stair design and lamps on the wall. Of course it’s not much if you consider them separately but all of them together is really a lot of work and even more challenging when you consider there was time limit with this drawing (of course he cheated a bit and goes over the timer to get a result that amazing) ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration, Mazzacho really made something stunning, perfectly mixing cuteness and sexiness adding a really decent amount of details (and perfect heels to Rosalina). Once again don’t miss goes to Mazzacho’s picarto page and follow him to get notification when he’ll be back to stream, for now he enjoy some nice and deserved holidays visiting France but don’t come say hello… Waaaahhhhh… Not fun that even countries can be so big and don’t allow me to met him personally even if he come so close this time… T_T

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#934 – Sketchy exception

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PATREON BONUS: Lumakini doodle (Ecchi wip for 1$+ patrons)

Nintendo mario princess rosalina hentai porn fuck sex
And I’m back from Japan Expo con in Paris, wasn’t too crazy but really cool day but I really should learn to be less shy or I’ll never be able make new friends, also I have the feeling the more exhausting wasn’t the con itself but the 7 hours in train the next day to go pick my stuff and go back home. Adding a little cosplay pic I took during the event, I know it’s not following the spirit of the project but I like this one ^^’
And since we are into exceptions, let’s make another with this sketch by Mazzacho made during a sketch practice session while he was streaming on picarto. Not yuri and really sketchy but I love so much how it turned having a strong, intense and exciting feeling with Rosalina riding this huge dick looking so erotic and sensual. Also my own feeling this time but I like imagine the scene happening outdoor with a sunset on the background adding both sensual and exhibitionist touch that makes it even more exciting °w°
At some points the second character could be a futanari so we should be right about yuri but looking at this scene I can’t imagine the other person be a futa girl cause the scene Mazzacho drew have a huge straight look (makes me both excited and jealous at same time but it’s a show I still enjoy). It’s really amazing how much you can show even with a sketch on Rosalina’s face, breasts or pussy as example. A cute expression, soft breasts and that huge dick sliding her her princess pussy while she rhythmically move her body with soft moaning, everything just just a single color sketch, artists like Mazzacho are so incredible… °o°
I’ll finish with something important saying Mazzacho spend more than half an hour working on this sketch so you can imagine than a full lined and colored pieces is soo many extra hours of work, there’s sure artist that could work faster but never forget how much efforts and dedications need an illustration to be completed, that’s why never forget the real power of love and support to artists that are their fuel to keep their amazing work and amaze us everyday (or makes us horny too sometimes) ^__^

One year ago: #846 – Bible Black lingerie
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#929 – Casual co-worker

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PATREON BONUS: Naked princess on the stairs (Ecchi wip for 1$+ patrons)

princess rosalina sexy ecchi office uniform
Actually I work on the blog and posts to look great on computer device managing to get the paragraph and illustrations fit perfectly together anyway looking at JuicyAds stats I noticed mobile users represents 70% of the traffic. Now I wonder about focus on mobile but honestly I’m not really fan of that option… O_o


Today come an illustration by Mazzacho that is simple and sketchy but totally deserve to get it own post even if I don’t have to much to say about the creation process. Anyway it started from a quick sketch session during Mazzacho‘s livestream who decided himself to draw Rosalina so I had no idea about what was coming until I start appear a line suggesting Rosalina hair lock (and was so excited and hyped at this moment. In fact when artists draw Rosalina it’s mostly from the hairstyle that I know the princess is coming °w°
I don’t know how it came to that idea anyway it was interesting to see Mazzacho seems to have a fetish for office ladies and honestly like how gorgeous looks Rosalina in his drawing I’ll be totally corrupted. It looks like a casual scene with lot of cuteness but it’ so hard to focus on Rosalina adorable face and admire the star shining around her when there is so hot cleavage. There’s a so perfect view on those perfect breasts and lingerie touch with the bra showing at some point, totally the kind of co-worker that will hypnotize you… ^__^
I hope you guys like this illustration, Mazzacho really made it looks incredible even if really sketchy on the general atmosphere you can feel on it. On one hand you have Rosalina looking so sweet with an adorable expression and the stars around making her shine as a goddess, even the hair add something magical to her look. On the other side you have the busty, lingerie, short dress, perfect dress and heels turning her as the most sexy office girl ever. I’m so thankfull to Mazzacho from this drawing… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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