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#795 – Delacroix sexy birthday wish

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princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn toy dildo busty princess Rosalina nintendo sexy hentai porn toy dildo busty

I wanted post two birthday illustrations at the same time, one on the SFW website and one on the NSFW, anyway for now the NSFW site have all art so both SFW and NSFW so better post it at same time on both places. Anyway it make me wonder if could not better post SFW art only on the soft blog, what do you think?
For now I must continue as I always do and keep the organisation I manage since 7 years and that still work. Feel free if you have some constructive advice or opinion about that but for now would need more work for no impact.


For today here is a new illustration I received from Delacroix Legion as thanks and birthday present, got several illustration at a moment before his skills (and prices) grow too much for me anyway I still admire him a lot and it’s powerfull still get some Rosalina pieces from him. Previous one from Delacroix Legion was a year ago with virgin killer sweater that you can see on left and read full post here.
I love so much the way Delacroix Legion made Rosalina dress for both the gorgeous and sexy look, it looks like mixing an elegant and sophisticates gala dress with tight and see-through erotic lingerie. The pose is really nice, Delacroix Legion picked something not too explicit but offering a perfect view on Rosalina cute face and attributes from those perfect breasts and sweet curves on the back… °w°
And back to the dress, for sure you all noticed two versions with breasts covered and not, though at some points covered isn’t the best term to use, I really love that little detail and the way digital allow you play to create clothes variations. Being a huge addict of lingerie not a surprise the see-through dress version is my favourite as if can’t deny the naked work better with the dildo touch so Delacroix Legion really had a great idea create both, anyway wich version is your favourite guys?
Also can miss to say the dildo was the main element since the first sketch that Delacroix Legion sent me (and you can see on the right). Since this one the main change was on Rosalina arms and some variations on the head cause Delacroix Legionwanted to make her face perfect‘ as he said. The only point that bug me a bit is the crown that seem a bit too much in from and honestly my friend, there is some parts people will focus way more than her cute face… XD
For now I wish keep my friendship with Delacroix Legion but on a more ambitious side hope be able manage get a sexy duo from him probably as commission, he did gorgeous combo with Wii Trainer and his OC that you can find here if you’re curious. For now I hope you enjoy this new art and don’t miss have a look at Delacroix Legion‘s profile to see his full gallery, I saw some wip and be sure there is epic pieces coming… °w°

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Birthday gift
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#701 – Sweetie in sweater

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult nsfw sexy pinup virgin killer killing sweater wetlook princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult nsfw sexy pinup virgin killer killing sweater wetlook

I know some people wont like it but I’m sad it ended with peoples like TheKite that after see only watersport illustration judge the blog and it’s 700 illustrations (701 now). He was asking him if I can use a design he created and that I love so much for my project and he answered ‘after seeing the watersports […] please do not use any of my concepts for your project, ever‘.
There is also really lovely piece as this sweet chibi on the right. The project exist since 5 years, have 700 illustration, only one watersport and his answer is only based on this one. As a friend told me; ‘he’s a close minded moron‘… U_u


The 700th illustration post came earlier to allow me also post quickly this one in time to enjoy the popularity of what they names as ‘virgin killer sweater that I made Delacroix Legion discover about. If you are curious all started from this tweet on the left that quickly come into a crazy meme and many illustration with it appeared on the net. I wasn’t able to get Rosalina wearing neko lingerie when this one goes popular several months ago but thanks to the help of Delacroix Legion here is a sexy but so ravishing Rosalina in virgin killing sweater… I hope you like it guys… \(^o^)/
If you are curious, the popularity of the sweater come from a tweet on January 25th 2017, that quickly gained over 67,000 likes and 56,000 retweets, this one say “This sweater is … erotic. The Virgin-Killing Sweater” and that’s where come from it’s actual name. Anyway this one already made an appearance on June 2016 when a similar open back sweater nicknamed “Sukebe Knit” was tweeted by a Japanese cosplayer, it made some fanarts appear the name didn’t receive much attention. And now if I have to list all models that posed in this sweater I’ll need more than a regular post. But for today that sweater is for Rosalina… °w°
I got many illustrations by Delacroix Legion that you can see here, from naughty hardcore training to ravishing bust and this time he mixed all his cuteness and sexiness power on this piece that suit so nicely to Rosalina. An adorable princess still so pure and innocent with this adorable expression but her perfect body and this sweater don’t miss add a spicy touch. Delacroix Legion also putted her in the water, don’t know if it’s a way cut legs nicely but there is also a wetlook effect he managed and that I love soooo much. The main challenge was make it still visible since it looks really more discrete as in the sketch but ‘in less detail color wet effects looks like cum more than water‘ and that’s why it appear more that way.
More than just a ravishing pin-up, there is two versions that patreons members get both as HD, seem Delacroix Legion played a lot with shadings and you can see it on other illustrations in his gallery (here), maybe a bit too much in fact because you can’t imagine how many edits versions I received before he was finally done and happy with the result. Day version so beautiful and second goes more sweet and sensual where no one can resist to join her with a so perfect body and adorable face looking at us. Also you can consider visit Delacroix Legion‘s profile and why not commission him to enjoy even more of his power from sweet pin-up to hard bestiality piece… Oh yeah… ^__^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / 50$ commission

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#587 – It's birthday time

Rosalina Nintendo cute adorable
Rosalina’s birthday in November 1st but today it’s time for me to be 1 year old. Must admit it’s not a really optimistic day for me as lot of nice wishes, thanks so much guys. And as if publications come really close for this week, I can’t miss to show you this lovely illustration I received from my friend Delacroix Legion also know as Delacroix_Legion in HentaiFoundry ( it sounds kinda huge and impressive name but his art is so damn incredible)… °o°
After some Really naughty pieces with his OC Melissa or Reimi and WiiFit trainer, a messy cum shower or a damn sexy armored Rosalina (you can all of them here) this time Delacroix Legion sent me a so lovely illustration as birthday present with a so beautifull and adorable Rosalina. After all I don’t consider her beautifull and cutest girl in the world without reason and I’m also addicted to that so cute princess… Thanks so much Delacroix Legion… \(^o^)/
Rosalina looks so pure, sweet and adorable looking at us with this cute smile, Delacroix Legion turn her so ravishing. Must admit I was curious with back hairs, wondering why we don’t see them so much especially like Rosalina hairstyle. In fact Delacroix Legion decided to give her a ponytail as she have in Mario 3D World when she get a fire flower. As if the original hairstyle is my fav I can’t deny she’s pretty cute in that way… °w°

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Cost: Gift

One year ago: Gentle Kiss to Belldandy
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Solo – Pool time

The poll to decide what girl will be with Rosalina on June calendar is now over. It’s Johanna from pokemon who won and it’s now turn to Mavruda to draw it. As if June already started we must let him some time to draw, let see what he will imagine for these two ladies together… ^^

Also, a friend asked me to think about make a new video for the blog, Was a long time since the previous one but not so much things happened… In fact there is two new projects coming  but don’t have anything to show you for the moment… Stay turned…


Let start this new month with a powerfull gift from my friend Engin (Delacroix_Legion). He’s a really amazing guy and talented artists who already drew Rosalina 7th for the blog with gifts or commissions but you can be sure he’s really powerfull. I love the way he draw Rosalina and as if he worked so hard on my commissions to make them perfect I wasn’t able to find great ideas to fit with her style… So useless… T_T

About this illustration, it seem that Delacroix_Legion know I have a huge fetish for messy illustration (adding high heels and lingerie) but when you create a yuri blog nd project, instead of some pussy juice it’s not easy to have something dirty without man. Finally Delacroix_Legion found the perfect way and drew Rosalina enjoying a shower in a cum pool… No man and everything to make her so beautifull as kinky enjoying it… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

I really love Rosalina face, it look really intimate and sensual, it’s a really beautifull detail. For sure it seem Rosalina really love her new pool but she must be carefull or her wand is gonna get lost in there (like Tallon said). Other interesting thing, when Delacroix_Legion publish a new illustration he often link some WIP on the description, it’s a great bonus. Step by step are really interesting and give you an idea about how the artist work.

Finally if you love this illustration and Delacroix_Legion style, just keep in mind that he’s always open for commission and really work hard on them, you can’t imagine how many time he spent on Rosalina and WiiFit Trainer, was impressive. 40$ for a full body and 30$ half body sound fair. Just one thing you must be careful, as me english is not the main language for Delacroix_Legion so make clear descriptions and references are also helpfull but it you let some freedom to Delacroix_Legion you can be sure he will amaze you… You can believe me guys… ^^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion  /  Cost: 40$

One year ago: Solo – Stripper cowgirl Rosalina

#386/389 – Merry X-MAS… I wish you will have cool gifts… ^^

Wont be really conected for a few day but I think it wont be a problem for you. Now everybody can say he’s busy. Familly time, some nice presents (I hope) and maybe some of you will keep their dirty mind. I just wish you a merry Christmas Everybody… Oh yeah…

Now time to show some naughty illustration made for this day. I hope you will like them guys, as you can see Rosalina christmas was hot… So hot… °w°

Nintendo – WiiFit trainers
Artist; www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Delacroix_Legion/profile

I think everybody heared about the Wiifit trainer becaue Smash Bros. but did you know that they created a new trainer for the WiiU version of WiiFit? It’s the reason I decided Rosalina to meet her and do’t know better artist than Delacroix_Legion who already draw Rosalina and the Trainer during a hot session (see it here).

Second part is in progress and must come soon… Oh yeah… °w°


Metal gear solid – Meryl
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/mavruda/profile

This is the original illustration of December wallpaper (full version here). I asked to Mavruda. The theme must be Christmas and my idea was Rosalina bounded on a wall with anal breads. Each bread have a number and there is 24 beads so the girl have to pop one out each day until the 24th… I let to Mavruda the freedon for the second girl and he choosed Meryl from Metal gear solid. You have powerfull tastes my friend… XD


Solo – Christmas pinup
Artist: www.ay-u.deviantart.com

A so powerfull gift I commissioned by my friend Tallon and drew by the lovely Ayu. This is a traditionnal illustration and my biggest surrpise was to received the original version. That’s the power of traditional art, there is a true piece than you can copy/paste… And I have it… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Ayu have a kiriban on her page, let’s try to catch it… ^^


League of legends – Nidalee witch
Artist: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Grillo/profile

This commission to Grillo was really nexpected, The blog budget was kinda dead tand this last one completly destroyed it (need donators). So long since I wanted Nidalle as witch but cannot commission her during Halloween and I had this little idea for Christmas.

I found a talented artist and also professional for Lol characters: Grillo. As you can see he did an amazing job and I’m really happy with the result. I also found a new friend who is really… Original and surrpising but Grillo is a nice and pleasant guy. ^^

#352 – When the boys are away

nintendo mario princess rosalina sexy ecchi Peach hentai crossplay mario luigi crossdressing
Damn, I want to say where is the 40th follower but in general “are you alive guys?“… Only 10 days before the end of the event Your dream by Mavruda and only 6 participants. Remember you can win a free drawing showing your fetishes and pervert dreams… Don’t hesitate and post your ideas… (let’s try with bold text).

There is also an update on the soft blog today adding a so cute Rosalina bust drew by Delacroix_Legion (picture on the right). He contributed several times to the blog (see it here) with sexy and horny Rosalina but he can also create adorable illustrations… Oh yeah… XD


New illustration, new artist… Let start the show and now I want huge applause for digitalpink and his amazing Rosalina x Peach having some pleasure together… Mario and Luigi are not here so let’s play Mario and Luigi. Albeit with two horny girls it can stay serious a long time… XD

I love this drawing and idea, Rosalina and Peach wearing Mario and Luigi outfits but of course a version without panties for naughty girls… That’s original and really hot, digitalpink did an amazing job but when he submitted it to Hentaifoundry they rejected it. Generally it’s for “anatomically errors” but I don’t see something wrong… What your opinion guys?

There is so much interesting details in this drawing and because digitalpink style. With light effects it’s like Mario and Luigi outfits are in latex, it add a fetish touch to the illustration. Rosalina and Peach also have really expressives faces, a little smile for Rosalina giving some pleasure to Peach who seem to love it… I can say sensual but like the action, view and Peach wet pussy I think the work exciting is the best… What a really powerfull illustration for pervert guys like us… °w°

Hentaifoundry rejected this illustration but that don’t mean it happen for all digitalpink‘s drawings. Don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallery to see other really powerfull illustrations and also digitalpink style. As you can see it’s really original but it look so powerfull… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: digitalpink / Cost: 0$ (request)

One year ago: Original – Melissa

#345 – Nintendo – Wii fit trainer

200th girl who meet Rosalina… So powerfull…
Yeah, you can say amazing… (^o^)/

nintendo mario princess rosalina heels anal sexy hentai porn wiifit trainer hardcore extreme
Never expected than the project can reach a so powerfull level. It’s now like 3 years since I started the Rosalina x Girl project. At start it was more a place when I can show pictures with my favorite princess and allow everybody to discover how Rosalina is amazing.

Now the collection is close to 350 drawings and Rosalina meet 200 DIFFERENT girls. That’s just amazing, it was so long to write this post… I’m so happy, there is now a huge project under my love for Rosalina and it’s a huge thanks to all incredible peoples who helped me to make it alive.

Friends, artists, visitors, fappers, trollers, enemies… You are the blog… Sometimes fun, sometimes hard or annoying but you can be sure it was 3 amazing years managing this blog and the only thing I want to say is “It’s just the beginning“…


Aizawasilk, Alline, Donouaih, Zyvo… So much powerfull artist I wanted to have the privilege to have their illustration to celebrate the 300th girl with Rosalina (xxxbattery and Mancharm too but they did a solo Rosalina so it was impossible). It was really hard to choosed and I finally gave this honor to the commission I asked to the amazing Delacroix_Legion, a really powerfull artist and great friend who helped me a lot with his support (it’s a pleasure to talk with you) and he also drew Rosalina 4 times before I asked his this commission. After his OCs Melissa (see it here), Reimi (see it here) and an armored Rosalina (see it here)… He let the wii fit trainer join the party… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Delacroix_Legion drew some pervert and amazing pieces of the Trainer like a lot of artists after nintendo announced she will be on the new Smash Bros. and days after days, seeing all this amazing illustrations with a sexy and horny trainer I thought I must have her with Rosalina at a moment. when Delacroix_Legion said me he want to open commission I finally asked him to draw this pairing. After all I was sure he have some experience with Rosalina and also Trainer so it was a great opportunity. By the way don’t hesitate to see his gallery if you want more of the trainer (it’s here), you must love it guys… °w°

This commission was a pleasure, Delacroix_Legion regulary sent me a WIP, it was so powerfull see the sketch become a line and finally color an effects comming. Only the sketch was damn exciting, I tried to imagine how can look the final illustration and it’s wasn’t fair because Delacroix_Legion always said he still know how it will look and the result will be amazing… You can be sure we were both really excited.

As you can see the idea was the Trainer giving a little session to Rosalina. Delacroix_Legion drew the Tainer having some ass-training so we decided she will help Rosalina to have a perfect princess ass. She need it if she want to be so powerfull as Peach and she find the perfect teacher… first lesson was a little hard for Rosalina but I’m sure it will be easier (and fun) soon. Perfect princess, perfect trainer and perfect artist. Can’t be better.

Sincerely I really want to work on a series with the Trainer, buying more “fitness sessions” to Rosalina but like my budget not sure this project can see the light, I also wanted to make a little comic with Mi-chan featuring Rosalina, Cynthia and Gardevoir in a hot lingerie party but once again, can’t buy it… that’s the reason I’m looking for sponsor or publicity. I know it’s not the best thing but it can be really helpfull to create more projects… U_u

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Cost: 50$

One year ago: Warcraft – Draenei

#307 – Solo – Armored Rosalina V2.1 (Updated)

princess Rosalina nintendo sexy ecchi armour
Edit June 6th:
Added a new version, Delacroix_Legion made a new drawing line-less adding more hair to Rosalina and some light effect… She’s now really amazing… °w°

For people who follow a little the Nintendo direct or Nintendo news in general, you must know than this year is “Luigi year“. Some games with this character like the amazing Luigi mansion and also a collector 3DS especially for Luigi 30th anniversary will come soon. The 3DS is pretty ugly but I hope the will do “Rosalina year” and if they create mroe products and goodies with her it will be so powerfull… figure, 3Ds or Wii , you can be sure I’ll buy it… XD

Buy the way I also want to make new buttons for projests, I posted this one twitter but just one feedback. What your favourite guys? I need yout feedback.


Today it’s a really special pic by Delacroix_Legion, for people who saw the second video (see it here) I talked about him and also showed the two drawings but now you can see the in HD… And for people who missed the video, in fact Delacroix_Legion drew Rosalina there is more than a year and decided to redo his armored Rosalina adding his new skills.

There is artist who sometime redo an old drawing to show how they increased their level and sincerely the blgo have now more than 2 year so I really wanted to hear an artist come a day saying it was a long time than he drew Rosalina and now it’s not representative of his actual level and he want to redraw it… Now I can show an Old/New with Rosalina, thanks so much Delacroix_Legion… (^o^)/

So two years happened since the first armored Rosalina (see it here). that’s curious find old posts where I wasn’t able to write huge description and also without an error per word but I’m really happy than Delacroix_Legion is still here after all these years and didn’t lost interest to draw Rosalina… ^^

Comparating the two versions, there is a lot of changes with her hair style, she look different like this… If only I can have this character in Tera or Monster hunter… I really want nintendo make a game with Rosalina but like the original character she can’t do a lot of things like this she must be epic as fighter… Just think the old version have an hair style more close to the original character so it’s more easy to reconize Rosalina but interesting details, she’s now more powerfull and her armor cover less of her body… That’s logical in MMO universe ( Delacroix_Legion have experience with Tera by the way)… XD

Don’t hesitate to take a look to Delacroix_Legion profile and gallery (see it here), he drew so much amazin drawings, some really amazing with Elizabeth (don’t like admit they are more powerfull than the one with Rosalina)… Delacroix_Legion, it’s your 4th illustration here, thanks so much for your support and amazing friendship… You are a damn powerfull artist… °w°

Artist: Delacroix Legion / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

#289 – Original character – Reimi

At start an artist is just a name and a gallery with 2-3 drawings (or more if you are late)… Of course you can enjoy the gallery, save your favorites pics in your computer and leave but you are sure to miss something awesome… When you love an artist and his style don’t hesitate to follow him and let a little comment sometimes you can meet new friends and have awesome discutions with them. It’s like this I met Pandaxoxo, Quaraci, Merethide,Tallon (though it’s him who found me), Eromanboy, Delacroix_Legion… It’s really interesting an pleasant to speack with so lovely people from other countries, but not easy to meet them IRL… ^^

About Delacroix_Legion, not sure everybody remember him but he also drew Rosalina twice in the past, a solo armored Rosalina (see it here) than I love so much the design and a yuri pic featuring Rosalina with his OC Melissa. There isn’t a long time than Delacroix_Legion sent me a mail saying he’s really sorry let me wait so much but his new Rosalina will be finish soon… It’s was a nice and also really huge surprise because generaly after the artist draw Rosalina once, I’m not here to ask Rosalina again and again. When I speack you can understand it’s impossible for me don’t talk about Rosalina or my blog but it’s not to incite the artist draw Rosalina again, Im really happy talk about her but the artist do it again it’s must be because he love draw this character and really want to do it, that’s more fair in that way… Oh yeah…

In this drawing you can discover for the first time a new OC from Delacroix_Legion, maybe like her position we don’t see a lot about her I can just say she Reimi, and love really huge dildos, though it’s not a surprise for you. Delacroix_Legion also said “I will draw her when she in pose alone. So you will see her face in soon“… Stay turnet guys… ;p

When I ask to an artist to participate there is one rule: no men… And Delacroix_Legion found how cheat, some artists make Luma cuming but this time it’s clouds from the Mario universe who are here to add the messy touch… I’m little scary by these clouds and Delacroix_Legion said he don’t really like them in Mario games… Be careful guys, they are really dangerous, and damn perverts too… XD

As french I hear who have the reputation never be satisfied so I have to find something wrong and I must admit than Delacroix_Legion did a little error with this drawing I didn’t noticed before the final version, like Rosalina hair style she have hair in front of her right eye and we can’t say it but I’m the expert and didn’t noticed that before so it’s my fault… U_u

Artist: Delacroix Legion / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

Added to wishlist: Kira, Sonya and Sareena from Mortal kombat (see it here)

#029 – OC – Melissa

This time it’s two drawing by Delacroix_Legion, the first was just with Rosalina in a really beautifull and sexy armor… This outfif is really nice… If only we have something like in in Nintendo games…

I hope… No… I’m sure you like it… ^^

This was a Request and I think it was the only but after some days, I discover he make a new Drawing with Rosalina and an other girl… How nice… (^o^)/

So about this drawing, this time Rosalina is with Melissa, an Origial Character by Delacroix_Legion. At start he planned to drawn Rosalina with Peach but finaly it was her… It’s a really good thing because I already have some drawings with Peach and this OC is really cute… A black girls with same Rosalina hairs color, really nice… ^^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion  /  Price: Request