#701 – Sweetie in sweater

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I know some people wont like it but I’m sad it ended with peoples like TheKite that after see only watersport illustration judge the blog and it’s 700 illustrations (701 now). He was asking him if I can use a design he created and that I love so much for my project and he answered ‘after seeing the watersports […] please do not use any of my concepts for your project, ever‘.
There is also really lovely piece as this sweet chibi on the right. The project exist since 5 years, have 700 illustration, only one watersport and his answer is only based on this one. As a friend told me; ‘he’s a close minded moron‘… U_u


The 700th illustration post came earlier to allow me also post quickly this one in time to enjoy the popularity of what they names as ‘virgin killer sweater that I made Delacroix Legion discover about. If you are curious all started from this tweet on the left that quickly come into a crazy meme and many illustration with it appeared on the net. I wasn’t able to get Rosalina wearing neko lingerie when this one goes popular several months ago but thanks to the help of Delacroix Legion here is a sexy but so ravishing Rosalina in virgin killing sweater… I hope you like it guys… \(^o^)/
If you are curious, the popularity of the sweater come from a tweet on January 25th 2017, that quickly gained over 67,000 likes and 56,000 retweets, this one say “This sweater is … erotic. The Virgin-Killing Sweater” and that’s where come from it’s actual name. Anyway this one already made an appearance on June 2016 when a similar open back sweater nicknamed “Sukebe Knit” was tweeted by a Japanese cosplayer, it made some fanarts appear the name didn’t receive much attention. And now if I have to list all models that posed in this sweater I’ll need more than a regular post. But for today that sweater is for Rosalina… °w°
I got many illustrations by Delacroix Legion that you can see here, from naughty hardcore training to ravishing bust and this time he mixed all his cuteness and sexiness power on this piece that suit so nicely to Rosalina. An adorable princess still so pure and innocent with this adorable expression but her perfect body and this sweater don’t miss add a spicy touch. Delacroix Legion also putted her in the water, don’t know if it’s a way cut legs nicely but there is also a wetlook effect he managed and that I love soooo much. The main challenge was make it still visible since it looks really more discrete as in the sketch but ‘in less detail color wet effects looks like cum more than water‘ and that’s why it appear more that way.
More than just a ravishing pin-up, there is two versions that patreons members get both as HD, seem Delacroix Legion played a lot with shadings and you can see it on other illustrations in his gallery (here), maybe a bit too much in fact because you can’t imagine how many edits versions I received before he was finally done and happy with the result. Day version so beautiful and second goes more sweet and sensual where no one can resist to join her with a so perfect body and adorable face looking at us. Also you can consider visit Delacroix Legion‘s profile and why not commission him to enjoy even more of his power from sweet pin-up to hard bestiality piece… Oh yeah… ^__^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / 50$ commission

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