Solo – Pool time

The poll to decide what girl will be with Rosalina on June calendar is now over. It’s Johanna from pokemon who won and it’s now turn to Mavruda to draw it. As if June already started we must let him some time to draw, let see what he will imagine for these two ladies together… ^^

Also, a friend asked me to think about make a new video for the blog, Was a long time since the previous one but not so much things happened… In fact there is two new projects coming  but don’t have anything to show you for the moment… Stay turned…


Let start this new month with a powerfull gift from my friend Engin (Delacroix_Legion). He’s a really amazing guy and talented artists who already drew Rosalina 7th for the blog with gifts or commissions but you can be sure he’s really powerfull. I love the way he draw Rosalina and as if he worked so hard on my commissions to make them perfect I wasn’t able to find great ideas to fit with her style… So useless… T_T

About this illustration, it seem that Delacroix_Legion know I have a huge fetish for messy illustration (adding high heels and lingerie) but when you create a yuri blog nd project, instead of some pussy juice it’s not easy to have something dirty without man. Finally Delacroix_Legion found the perfect way and drew Rosalina enjoying a shower in a cum pool… No man and everything to make her so beautifull as kinky enjoying it… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

I really love Rosalina face, it look really intimate and sensual, it’s a really beautifull detail. For sure it seem Rosalina really love her new pool but she must be carefull or her wand is gonna get lost in there (like Tallon said). Other interesting thing, when Delacroix_Legion publish a new illustration he often link some WIP on the description, it’s a great bonus. Step by step are really interesting and give you an idea about how the artist work.

Finally if you love this illustration and Delacroix_Legion style, just keep in mind that he’s always open for commission and really work hard on them, you can’t imagine how many time he spent on Rosalina and WiiFit Trainer, was impressive. 40$ for a full body and 30$ half body sound fair. Just one thing you must be careful, as me english is not the main language for Delacroix_Legion so make clear descriptions and references are also helpfull but it you let some freedom to Delacroix_Legion you can be sure he will amaze you… You can believe me guys… ^^

Artist: Delacroix_Legion  /  Cost: 40$

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  1. Anonymous

    it must have took you forever to save up that much cum for her lol

    1. Rosalina x Girl

      Eheh… For sure…
      I can do everything for Rosalina, especially if it can end so sexy… °w°


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