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Last day to vote on the poll and choose what lady Mavruda will draw with Roslaina on the next Wallpaper calendar. At start I made the event because no special event about Roslaina on June so not theme for the calendar but I was wrong… Talking with Mavruda to decide what we can do. But don’t worry, Rosalian and the winner will be here for sure on June calendar, nothign canceled or reported.

Yesterday was really calm and no work so I wanted to work on the blog and find new artists but I was sooo lazy… That’s not really powerfull and not like this that I’ll make the blog epic but I’ll never let it die… As long as I’m alive, artists will always hear about the Rosalian x Girl project… Oh yeah…


For this new publication, it’s not a request, not a commission or a gift but a raffle I won from Zepht7. When he started his raffle event I participated for sure because he’s a really amazing artists so can’t ignore it but like his art level an all participants I was sure don’t have a chance… But finally… Finally, When Zepht7 published the result and my name appeared on the comment, how powerfull… (^o^)/

Like Zepht7‘s rules, the winner will receive a pin-up illustration of the lady he want… For sure I didn’t hesitate and asked for Rosalina. As if I won it from HentaiFoundry I asked something more kinky with Rosalina in lingerie and high heels, it’s one of my biggest fetish (but not the only for sure) but for the rest I wanted to let Zepht7 some freedom, after all he will draw it for free so not fair if he can’t enjoy it.

After that I receive the first sketch that you can see on the right, a classic pose (it’s a pinup after all) and beautifull lingerie but Zepht7 also add an excellent idea, let’s quote his mail: “Let’s say she happened to notice your blog on her phone, or if we don’t want technology she could be holding a couple of pictures, and is looking surprised and a little embarrassed at the content“. Love the idea of Rosalina finding the blog and for sure like the content it must be a little special to find this kind of stuff on the internet… You can be sure I say to Zepht7 that his sketch and idea were… Perfect… °w°

As if I won it from a raffle ant it’s finally a promotional picture, Zepht7 didn’t wanted to put the link of the blog on the illustration. After all that’s understandable and he was totally right but when illustrations are share arround the internet, it’s the only way I have people know about the blog and project… Not like it’s a pay site who allow me to add some publicity… And it will never be a paysite because I want everybody to see how Rosalina is a so beautifull and incredible character… And Zepht7 made her gorgeous…

I’m so honored that I won Zepht7, his illustration is so powerfull and for more pieces don’t hesitate to take a look to his gallery (here), so much that you must love and I must admit his WiiFit trainer gif is the best… You can’t miss it guys… Must be stupid to miss it… XD

Artist: Zepht7  /  Cost: 0$ (raffle)

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  1. Anonymous

    That’s so awesome! Love the colors and lines. Makes me want to draw something epic myself, but I’ll have to wait for at least ten weeks before I get back home. I hope I’ll get a level up here so I could draw something nice. :3



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