Pokemon – #354 Mega-Banette

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So for my apologie let me show you an epic illustration for today… Time to get back into something more kinky and increase “Where is my Pokemon?“. Let start with a huge thanks to Lyceana for this excellent illustration. Time for Rosalina to show us her dark side and Lyceana really found a perfect pokemon to suit with her new trainer… Mega Banette is here…

For sure Rosalina look damn beautifull and sexy with Lyceana‘s style but as if I would love to meet her, we must be careful of this kind of trainer. A lovely face for sure but the way her and Banette look at us, I’m not really confident… So sexy as dangerous, these ladies made a damn powerfull trap… A really powerfull trap… °w°

At start I found in Lyceana‘s gallery two illustrations with Eevee and her evolutions as gijinka (on the right). Look epic for sure so I asked her if she can be interested to take part to the project  “Where is my Pokemon?” and she accepted… For sure I was so happy but when she published the final illustration is was so much impressive than I expected… Rosalina look gorgeous with her style and Banette is also amazing… Adding lot of details and beautifull colors you can be sure there is so much worh behind this piece.

About Rosalina, the more important is her hair lock in front of her right eye but after that her hair style really change depending the artist style. Lyceana really kept some details of the original Rosalina and it look excenllent with her style. Including a beautifull (and so sexy) suit, a satanic wand and the make-up… She’s gorgeous…

The Mega banette is also gorgeous, as if she’s a giginka and have a human look and sexy touch,  Lyceana made her close to the original pokemon. The more impressive as me is not her body but face expression. Her little smile isn’t reassuring for sure but lookign at these two ladies you don’t want to run… They are so beautifull…

Really love this illustration, it will be a master piece for the “Where is my Pokemon?” series. Once again thanks so much Lyceana for your kindness and suppot, not fair to be so long to publish your illustration. For now I wonder your opinion abotu this illustration guys, what is your feeling?

Artist: Lyceana  /  Cost: 0$ (request)

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