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For people who already saw the little Frozen comic by Zyvo (first page on the right) and I wonder about continue the story with Rosalina and Elsa. Maybe some romantic touch and more kinky lesbian play, I’m sure Elsa can create some nice toys and show Rosalina how frozen can be powerfull… What you opinion guys? Any remarks or ideas?

Also, your dream by event is close. Was planned for yesterday but was so busy. Now you can’t suggest more ladies to be with Rosalina on the next Wallpaper calendar (here). Now it’s time to vote for your favorite lady using the poll on top right corner… Oh yeah… XD


Another lovely illustration from a Deviantart artist: Kou-Shibasaki. If you take a look t her gallery there is a lot of so beautifull and sometimes more kinky illustrations (her lingerie Elsa is so beautifull) but for this commission I wanted a soft piece and I love the result. AS if Cynthia and Misty are still my fav ladies from pokemon, since X/Y I really love Valerie and commissoined the lovely Kou-Shibasaki to draw her with Rosalina.

Valerie have such a impressive and also complex design, her dress is really beautifull but not easy to use, I always wonder how the can eat or launch pokeball. Her lolita look and outfit are amazing, also have a little fetish for high heels so it’s a great detail but if you look at Valerie fanarts, artists don’t often draw her as full body. It’s the reason I said Kou-Shibasaki that I wanted a true full body for both ladies and be sure we can see Melissa lovely face to her high heels. Like the result I must admit Kou-Shibasaki made an excellent work… (^o^)/

 Love so much this illustration, it’s like a dream who finally come true (but I still have so many in mind)… Kou-Shibasaki drew both ladies so beautifull and adorable, they made a lovely and romantic duo… It seem Rosalina really love Valerie and this sensual touch suggest something more romantic and intimate (a nice sexy touch).Valerie really have a more complex detailed outfit compared to Rosalina’s dress but Kou-Shibasaki made it perfect… She also said “It was so hard to draw, but I feel like I did it well : )“.

If you are curious, don’t hesitate to take a look to Kou-Shibasaki‘s gallery for more illustrations. Some really lovely, other more kinky, I’m sure you will love it. AS you know a little comment is really a powerfull support for artists and if you want more, Kou-Shibasaki also do commissions with really cheap prices. 0.5$ for a character, 0,4$ for additional and for more explicit or background there is extra cost but as me, that’s too much cheap to be fair for Kou-Shibasaki… O_o

Artist: Kou-Shibasaki  /  Cost: 75 D.A. points

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