#425 – Solo – Back from the dark folder


Last day to participate to “your dream by…“, you just have to suggest the girl you want to see with Rosalina on the next calendar by Mavruda, nothing complication so why nobody do it… Well, after all it will be a bigger chance for the actual participants…

Also updates the wishlist, new girls added and Reiko NAGASE from Ridge Racer series is back. I deleted with previous update and finally she’s on May calendar wallpaper. (see it here)… She was on the wishlist since I started the blog but not really famous, that’s so powerfull to finally see her with Rosalina… °w°


Maybe simple but really special illustration today, it’s a coloration commission made by YuumeKoi. The original piece is a sketch I received a year ago and really loved but after that I never heard the artist again. The illustration goes to the “abandoned” folder, so much projects and sketch who will never see the light, you can’t imagine how many artists disappeared or just drop out because lazy or too busy without say anything.

YuumeKoi really have an excellent style and opened commissions saying there is a special price if we can give him an existing sketch or line as reference (like the full body for the same price as an half body). I sent some illustration to YuumeKoi from this abandoned folder and he picked his favorite. I was sure like his style and level that he can make an excellent coloration and finally, the illustration is finished… How powerfull… (^o^)/

The pose was excellent and I love how the Rosalina hair style on the original illustration, same style but really more impressive, a little to much to be realistic but she’s amazing in that way. Also have a little fetish for high heels so you can be sure it was an important detail for me… When YuumeKoi sent me the first WIP it was cut and I said that he must keep Rosalina high heels… Oh yeah… °w°

I really want to suggest you take a look to YuumeKoi‘s profile and enjoy his gallery but… Well.. His account was suspended… Deviantart start be be really annoying with ecchi and hentai artist, not the first artist who lost his account before I publish his illustration here. As YuumeKoi you can be banned for ecchi but if you publish the same kind as photo it’s erotic art and no problem… That’s crazy…U_u

Artist: YuumeKoi  /  Cost: 1.200 D.A. points

One year ago: Rosalina’s Laboratory chapter 2 – Misato check-up
Added to wishlist: 6 girls from Sacred Blacksmith (see it here)

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