#430 – Pokemon – #429 Mismagius

As you noticed or not, I had to slow publications a little, in one hand because I’m really busy for the moment but also because it’s really hard find new artists. Not so much people interested by free requests and my budget for commission never increased. There is still so much amazing people who give an their support working so hard and you can be sure there is some excellent publications are coming soon…. Oh yeah…

So don’t worry guys, it don’t mean the blog will die. Rosalina is always the more beautifull and cutest girl in the world for me so I’ll never stop this project…


Like the list I planned to publish Rosalina and Ryūko Matoi from Kill la Kill. The illustration was made by DaPhatMack during a sketch livestream. As is it’s a rough piece I really love it but the problem is that DaPhatMack didn’t wanted me to publish it on the blog. I thought to do it as secret at start but not cool…

So let move to the next piece of the list and it’s time for a new illustration by the lovely Lunakiri with I started a really powerfull deal so more illustrations are coming and also a speedpainting video (already done, will be added soon). Lunakiri really made an excellent piece for the first commission I asked her and since she said on a journal “I will draw one of EVERY pokemon as a sexy gijinka” I thought it must be a really powerfull opportunity for the project “Where is my pokemon?“.

New pokemon lady with Rosalina, Lunakiri picked Mismagius to use her (kinky) attack attract on Rosalina and it seem it’s Super Effective. It’s a really beautifull and sensual illustration. I always do my best to let more freedom I can to the artist so before Lunakiri send me the first sketch I didn’t have idea about what pokemon will be with Rosalina. Also with 720 existing pokemon it’s not like we can imagine who will be chosen.

This first piece was an excellent surprise, the idea and colores look excellent and Lunakiri putted so much nice details like the hypnotic background, Rosalina eyes or the fact her lipstick have the same color as the Luma… Though I’m a little confused about that point… XD

First illustration by Lunakiri and not the last for sure, if you are curious you can take a look to her Deviantart gallery (here) cause the two next illustration are already done or also commission her yourself. Each month Lunakiri create a new deal and they are freaking interesting… I made a deal for 8 illustration and once it done I’ll start a new one for sure… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

Artist: Lunakiri  /  Cost: Special (Deal)

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