#587 – It's birthday time

Rosalina Nintendo cute adorable
Rosalina’s birthday in November 1st but today it’s time for me to be 1 year old. Must admit it’s not a really optimistic day for me as lot of nice wishes, thanks so much guys. And as if publications come really close for this week, I can’t miss to show you this lovely illustration I received from my friend Delacroix Legion also know as Delacroix_Legion in HentaiFoundry ( it sounds kinda huge and impressive name but his art is so damn incredible)… °o°
After some Really naughty pieces with his OC Melissa or Reimi and WiiFit trainer, a messy cum shower or a damn sexy armored Rosalina (you can all of them here) this time Delacroix Legion sent me a so lovely illustration as birthday present with a so beautifull and adorable Rosalina. After all I don’t consider her beautifull and cutest girl in the world without reason and I’m also addicted to that so cute princess… Thanks so much Delacroix Legion… \(^o^)/
Rosalina looks so pure, sweet and adorable looking at us with this cute smile, Delacroix Legion turn her so ravishing. Must admit I was curious with back hairs, wondering why we don’t see them so much especially like Rosalina hairstyle. In fact Delacroix Legion decided to give her a ponytail as she have in Mario 3D World when she get a fire flower. As if the original hairstyle is my fav I can’t deny she’s pretty cute in that way… °w°

Artist: Delacroix_Legion / Cost: Gift

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