#289 – Original character – Reimi

At start an artist is just a name and a gallery with 2-3 drawings (or more if you are late)… Of course you can enjoy the gallery, save your favorites pics in your computer and leave but you are sure to miss something awesome… When you love an artist and his style don’t hesitate to follow him and let a little comment sometimes you can meet new friends and have awesome discutions with them. It’s like this I met Pandaxoxo, Quaraci, Merethide,Tallon (though it’s him who found me), Eromanboy, Delacroix_Legion… It’s really interesting an pleasant to speack with so lovely people from other countries, but not easy to meet them IRL… ^^

About Delacroix_Legion, not sure everybody remember him but he also drew Rosalina twice in the past, a solo armored Rosalina (see it here) than I love so much the design and a yuri pic featuring Rosalina with his OC Melissa. There isn’t a long time than Delacroix_Legion sent me a mail saying he’s really sorry let me wait so much but his new Rosalina will be finish soon… It’s was a nice and also really huge surprise because generaly after the artist draw Rosalina once, I’m not here to ask Rosalina again and again. When I speack you can understand it’s impossible for me don’t talk about Rosalina or my blog but it’s not to incite the artist draw Rosalina again, Im really happy talk about her but the artist do it again it’s must be because he love draw this character and really want to do it, that’s more fair in that way… Oh yeah…

In this drawing you can discover for the first time a new OC from Delacroix_Legion, maybe like her position we don’t see a lot about her I can just say she Reimi, and love really huge dildos, though it’s not a surprise for you. Delacroix_Legion also said “I will draw her when she in pose alone. So you will see her face in soon“… Stay turnet guys… ;p

When I ask to an artist to participate there is one rule: no men… And Delacroix_Legion found how cheat, some artists make Luma cuming but this time it’s clouds from the Mario universe who are here to add the messy touch… I’m little scary by these clouds and Delacroix_Legion said he don’t really like them in Mario games… Be careful guys, they are really dangerous, and damn perverts too… XD

As french I hear who have the reputation never be satisfied so I have to find something wrong and I must admit than Delacroix_Legion did a little error with this drawing I didn’t noticed before the final version, like Rosalina hair style she have hair in front of her right eye and we can’t say it but I’m the expert and didn’t noticed that before so it’s my fault… U_u

Artist: Delacroix Legion / Cost: 0$ (Gift)

Added to wishlist: Kira, Sonya and Sareena from Mortal kombat (see it here)

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