#290 – Streets of Rage – Blaze

I do my best to post a drawing per two day but don’t worry if there isn’t something new in the blog after 3-4 day it’s maybe because I’m busy but if really there is a problem I’ll say it in the twitter page… And if noting new in the twitter page that mean we are in nuclear war, it’s the only reason I can left the blog… ;p

By the way I want to restart the soft blog (see it here) that mean one publication per day for the two blogs and I must admit I’m not sure I’ll have the time so I think it will be first day for the spam, second for the adult (main) blog publication and third for the soft blog publication… Don’t hesitate add the two blogs to your favorites guys… ^^

Today new drawing and character who meet Rosalina: Blaze from the series Streets of Rage by the awesome artist kojack. Never hear about this series and of course characters so this pairing was an amazing surprise… thanks so much kojack… (^o^)/

kojack have a really amazing gallery so you must take a look if you want more epic drawings. By the way he also accept requests so you can be sure I asked him if Rosalina can pick his interest and he accepted, that’s so powerfull… Don’t hesitate let a little suggestion if you have a great idea in mind but in general artists don’t really like people who ask for a picture without any recognitionor at least watching and faving…

Back to Rosalina, sincerely kojack drew one of the sexiest Rosalina I ever see and also THE more epic face… She’s pretty funny, really hot, just gorgeous… °w°

I love her face expression, she look so happy, so funny, so perverted like the situation and in this pose she’s really exciting… Blaze licking her pussy and this mushroom teasing her ass… I also love these little Luma over Blaze’s head but I’m really curious what kojack really have in main about that, Blaze is hypnotized or something like this? What do you think guys ?

Artist: kojack / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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  1. Skull

    Muaaah, I love this pic!!! 😛


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