#291 – Nintendo – Peach N°20

It was a really busy but great week, the only problem is I’m now really late with the Rosalina x girl blogs, and it’s not only expect to post here but also the comminication (my mailbox is scary)… Now I’m back but I can’t restart everything at the same time. By the way for the new post I used the one is the soft blog (Rosalina and Girl)… You can see how Peach is popular, it’s the 20th illustration of this pairing here… and I wont stop in that way… Oh yeah… XD

 I decided to restart the soft blog and I’m really happy with this decision,It’s so powerfull look at new artists and find really adorable persons, when I created the blog the objective was to show how rosalina is beautifull but I wasn’t really confident to find artists who have some interest to contribute at this project…

Finally I’m happy to say I was wrong and a huge thanks to JessieDreadful for this awesome drawing with the two more famous and beautifull Nintendo girls… Though I think there is more poeple who know Zelda instead of Rosalina but I’ll do my best change that… Oh yeah… ^^

Rosalina and Peach looking at us with these lovely faces are so lovely, it’s like we caught them when she started to have some fun and their dress look amazing. In general artists in hentaifoundry draw rosalina naked but it’s not this case with JessieDreadful and that’s so nice see her original dress come back… finally it will be a little suggestive for the soft blog but I really want to show it, they are so beautifull… °w°

By the way don’t hesitate to take a look to JessieDreadful‘s gallery but be careful, There is a lot of really beautifull drawings like “Little Miss Hara-Kiri” but also some illustration a little more explicit and sometimes guro… Maybe you can hesitate, but I don’t think it’s a great idea… I’m sure you will enjoy the gallery and don’t forget to let a little comment to JessieDreadful, it’s always a great support and the best way if you like an artist and want him to continue publish amazing stuff… ^^

Artist: JessieDreadful / Cost: 0$ (Request)

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