#292 – Original – Random girl N°4

I found a really curious and pretty interesting site: ask.fm… The objective of the site is people come to ask and you answer, that’s simple. The idea is pretty funny but not use to search me, I don’t have account on this site, I think with comments, the chat, twitter or my mail in the main post (jeremie_blanc@yahoo.fr) you can easilly contact me… ;p

Rosalina met a lot of girl but there are often famous characters from mange, video game… and sometimes really cute OCs (Original characters) but there is a third category: Random girls… O_o

This girl don’t have a name, it’s the first and maybe last time she appear and was created by the amazing Temon who accepted contribute to the project. It was a really nice surprise because he have a great style but if you take a look at Temon’s gallery (here) there isn’t a lot of yuri pics. In fact it’s the only… XD

Temon have a really interesting style because he don’t have Oc so for each publication he drew a new girl so you can’t expect something, each drawing is a surprise and it was the case with Rosalina. I didn’t have any idea of what Temon had in mind for Rosalina but I was sure it will be epic.

I have a lot of fetishs and I love this girl licking Rosalina neck… for the commission with Rosalina, Hinata and Temari (see it here), I asked to Reit if he can draw Temari licking Rosalina neck and Rosalina with a more expressive face but he said than it wont be great on the final drawing so I’m really happy than Temon drew Rosalina in this situation, that’s so powerfull… (^o^)/

Thanks again for your kindness and this amazing pic Temon, I hope draw Rosalina was fun… ^^

Artist: Temon / Cost: 0$ (Request)


  1. Eromanboy

    Really nice drawing. Love the pose. I actually thought of not having OCs too, because of how many OCs I always plan. However, I decided to stick with the OCs, because then the characters have some depth or how should I put it. xD

  2. L2

    Jolie petite image, assez soft ^^.
    Sinon, je voulais te dire que j’avais fini mon quatrième chapitre, j’espère avoir tes impressions, et puis il y a quelqu’un qui m’a très gentillement aidé sur la traduction en Anglais. Je pense que ça doit maintenant être beaucoup plus fluide et facile à lire, si tu as le temps ça serait bien que tu me dises ce que tu en penses aussi. =)


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