#073 – Cute kitty princess

Can’t wait to try the Rosalina outfit for Mii on Mario kart. Since I do Rosalina crossplay (photo on information page) it will be fun to have my Mii with Rosalina suit… Also it will be really powerfull in one hand cause everybody will be able to enjoy her on the game. Rosalina as heavy pilot, baby Rosalina as light and now for medium we have the Mii. Love the idea make ther hair lock on the helmet, give a cool look… °w°

Spring is her so it mean more con to wear my cosplay, you can be sure it sound powerfull. About videos (here) for the moment I don’t plan make a new one. Only a few people watch them and they don’t seem to be really usefull or effective so must focus on other projects for the moment.


Today a really sweet and cute illustration I received from xkalibolg who drew a cute Neko Rosalina inspired by her catgirl suit form Mario 3D World and the result is sooo beautifull. Rosalina is the adoptive mother of Luma who are baby galaxies so they need some attention and are really playfull too. For sure Rosalina is the cutest but can’t deny xkalibolg made Lumas look so adorable too, how to resist give a hug to those littles stars… °w°

Colors are beautifull and so much great details, I especially really love Rosalina’s suit xkalibolg made, as you can see with screen on the right, Rosalina have her head covered and only see her face but her it’s really more powerfull, really more cute like this and those cat ears are a nice touch, She’s so sweet, want to give her a hug. Also other surprising point, as you can see Rosalina have two tails but it’s an error from xkalibolg who said ‘I don’t know either why I draw her 2 tail‘. At last I’m sure Lumas love it…

Once again, thansk so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration xkalibolg, I hope you also like it guys and if you want to see more just don’t hesitate to take a look to xkalibolg’s gallery (here) for more pretty illustration but be sure some are more crazy or a little pervert too.

Artist: xkalibolg / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#072 – New form and new friend

Two close publications, now I’ll work of the page for “Where is my pokemon?” project to find a nice design and code easy to manage adding new posts. Also, with 721 pokemons existing (without mega evolution), the page must be sooo huge if I complete the pokedex a day… O_o

Also must change the blog background and put edits widgets on the right for something better.


After Alycia showed me the lovely panda dress Rosalina, she told me to wait until she scan it and give me a HD version. She published it on my facebook page and I was so excited, writing a message to give her a huge thanks but I scrolled by accident and another post appeared, she made me a surprised and published another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel from the disney movie “the little mermaid“. It was so powerfull and unexpected… °o°

First time I receive Rosalina as mermaid and Alycia‘s illustration is so lovely as if I must admit I’m kinda confused see Rosalina as mermaid. As if I always ask for Rosalina, each artist have his own style and way to see/draw her so she’s always different sometimes more realistic, crazy or original.

In fact, Alycia asked me if I already received Rosalina and Ariel together but no time to answer that the illustration was already done, she damn fast guys so be careful and reactive with her. About Rosalina, I must admit she look wonderfull. Damn beautifull and her expression make her more adorable and innocent as if there is also a sexy part since don’t wear bra compared to Ariel. Nothing really explicit with hair covering her breasts (love this detail), finally the mix into cuteness and sexiness make a powerfull combo, Alycia really did an amazing job.

I also wonder what Rosalina have in her hand (must ask to Alycia about this point). Ariel look great, beautifull and expressive, this time she found a new friend to play with, she look so happy and dynamic for the moment and for sure must be amazed once Rosalina will tell her some awesome stories about the galaxy. In fact the only negative point is seeing Rosalina as mermaid remember me a guys addicted to this lovely princess but considering Rosalina as his own property (that bastard). He had a huge fetish for mermaid and asked lot of illustration with him and Rosalina. Now he disappeared from the internet and what happened is not Alycia fault so I can just say she made a marvelous piece. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Artist: Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#071 – Rosalina and panda fusion

I have in mind to create a project on the blog named “Where is my Pokemon?”, the idea is to pair Rosalina with pokemon girls but not in their original form. They must be humanized (Anthro or human form) or as Gijinka (girl wearing a pokemon costum). Artist are free to draw the Pokegirl they want so surprise must come… I hope… XD

As example I already have three illustrations who can work for this project, one with Meloetta (here) and two with Sylveon (1st here) and (2nd here). Mow must create a page to regroup them and have more lovely pokemons with Rosalina. What your opinion?


Now while I’m working on this new page time to enjoy an illustration I received for a lovely and kinda talented French friend Alycia, she don’t want be believe it but compared to my level she’s damn powerfull and she also have the ability to draw Rosalina… Alycia is a goddess… °o°

Explain this illustration will be simple, Alycia is addicted to pandas as me with Rosalina (thought she’s not so crazy as me) and proposed me to draw Rosalina, was a powerfull offer for sure and can’t resist. She decided to mix our two passions and drew Rosalina with a panda dress. Finally she’s not really dressed as panda like I expected but Alycia made a nice and so lovely combo. Love the result.

In fact I must admit there is a little error on this illustration, like Rosalina hairstyle the must have an hair lock hiding her right eye and it don’t happen here but not like Alycia completely forgot it cause the lock is here, just don’t cover her eye but it’s a small error like artist who put it on the wrong side cause they missed that detail or no choice if don’t want the hair lock to hide Rosalina’s face.

For the moment Alycia don’t have a profile on some artistic place like Deviantart but I hope she will continue draw and create a nice gallery a day. For the moment you can still add her as friend on facebook and give her some friendly support. Last thing, Alycia gave me the honor to draw another illustration with Rosalina and Ariel so stay turned… °w°

Artist: Alycia / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#070 – Harmonie in the sky

I just found a job starting on sunday until April, will be really better for my financial situation (not sure about my health) but the main problem is that I’ll lost internet for this period out of my town. I’ll live in collocation with a friend who accepted let me use her laptop a little so I’ll be able to continue update the blog but nothing more so wont be really active for a moment.

I’ll do my best to answer to mails and messages but no time looking for artists interested to take part to my project, not good… Just don’t worry if updated getting slow, I’ll be back on April for sure…


Soft illustration this time. I won Khaneety‘s kiriban. If you take a look at her gallery you can see that she’s really into Final Fantasy characters so I wasn’t sure Rosalina will sound fun for her. For sure I tried to suggest my favorite princess and the result is so much powerfull than I expected… Khaneety made a so beautifull and lovely Rosalina floating in the sky… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

Khaneety is a really adorable and kind French lady, at start I wanted to make the post in french because at start I write it as honor for the artist but I want to be sure everybody can read it (as if if don’t happen often). Khaneety also make efforts to write in english so don’t hesitate to take a look to her Deviantart profile (here) and gallery (here) if you are curious. As always a little comment is a great support  to show the artist you love his art and what him to continue… Oh yeah…

Back to Rosalina, this is really one of the cutest I ever see, lovely face and nice pose (though her crow have a curious position) but the more impressive is really how Khaneety drew the dress. It look amazing, so beautifull and excellent shading effects. There is really so much work behind this illustration and not only during the drawing process. Khaneety never heard about Rosalina before but she really made a perfect Rosalina, not so much artist think about Lumas or draw the true crown design… The dress is a little different from the original but I must admit I love this version sooo much… This is a really impressive illustration… °w°

If you want an illustration from Khaneety, you can try to win her next kiriban (at 15.000), as you can see you will have an impressive illustration but if you can’t way and want to support Khaneety you can also commission her. 6$ for a chibi, 10$ for a bust and 20$ for a full body (colored of course), like Khaneety‘s style and all efforts she put on each illustration it’s a really nice deal. At start she’s more into F.F. characters but refereeing to this Rosalina illustration, she wont have problem with new characters… Commisions info here

Artist: Khaneety / Cost: 0$ (kiriban)

#069 – [Speedpainting] Lumas love candies

Wish you so much fun and pleasure for this new year, for sure it can’t be perfect
(that sounds impossible) but let’s try to make it fun and cool… Oh yeah… ^^

Finally the Rosalina amiibo is open to preorder, you can be sure I ordered two figures (on to open, the other who will keep her box but I must admit I’m kinda scary. I ordered a Zelda amiibo on December and they wasn’t able to keep one in a corner for me and I’m still waiting for it since 3 weeks so I hope they wont have this problem with the Rosalina one but you can be sure I’ll do my best to have one (or more)… °w°

Also, I want to make a little collection with a Rosalina amiibo from each country, my biggest problem for the moment is to have one from Japan but can’t order one due to taxes, if you know someone from Japan.


After amazed me with her Rosalina x Gaige (borderlands) illustration, I wanted to come again with something made by the so lovely and talented Suika for the blog. It’s finally on a Rosalina group on deviantart that I found the idea, they are holding a little contest with Christmas theme and since the group is dedicated to my favorite princess. With the help of Suika, I wanted to make the contest and group look more active and at the same time show how Rosalina is a wonderfull lady to deviantart community.

It’s a soft group and mean must be a soft illustration so can sound surprising I chosen an hentai artist but Suika made so lovely and funny pieces accepting my request… (^o^)/

The idea was Rosalina giving some candy canes to her lovely and adorable Lumas, dressed as santa for sure. Ask you can see Suika made an adorable illustration (as expected) and now it really deserve a nice place to the Rosalina-club‘s contest. At start the admin wanted to make a pool and everybody can vote for his favorite but in this case it’s more a popularity contest and skill don’t count so that’s not fair. I talked about that with the admin and it will be changed to a Jury, wont have to spam here on on Suika side to ask people to vote and we really have a chance to win…

As for her previous illustration, I asked Suika if she accept to record while drawing and turn it into a speedpainting, she also accepted (so kind) and you can enjoy the result on Speedpainting page (here) or just click on the illustration on the left. It’s really interesting to see how the artist work on an illustration and it also add some interesting details or littles stories to the illustration.

As example, at start Suika drew all Lumas on the floor, it can work like the one running on Smash Bros. video announcing Rosalina but referring to Mario Galaxy in fact Luma levitate. She fixed that point an simply moved Lumas and edited Rosalina’s arm but looking at the speedpainting (here) you will see what happened to the cute Luma close to get his candy. It’s not like Suika just edited the piece for a first version but created a story between both version and make it alive… Love it… ^__^

Artist: Suika / Cost: 18$ (+ speedpainting)

#068 – Meloetta Selfy

I know there isn”t so much updates here but always some visits, thanks so much for people stopping here but sincerely don’t hesitate to let a little comment as if it’s as anonymous to give me your opinion and show me I have a reason make this blog alive as it deserves… Oh yeah… ^^

So much work on December and christmas wont help to have some free time. So hard to find present for the family especially when you don’t see some people really often… But I can do it and hope christmas presents wont give you to mush problems too guys…


I’m so excited about this Nintendo Direct but before it I have some time to prepare the new post and show you a new illustration drew by the lovely JHTriune who accepted to contribute to the blog and finally made a new illustration for the little pokemon project… A new pokemon join Rosalina, how powerfull… (^o^)/

JHTriune didn’t chosen a famous or classic pokemon but a really lovely legendary one (don’t know how we can caught it btw). It’s the beautifull Meloetta from the 5th generation of pokemon (#648). I also really love JHTriune‘s idea. when you find a new pokemon it appear on your pokedex but it must be really powerfull to pick the photo yourself and make a little memory, must be fun to have custom photos on our pokedex…

Just so bad we don’t see more Meloetta but I love the idea. It’s a really lovely picture. Thanks so much for your kindness and this beautifull piece JHTriune. Now if you want more, don’t hesitate to take a look to JHTriune‘s profile and gallery for more illustration and impressive ladies. He drew an amazing Chun-Li btw… °w°

Last detail, JHTriune do commission, you can find his pricelist on his profile but he regularly open commission so keep an eye on it and maybe, I’m sure a little comment can be really powerfull, artists really need our feedback and support if you want them to stay amazing and continue draw.

Artist: JHTriunes / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#066-067 – Rosalina have now 7 years (of existence)

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2014

AS if she don’t officially have a birthday date, the first time Rosalina appeared to the world was in November 1st 2007 when Mario Galaxy was available in Japan. I consider this date as her birthday and seem I’m not the only due to some other artists on Deviantart who made celebrations illustrations at the same time.

Now let me show you the coll pieces I received, they are just listed in order I received them so no preference in the order… After all I love all of them and thanks sooo much to all artists who helped me make a powerfull post to celebrate this event… °w°


Second illustration is from Mavruda and may be the soft version of November calendar. s for the smash bros. illustration, this illustration is not girl only so special an the blog but sincerely, Mavruda made is so powerfull that I don’t care. I love this illustration and the way he draw Rosalina. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

As me, this one is the cutest Rosalina Mavruda ever drew. She look so lovely, so adorable, so happy, that expression is so cute. I wish her a wonderfull birthday and looking at this drawing I’m sure it will happen. Everybody have a cool present (I wonder what inside Bowser one btw). Also love the way Mavruda drew other characters, she look nice and kinda funny with his style. Will be a really cool birthday party, but I can’t be here… Bwaaaa… T_T


Another soft and lovely illustration made by my (ex) friend Shao-pix. Just keep in mind that he bought a tablet and started to draw there is less than a month so he still have to practice a lot but it’s an excellent start. I love this illustration because as if it’s really simple without so much details or shading he made Rosalina so expressive. That’s surprised expression make her soooo cute. Love that point… °w°

It’s the second time Shao-pix draw Rosalina (you can see the other one here). He also made a lovely Miku (here) and some illustration who show he really need to practice anatomy but it’s a great start and let see what he will be able to create in some months… Oh yeah… ^^

I think this one is the last for Rosalina’s birthday, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration Shao-pix.

#065 – Solo – What a lovely smile

Damn, this illustration is in my folder since my birthday (was a beautifull gift) and forgot to post it. I just created a excel file to list all illustrations I received to be sure wont miss to publih them now.

Also working on a smash bros video but I have some troubles with white screen. Must have a perfect light and so hard to have something without shadow or the record is useless. Need more materiel but can’t buy anything for the moment.


A little birthday gift from my friend OmniMaid who drew this sooo lovely and adorable Rosalina. He gave me the honnor to participate to the blog several times and this little piece was an amazing surprise… HE just made a little error with the link forgetting to add “blogspot” but that’s nothing important. Just thanks so much for your kindness and amazing frendship OmniMaid… (^o^)/

For people who don’t know about OmniMaid, his old name was “Eromanboy” (yeah, that sound kinda pervert). I decided to restart with a new name so just search with the now one on google to find more place to enjoy his drawing and music skill. You can be sure he’s really talented wih both… Still have his song he made for me last year… Love it so much… °w°

And last thing. I think to start a raffle on the blog named “Your dream by…”. The idea is everybody is free to suggest a idea involving Rosalina (of course) and the girl you want, doing what you want. at the end the artist will pick his favorite idea and draw it. One selection by the artist and to be more fair maybe a second piece selected randomly. what do you think? Want to participate?

Artist: OmniMaid / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#064 – Solo – Sadness Rosalina

Ok… Ok… Not so much updates here but I’m really budy looking for a job and you can be sure my love with Rosalina will never die and it must be the same for the blog. Sincerely I don’t have so much time and also troubles to find artists. Maybe because crisis they are more into commissions than requests or suggestions… U_u


I learned a new word recently; it’s “kinky” but as you can see it wont be really helpfull for today publication. this so adorable and sad Rosalina was made as request by Yuri4US. Thanks so much for your kindness and this lovely piece, she look so cute and innocent… °w°

I really love this illustration for two reason. The first is that Yuri4US made an beautifull Rosalina, so pure and innocent as the true Nintendo princess that I fall in love since the first time I saw her. After all she don’t need to be naked with open legs to be gorgeous but so bad Yuri4US drew her to look so sad. I only want to come and give her a HUGE hug and lot of tenderness.

The other reason I love this piece is that it’s traditional art. As if it don’t look so powerfull as digital illustrations just think that when you draw a traditional piece like Yuri4US, you don’t have ctrl-z so you must do it great at first and it need great power. At the end there is also an illustration that nobody will be able to copy/paste… the true drawing… Want it… °w°

Now if you are curious to see more illustration from Yuri4US don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart profile (here) and if you prefer more “kinky” there is some pervert and sexy ladies waiting for you in his gallery… Now I’m sure you are more interested… XD

Artist: Yuri4US / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#063 – Pokemon – Kimono sylveon

I had a bad kneecap slipping and I can’t do anything now. Lucky I was able to go back to home after it happened but now can move leg and walk… Shops will be all close for two days so don’t have crutches…Now I’m at home and can’t move so no reason make an update on the blog… ~__^

Also thanks to Sandro for his screen, Now I know that the blog look the same on PC and tablet, that’s a good new and feel free to use your to visit the blog guys… ^^


Today a lovely illustration commissioned by Tallon to the amazing izka-197. I found her gallery because a lovely Kimono eevee (on the right). I think it’s because this so adorable gijinka that I wanted to pair Rosalina with some pokemon ladies, but the first girl I wanted to pair with Roslaina was an Eevee. Maybe this drawing by izka-197 is the main reason…

In fact I was never able to commission her, my budget was always kinda dead but she drew some Rosalina illustrations for the blog, all commission by Tallon who contributed so much to the blog, he’s so powerfull… so after a lovely Rosalina (here) and cute duo with me for my birthday (here), Tallon commissioned izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dram who become true… (^o^)/

First time I see Rosalina wearing a kimono and I must admit it suit amazing on her. Izka-197 did an excelelnt job with this illustration, each kimoni having some details in reference to the orignal character. I also love Rosalina face, this expression make her so adorable, she seem to really love this new outfit and I must admit it look perfect on Rosalina… I hope you like it too guys… °w°

Don’t hesitate to take a look to izka-197‘s profile and gallery, so much damn beautifull and adorable pieces. There is a lot of pokemon ladies I love and she also drew some cute chibis, cynthia is my fav, sooo cute… It seem that Tallon often commissioned izka-197 and you will find some pieces of his ladies, the last one featuring Tess, willow and angel with some lovely kittens… °w°

Artist: izka-197 / Cost: ??? (gift)

#062 – Austin power – Fook-Mi & Fook-Yu

Due to the lack of visits and comments I wasn’t into regular update the blog but after all I must keep it alive, as honour for Rosalina and all artists who participated. Don’t have so much projects for the blog that I can start quicky, maybe a cosplay page of me with my Rosalina cosplay with other ladies I meet during con but it must be kinka scary…

After all I don’t do cosplay, I do crossplay… XD


Today a soft illustration by XxPurpleKissxX who had the kindness to participate to the project and pair Rosalina with two powerfull ladies, Fook-Mi and Fook-Yu from the movie Austin power. With these names I’m sure you can imagine this film is reall special, More funny than Mister bean and for sure, more crasy… If you never hear about Austin Power it’s like a James bond parody, just take a look at the series and you will understand… XD

I really love XxPurpleKissxX illustration. I expected artists to only pick one of the two ladies for a duo with Rosalina but finally both are here for a powerfull trio. Also refering to the movie, it’s not porn but quite explicit in general but XxPurpleKissxX really make them looking so beautifull and adorable. It’s like they are two lovely fans asking Rosalina if they can pick a photo with her… They are so lucky… U_u

Cindy Fook “Mi” and Sally Fook “Yu” were two Japanese twins at Austin’s Pad after his knighting at Buckingham Palace. but instead of a long description just see the extract of the movie:

Once agai, thanks so much for this beautifull illustration XxPurpleKissxX and really sorry for the long time to publish it. Btw, don’t hesitate to visit her deviantart gallery (here), so much amazing and also surprising illustrations… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: XxPurpleKissxX / Cost: 0$ (Request)

More innocent than Rosalina… Baby Rosalina…. (^o^)/

April 30th – Nintendo Direct about Mario kart
New characters announced – Baby Rosalina join the party

Nintendo made a new announcement video and at start announced it will be a little different than usual, for sure it was different and kinda weird (they used like a vocaloid for French voice, nothing expressive and the result was perfect for a headache).

But something epic during this livetream, After Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach or Daisy there is now Baby Rosalina… Since the Wii version Rosalina is a heavy character and have same stats as bowser cause she’s Taller than Peach and Daisy (Mario too for sure) but now you have a way to play her as light character… For sure the true Rosalina is still my fav but this new was sooo powerfull… She’s so adorable… Awwww… °w°

#061 – Original – Tsuki

Last illustrations wont change a lot on the blog and are kinda soft like this new illustration with Rosalina and Tsuki made by the amazing N8-11… I agree he have a special name but it’s so curious as he’s talented. So beautifull and sometimes pretty kinky ladies in his gallery, I’m so happy he accepted my request and participate to the blog… Thanks so much for your kindness N8-11… (^o^)/

For people who never heared about Tsuki that’s normal, she’s N8-11‘s original character and you must admit she’s also sooo lovely. When I created the blog and made the wishlist the objective was to pair Rosalina with famous characters to be sure so many people will find Rosalina looking at fanarts of these girls. But after all, there is so much adorable and gorgeous original ladies, that’s always powerfull to discover them and also when they meet Rosalina… Oh yeah…

I love so much this illustration, Rosalina and Tsuki are sooo adorable and the fact N8-11 colored it was a powerfull surprise. Tsuki is really beautifull, so cute and adorable with this embarassed face. Like the sketch on the bottom, at start I expected her tohave the same dress than Rosalina like a crossdressing but N8-11‘s idea is much better. Tsuki look like a Shadow Rosalina, still so lovely and adorable as the original… °w°

If you take a look to N8-11‘s gallery, you will see a lot of sketch or line illustration so I thought I will receive be a black and white drawing but there is finally a colored version and the result is amazing. If there is an illustration from N8-11 that you love so much and really want him to color it don’t hesitate to let a nice comment. Great comments and feedback are always a powerfull support and motivation for artists. Never forget that guys.

Last thing, I’m sure you noticed that it’s not a digital but N8-11 made traditionnal pic. This kind of art is really more complex than digital, like the title of an Evangelion OAV; “You can not Redo” and also at the end you have a true illustration that nobody can copy/paste… I must ask to N8-11 if he can send me the original… I’ll pay postal fee of course… ^^

Artist: N8-11 / Cost: 0$ (request)

#060 – Solo – Red Chinese dress

I know the blog dont look so much active but you can be sure my love for Rosalin anever ended and it’s the same thing for the Rosalina & girl project. Just need to find more artist and also time for publications. English is not my main language and as if the blog is a powerfull way to increase my level make a post like this one is sooo long. Adding the fact I only work with Html because blogger generate me weird codes and after that it’s so much time to clean and change it.

Also may think about the wishlist, it’s now kinda huge but I’m sure there is still so much beautifull ladies who deserves to be added. I’ll prepare a little list and make a huge update for next post… Albeit, adding girls is great but after that I will have to find artists to draw them… not the same thing… XD


It’s not because Chinese new year is over that we can’t give a beautifull chinese dress to Rosalina. This beautifull illustration made by Ediiee who had the kindness to participate to the project with a so cute and adorable Rosalina… she’s so beautifull and her shy face really add a lovely innocent touch.

I also love chinese dress, it’s a particular design but really beautifull kind of clothes. As me it make ladies so sensual and of course if you make it short like Ediiee did, it also add a little sexy touch but I’m sure it wont be a problem for you guys. The mix into sexiness and cuteness is always a really powerfull combo and the result is impressive. Thanks sooo much Ediiee… (^o^)/

Ediiee also did an excellent job with colors, as if Rosalina’s original dress ifs blue I must admit red clothes suit really nice on her. Albeit I really prefer this one to the fire suit she have on Mario 3D world, I also love so much this color as if I don’t like blood… Do you think it’s surprising?

Once again, thanks so much Ediiee, I know an illustration really need so much time and efforts so like the result you can be sure he worked so much on this piece. Just hope it was fun to do… Also, if you want more lovely and pretty sexy ladies don’t hesitate to visit Ediiee’s gallery (here) and why not let a little comment. As if it’s short you can be sure it’s always a powerfull support for artists and they really deserve it… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ediiee / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#059 – Pokemon – Valerie and Sylveon

I saw captain Harlock movie. For battleship lover it’s a really nice movie and the quality is amazing. If you consider it’s the same compagny who produce One Piece anime it’s a great surprise. The only bad point is abotu the story, for people who already know the old anime it’s ompletly different and if fact this movie is more here to show battles than an interesting story… So bad. U_u

The movie is beautifull with some touchs of fanservice (just a little) but you can be sure there is gorgeous. Only 3 ladies in this movie but all will join the wishlist and I hope a day they will meet Rosalina… ^^


Now a little commission, I asked Dan to pair Rosalina with a gijinka Sylveon (it’s Eevee fairy evolution) and my favorite trainer in pokemon X/Y: Valerie. I love so much her design and dress. She also have high heels and you can be sure it’s one of my biggest fetish. So bad Dsan didn’t drew them but we must admit he did a great job… ^^

I found Dsan on Hentaifoundry after he published an illustration of his OC Amethyst that I really love and asked him if he accept requests or commissions, At start I really wanted to ask Rosalina and Amethyst but we finally talked about a trio and you can see how it ended… I suggested Rosalina with Valerie and it’s Dsan who choosed Sylveon.

Artist: Dsan / Cost: 60$ (30$ x 2)

Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Space Pirate Captain Harlock (see it here)