#068 – Meloetta Selfy

I know there isn”t so much updates here but always some visits, thanks so much for people stopping here but sincerely don’t hesitate to let a little comment as if it’s as anonymous to give me your opinion and show me I have a reason make this blog alive as it deserves… Oh yeah… ^^

So much work on December and christmas wont help to have some free time. So hard to find present for the family especially when you don’t see some people really often… But I can do it and hope christmas presents wont give you to mush problems too guys…


I’m so excited about this Nintendo Direct but before it I have some time to prepare the new post and show you a new illustration drew by the lovely JHTriune who accepted to contribute to the blog and finally made a new illustration for the little pokemon project… A new pokemon join Rosalina, how powerfull… (^o^)/

JHTriune didn’t chosen a famous or classic pokemon but a really lovely legendary one (don’t know how we can caught it btw). It’s the beautifull Meloetta from the 5th generation of pokemon (#648). I also really love JHTriune‘s idea. when you find a new pokemon it appear on your pokedex but it must be really powerfull to pick the photo yourself and make a little memory, must be fun to have custom photos on our pokedex…

Just so bad we don’t see more Meloetta but I love the idea. It’s a really lovely picture. Thanks so much for your kindness and this beautifull piece JHTriune. Now if you want more, don’t hesitate to take a look to JHTriune‘s profile and gallery for more illustration and impressive ladies. He drew an amazing Chun-Li btw… °w°

Last detail, JHTriune do commission, you can find his pricelist on his profile but he regularly open commission so keep an eye on it and maybe, I’m sure a little comment can be really powerfull, artists really need our feedback and support if you want them to stay amazing and continue draw.

Artist: JHTriunes / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#066-067 – Rosalina have now 7 years (of existence)

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2014

AS if she don’t officially have a birthday date, the first time Rosalina appeared to the world was in November 1st 2007 when Mario Galaxy was available in Japan. I consider this date as her birthday and seem I’m not the only due to some other artists on Deviantart who made celebrations illustrations at the same time.

Now let me show you the coll pieces I received, they are just listed in order I received them so no preference in the order… After all I love all of them and thanks sooo much to all artists who helped me make a powerfull post to celebrate this event… °w°


Second illustration is from Mavruda and may be the soft version of November calendar. s for the smash bros. illustration, this illustration is not girl only so special an the blog but sincerely, Mavruda made is so powerfull that I don’t care. I love this illustration and the way he draw Rosalina. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

As me, this one is the cutest Rosalina Mavruda ever drew. She look so lovely, so adorable, so happy, that expression is so cute. I wish her a wonderfull birthday and looking at this drawing I’m sure it will happen. Everybody have a cool present (I wonder what inside Bowser one btw). Also love the way Mavruda drew other characters, she look nice and kinda funny with his style. Will be a really cool birthday party, but I can’t be here… Bwaaaa… T_T


Another soft and lovely illustration made by my (ex) friend Shao-pix. Just keep in mind that he bought a tablet and started to draw there is less than a month so he still have to practice a lot but it’s an excellent start. I love this illustration because as if it’s really simple without so much details or shading he made Rosalina so expressive. That’s surprised expression make her soooo cute. Love that point… °w°

It’s the second time Shao-pix draw Rosalina (you can see the other one here). He also made a lovely Miku (here) and some illustration who show he really need to practice anatomy but it’s a great start and let see what he will be able to create in some months… Oh yeah… ^^

I think this one is the last for Rosalina’s birthday, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration Shao-pix.

#065 – Solo – What a lovely smile

Damn, this illustration is in my folder since my birthday (was a beautifull gift) and forgot to post it. I just created a excel file to list all illustrations I received to be sure wont miss to publih them now.

Also working on a smash bros video but I have some troubles with white screen. Must have a perfect light and so hard to have something without shadow or the record is useless. Need more materiel but can’t buy anything for the moment.


A little birthday gift from my friend OmniMaid who drew this sooo lovely and adorable Rosalina. He gave me the honnor to participate to the blog several times and this little piece was an amazing surprise… HE just made a little error with the link forgetting to add “blogspot” but that’s nothing important. Just thanks so much for your kindness and amazing frendship OmniMaid… (^o^)/

For people who don’t know about OmniMaid, his old name was “Eromanboy” (yeah, that sound kinda pervert). I decided to restart with a new name so just search with the now one on google to find more place to enjoy his drawing and music skill. You can be sure he’s really talented wih both… Still have his song he made for me last year… Love it so much… °w°

And last thing. I think to start a raffle on the blog named “Your dream by…”. The idea is everybody is free to suggest a idea involving Rosalina (of course) and the girl you want, doing what you want. at the end the artist will pick his favorite idea and draw it. One selection by the artist and to be more fair maybe a second piece selected randomly. what do you think? Want to participate?

Artist: OmniMaid / Cost: 0$ (gift)

#064 – Solo – Sadness Rosalina

Ok… Ok… Not so much updates here but I’m really budy looking for a job and you can be sure my love with Rosalina will never die and it must be the same for the blog. Sincerely I don’t have so much time and also troubles to find artists. Maybe because crisis they are more into commissions than requests or suggestions… U_u


I learned a new word recently; it’s “kinky” but as you can see it wont be really helpfull for today publication. this so adorable and sad Rosalina was made as request by Yuri4US. Thanks so much for your kindness and this lovely piece, she look so cute and innocent… °w°

I really love this illustration for two reason. The first is that Yuri4US made an beautifull Rosalina, so pure and innocent as the true Nintendo princess that I fall in love since the first time I saw her. After all she don’t need to be naked with open legs to be gorgeous but so bad Yuri4US drew her to look so sad. I only want to come and give her a HUGE hug and lot of tenderness.

The other reason I love this piece is that it’s traditional art. As if it don’t look so powerfull as digital illustrations just think that when you draw a traditional piece like Yuri4US, you don’t have ctrl-z so you must do it great at first and it need great power. At the end there is also an illustration that nobody will be able to copy/paste… the true drawing… Want it… °w°

Now if you are curious to see more illustration from Yuri4US don’t hesitate to take a look to his deviantart profile (here) and if you prefer more “kinky” there is some pervert and sexy ladies waiting for you in his gallery… Now I’m sure you are more interested… XD

Artist: Yuri4US / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#063 – Pokemon – Kimono sylveon

I had a bad kneecap slipping and I can’t do anything now. Lucky I was able to go back to home after it happened but now can move leg and walk… Shops will be all close for two days so don’t have crutches…Now I’m at home and can’t move so no reason make an update on the blog… ~__^

Also thanks to Sandro for his screen, Now I know that the blog look the same on PC and tablet, that’s a good new and feel free to use your to visit the blog guys… ^^


Today a lovely illustration commissioned by Tallon to the amazing izka-197. I found her gallery because a lovely Kimono eevee (on the right). I think it’s because this so adorable gijinka that I wanted to pair Rosalina with some pokemon ladies, but the first girl I wanted to pair with Roslaina was an Eevee. Maybe this drawing by izka-197 is the main reason…

In fact I was never able to commission her, my budget was always kinda dead but she drew some Rosalina illustrations for the blog, all commission by Tallon who contributed so much to the blog, he’s so powerfull… so after a lovely Rosalina (here) and cute duo with me for my birthday (here), Tallon commissioned izka-197 to pair Rosalina with a gijinka sylveon, both wearing a kimono… It’s like a dram who become true… (^o^)/

First time I see Rosalina wearing a kimono and I must admit it suit amazing on her. Izka-197 did an excelelnt job with this illustration, each kimoni having some details in reference to the orignal character. I also love Rosalina face, this expression make her so adorable, she seem to really love this new outfit and I must admit it look perfect on Rosalina… I hope you like it too guys… °w°

Don’t hesitate to take a look to izka-197‘s profile and gallery, so much damn beautifull and adorable pieces. There is a lot of pokemon ladies I love and she also drew some cute chibis, cynthia is my fav, sooo cute… It seem that Tallon often commissioned izka-197 and you will find some pieces of his ladies, the last one featuring Tess, willow and angel with some lovely kittens… °w°

Artist: izka-197 / Cost: ??? (gift)

#062 – Austin power – Fook-Mi & Fook-Yu

Due to the lack of visits and comments I wasn’t into regular update the blog but after all I must keep it alive, as honour for Rosalina and all artists who participated. Don’t have so much projects for the blog that I can start quicky, maybe a cosplay page of me with my Rosalina cosplay with other ladies I meet during con but it must be kinka scary…

After all I don’t do cosplay, I do crossplay… XD


Today a soft illustration by XxPurpleKissxX who had the kindness to participate to the project and pair Rosalina with two powerfull ladies, Fook-Mi and Fook-Yu from the movie Austin power. With these names I’m sure you can imagine this film is reall special, More funny than Mister bean and for sure, more crasy… If you never hear about Austin Power it’s like a James bond parody, just take a look at the series and you will understand… XD

I really love XxPurpleKissxX illustration. I expected artists to only pick one of the two ladies for a duo with Rosalina but finally both are here for a powerfull trio. Also refering to the movie, it’s not porn but quite explicit in general but XxPurpleKissxX really make them looking so beautifull and adorable. It’s like they are two lovely fans asking Rosalina if they can pick a photo with her… They are so lucky… U_u

Cindy Fook “Mi” and Sally Fook “Yu” were two Japanese twins at Austin’s Pad after his knighting at Buckingham Palace. but instead of a long description just see the extract of the movie:

Once agai, thanks so much for this beautifull illustration XxPurpleKissxX and really sorry for the long time to publish it. Btw, don’t hesitate to visit her deviantart gallery (here), so much amazing and also surprising illustrations… Oh yeah… XD

Artist: XxPurpleKissxX / Cost: 0$ (Request)

More innocent than Rosalina… Baby Rosalina…. (^o^)/

April 30th – Nintendo Direct about Mario kart
New characters announced – Baby Rosalina join the party

Nintendo made a new announcement video and at start announced it will be a little different than usual, for sure it was different and kinda weird (they used like a vocaloid for French voice, nothing expressive and the result was perfect for a headache).

But something epic during this livetream, After Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach or Daisy there is now Baby Rosalina… Since the Wii version Rosalina is a heavy character and have same stats as bowser cause she’s Taller than Peach and Daisy (Mario too for sure) but now you have a way to play her as light character… For sure the true Rosalina is still my fav but this new was sooo powerfull… She’s so adorable… Awwww… °w°

#061 – Original – Tsuki

Last illustrations wont change a lot on the blog and are kinda soft like this new illustration with Rosalina and Tsuki made by the amazing N8-11… I agree he have a special name but it’s so curious as he’s talented. So beautifull and sometimes pretty kinky ladies in his gallery, I’m so happy he accepted my request and participate to the blog… Thanks so much for your kindness N8-11… (^o^)/

For people who never heared about Tsuki that’s normal, she’s N8-11‘s original character and you must admit she’s also sooo lovely. When I created the blog and made the wishlist the objective was to pair Rosalina with famous characters to be sure so many people will find Rosalina looking at fanarts of these girls. But after all, there is so much adorable and gorgeous original ladies, that’s always powerfull to discover them and also when they meet Rosalina… Oh yeah…

I love so much this illustration, Rosalina and Tsuki are sooo adorable and the fact N8-11 colored it was a powerfull surprise. Tsuki is really beautifull, so cute and adorable with this embarassed face. Like the sketch on the bottom, at start I expected her tohave the same dress than Rosalina like a crossdressing but N8-11‘s idea is much better. Tsuki look like a Shadow Rosalina, still so lovely and adorable as the original… °w°

If you take a look to N8-11‘s gallery, you will see a lot of sketch or line illustration so I thought I will receive be a black and white drawing but there is finally a colored version and the result is amazing. If there is an illustration from N8-11 that you love so much and really want him to color it don’t hesitate to let a nice comment. Great comments and feedback are always a powerfull support and motivation for artists. Never forget that guys.

Last thing, I’m sure you noticed that it’s not a digital but N8-11 made traditionnal pic. This kind of art is really more complex than digital, like the title of an Evangelion OAV; “You can not Redo” and also at the end you have a true illustration that nobody can copy/paste… I must ask to N8-11 if he can send me the original… I’ll pay postal fee of course… ^^

Artist: N8-11 / Cost: 0$ (request)

#060 – Solo – Red Chinese dress

I know the blog dont look so much active but you can be sure my love for Rosalin anever ended and it’s the same thing for the Rosalina & girl project. Just need to find more artist and also time for publications. English is not my main language and as if the blog is a powerfull way to increase my level make a post like this one is sooo long. Adding the fact I only work with Html because blogger generate me weird codes and after that it’s so much time to clean and change it.

Also may think about the wishlist, it’s now kinda huge but I’m sure there is still so much beautifull ladies who deserves to be added. I’ll prepare a little list and make a huge update for next post… Albeit, adding girls is great but after that I will have to find artists to draw them… not the same thing… XD


It’s not because Chinese new year is over that we can’t give a beautifull chinese dress to Rosalina. This beautifull illustration made by Ediiee who had the kindness to participate to the project with a so cute and adorable Rosalina… she’s so beautifull and her shy face really add a lovely innocent touch.

I also love chinese dress, it’s a particular design but really beautifull kind of clothes. As me it make ladies so sensual and of course if you make it short like Ediiee did, it also add a little sexy touch but I’m sure it wont be a problem for you guys. The mix into sexiness and cuteness is always a really powerfull combo and the result is impressive. Thanks sooo much Ediiee… (^o^)/

Ediiee also did an excellent job with colors, as if Rosalina’s original dress ifs blue I must admit red clothes suit really nice on her. Albeit I really prefer this one to the fire suit she have on Mario 3D world, I also love so much this color as if I don’t like blood… Do you think it’s surprising?

Once again, thanks so much Ediiee, I know an illustration really need so much time and efforts so like the result you can be sure he worked so much on this piece. Just hope it was fun to do… Also, if you want more lovely and pretty sexy ladies don’t hesitate to visit Ediiee’s gallery (here) and why not let a little comment. As if it’s short you can be sure it’s always a powerfull support for artists and they really deserve it… Oh yeah…

Artist: Ediiee / Cost: 0$ (Request)

#059 – Pokemon – Valerie and Sylveon

I saw captain Harlock movie. For battleship lover it’s a really nice movie and the quality is amazing. If you consider it’s the same compagny who produce One Piece anime it’s a great surprise. The only bad point is abotu the story, for people who already know the old anime it’s ompletly different and if fact this movie is more here to show battles than an interesting story… So bad. U_u

The movie is beautifull with some touchs of fanservice (just a little) but you can be sure there is gorgeous. Only 3 ladies in this movie but all will join the wishlist and I hope a day they will meet Rosalina… ^^


Now a little commission, I asked Dan to pair Rosalina with a gijinka Sylveon (it’s Eevee fairy evolution) and my favorite trainer in pokemon X/Y: Valerie. I love so much her design and dress. She also have high heels and you can be sure it’s one of my biggest fetish. So bad Dsan didn’t drew them but we must admit he did a great job… ^^

I found Dsan on Hentaifoundry after he published an illustration of his OC Amethyst that I really love and asked him if he accept requests or commissions, At start I really wanted to ask Rosalina and Amethyst but we finally talked about a trio and you can see how it ended… I suggested Rosalina with Valerie and it’s Dsan who choosed Sylveon.

Artist: Dsan / Cost: 60$ (30$ x 2)

Added to wishlist: 3 girls from Space Pirate Captain Harlock (see it here)

#058 – Persona4 – Labrys

Damn, what I can say as excuse to an artist that I promised to publish his drawing “next week” and finally let him wait like 2 months for the publication… That’s not cool, so stupid… I’m so sorry about that. Artist have the kindness to accept my requests, do an amazing work and I let them wait so long… *Face hitting the desk”… U_u


Now let talk about Technician67 and his lovely illustration. In fact I wonder what this name, in france artist and technicans are not the same thing but I’m sure there is a reason. I also have a weird name on deviantart (blancj11), I started to use this login there is more than 10 years again and now I need one a little more interesting. But don’t want to start a new Deviantart account. and lost all my friends and favorites… What a huge dilemma.

Time to present you the lady that Technician67 choosed to be with Rosalina. She’s Labrys from the game Persona 4. Never played this game in fact, not sure it’s available in french but I saw some videos and I must admit the story is so cool as scary… Some lovely ladies but I’m sure they are more tender with Rosalina than in the game. Thanks Technician67.

They are really beautifull, so adorable and lovely together looking at us like we caught them before a long kiss. Colors look great and that’s interesting to see how Technician67 draw shadow adding some lines. first time I see it and that really powerfull to discover new styles or techniques. It’s always Rosalina but this time, Rosalina by Technician67. Each artist have their own techniques and point of view so each Rosalina is unique… That’s so powerfull… °w°

Artist: Technician67 / Cost: 0$ (request)

#057 – Claymore – Clare

First of all I want to wish Everybody an happy new year 2014 and after that a huge sorry for the lack of update. Christmas, new year and my birthday are now over (yeah, it was on January 7th) no it will be more calm and I don’t have reason to be busy… Time for publications… °w°

I created the blog there is now more than 2 years. Talk with artists and make all these publications in english was really powerfull and I discovered how english can be powerfull to talk with the blog. Since the first post I really increased my level. the only problem is that I can easilly read and write but speack is still a problem… Must work on this part.


Now a little commission I received from my friend Tallon. He commissioned the amazing artist mortalshinobi who seem to be a huge fan of the claymore series (a really nice one, little scary sometimes but really fun). It remember me that at a moment I always thought that a B&W illustration look unfinished and colored pieces are the best but after saw some artists like mortalshinobi I know this kind of drawing can be really powerfull… Oh yeah… ^^

For people who know Claymore I’m sure you reconized Clare, she’s really my fav character of the series. I asked to mortalshinobi why he choosed her and made this kind of illustration. His answer is really interesting, let start a little quote: “well i was initially going to use someone from smash brothers like zelda, but the client thought that too typical, so i went with one of my own favorites who i haven’t drawn in awhile. so I chose clare“.

As for the moto, I think everybody know that Rosalina is playable on Mario kart (Wii and 3DS), mortalshinobi played the game and really enjoyed it so since he wanted to make a realistic interpretation, Rosalina and Clare are preparing a race… As you can see on their faces, they are not her for fun but for the victory so prepare yourself… It will be an epic race… Eh eh… XD

Thanks so much Tallon and congrat for thsi excellent piece mortalshinobi. Guys, if you want to see more you must take a look to his deviantart gallery (here). there is so much really powerfull illustrations and you can also commission him, as you can see mortalshinobi can make epic illustration so don’t hesitate to take a look and send him a message if you want more infos.

Artist: mortalshinobi / Cost: ??? (gift)


Rosalina was just announced as playable character in Smash Bros.

You can be sure she look gorgeous and will be really powerfull but only for pro fighters… Time to prepare myself and if you are curious, just look at this video… (^o^)/

After Mario 3D world, there is one more game when I can see her… Damn, can’t stop jumping… That’s just amazing… Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!

#056 – Solo – Nipping her wand

For people you think the blog is dead, you must know that it will never happen. I’m in love with Rosalina since I discovered her playing Mario Gakaxy and now I wont let the project die. Or it will die with me (though I don’t want to think about that for the moment)… ^^

I know updates are slowly and I really sorry that the blog is not more active but now I have some illustrations ready so prepare yourself guys… Maybe slow but wont die, don’t forget that point… En eh.


This time a little commission bust I asked to the adorable and talented KatrineP, I found a beautifull witch on her gallery (on the right). Looking for more information on her profile I found that she do commissions and prices are really interesting like her style and illustrations quality. 3.77$ for a bust, you must admit it’s an interesting offer and if you are interested, you can read her journal for more infos about commissions (here).

I wanted to ask something lovely and tender to KatrineP for the Rosalina bust. Not just Rosalina looking at us with a lovely smile but something more sensual so looking at the want in my hand (yeah, I always have it) I thought to Rosalina nipping her wand. As you can see the result is amazing, KatrineP did an excellent job, Rosalina is so lovely and adorable, a sensual touch with the want and… Well… Also a sexy one with her breasts but wont complain about that point…°w°

I also commissioned KatrineP for a second bust but not Rosalina this time. It wa a little gift for my friend Tallon who help me so much with the blog commissioned damn powerfull illustration and also the Halloween comic (here) who is just epic… Haku don’t have a wand so I suggested to KatrineP to draw Haku holding a little invitation fot Tallon… Yeah, nipping it again but I was so happy with that idea… XD

Artist: KatrineP / Cost: 3.77$

Added to wishlist: Honey and Grace from Fighting Vipers (see it here)

2007 – 2013… Rosalina have now 6 years of existence

November 1st – Happy birthday Rosalina (^o^)/
It’s a good reason to let a little comment… ;p

Yeah, I know it’s a little late but I was really busy but ti’s not a reaon to forget Rosalina’s birthday… it was on november 1st, so Rosalina have 6yo since her first apparition in Mario Galaxy on november 1sr 2007. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day Rosalina appeared to the world. Time to celebrate the more important day of the more beautifull and cutest character in the word… Rosalina… (^o^)/

Artist: www.sainttail.wix.com/hentai-artist – Gift from Tallon

A so powerfull surprise drew by the talented SainTail who was also a gift from my friend Tallon… Yeah, his support is amazing and he’s also an amazing friend. He’s one of the rare guy I know who was never annoyed listening me talking about the blog again and again… XD

As you can see I received a lovely Rosalina looking at the blog during this special day, I have to admit she’s so cute, SainTail really drew her in a lovely way… You are so adorable, Love you so much Rosalina… °w°