#966 – Seductive biker princess

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario sexy pinup biker suit

Still waiting for KittehSkye final suggestion for this month raffle that will be draw by Nakanakaiii, it fact it’s only about the situation that I need details since the character was already decided and approved by the artist. So if no changes I can tell Rosalina will join Abigail Williams from Fate series.

I got more information about the previous attack on the website (a brute force login one btw), according the report last week attack was made from Ukraine, I guess it’s the first time I got one from that country, should get a map and pin each continent that launch an attack. Of course it’s nothing important compared to some really huge attack to critical websites but it makes days a bit more spicy ^^


Today come a new surprise illustration from KaraTilli that he was secretly working on as same time of the Eevee crossover series, talking about that series let me show you the best one ever: the Rosalina-Eevee fusion that deserve love on the original post (here). The eevee project was a daily crossover made every day during a month (that finally stopped after 22 days) and between two “expected eevee illustrations I got the surprise see an unexpected biker Rosalina pinup coming… *o*

It sure was a big surprise and powerfull one for sure and I love it, also being trap addicted KaraTilli surprised me giving more curves to this perfect princess and I know it was part of making it even more perfect to me so I’m even more happy and thankfull with that gift (thanks sooo much <3). I unfortunately cannot tell more about the creation process receiving directly the final version but can tell KaraTilli made a last minute change adding the crown to Rosalina. She looks so incredible with a perfect silhouette that that tight suit sure adding a touch of sexiness for the most powerfull combo ever… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #890 – Sexy office Rosalina
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#965 – Christmas is coming

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario christmas santa outfit pinup

Another attack on the site yesterday that was luckily a small one, still far to the one I got a year ago with around 90k connections in less than a minute and I guess this time is was just a small bot programmed to make 1.000 attempts before jump to the next website (according to the report I got). I’m still far to have to worry about an breach but still have to be careful. Honestly what annoy me the most is begin curious person I’m frustrated never know what the purpose of this attack, maybe to add some publicity, destroy the website asking money for the back-up or using it as host for phishing fake websites using the past existence of the website to get more “trust” about their links… No idea °o°

On most positive way it’s time fr a huge thanks for all my awesome patrons for their support (you rocks guys) and time to announce the winner to this month ticketing raffle (I have to precise or I get the monthly warning form patreon team since RNG raffles are forbidden). So the one getting the most ticket (before reset) is KittehSkye who can submit her favourite idea to be draw by Nakanakaiii who made the Kitties Rosalina and Rin duo. Also at this time let’s add an extra rule for a Christmas theme suggestion anyway it’s not an obligation ^^


And for today let’s keep Christmas spirit with a pretty traditional pinup made by Merethide two years ago. Initially it was an illustration the artist made by her own so no request or commission for that one, it’s buying the original drawing during a convention I got the right to also post it on the project. Reason the illustration come that late is two year ago I didn’t owned it and Christmas was over when I bought it. As for Christmas 2018 there was too much illustration waiting for too long that they got priority to this pinup that made me hold this one for another year in the folder (that’s so stupid I know)… ^^’

And now time to shine for the illustration but unfortunately not for Merethide that still remain silent since the beginning of the year after she became mother, her Tipeee page (a french equivalent of patreon) didn’t get update since January 2018. There’s anyway a little hope since Merethide took part to the “25h de la BD” event last month (25-hours-of-comic), the objective is to create a 12 pages comic (cover and credit included) in only 25 hours with a specific theme gave when the event start to be sure people don’t cheat starting before. No more update since that event but who know, let’s be optimistic for 2020 and see of she come with more time and motivation for arting, after all Merethide still own me a surprise box I ordered (and payed) but for this part I’m not totally sure there’s still a chance I get it a day ^^’

Artist: Merethide
Website (French): www.merethide.com
Tipeee (French): www.tipeee.com/merethide
Facebook (French): www.facebook.com/Merethide
Deviantart (English): www.merethide.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry (English): www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Mere
One year ago: #744 – Naughty schoolgirl’s favorite toys
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#964 – Playfull kitties

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+ Step by Step illustration in full size (for 2$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian rin kagamine vocaloid catgirl neko cunnilingus crossover hentai porn fur

Started in Lyon the annual light festival that lost it’s historical origins to become a huge touristic event but it’s still a thing I cannot miss to see. Originally we celebrate the day the plague epidemic ended in the city and placed candle on the windows as thanks to the Virgin Mary. Since 20 years ago the city make a huge night festival with animations on the entire city based on light. What make this post coming late is 2019 is a really beautifull edition, so many people outside and so cold but worth it. Here a sneak peak if you are curious ^^


Back to this new illustration, I know the original spirit is pair Rosalina with as many different girs as possible anyway sometimes there is character I want to go with again after I find an outfit or skin I like as for this cat version of the Vocaloid Rin Kagamine. I don’t think this version is based on an official design but I’m not 100% sure since Vocaloid characters got many different outfit with time (especially for Miku) but I really loved this catgirl look and wanted Rin dressed that way with Rosalina in her catgirl dress from M3DW (Mario 3D World) released on WiiU. Who already played this game?

At first I planned to get this duo commissioned to Lunakiri but the idea was lost with time and so many projects then I finally got another chance to go with this pairing as commission to Nakanakaiii. He already made a lot of cute and sexy young character being used to flat chest more than titties so sounded the perfect artist to draw Rin. The idea was Rosalina giving cunnilingus action on Rin keeping her suit open on the crotch as in the reference, Nakanakaiii was fine with the idea and situation so everything started nicely… °w°

Considering the catgirl outfit, Nakanakaiiiwanted to make her cat suit more open at the chest“, also I’m not with armpits fetish but saw the zippers on that art were on the sketch. When asked Nakanakaiii if he like Rin suit being open on the armpit and he said “ye, it looks good” so we kept that detail, I prefer know the artist work on things he like and maybe some people will like it even more that way ^__^

Another interesting detail about Nakanakaiii process, instead of doing the flat color on full drawing before start shading he manage to fully color and shading small parts in a specific order, first was the hairs, then face, body and finally clothing. At first it was a little disturbing to see the head fully coloured and the rest of the illustration still sketchy on Nakanakaiii wips but it’s fun to discover more original and unusual techniques. Also as long the artist feel comfortable with his process and the illustration turn cool everything fine… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Cause his art mostly NSFW and with young characters, Nakanakaiii get several illustration deleted on deviantart and recently gave -up leaving that place. Anyway you can see Nakanakaiii art and follow him on Twitter AND Pixiv. Also getting really interesting prices you can imagine Nakanakaiii is pretty busy with commissions but can always manage to save you a slot in the future if you ask nicely so don’t hesitate if you like his style and want get something (maybe kinky) but first if you best take a look at style and stuff. °w°

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 15$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
One year ago: #889 – Naughty sketch page
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#963 – Aerial fun with Jack-O

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex Jack-O Guilty Gear crossover

Black Friday was a full week of “fake” discounts in France, for to the legendary one in USA but I wonder if it’s that amazing or get corrupted everywhere now. I’m sure you all saw some videos of people showing “discounted price” then the initial one that was pretty much the same and sometimes even smaller, they really consider us as stupid walking wallets, don’t you think the same guys? (or maybe you were lucky finding a powerfull discount).

Talking about the Black Friday, I was also looking for artists into some promotions but found nothing (maybe I missed some epic deals, who know). Anyway not what stop me and new illustrations are coming for sure ^^


Today come a new illustration as reward from a monthly raffle on patreon, this time the chosen artist was xxxbattery and DarkEcoFreak got the hard mission to decide what to draw. It’s always interesting to see idea that don’t comes from my crazy mind and also character I may not consider but that still are really powerfull. Anyway important part is to get an idea that work with the artist style to get something looking good and also be pleasant for xxxbattery to draw, that’s why I always tell to first look at the artist portfolio.

DarkEcoFreak’s message said “don’t have any context so ill leave the situation in your hands my girl choice is Jack-O from Guilty Gear“, so the character was set but still have to figure about what Rosalina and Jack-O can do together. I first told about xxxbattery about Jack-O that told me “I like the character […] she is petite and curvy” so was really good start, also since the artist liked the character and I didn’t wanted to break it with a to crazy/stupid idea I told xxxbattery he was free about the situation to give him some freedom and get some surprise in return ^^

Finally the idea was an “airol scissor pose – both girls scissoring like legs wrapped around each other while flying through the air“, it sounded both dynamic and hot so I was totally hyped to go with it. Also another artist that seems knowing me too well when xxxbattery asked if that piece a lingerie request, technically it didn’t had to be oriented lingerie at start but the idea was great so he offered to “give rosa a long trench coat like jacko and have her in lingerie underneath“… Pretty powerfull isn’t it? °w°

Artist: Vaiderman / 60$ commission
Website: www.xxxbattery.com
Twitter: www.twitter.com/xxxbattery
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/xxxbattery
Patreon: www.patreon.com/xxxbattery
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/xxxbattery/profile
One year ago: #888 – Heroes of the frustration
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#962 – Latex princess and futa commander

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex pvc see-through transparent dress fetish Uchuu senkan yamato Niimi kaoru high heels princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex pvc see-through transparent dress fetish Uchuu senkan yamato Niimi kaoru high heels

There was people complaining about the pop-up ad when entering the page saying it’s annoying, if you prefer I can link you a webcomic site having two pop-up when entering and then one popup for each page you visit. So for those that complain just know I wont change it and I’m totally not sorry (exception for my patreon supporters that deserve a totally ad-free place) but it’s out my actual skills… ^^’

And now less than a month before Christmas, I always looks at kids thinking about Christmas in November considering they’re stupid cause still sooo earlier but honestly I’m so impatient as them. Anyway being adult come the hard task of making gifts and the hard time getting ideas, budget and all done in time to not end in the middle of the last days rush. Everything pretty much done my side, how about you guys? How about you guys with Christmas gifts? There’s some here who already finished or still haven’t started?


After the marvelous beach trio, Maraichux had to stop art turning as fresh father being tired but also happy from the experience of take care and protect his son, as he said “Having a son requires much energy, but every smile is a gift“. I was still talking with him to get new and updates until the day Maraichux told me “you can count me in for a commision“, I kinda know about the incredible challenge and energy you need to be father but on the other side the idea of get a new illustration was so tempting and I cannot resit jump into the offer… Then today that illustration come with an insanely huge post, you are warned… °w°

It remind me the lovely Merethide who became mother on January and totally disappear since this day (even on social networks) and I was so scary Maraichux could also disappear that I had to get something by him when I still had a chance. A week later I send him a message called “New challenge” asking if a see-through latex dress would be too hardcore. There was a photo I saw (on the left) and Rosalina in a that kind of dress with a hole in back being taken from being could look so powerfull admitting it’s also a significant challenge to draw. I know it would take some time to get an answer since be a dad with so many deadlines is time consuming but excitation don’t make it easy since I was really excited about that idea and finally Maraichux answered saying “Love it! […] It is a very interesting challenge!“… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Now we have a concept for Rosalina dress it was time find about the second girl and kind of action, for the pose the idea was still Rosalina being taken from behind so I searched for some illustration featuring that scene to give an idea about the character pose and perspective. More complicated part was to find characters with latex dress/outfit and be sure there isn’t too much existing. I suggested Niimi kaoru from Uchuu senkan yamato (on the right) having the futanari option already set considering the reference being great for some messy addition and Saint-germain from symphogear (botton left) having an amazing latex outfit being so incredibly sexy as detailed.

Maraichux was really enthusiastic with the poses suggestion loving the futa action on a dress with a hole in the right place and sharing the same fetish as me for high heels, for the character pick he said “I think Rosalina would love to be fucked by a dominant futa soldier, so I’d love to draw Nimi Kaoru“. Hearing Maraichux love high heels sounded like the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration, more seriously I asked if was possible add sleeves on Rosalina inspired by her original dress and once details were all set can come the time to sketch, you can notice that at this step there wasn’t even a sketch made, an illustration not just insane amount of work but also huge preparation and talking… °o°

On the next days I received two sketches from Maraichux that were both really cool, I really liked the second one you can see on the right that have something dynamic and showing so much energy to get that princess ass filled all the way until it get totally ravaged by Niimi large dick. Anyway this sketch cannot work for Rosalina dress that wouldn’t allow her spread legs that way. It’s still something I’ll keep in a corner and maybe use for another illustration in the future to not waste Maraichux work. ^__^

Doing his best to find time working on the illustration in a really busy period and even going to apologize in every mail he send me (even if I say each time there’s no need to apologize), Maraichux sent me the pencils version of the illustration that allowed many details to come and looked super promising. He was hoping don’t disappoint and there was absolutely no reason for it, I love so much the action and how the dress look on Rosalina legs. Background spirit was also coming inspired by Niimi universe, everything was stunning but I asked to Maraichux if he can make Niimi dressed to make it more homogeneous, I managed find character references with nice outfits to go with Rosalina dress so wasn’t fun see Niini naked (even having those gorgeous high heels boots)… °w°

On his next mail Maraichux told me he had problem adding clothes to Niimi and it was updated on the next sketch, was sure a powerfull surprise even more since I loved Niimi’s perfect breasts and the previous sketch and open her dress in the front to don’t hide any of that perfection was so genius. Last surprise I got at the end was an alternative version with extra see-through effect on Rosalina, at first Maraichuxdid not went in the more “see trough” approach to maintain a more “colored” impact” and this really give an interesting and realistic look anyway for see-through lover like me the second version was so incredibly magic and powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness my friend… \(^o^)/

Hopefully this one wont be the last illustration from Maraichux for the project since he told me on his last message “I’d love to make something with heavy fetishes, so let me think about it for a couple of days and get back to you with an idea!“. At the time I released this article I still haven’t herd from Maraichux and have no idea what he have in mind so be sure I’m teased like you. What an insane suspense!!! °o°

One year ago: #Unexpected invocation trial
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#961 – Princess in action

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario yuri lesbian sex futa futanari hentai porn latex

No major updates about the project or Rosalina today and it makes me feel bad to say that… I always want get something new and interesting to feel the project is going alive and full power but today… It’s blank page… Well, let’s not be totally negative since there is a new illustration coming… And super kinky one today °w°

I was with family last week-end but it’s not the reason for this late post, in fact I expected it be be nice a refreshing but fate decided to make me super sick for those two day. Luckily I was way better… the day back to work! That’s so unfair and I hope you guys had a more enjoyable week-end than me (and if you haven’t, big hug to you)… ^^


No need to present him, Mazzacho magic come one more time with his 40th illustration to the project, he’s really the artist who contributed the most (Lunakiri is pretty close anyway). I’m really thankfull to those incredible artist putting so much love and energy drawing Rosalina and honestly they deserve way more than what I give them in return but I should need get the budget like 10 times bigger to get that power. Anyway they are back again and again with a big heart and magnificent Rosalina drawing so no time to cry (from happiness of course) and let make their art shine here and around the world… Oh yeah…. \(^o^)/

This illustration came from one word: “indecent, after many pin-up always sweet and even a little sexy Mazzacho wanted to go with something more naughty this time and I sure had no objection with it. It seems Mazzacho already had something in mind so I didn’t made any requests and suggestion to be sure don’t alter his original idea, also when I noticed Rosalina in shiny latex and high heels it wasn’t usefull for me to make requests, Mazzacho know me too well and Rosalina was looking so gorgeous and sexy as I love… Nyyyaaahhh °w°

Technically the girl with Rosalina is a random/original character, I saw several illustration where Mazzacho used a model as reference so maybe it’s the case for this girl with Rosalina or she’s just the result of his actual preference the moment he made the drawing. There was some artists drawing Rosalina with a girl that they wanted me keep the identity and origin secret for some reason so maybe the case here. In fact it can just be a total random girl created by Mazzacho but I like giving a touch of mystery ^__^

Artist: Mazzacho / Commission
Discord: discord.gg/YxHg49Q
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile
One year ago: #886 – Squid singer and slimy place
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#960 – Beach sunset

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princess Rosalina nintendo mario luma sunset sea beach pretty relaxing

Still waiting for Jessica decision for the illustration by PlanZ34, anyway I know she’s fine and alive but just super busy (enough to make me think she work as director for the C.I.A.). Anyway it’s fine cause I commissioned PlanZ34 for another illustration totally NSFW and well, maybe a bit crazy situation (you know me) ^^’

Also have to think at something for Christmas, I know Lunakiri is ready draw something in that theme but I really can’t get something cool and original for Christmas scene so if you have some idea, it’s time to share °w°


An talking about Lunakiri, she’s the one behind this illustration, she worked on a traditional illustration of Rosalina and some of her Lumas enjoying the magnificent light of a warm sunset on a planet she may be the only to know. It makes me thing that everybody have secret places like in forest, beach or along a river and on her side Rosalina secret places are entire planets around the universe, she always know where spend the best holidays ever but as protector of the galaxy and adoptive mother of the entire Luma race I guess she can’t easily find free time to rest so even this short time enjoying this pretty sunset must be so precious and relaxing.

I really like the atmosphere in this illustration, Lunakiri managed something really pretty and peacefull, Rosalina pose, expression and really calm, the sunset in background for pretty and warm colors. With some imagination you can even hear the sounds of the sea and Lumas all still giving a relaxing feeling. It’s totally the illustration you can make a poster the admire during a yoga session (maybe start of a business plan for Lunakiri) XD

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
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#959 – Sweet kisses

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princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario lesbian yuri crossover pokemon sword shield sonia kissing

I’m still a bit sad about the deletion of the SFW page, seems a part of me will eternally regret this decision whatever how good or bad it was. Trying to find positive points about that decision I can add to the list there will have no more troubles with ecchi illustrations and the hard part with some illustration to decide if they are enough safe to go on the SFW page, be sure sometimes it was extremely tricky ^^’

Maybe a really stupid or totally random coincidence but I noticed that the name of many artists that too part to the project have the same lenght, from the recent posts I could list Lunakiri, Mazzacho, Omnimaid, Maraichux or even Psicoero, all having 8 letters/digits in their name. I know there is many artist with longer or shorter name like MegumiPan616 and PlanZ34 anyway it was a fun coincidence seeing many names that did perfect align while working on the blog ^^


So pokemon sword and shield are released so no way to miss their release to post this new Rosalina and Sonia duo made by Aurastudio‘s team, after the illustration with Nono having a really kinky perspective and action (see it here), time for something more sweet and sensual. So for this new commission, Aurastudio managed the cuteness and sexiness combo I always consider so powerfull, of course I also love indecent lewd (and high heels) but I don’t mean I can also appreciate more adorable and romantic scenes ^__^

As always both artists managed it nicely, perfect curves for the line process and gorgeous breasts shading when colouring, how you can resist to the need of plan with those marvelous breasts and suck those nice pink nipples? Also I really like those two artists and wonder what advice give them to be even better, on the line side it would be to make them a little more clean and smooth then on colouring to increase the shadow to offer an even better play on light and perspective. Finally I must admit the last point that bug me a little are those hands without nails even if that’s not the main focus on that drawing for sure ^^’

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
One year ago: #883 – Love and toys on Wakfu world
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#958 – Rosalina Secretary doodle

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty busty cleavage breasts secretary uniform princess

November 11th if off in France and this was a Monday this wear but finally the problem with extended weekend is you think you’ll have time to do lot of stuff and just end even more lazy than usual, I’m really sorry for the last post coming today. No worries anyway, I wasn’t totally unproductive and contacted some artists to start on new illustrations so stay tuned cause more Rosalina lewd is coming to the project °w°

Coincidence with today illustration, I got a warning from patreon about the trap orgy by Mazzacho I posted on September 4th 2016, don’t know why they took so long to react to this post that I’m pretty sure one one will now reach by scrolling on the main page. Maybe they updated their bot to detect more sensitive content, that’s the kind of update they never mention in their monthly newsletters ^^’


Of course Rosalina got many official outfits from Nintendo games and recently the witch costume for Halloween anyway it’s also nice to also goes a bit more original sometimes. After being a latex pin-up, gorgeous cow-girl or sexy bikini lady, here come a secretary Rosalina designed by Mazzacho perfectly mixing the proncess cuteness with a great cleavage bonus. This one was created during a sketch session on Mazzacho‘s picarto page when I got the surprise and honor to see Rosalina being the main subject of this session.. Oh yeah!!!

Can someone resist to this perfection?, An adorable face with cute glasses, a cleavage to admire her perfect breasts magnified by a lingerie touch from her blue bra and this continue with a delicious shape and stunning long legs in pantyhose to finish with some pretty heels. I also like the crown like a discrete aura to remind about her princess origins even if I have to admit her original crown is important part of her so the true design keep the best. Mazzacho managed the powerfull surprise of an alternative pose seeing Rosalina from back holding her heels, I must admit for an heels addict like me the holding heels touch is kinda effective on me ^^’

Due to his actual job and life you must be really careful and attentive with Mazzacho; he could be silent for a long time and them offer you a day filled with crazy livestreams so to be sure never miss updated I highly recommend you to follow his picarto page and join his discord group. Also patreon get as reward a wip of next illustration by Mazzacho who already released the final version on his patreon page if you would enjoy see a really sexy Rosalina in latex catsuit and stripper heels… °w°

One year ago: #882 – Yoga practice with Twintelle
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#957 – Real princess look

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princess Rosalina nintendo pretty bust princess

Halloween and Rosalina’s birthday are over for this year (guess which event made me the more crazy ;p) anyway to time to rest with celebration since now come the winner of November (ticketing) raffle. I start with a big hug to everybody coming to support me this month then congrats to Jessica winning this month. As for the artist I chosen one you discovered on the project just a week ago; it’s PlanZ34 who made the duo with Strawberry for Rosalina’s birthday that come with the mission make Jessica (safe or kinky) dream comes true… °w°

Also about the raffle, I messaged dsok135 to get some updated about the October raffle illustration and he said “been sick for a week or two but should be continuing to work on your drawing soon“. I hope everything will going fine now or I’ll start think that raffle illustrations are cursed with delay O_o


Now it’s time to present this new piece for the project and today come an illustration made by the adorable KaraTilli who used one of my cosplay photo as reference to draw this portrait, it was a so powerfull and lovely surprise. As you can see it really keep the spirit of the original photo where I was looking away for a mysterious and didn’t noticed that the crown was slowly falling during this shooting, I didn’t managed to redo those photos with crown at the right place cause they looked pretty and natural giving a nice cuteness touch to the set… ^^

Maybe this drawing make me notice even better I should really consider to get a new wig for my Rosalina cosplay when I look at the hair lock, seems it time for the wig to retire after more than 8 years wearing it to show Rosalina cuteness to the world during cons. Back to this illustration I love how sweet KaraTilli‘s illustration looks and another so amazing point is the feeling when you do something that an artist feel inspiriting to create a piece of art, I’m sure still far to be a start but that little tribute really mean a lot <3

If you take a look to KaraTilli‘s page on deviantart you can see he made another really adorable chibi Rosalina that totally deserve get a dedicated post here but also it’s actually the only drawing on his gallery. He’s sure a really amazing person with incredible positive and supportive vibe but also a lazy talented artist that really need love, support and a little pressure to make great stuff. I did my best to push KaraTilli to draw more and it worked for a moment but still not enough so I need you to drop more comments on him page to get it back to arting an release more of his work. Maybe I should steal his drive and leak the content inside but he sure will know it’s me… O_o

Artist: KaraTilli / Gift
One year ago: #822 – Tribute to Emmanuelle
Next to come: Rosalina Secretary doodle (ecchi)
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#955-956 – Happy 12th Birthday Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Both illustrations in HD (was too big for the blog)
November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2019


And finally come the most important time of the year celebration Rosalina’s (unofficial) birthday since her first appearance ever when Mario Galaxy was released on Wii the 1st of November 2019, 12 years now since I discovered the lady I still consider as the most beautifull and cutest in the world keeping be my most dangerous source of addiction (according my family). The day started jump everywhere in the apartment, go out to shout Happy birthday Rosalina to the sky and now time to show you some incredible (and pervert) illustration made with dedication by XXX and XXX… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover Strawberry Shortcake cake messy futanari hentai pornFirst of all there is no preference show with order and illustration are released in the order I get then, I love everything that have Rosalina and if you ask me order them by preference then I’ll give 1st place to all 956 pieces I got until now, nah! First illustration is a commission to PlanZ34 pairing Rosalina with a futa Strawberry Shortcake adding a lightly touch of messy, my biggest fetish until now. Here Rosalina started to enjoy her birthday cake and its special candle sure tasty and in pleasurable size. With some imagination you know this is just the beginning of a really fun party and I wanted got for a 3 illustration series (a sex and cumming scene) but it would be too short in time and I didn’t wanted PlanZ34 to rush on impossible deadline… ^^

I’m really pleased with the result and thanks to PlanZ34 who did his best to follow my idea and manage my request for messy and also high heels and lingerie, at first Rosalina was naked so I asked for her casual dress and got the surprise see the panties and pantyhose come as perfect addition. Also for the anecdote, I had troubles to explain exactly how I wanted the crown and wand to look on the floor, tried to explain for half an hour with different words or sentences and even asked Lunakiri to sketch me something her side to show something more visual. Finally I got the best solution ever sending a photo for PlanZ34 using the wand and crown from my own Rosalina cosplay, why I haven’t figured that at first? *face hitting desk*


nintendo mario princess rosalina birthday crossover High School of the Dead Shizuka candle hentai pornSecond illustration was a magnificent duo from Omnimaid coming every year showing his support to the project (and also that he’s not dead) always getting the record of most short in time to deliver the illustration but never missed Rosalina’s birthday since 2012, once again I cannot resist quote his magic “participating in Rosalina’s birthday has become a part of my yearly routine” that he never failed to apply after so many years, thanks so much for your kindness my friend and please never staying so awesome as you are… °w°

For his participation to 2019 birthday celebration, Omnimaid decided to pair Rosalina with Shizuka from High School of the Dead, I was wondering if this choice show some preference for young blonde ladies in and he said “Depends on the day […] Some times I prefer mature women and some times lolis and etc“. Finally since Omnimaid preference change with time, you can’t really imagine what he will come for Rosalina’s birthday and each illustration is really a true surprise. Also interesting coincidence is to see both illustration got a candy at some special place, no one knew about each other work but seems they are sharing the same vision of a kinky birthday, perfect one to me… XD

#954 – Officially the cutest witch

Have an happy and spooky Halloween

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princess Rosalina nintendo kart tour halloween witch

I finally admitted some parts of my project cannot keep going and yesterday I finally erased the SFW page of the website killing a part of my baby I managed to care for 10 years (honestly I still feel more sad than proud at this time). Actually the main url was the SFW page and most of the project content is NSFW so this was kind of broken considering traffic and visitors. It’s when I was told I cannot get the SFW illustration for Halloween that I took this decision and finally the illustration was made, kind of “ironical denouement” to not be too negative ^^’

There is still lot of work to fix links on posts/pages and also some parts that were damaged during the migration, also there is a huge work to do to keep the blog efficient since all links on other websites are now broken (as for patreon as example). On a more positive note I also managed to activate a SSL certificate for the website and the blog is now on https, nothing will change for visitors but this should give me better ranking on google. In fact most of the work on this project is invisible for visitors but important to keep the project running, I4ll get lot of work this week-end on that point so wish me good luck °o°


And here is the SFW illustration I was talking about; a pretty Rosalina witch added on Mario kart Tour for Halloween Tour 2019 as a separate playable character that was announced pretty close to Halloween so I didn’t expected find an artist to draw her in time. Against all odds this finally sounded possible when Lunakiri offered me to draw a traditional illustration with Rosalina in her witch outfit, I was super happy and excited having the chance come with something recent and actual with the project. All sounded so perfect and After Lunakiri sent me the first sketch (on the left) I know the most important was to be reactive with the post to get everything perfect °w°

Anyway things goes more complicated when Lunakiri told me “Sadly, I may not be able to get that done in time […] I’m having a really hard time with getting the sketch to work. It’s at this moment knowing there wont have content for the SFW page that I admitted there was a real problem and this place have no reason to keep existing, this leaded to the deletion of the SFW page originally named “Rosalina & Girl” and the transfer on the /NSFW website to the main url. Emotive part of me keep torturing me but the logic one say this was a good decision to take, never expected it would come that suddenly from an illustration by Lunakiri, I could say life is full of surprise but once again logic side say the main reason should be more my broken mind… ^^’

Next day was also filled with an unexpected surprise getting the finished version from Lunakiri, I was wondering if the fact she cannot do it was a joke saying I thought she cannot do it and the answer was “I didn’t think I’d be able to“. I sure was really excited get this magnificent Rosalina to show in time for Rosalina but it also disturbed me even more considering I finally received the SFW illustration I didn’t expected to come after deleting the SFW page wondering where to post it. Of course the illustration is here but will always go on place with an adult warning so cannot show it on places safe for everyone since there will have no post I can link to get traffic here and promote the project… why things are always so complicated guys? T_T

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri
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#953 – Traditional Halloween orgy

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princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario crossover orgy halloween party nun farmer catgirl arabian dancer nurse bunny spider harem costume
The curriculum page got an update with the addition of Mario kart Tour to the list and I also added the part about the Halloween Tour 2019. Now Rosalina got an official purple witch outfit anyway only appearance change, she has the Dash Ring as her special item like her normal counterpart. Just so bad the release was that late, cannot get something with that suit for Halloween this year for you guys U_u
I also started to worry but finally got an answer from dsok135 about October raffle illustration, he’s fine with the illustration but said “I’ll start in a week or two” so need to be patient now. Let’s keep some suspense about the idea but I can say Rosalina will be paired with 2B fo this lingerie themed illustration… °w°


And now it’s time to present a monstrously impressive Halloween orgy scene traditionally made by the too much underestimated Lunakiri, I’m already happy when can get a threesome illustration, amazed when foursome so you can’t imagine my excitation releasing a 8 characters scene. The script is simple but effective, Rosalina was invited by Anya (Lunakiri‘s OC) to a Halloween “party. Despite some suggestions for costumes (and my aura did the heels) all the outfits and scenery was decided and created by to a Halloween Lunakiri and according the result, she did all so perfect… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
It started with a smaller concept with Rosalina invited by Quistis that Lunakiri wanted to draw as teacher (you can see one on the first sketch on the left). Being all traditional there was also space limitation with “however many people I can fit. Could be just 2 or 3, could be more“. Finally the possibilities extended when Lunakiri decided to use two connected pages adding “I’ve never done a full spread like this, so I wanted to try.“, actually this was a both experimental and really ambitious illustration that came in time, pay respect to the artist. °o°
The illustration is mixing fanart and original characters owned by Lunakiri, this allowing the expand the collection with fanarts and still let some coll OC join the party. Now let’s list all guests from left to the right:
– Rosalina as a Nun
– Flandre Scarlet as a farmer
– Rei Ayanami as a Cat Girl
– Faye Valentine as a Nurse
– Evergreen as a Bunny Girl
– Luna as a Harem Dancer
– Adrian as Wooloo
– Anya (The party owner) as a Spider Witch

So much techniques and used for this illustration, there was also pen and markers who died as heroes to make this illustration come true but nothing that did stop Lunakiri to finish it. I hope you guys like this illustration and feel the intensity of really hard work between this illustration. Also Lunakiri said this orgy piece was way more fun to draw than she expected so you guys could totally consider commission that kind of illustration for yourself, just be careful cause big scenery with lot of character can be tricky so be sure let some freedom to the artist to not get something broken. For now let me just with you a powerfull spooky Halloween and be be invited in fun parties. ;p

Artist: Lunakiri / Commission
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com
Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/Lunakiri
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/Lunakiri
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#952 – Pokephilia lesson

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princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario crossover pokemon let's go eevee pokephilia protagonist cunni cunnilingus
It was a long time I haven’t give an update to the featured artists page and was time to fix that, today it’s time for MegumiPan616 to join. For the moment this one is only her 2nd piece for the project but be sure there’s come. Also talking with her since years now I know that passion and dedication she have into art is amazing, anyway MegumiPan616 is often dealing with depression not making it easy but she never gave up on her project and really deserve some love… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Less fun, it can be frustrating when an artist save time on a commission and ask extra money to make changes and get the quality he promised at first like ainigma-create did. Sometimes you get really artists surprising you with a powerfull quality level you never expected but opposite can happen, so if you are commissioning artists be warned about ainigma-create bad dedication and efforts… U_u


Of course I know some people aren’t into bestiality or to be exact here into pokephilia but with let’s go Eevee featuring one of my favourite pokemon it cannot be without it and I’m really thankfull to MegumiPan616 who was fine and did her best working on the crazy illustration. So the idea for this commission was Rosalina teaching the female protagonist from let’s go eevee/Pikachu games the secret pleasure see can feel from her little partner of course getting MegumiPan616 to draw it in a kinky way to fit the project spirit… °w°
Since she never drew pokemon before, the first doodle MegumiPan616 made was drawing a little Eevee and it turned super pretty so at this point there was no reason she can’t manage draw that little creature nicely. Anyway there was a detail I missed to consider so was surprising when MegumiPan616 asked bout the eevee genitals, I didn’t wanted make it awkward with a female eevee so it turned to be a male as you can see with the balls and also the motif in the tail (only pokemon fans know it). Technically this Eevee is also the first male I ever requested for this project, never expected it could happen a day… XD
This piece is a coloured sketch so don’t show MegumiPan616‘s full power anyway I’m still really happy how it turned having that powerfull cuteness and sexiness mix that I always enjoy to watch. Also if you want to get something for yourself then MegumiPan616 is really open mind and pretty crazy at some points so you can go commission her from adorable scenes to hentai scenes and can go with stuff like vore, guro or futanari (but she will curse you for this last one). SFW commissions are cheaper than hentai one but the prices always stay really powerfull and last point for all little pervert that stil managed to read the post to the end, if you wanna help for something really naughty then MegumiPan616 is saving for a bad dragon demon dick dildo, totally a piece that deserve help the artist get some… Fun… °w°

Artist: MegumiPan616 / 22$ commission
Tumblr: www.megumipan616.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/MegumiPan616
Deviantart: www.deviantart.com/megumipan616
Eka’s Portal (VORE inside): www.aryion.com/g4/user/Megumipan616
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#951 – Surrender to Nono

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princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario lesbian yuri crossover fire emblem nono cunni cunnilingus
I was worries don’t see much games with Rosalina coming on Switch except the Olympic one where she’s playable for a single activity. Anyway I’m happy to see Nintendo don’t forget that magnificent princess with Mario kart Tour and Dr Mario games on mobile even if I still dream for one with Rosalina being the main protagonist… °w°
Little DDOS attack from Panama last week, got a notification saying “The Firewall has blocked 145 attacks over the last 10 minutes“. I wonder what the purpose of this attack but I prefer know they fail their attack instead of get the answer at the price of seeing the site being totally destroyed or corrupted °o°


New commission to Aurastudio on deviantart featuring Rosalina and Nono from Fire Emblem series in some naughty yuri action. I know looking at their gallery that Aurastudio is pretty good at drawing and shading on breasts so wanted a pose that would how it nicely, I still was thinking at something really spicy for this duo since Rosalina and Nono both looks so adorable and innocent so the objective was mix cuteness and sexiness in the best way possible. Started with a little misunderstanding with the pose but all fixed to quickly get it perfect °w°
Finally the focus on Rosalina’s breasts isn’t due to the action itself but the pose and point of view from this scene, be sure it’s not a perspective easy to manage so both artists from Aurastudio really managed to make an amazing job. First on the line to figure the scene to look right and after that on colouring to give Rosalina breasts the perfect shading they deserves… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
If you are willing to support these two really cool cartoonists from Mexico and Argentina, feel free take a look at their commission page (they often make good offers and discounts) or share some love supporting on their patreon page.

Artist: Aurastudio / 7.5$ commission deal
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