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#962 – Latex princess and futa commander

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There was people complaining about the pop-up ad when entering the page saying it’s annoying, if you prefer I can link you a webcomic site having two pop-up when entering and then one popup for each page you visit. So for those that complain just know I wont change it and I’m totally not sorry (exception for my patreon supporters that deserve a totally ad-free place) but it’s out my actual skills… ^^’

And now less than a month before Christmas, I always looks at kids thinking about Christmas in November considering they’re stupid cause still sooo earlier but honestly I’m so impatient as them. Anyway being adult come the hard task of making gifts and the hard time getting ideas, budget and all done in time to not end in the middle of the last days rush. Everything pretty much done my side, how about you guys? How about you guys with Christmas gifts? There’s some here who already finished or still haven’t started?


After the marvelous beach trio, Maraichux had to stop art turning as fresh father being tired but also happy from the experience of take care and protect his son, as he said “Having a son requires much energy, but every smile is a gift“. I was still talking with him to get new and updates until the day Maraichux told me “you can count me in for a commision“, I kinda know about the incredible challenge and energy you need to be father but on the other side the idea of get a new illustration was so tempting and I cannot resit jump into the offer… Then today that illustration come with an insanely huge post, you are warned… °w°

It remind me the lovely Merethide who became mother on January and totally disappear since this day (even on social networks) and I was so scary Maraichux could also disappear that I had to get something by him when I still had a chance. A week later I send him a message called “New challenge” asking if a see-through latex dress would be too hardcore. There was a photo I saw (on the left) and Rosalina in a that kind of dress with a hole in back being taken from being could look so powerfull admitting it’s also a significant challenge to draw. I know it would take some time to get an answer since be a dad with so many deadlines is time consuming but excitation don’t make it easy since I was really excited about that idea and finally Maraichux answered saying “Love it! […] It is a very interesting challenge!“… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Now we have a concept for Rosalina dress it was time find about the second girl and kind of action, for the pose the idea was still Rosalina being taken from behind so I searched for some illustration featuring that scene to give an idea about the character pose and perspective. More complicated part was to find characters with latex dress/outfit and be sure there isn’t too much existing. I suggested Niimi kaoru from Uchuu senkan yamato (on the right) having the futanari option already set considering the reference being great for some messy addition and Saint-germain from symphogear (botton left) having an amazing latex outfit being so incredibly sexy as detailed.

Maraichux was really enthusiastic with the poses suggestion loving the futa action on a dress with a hole in the right place and sharing the same fetish as me for high heels, for the character pick he said “I think Rosalina would love to be fucked by a dominant futa soldier, so I’d love to draw Nimi Kaoru“. Hearing Maraichux love high heels sounded like the beginning of a long friendship and collaboration, more seriously I asked if was possible add sleeves on Rosalina inspired by her original dress and once details were all set can come the time to sketch, you can notice that at this step there wasn’t even a sketch made, an illustration not just insane amount of work but also huge preparation and talking… °o°

On the next days I received two sketches from Maraichux that were both really cool, I really liked the second one you can see on the right that have something dynamic and showing so much energy to get that princess ass filled all the way until it get totally ravaged by Niimi large dick. Anyway this sketch cannot work for Rosalina dress that wouldn’t allow her spread legs that way. It’s still something I’ll keep in a corner and maybe use for another illustration in the future to not waste Maraichux work. ^__^

Doing his best to find time working on the illustration in a really busy period and even going to apologize in every mail he send me (even if I say each time there’s no need to apologize), Maraichux sent me the pencils version of the illustration that allowed many details to come and looked super promising. He was hoping don’t disappoint and there was absolutely no reason for it, I love so much the action and how the dress look on Rosalina legs. Background spirit was also coming inspired by Niimi universe, everything was stunning but I asked to Maraichux if he can make Niimi dressed to make it more homogeneous, I managed find character references with nice outfits to go with Rosalina dress so wasn’t fun see Niini naked (even having those gorgeous high heels boots)… °w°

On his next mail Maraichux told me he had problem adding clothes to Niimi and it was updated on the next sketch, was sure a powerfull surprise even more since I loved Niimi’s perfect breasts and the previous sketch and open her dress in the front to don’t hide any of that perfection was so genius. Last surprise I got at the end was an alternative version with extra see-through effect on Rosalina, at first Maraichuxdid not went in the more “see trough” approach to maintain a more “colored” impact” and this really give an interesting and realistic look anyway for see-through lover like me the second version was so incredibly magic and powerfull, thanks so much for your kindness my friend… \(^o^)/

Hopefully this one wont be the last illustration from Maraichux for the project since he told me on his last message “I’d love to make something with heavy fetishes, so let me think about it for a couple of days and get back to you with an idea!“. At the time I released this article I still haven’t herd from Maraichux and have no idea what he have in mind so be sure I’m teased like you. What an insane suspense!!! °o°

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#939 – Fate, sex and sun

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Recently I had the bad surprise to discover Mothclip shut down his page and email so there is absolutely no way to contact him for now. I feel really sad see him left and feeling I should have messaged him more often to have a chance know about this. Actually I have no way to contact Mothclip, it’s so unfair…. Bwwwaaaa… T_T
Kinda have the hope he will a day see this post and mail me allowing me to stay in contact with him and know what happen, he was someone I really enjoyed send long mails and also an incredible artist, I miss him so much… U_u


Here come a new illustration that is so epic as the post was frustrating to make, worked so long to write someone epic and back home the .txt file was corrupted, it’s kinda the same frustration as artists working so long on art and get to work lost due to software crash, file ended corrupted (I know it happened), power down… So much things that can happen but there is the fact that artist were always back to their illustration so I have keep their insane spirit and finish this post… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
So today illustration is from Maraichux that once again get all my congratulations for turning father (I hope it didn’t had to stay secret O_o), sure come a great challenge anyway I saw during my commission that he’s someone really kind, attentive and hard worker so no doubt he’ll be an incredible father. Also I had the chance commission Maraichux before the time he get father going really ambitious with a threesome illustration featuring Rosalina with BB and Tamamo from Fate series
The idea was to get something both naughty and messy at a beach bar giving Rosalina her Lumakini I love so much, I send various ideas for pose and characters to Maraichux and he was really hyped with it, also he already drew Rosalina from the past so I was sure he would figure her perfectly. The came the first sketch that were already promising and the main request was to show Rosalina front to get her perfect with on her Lumakini swimsuit and got really quickly the second version that was on the way to end with something epic… °w°

As you can see there is many variations between all sketches a I got from Maraichux and the one that I’ll never forget is where Rosalina got giant breasts, I didn’t goes with this one cause it sounded too much exaggerated but honestly even now I can’t stop think at it, those massive breasts really have something captivating. With time I received more wip with details coming (sooo many details coming) and before the coloration process start my last request to Maraichux was give Rosalina a cum cocktail glasses following my addiction for naughty and messy… I hope it’s not too much and you guys still love the result… ^__^
Honestly that illustration is absolutely stunning and there is no part you can look without be amazed, you have the scene itself that is freaking and and if your mind isn’t too much pervert allowing you to look around then the background Maraichux made will show it’s true power. Everywhere so many details with all bottles, menu, scratch on bar/seats and even the man reading his newspaper on bottom left corner!!!… Guys, I’ll never be able list everything I love on that picture without turn this post into a full book length so just take the time look around and get an idea of the amount of time and effort Maraichux spent on this drawing. For the moment he deserve to be quiet and care about his baby but once he’ll be back to his pen and tablet I wont let him a chance to rest (as long the budget survive)… Mwahahahahahaha… ;p

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