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#972 – Abigail seduction

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Gneisenau and naughty nun (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario hentai porn ecchi lingerie crossover Abigail Williams Fate

Well, I’m sorry for this little hiatus, reason is 2020 wasn’t starting friendly on my side offered me to lost my job a few days before my 30th birthday coming, was for so fucking stupid reason but result is the same. When after 5 years working at a place you have your boss coming literally telling me to take my stuff and leave it’s not a things I was prepared to face (I was more thinking about bring some sweets for my colleagues for my birthday than how pack all my stuff in a hurry). Time to (re)discover the job hunting universe… U_u

You can imagine for a moment I wasn’t in the mood to run the project with decent posts, honestly I’m still feeling like shit but I can’t allow me to bet this place on hiatus for too long. There’s artists that deserve their illustrations to shine on the project and my dear patron that deserve some great stuff so… Let’s go… ^^


Today illustration is December patreon raffle reward for Curtis drew by Nakanakaiii, I already commissioned him two illustrations that turned super nicely and I wanted even more so used the patreon raffle as excuse to request another commission slot. The chosen character was Abigail Williams from Fate series to join Rosalina, was coincidence with the previous commission to Nakanakaiii with Rosalina and Miyamoto musashi from the same series since that illustration was secret (even patreon still haven’t got the WIP)… °o°

Also I must say the most interesting point with this drawing is Curtis sent me a pose reference for the first time in a raffle illustration, all other raffle he won had character and even clothes suggested but the pose was always to the artist freedom until now, so nice to know there was some confident inspiration with Nakanakaiii‘s style or the pairing this time (and maybe I’m getting a bit too much excited). Both character and pose sounded great for Nakanakaiii, just had to wait a few days to get other commissions completed before he can start working on the illustration.

The first sketch Nakanakaiii sent me was already perfect, both girl expressions and lingerie looking so cute and now the most important is Curtis also like the way turned the illustration he won. There was no changes needed but a little warning telling Nakanakaiii to be careful with Rosalina haircut, no big deal since it just needed to flip the drawing to have the correct looking and Rosalina’s right eye hidden by her hair lock. Anyway always keep in mind to give clear details with your commissions at the beginning to avoid any troubles, it can look stupid but even something basic like flipping the illustration can be really disturbing for the artist that worked hour on it and finally get something published that looks different what he putted his heart and soul inside (again it can sounds weird but from experience I can tell it can have more importance than you think).

I hope you all like this illustration enjoying it full cuteness and sexiness power, I was a little scary people not liking Nakanakaiii work being oriented on loli characters but considering the powerfull pieces I got for the project I don’t have any regret. Last point is you are interested getting something for yourself, Nakanakaiii‘s actual commission rate is “15$ + 3$ for the extra char. Powerfull and cheap for sure, then you don’t have excuse not getting something and say you didn’t know :p

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 18$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
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#970 – Tentacles Fate

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PATREON BONUS: Abigail and lingerie (Ecchi WIP for 1$+ patreons)

princess Rosalina nintendo mario crossover hentai porn sex yuri lesbian tentacles Fate Miyamoto musashi swimsuit

Christmas is over and new year on the way, I hope celebrations started well and will also stay amazing for you. Also good luck to everybody working between these two, you guys actually keep the world running ^__^

Also seems hackers are still on their way at this time, got a huge amount of failed login last week but luckily they are trying with basic and stupid usernames like “admin“, “test“, “demo” or “testuser“. Considering what they try with the username itself I don’t worry at all for the password, they’ll never get it XD


More art from Nakanakaiii showing here and not the last for sure with next one being December patreon raffle reward but for now a bit more selfish commission with Rosalina in her Lumakini I love so much. There was an illustration from Nakanakaiii that I loved so much with two girls surrounded by tentacle (and that was also super well made) and I wanted something that way. So the idea was Rosalina and Miyamoto musashi from fate in a life buoy being raped by tentacles. I know it sounds super challenging anyway the artist was fine with the idea so nothing can stop it now.

During the sketching process, Nakanakaiii first drew bodies telling me tentacles and life buoy are coming later in the process, I thought it would be same with breasts but no, while was time to draw both girls swimsuit he said “I forgot to make the breasts big, I like to always draw them flat“. Honestly Rosalina is far to be busty and a flat version sounded interesting so I had no problem with flat, still Rosalina and I know the tentacles would be a really hard work to manage with the water/fluid so didn’t wanted give extra work and troubles to Nakanakaiii. The only change I requested at this point was on Rosalina’s bra to have it looks more like a Luma than power star following the spirit of Lumakini design. °w°

Once again Nakanakaiii‘s color process is so interesting as disturbing fully colouring part by part, as example you can see on the sketch the head and body with full colour and shading but still nothing on tentacles, life buoy and water. This process make it looks like a game when you solve enigmas to get parts coming together, to me it’s kinda fun and super original. Also I admire the work to show underwater stuff cause it’s not something easy to figure, be sure there is many artists that fear to draw see-through or fluid stuff and Nakanakaiii managed both like a pro… Oh yeah.. \(^o^)/

If you want to see more don’t miss take a look at Nakanakaiii or twitter or pixiv but be warned there is loli stuff, my side I hope the budget will allow me to get more stuff in the future. Last point is you are interested getting something for yourself, Nakanakaiii‘s actual commission rate is “15$ + 3$ for the extra char. Powerfull and cheap for sure, now you know ^^

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 18$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
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#950 – Hungry for ice-cream

500th girl meeting Rosalina \(^o^)/
And 1000th illustration coming soon °w°
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PATREON BONUS: HD version of this illustration for 2$+ patrons

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn super mario lesbian yuri Fate Minamoto no raikou bikini icecream messy
Two powerfull millstones reached today; here come the 950th piece created to the project and Minamoto no raikou being the 500th girl to meet Rosalina. 500th girls is sure so amazing and I’m even more excited about the 1.000th piece release on the project, I’m preparing a huge surprise with the amazing Mazzacho to celebrate this special day but may be too much work for this amazing artist but also really busy worker and loving father so can’t promise and tease about it for now ^^’
Back from my trip in Lausanne (Switzerland), was really beautifull place to visit and interesting see they don’t manage to get public parks on that country since there is already soo many green and water around with Lake Leman and mountains. Also noticed like this country is pretty dead on Sunday with mostly everything closed (like France). Not as England where you can go shopping at any time and I’m not sure some shops even know the word “closed” XD


Here come a new illustration by Psicoero as patreon raffle reward for Curtis, and finally he decided to “go for mama raikou” from Fate series. About the situation itself Curtis asked if I had a preference between normal suit or summer and I said if summer it must be Lumakini for Rosalina, it’s how ended the outfit decision and was sure really powerfull for me getting another change see Rosalina into her marvelous and so sexy Lumakini outfit… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Got troubles at first to find references of Raikou then got told “technically her full name is Minamoto no Yorimitsu and it became Raikou later” before receive a ton of references (no way I can get it wrong after that. Second part was about the situation, from many references we ended with the one on the right and managed replace the dick by a giant ice-cream or it would be a bit weird for a yuri project. Curtis teased me saying I could put heels instead of the dick knowing a bit too much my fetishes, I know this would be impossible to do on this scene without looking too weird but sure made me bug for a moment even more since that pose cannot allow to show high heels at all… ^^’
Psicoero know about my love for high heels too and tried find a pose where you can see her feet but was impossible then send me the sketch you can see on the left. Not being fully satisfied of this first sketch there was a second try with a composition make the interaction with ice-cream even better, I also really like the “slurp” sound adding a really kinky touch. I think the only sad point is fluid not being the same color as the ice-cream and not make it melt giving the messy look I was hoping but fun point is it makes me feel it could work for alternative versions with a huge dildo (even horse shape one) instead of the ice-cream or whatever you would imagine ^__^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€/45$ commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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#939 – Fate, sex and sun

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PATREON BONUS: Step by step of this illustration + HD (25 times bigger) for 2$+ patrons

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi naked high heels
Recently I had the bad surprise to discover Mothclip shut down his page and email so there is absolutely no way to contact him for now. I feel really sad see him left and feeling I should have messaged him more often to have a chance know about this. Actually I have no way to contact Mothclip, it’s so unfair…. Bwwwaaaa… T_T
Kinda have the hope he will a day see this post and mail me allowing me to stay in contact with him and know what happen, he was someone I really enjoyed send long mails and also an incredible artist, I miss him so much… U_u


Here come a new illustration that is so epic as the post was frustrating to make, worked so long to write someone epic and back home the .txt file was corrupted, it’s kinda the same frustration as artists working so long on art and get to work lost due to software crash, file ended corrupted (I know it happened), power down… So much things that can happen but there is the fact that artist were always back to their illustration so I have keep their insane spirit and finish this post… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
So today illustration is from Maraichux that once again get all my congratulations for turning father (I hope it didn’t had to stay secret O_o), sure come a great challenge anyway I saw during my commission that he’s someone really kind, attentive and hard worker so no doubt he’ll be an incredible father. Also I had the chance commission Maraichux before the time he get father going really ambitious with a threesome illustration featuring Rosalina with BB and Tamamo from Fate series
The idea was to get something both naughty and messy at a beach bar giving Rosalina her Lumakini I love so much, I send various ideas for pose and characters to Maraichux and he was really hyped with it, also he already drew Rosalina from the past so I was sure he would figure her perfectly. The came the first sketch that were already promising and the main request was to show Rosalina front to get her perfect with on her Lumakini swimsuit and got really quickly the second version that was on the way to end with something epic… °w°

As you can see there is many variations between all sketches a I got from Maraichux and the one that I’ll never forget is where Rosalina got giant breasts, I didn’t goes with this one cause it sounded too much exaggerated but honestly even now I can’t stop think at it, those massive breasts really have something captivating. With time I received more wip with details coming (sooo many details coming) and before the coloration process start my last request to Maraichux was give Rosalina a cum cocktail glasses following my addiction for naughty and messy… I hope it’s not too much and you guys still love the result… ^__^
Honestly that illustration is absolutely stunning and there is no part you can look without be amazed, you have the scene itself that is freaking and and if your mind isn’t too much pervert allowing you to look around then the background Maraichux made will show it’s true power. Everywhere so many details with all bottles, menu, scratch on bar/seats and even the man reading his newspaper on bottom left corner!!!… Guys, I’ll never be able list everything I love on that picture without turn this post into a full book length so just take the time look around and get an idea of the amount of time and effort Maraichux spent on this drawing. For the moment he deserve to be quiet and care about his baby but once he’ll be back to his pen and tablet I wont let him a chance to rest (as long the budget survive)… Mwahahahahahaha… ;p

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#840 – Nightingale's nurse assistant

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PATREON BONUS: Bible Black lingerie ceremony (NSFW WIP for 1$+ patrons)

nintendo mario princess rosalina crossover Fate/Grand Order florence Nightingale Trick Treatment latex nurse halloween yuri lesbian sex porn futa futanari cum
One month after mother day, June 17th is father day in France and compared to my mother that have so much things in mind, father isn’t the best to find ideas. Two days before he still had no idea to help me… Raaah… T_T
As for the blog, I edited the wishlist and reworked on some old posts for better code and visual. There was also an update on Curriculum page according E3 announcements and also prepared stuff to work on the gallery page.


Because the budget was still alive to commission Psicoero I took the opportunity get a new piece with Rosalina and Florence Nightingale in her latex nurse outfit made for Halloween 2017 event (and named TrickOrTreatment), this girl is from the Fate series and because I love it crazy then best moment was post this piece 6 months after Halloween. Bah joke of course, real reason is I goes with this duo after Halloween so better have it now that make you wait a year to see it. I also really love how it turned and was so hard hold even longer, I hope you like this new kinky drawing guys… ^^
I you aren’t into Fate series, Nightingale returned to her country from her military service as a nurse manager but didn’t expected her to get so pervert outfit, you can see on the left the original artwork that totally beat the sexiness of Easer suits on Fire Emblem and with all hentai artwork made no doubt it was popular and I’m glad I was also able contribute with Psicoero help. Also the nurse suit can have many variations since it’s made with various layers of green see-through and purple latex, I really wanted an illustration with both Nightingale and Rosalina in that outfit with different versions but here the budget wasn’t enough good at all… U_u
You can see on the left the outfit I requested for Rosalina to Psicoero, the blue colour, high heels and busty touch would be incredible on Rosalina. Anyway I was also wondering if something different like latex would be better to match Florence outfit, the was one really wonderfull but from a closed mind artist that don’t allow me use his designs since he don’t like a single illustration from the entire project. Anyway the most I look at this illustration and the most I’m happy with this actual one on Rosalina, Psicoero managed it looks so marvellous so no regret about that latex one… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
There is some details I’m not sure about, it’s Psicoero who decided about the pose but don’t know why it finally goes with a futa Nightingale, I’m sure it wasn’t random choice and I’m part of the decision even more since I like Futanari since they can add action and messy without need a man with Rosalina, of course real girl with some toys and lot of love juice also have great power. Also as if both have different kind of suit, each work nicely with the character and action, Nightingale in latex being dominant and Rosalina with some lace and ribbon for something more seductive and sweet, of course Psicoero drew both so damn sexy and gorgeous… °w°

So much illustrations from Psicoero for the project, you can see all his Rosalina illustration here, now looking at all commissions I should have asked for a fidelity card or ask him create one for me. Anyway even is there is a lot for the project all this Rosalina by Psicoero is small part of his impressive portfolio, don’t miss visit links below but be careful since it happen he delete his old art (that’s so bad) and repost some pieces again and again (I’m sure he did more than 20 times for his comic). Anyway it’s kinda how society work so can’t really blame him, I just wish get more illustrations by him in and invite you ask about commissions too… ^^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 35€ (~40$) commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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