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#950 – Hungry for ice-cream

500th girl meeting Rosalina \(^o^)/
And 1000th illustration coming soon °w°
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Two powerfull millstones reached today; here come the 950th piece created to the project and Minamoto no raikou being the 500th girl to meet Rosalina. 500th girls is sure so amazing and I’m even more excited about the 1.000th piece release on the project, I’m preparing a huge surprise with the amazing Mazzacho to celebrate this special day but may be too much work for this amazing artist but also really busy worker and loving father so can’t promise and tease about it for now ^^’
Back from my trip in Lausanne (Switzerland), was really beautifull place to visit and interesting see they don’t manage to get public parks on that country since there is already soo many green and water around with Lake Leman and mountains. Also noticed like this country is pretty dead on Sunday with mostly everything closed (like France). Not as England where you can go shopping at any time and I’m not sure some shops even know the word “closed” XD


Here come a new illustration by Psicoero as patreon raffle reward for Curtis, and finally he decided to “go for mama raikou” from Fate series. About the situation itself Curtis asked if I had a preference between normal suit or summer and I said if summer it must be Lumakini for Rosalina, it’s how ended the outfit decision and was sure really powerfull for me getting another change see Rosalina into her marvelous and so sexy Lumakini outfit… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/
Got troubles at first to find references of Raikou then got told “technically her full name is Minamoto no Yorimitsu and it became Raikou later” before receive a ton of references (no way I can get it wrong after that. Second part was about the situation, from many references we ended with the one on the right and managed replace the dick by a giant ice-cream or it would be a bit weird for a yuri project. Curtis teased me saying I could put heels instead of the dick knowing a bit too much my fetishes, I know this would be impossible to do on this scene without looking too weird but sure made me bug for a moment even more since that pose cannot allow to show high heels at all… ^^’
Psicoero know about my love for high heels too and tried find a pose where you can see her feet but was impossible then send me the sketch you can see on the left. Not being fully satisfied of this first sketch there was a second try with a composition make the interaction with ice-cream even better, I also really like the “slurp” sound adding a really kinky touch. I think the only sad point is fluid not being the same color as the ice-cream and not make it melt giving the messy look I was hoping but fun point is it makes me feel it could work for alternative versions with a huge dildo (even horse shape one) instead of the ice-cream or whatever you would imagine ^__^

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / 40€/45$ commission
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile
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