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#964 – Playfull kitties

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Started in Lyon the annual light festival that lost it’s historical origins to become a huge touristic event but it’s still a thing I cannot miss to see. Originally we celebrate the day the plague epidemic ended in the city and placed candle on the windows as thanks to the Virgin Mary. Since 20 years ago the city make a huge night festival with animations on the entire city based on light. What make this post coming late is 2019 is a really beautifull edition, so many people outside and so cold but worth it. Here a sneak peak if you are curious ^^


Back to this new illustration, I know the original spirit is pair Rosalina with as many different girs as possible anyway sometimes there is character I want to go with again after I find an outfit or skin I like as for this cat version of the Vocaloid Rin Kagamine. I don’t think this version is based on an official design but I’m not 100% sure since Vocaloid characters got many different outfit with time (especially for Miku) but I really loved this catgirl look and wanted Rin dressed that way with Rosalina in her catgirl dress from M3DW (Mario 3D World) released on WiiU. Who already played this game?

At first I planned to get this duo commissioned to Lunakiri but the idea was lost with time and so many projects then I finally got another chance to go with this pairing as commission to Nakanakaiii. He already made a lot of cute and sexy young character being used to flat chest more than titties so sounded the perfect artist to draw Rin. The idea was Rosalina giving cunnilingus action on Rin keeping her suit open on the crotch as in the reference, Nakanakaiii was fine with the idea and situation so everything started nicely… °w°

Considering the catgirl outfit, Nakanakaiiiwanted to make her cat suit more open at the chest“, also I’m not with armpits fetish but saw the zippers on that art were on the sketch. When asked Nakanakaiii if he like Rin suit being open on the armpit and he said “ye, it looks good” so we kept that detail, I prefer know the artist work on things he like and maybe some people will like it even more that way ^__^

Another interesting detail about Nakanakaiii process, instead of doing the flat color on full drawing before start shading he manage to fully color and shading small parts in a specific order, first was the hairs, then face, body and finally clothing. At first it was a little disturbing to see the head fully coloured and the rest of the illustration still sketchy on Nakanakaiii wips but it’s fun to discover more original and unusual techniques. Also as long the artist feel comfortable with his process and the illustration turn cool everything fine… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Cause his art mostly NSFW and with young characters, Nakanakaiii get several illustration deleted on deviantart and recently gave -up leaving that place. Anyway you can see Nakanakaiii art and follow him on Twitter AND Pixiv. Also getting really interesting prices you can imagine Nakanakaiii is pretty busy with commissions but can always manage to save you a slot in the future if you ask nicely so don’t hesitate if you like his style and want get something (maybe kinky) but first if you best take a look at style and stuff. °w°

Artist: Nakanakaiii / 15$ commission
Twitter: www.twitter.com/vivanami1
Pixiv: www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=42094696
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#306 – Vocaloid – Rin Kagamine

I received a message from TheNationMaker on Deviantart when he say than describing himself as a voice actor and propose to “overdub on your videos using my voice while you speak”. I know the biggest problem at the moment is my english level and french accent so I’m understandable but I know it’s not really easy for you though I don’t really want to cheat on that way.

If I do videos it’s to show more for lazy peoples and also say I’m here to make the blog alive. It don’t mean I will totally refuse TheNationMaker offer, it’s Dmfo who gave me the idea to add picture on the video instead of the projector and I also have a little idea in mind, need to think more about that… ^^


After a really hot draenei it’s time for Rosalina to be a beautifull loli and meet a really cute girl who is also a little pervert. I’m sure everydoby already reconized her, she’s the vocaloid Rin Kagamine. Rin and Rosalina look really more your as the original characters (especially for Rosalina) but it’s a drawing commissioned to Wabaki and don’t expect talk about boobs with him… ;p

Wabaki already contributed with a drawing featuring Rosalina and his loli OC: Amy Obscena (see it here). For some people loli girls is a really bad fetish but sincerely it more depend of what the artist draw and what to show with his characters. As you can see Rosalina and Rin look at two little pervert but so adorable girl… With more mature girls generally we use more often “bitch” or “slut” than “lovely” or “adorable”… ^^

There is now a lot of vocaloid girl but Rin is really my favorite, she’s the cutest as me, maybe because she have blonde hair too but I’m really happy than Wabaki choosed her to pair with rosalina. In fact I was supposed to have this pairing there is more than a year but I think the artist lost interest with the drawing… Now they are together and I hope you like it guys… (^o^)/

Also if you are interesting to have your own loli don’t hesitate to commission Wabaki. He have a great style, interesting prices and a also love to draw guro pics… As you can see in his gallery, he have really cute girl, other more pervert and if you don’t like guro be carefull, read the title before look at the drawing or it will hurt a little… XD

By the way like Wabaki rules a colored drawing like this one cost 30$. For a great and original piece I think it’s and interesting deal so guys don’t hesitate to take a look to Wabaki’s gallery (see it here) for more art and informations… Why just stay here for fapping, Hum?

Artist: Wabaki / Cost: 15$ (easter deal)