#716 – Star lingerie

March is here with a new patreon raffle, the winner is Ixalon and as I said previously it’s LadyBarbero that will create the illustration. There is another artist I had in mind but needed more information about his commission rate, for now let’s see about the idea of the winner and who will met Rosalina… suspense… ^^’

Also must admit the post as April fool telling the project will turn as pay site didn’t had the effect as I expected in term of feedback. For sure it’s far to the way I want manage it and since the objective is show that Rosalina is an incredible lady, it’s not a paywall that will help. Also if you want to support the project, there is the patreon page where you can get some exclusive content, earlier illustrations and HD versions in return… °w°


He’s coming again to show her cuteness, a huge thanks to PaladinoM who drew Rosalina so ravishing as always. As the previous illustration he made (that you can see on the right), this time Rosalina isn’t naked this time but keep a part of sexiness and mystery teasing us a bit with her mask and lingerie that suit her so nicely. I love how PaladinoM made her really sensual and the design of her bra with that star sure linked to Rosalina but also at this place it could work as a little reference to her medallion that is an important part of the character.

The mask is also a great detail, only keep her mouth available being ready for a sensual and romantic kiss but it also can be like some kind of erotic game. I’m curious what exactly PaladinoM had in mind creating that piece but it allow so many possibilities with some imagination, so many stories possible but better keep it sweet as Rosalina deserves looking so pure and innocent. Anyway I can be wrong but looking at the background (on bottom right corner) it looks like this happen on the bathroom, it make it even more intimate for some kind of roleplay but once again, only PaladinoM really know the truth about it… XD

PaladinoM have a really nice style and gallery, I also really love is Suzanne Lin pin-up that you can see on the left, she’s pretty, so sexy with a great point of view and it’s also effective due to my fetish for lingerie. He’s also open and ready to many style since he ‘draw in the anime / manga style with Hot Girl theme but also do drawings in cartoon style‘. For more by PaladinoM just have a look at places linked below and enjoy… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PaladinoM / Cost: Request
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/paladinom
Deviantart: www.paladinom.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/the.marcos.mendes2

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#715 – Race accident

EDIT: the comment below was April fool
It’s far to what I want this project to be so no worry ^^

It’s a long time I was thinking about it, kinda hard manage the project with my actual budget and looking at how many other famous artists site I guess I must try turn the RosalinaxGirl project to a pay site and keep the content inside exclusive for members and if it work I’ll be able get even more quality and kinky art with Rosalina and get more interaction with members. Anyway patreon members will get a discount to free membership depending their pledge as thanks for their support.

As for artists that contribute to the project it’s not the same thing if it’s a pay site. I’ll give artists a part of benefits based of the number of views an illustration get from a month until it’s published, wanted to make a vote/fav system but views will be a better and more fair indicator in my opinion. Working on the new version of the site, it sure need lot of work so I’ll slow done publications before a membership will be needed to see them. I apologies for that bad new to actual visitors but stay tuned for more updates and infos. Thanks.


I’m really thankfull to my patreon member for their support and help to give me a stronger power to get art, already marvelous but it’s even more powerfull since today illustration is from one of them. A huge thanks to Ivan Bucio who commissioned this illustration to Neshadas. I guess it’s not really usefull to describe the situation since most already know about Mario kart and the power of a blue shell but this time Neshadas made it more realistic since it’s hard to resist to a so destructive weapon.

The final piece is really beautifull, I love colors and every part is really cool. Rosalina so adorable and innocent with this preoccupied expression having her motorbike damaged as her suit adding a nice mix into cuteness and sexiness. It’s expressive, sensual, detailed and Neshadas also added a dynamic touch with wind on Rosalina’s hair. Talking about details, The vehicle is really well made being so cool and a impressive but wont be easy to repair it. Like the background Neshadas made it happen on the Star race but I hope it won’t be dramatic if you leave the road and be lost in the galaxy… O_o

The Luma in corner also looks sooo cute and adorable, I guess Neshadas made him blush seeing his mama partially naked. At some point I consider Lumas being so pure and innocent that they don’t really know about what mean nudity but I wont say Neshadas made it wrong at all. After all, Rosalina being a human she may have told them about privacy or I’ll wish all my life to reincarnate into Luma and be able see her on the bathroom… Just from that ecchi touch Neshadas added, I’m not sure publish it on the soft blog, really light nudity for sure but better be prudent.

Once again, thanks so much for your support Ivan and Neshadas who did a marvelous illustration, Rosalina looks so beautifull and pretty with her style. Also to discover more that Venezuelan artist, just have a look at her profile on Deviantart (here) or Tumblr (here) and HentaiFoundry (here) where you can see her NSFW art.

Artist: Neshadas / Cost: unknown (gift)
Deviantart (SFW): www.neshadas.deviantart.com
Tumblr (NSFW): www.neshadas-ladynsds.tumblr.com
HentaiFoundry (18+): www.hentai-foundry.com/user/LadyNsds11/profile

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#714 – Shiraki Meiko spanking education

New art for the project and I can’t wait to show the 4 new illustrations I got but they are solo and I’m a bit sad about that point. Of course the more important is Rosalina and she looks marvelous in all of them but for a yuri project that’s not so powerfull. So many wonderfull girls I want to pair with Rosalina and the wishlist page never stop grow-up so I must continue work hard to find more artists an yuri art… °w°

Also, I had a bad talking with a colleague at work that was kinda aggressive and don’t want admit it what he told me, saying to calm down the little voice in my head that imagine sentences. I feel bad it goes that way since I really love my work and the place but that kind of people that want to save his virility is really rough… U_u


After a really sexy duo with Soraka that you can see on the left, LadyBarbero is back pairing Rosalina and Meiko Shiraki from Prison School series. It was so long I wanted that dominatrix girl with my favorite princess. Second time she appear on the blog after the one made by B-side7715 (see it here). Of course for those that know about Meiko and fanarts with her, spanking sounds like really common but we can’t deny she’s made for that kind of scene, poor Rosalina being a so adorable and innocent princess but LadyBarbero made her looks so hot… °w°

So much parts I love in this illustration, Meiko being really sexy and dynamic, nipples visible, legs spread to reveal her perfect ass but not this one that’s she’s going to spank again and again. LadyBarbero created something that can be really powerfull with a little imagination, that arm quickly moving down then the sounds of the spanking and Rosalina moaning each time her ass is being abused. I also really love Rosalina face like she’s being crazy and maybe addicted to that little game hoping each spank isn’t the last with the pain slowly being pleasure. Each one can have some freedom and imagine this scene as he prefer, also that dynamic touch and feeling is really powerfull, LadyBarbero really did a great job and I hope you like it guys… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Be sure more is coming from LadyBarbero but it will take some time cause other artists are waiting their turn to have their art on the blog. Anyway if you cant resist to see more just have a look at her facebook (here) and deviantart (here), so many ravishing or ecchi drawings and if you wish for more just ask LadyBarbero about commissions or keep an eye on her page cause special commission offers regularly appear on her deviantart… Stay tuned.

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 10$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090

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#713 – Playfull piranha plant

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi hentai porn piranha plant tentacles

And finally the first illustration that is censored here due to exclusive versions on patreon, I’ll also publish them on Gelbooru and rule34 and hope they wont be rejected/deleted cause it could be a great way promote the patreon page (here). Anyway this kind of publication stay as exception and I’m far to turn the site into a paywall since the objective is to show the world how Rosalina is marvelous without limit, don’t worry guys… ^^

Managing this site for a long time I’m now use to wordpress and using FTP database, kinda the reason my tailor asked me to help him to manage his site that recently shut down to a plugin malfunction. Took me some time to fix it but discovered about OVH error logs that are really usefull for this kind of problems. Also guys, don’t forget make regular back-up is important and can save sooo much time… O_o


While watching xxxbattery‘s livestream, he just finished a pin-up commission asked if someone interested take a slot for pin-up illustration, the budget was still short at this time but I really wanted get something again after that sooo sexy duo in lingerie and dressing gown with Sailor Mercury or kinky time with Sailor venus (see it here). At this time I was in tentacles mood with two illustrations planned, one was canceled but xxxbattery did something so epic mixing tentacle and my lingerie addiction with a sooo sexy fishnet suit on Rosalina… °w°

As if Rosalina looks so freaking hot (and even more with lingerie, the more impressive as me is the Piranha plant head, xxxbattery made it looks so dangerous with big teeth that can easily kill you, and on other versions the head turn really sweet, carefull and a little playfull sucking Rosalina’s breast. I also love how xxxbattery drew the breast so soft and smooth but still Rosalina is really confident to offer her body to that kind of monster, anyway seem both are really naughty and enjoy this moment so no way the piranha plant give Rosalina some injuries if it want abuse even more of that perfect princess body.. °w°

How can’t be hard looking at it? Rosalina so sexy in high heels and with fishnet bodysuit, and it turning even more kinky with the tentacles playing with all her body, going inside her pussy and ass with other fondling her breasts before they getting suck, for sure xxxbattery did an awesome job here. With a more analytic eye, there is only one error I can find, when the tentacles is holding Rosalina’s clitoris on fishnet versions, xxxbattery missed add the fishnet touch on this part but I know no one will notice that detail so why not consider it as perfect? ^^’

After a long time I got a new piece from xxxbattery and I want thanks him so much for his kindness, hard work and support allowing me to use his series as patreon exclusive reward, I know people will be mad as always when see that kind of art but if that give me more members then the project will be able grow up and I’ll be able commission xxxbattery again… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Since xxxbattery is streaming quite often, you can get the opportunity talk with him, see about his drawing/animating process and how many work need a piece to be completed. In my opinion, the more powerfull is when he draw sketches that looks completely overloaded and it goes really hard (but fun) recognize what he drew, then once xxxbattery start the line you really see the final piece appear and that part is always amazing so don’t miss follow on picarto (here) or see his gallery on the links below.

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#712 – Patreon update V2.0

princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi banner
princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo sexy ecchi princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult nsfw sexy pinup ecchi

I feel so happy an honored to announce this new design on patreon page with the help of the amazing Mazzacho He’s a really awesome artist, talented designer and powerfull friend that really deserve more popularity due to his level but as long he need, he will always get my support… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

And for a week dedicated to the new design, will come an illustration with patreon exclusive alternative versions that will be available to all members. Anyway I don’t plan have the site as a paywall but at last get something exclusive for my patreon members as thanks for their support on the project.


Mazzacho offered me the opportunity have the patreon page looks even more powerfull with a new banner and cute art to illustrate all tiers with a bit of fantasy. It was also a good way to give a little renew on the blog design with this new banner a year and half after the one made by Suika (see it here). There was various try and design to reach this one and I’m totally addicted to the result, now with a so beautifull design I feel I must continue work hard promoting it and the project, thanks so much Mazzacho.

It was really nice see Mazzacho work on the illustration during his livestreams on picarto, Rosalina pose is based on photo that was really beautifull and he was able turn Rosalina even more ravishing with a sensual touch. And when you think it’s already so incredible and epic Mazzacho continue to amaze us, this time he managed alternatives versions with naked and see-through dress that I love so much as lingerie addict. I must admit I love the sexy version but was thinking there is not adult content warning on patreon, anyway promote the patreon is important so I take the risk post the sexy banner on patreon page (here).

Beautifull illustration and update, I’m really happy with his new post and really thanksfull to Mazzacho that will never stop amaze us if he continue that way, there is also a Victorian dress design for Rosalina that will come soon with the WIP already available for patreon members. I hope you also like it guys and don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him while he stream on picarto and finally give him support and get powerfull rewards on his patreon page. All linked below, no just enjoy the links… ^^

Artist: Mazzacho / Secret cost
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#711 – Welcome new Mayor

Some light edit on the next illustrations, I’ll make the patreon link appear and add some text on censor lines for the version that goes on tumblr and twitter. Those are censored to make it more safe and also make people visit the main site (kind of forcefull but the uncensored version are still free access). I also wonder if could be great publish them on deviantart but could be dangerous since links to website with adult content is forbidden… O_o

And another week-end visiting family so no way manage the site for this time. Would be usefull have a laptop at this time but that’s not cheap thing and with the car insurance it’s really hard for now. This post was prepared earlier and planned so if everything fine there wont be troubles, I’ll be back on Sunday evening for patreon and external posts.


Compared to January one that came two months late (really sorry), for this time I’m in time to present you March patreon raffle made by B-side7715. It’s Chris that won and asked ‘Isabelle is happy that Rosalina is the new mayor‘. Since B-side7715 can’t draw explicit stuff the rule was the idea had to be sweet and Animal crossing universe is sure so cute and adorable. Playing the game you’ll see how Isabelle is so adorable and thoughtful, generally Isabelle is a really shy person really shy but who can resist hug a so lovely princess?… °w°

Talking about the idea to B-side7715, that told me ‘I have an idea, what if i make rosalina in animal crosssing style? that would be new!‘ and he was right cause I never see Rosalina in Animal crossing even after deep researches. There is already some pieces with Rosalina in Splatoon style like this one but first time for AC theme so B-side7715‘s idea was sure so powerfull \(^o^)/

I tried create a character looking to Rosalina in Animal Crossing game, made all the dress myself and worked hard to buy the crown that cost 1.000.000 and I’m kinda happy of the result, the only problem was with the limited hairstyle available so can’t get a great one covering her right eye but I guess we can already recognize her.

Back to the illustration that can looks basic but that’s how is animal crossing style and the more important is to figure the cute side of the character more than details. Anyway B-side7715 had to manage a dynamic pose with particular anatomy that isn’t easy when you’re only use to human characters, also simple design but B-side7715 added detailed shading and they both mix nicely.

I hope you enjoy this new illustration and cute style, don’t miss visit links below for even more content by B-side7715. On my side be sure I plan get some more art from him coming in the future but I feel sad announce that due to some personal issues the third chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service planned to be created by B-side7715 may never see the light. Maybe that point will evolve with time, I’ll keep you in touch if happen.

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#710 – Making a blind record

This one had to be the previous post, I know I had to publish an illustration by Lunakiri but I was confused seeing the one with Kainé and though it’s this one that had to be published and then I already did it. I asked Lunakiri to have the illustration done in time when NieR Automata is available and she did it but on my side, I made this fucking error, how stupid U_u

And I also have to apology to Mazzacho that did an awesome job but you’ll have to wait until next week to discover. I really want a week dedicated to patreon and he helped me to make epic but he fill also have to wait cause my bad organisation, I’m really sorry… T_T


So here is the second illustration of NieR Automata series, after a sexy stripper show with Kainé (see it here), this time it’s Yorha type a no.2 (alias A2) enjoying Rosalina’s talented mouth also created by Lunakiri, not sure I told it but it’s her that will work on the entire series and be sure upcoming piece with be even more naughty. After made the sketch

The first particularity of this illustration is that Rosalina face is hidden by A2, after Lunakiri made the sketch she asked me if she would be a problem like how I’m addicted to Rosalina and was ready to redo it or at last reverse A2 and Rosalina place. Her idea and sketch was really cool so I decided keep it and about place A2 in the bottom, I told Lunakiri that Rosalina will always appear but this may be the only illustration with A2 so better keep a better view on her. It also appeared than due to the actual pose and point of view, Kaine outfit works better than Rosalina dress that would be harder to manage.

Enjoying Rosalina cunni and that she can’t see that much, A2 take the opportunity to make a nice record of this moment, I wish this one would be just a screenshot from a real video that Lunakiri and I’ll sure fight a lot to get a full copy. Anyway this illustration is already awesome, love the exhibitionist touch from the recording and that Rosalina may don’t know about. Also Lunakiri managed really well the clothes and shadows, not easy make so much folds on Rosalina’s dress but the result is epic and I often talk about this point on Lunakiri‘s illustration but not that much artists that draw the dress that detailed with so many fold and shading. Also on the kinky side the pussy juice make it even more exciting for for sure it’s not a video for kinds but I won’t complain… I hope you also enjoy the show guys… ^^

And it’s far to be done cause there is 5 more characters from NieR series to come with Rosalina, I already have idea for pose with 2B and a trio with Devola and Popola but first prefer Lunakiri be quiet for a moment and have a break with Rosalina. Maybe cause I still feel bad made her rush on it and fail publish in time (I always worry so much). For now don’t miss discover more on her website (here) and give some support on patreon (here), more than ‘need‘ support, she really deserves it… *hug*…

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#709 – Weiss attraction

Lately I have troubles with the publications order and not always follow the schedule or what announced at the end of the post (does anybody care about it anyway?). There is some illustrations coming that I have to post quickly and other that are not ready in time, the publication that was planned for today will come next week with a big update to patreon page and be sure that will be epic… \(^o^)/

And seem Spring is coming in France with a wonderfull weather this week-end explaining the post being a bit late (does I said I also forget USB key at work?). Anyway it also make me think it would be nice prepare something Easter related for the project. Sweet or kinky that will be a surprise so stay tuned… ^^’


Another new artist entering the project pairing Rosalina with Weiss from RWBY series (that simply pronounce as « ruby ») and created by Facundoakira that sure have talent but don’t feel enough confident to admit it (you really are awesome man). Some sexy ladies with so perfect curves or sensual lingerie in his gallery (here) made me totally addicted and I asked Facundoakira to participate to the project and as if he don’t have many free time he accepted… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

I suggested Rosalina with Weiss from RWBY holding the princess against a wall with a hand going under Rosalina head giving her a long and warm kiss[…] and after that come the more interesting part. Facundoakira accepted the idea and told me to wait for a sketch then sent me a message a few days later telling me ‘You can change or choose by yourself the clothes for them‘ but all are so wonderfull and badass, how I can ask something else Facundoakira when seeing epic pose that I dream have all of them done?

Choose just one pose was huge challenge, I asked some friend their opinion and favorite but each one had a different selection, that sure not helpfull but show there is always a pose in this sketch series people must love and that’s really powerfull, then it was time for a decision and I goes with the pose #6 askign to fix. Facundoakira really made something so awesome as the final illustration itself with this sketch series and I really wanted to show it to you. With pose is your favorite guys?

I noticed I missed that Rosalina hair lock was in the wrong side but Facundoakira fixed it but without reverse the illustration as I expected, Rosalina face goes covered by hair but romantic kiss keep it really intense and sensual. Adding some lingerie and the result is totally addictive, also many other details as the saliva, Weiss hand on Rosalina breast for even more sensual touch and her leg going between her legs rubbing Rosalina pantie for a kinky touch this time. You can see even more on Weiss Facundoakira’s gallery (here) and don’t miss give him a nice comment or some support as he deserve and tell him how he’s epic… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Facundoakira / Request

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#708 – Romance with a beast

And I got the idea for patreon raffle, Chris asked ‘Isabelle happy that Rosalina is the new Mayor‘ in Animal crossing. It’s B-side7715 that will create this piece and he wanted to try have Rosalina in Animal crossing, that sounds really interesting. There is the concept design as patreon reward coming with this post so don’t miss have a look… °w°

Also got some troubles on a minecraft server, I was contacted moderators to remove RosalinaxGirl from my name cause dangerous for child that google everything (I kinda understand at this point) but also asked me to remove a photo of my cosplay since it’s shocking and I was reported for that (photo on the right). I can understand crossplay is special but that’s exaggerated. Now I’ll destroy gunpowder economy… >.<


Another artist entering the project (lost the count of how many participated) with a so marvelous piece that come a little late, Time to present you Mothclip that come as the artist of the month since he’s a really pleasant person and talented artist. He don’t feel comfortable when we use talented talking about him anyway I still think ‘talented apply to this work even more looking at this awesome piece he made, no?

Rosalina meet Ms Fortune from Skullgirls series, she’s a fighter and Dullahan meaning « without a head » in Irish, Mothclip made a so romantic and sensual illustration that goes really more intimate and intense with the scratches on bed and Rosalina’s body, so many details I love and this illustration would have so much to say about. There is first that so beautifull and lovely kiss with Rosalina holding Ms Fortune head being confident and offering her body to the dangerous but careful hand of her partner trying don’t hurt but can’t resist have her fingers explore Rosalina’s soft body. There is also a really awesome work with shading managing two light effects, one from the window on left with white light and another on the left with yellow light, Mothclip create a great mix with colors and let us enjoy every part of the scene without bad shadows.

Many amazing points in term of details and level but from my personal fetishes one of my favorite part is Rosalina’s high-heels that looks so sexy with that design and angle, I’m not sure Mothclip knew how I’m addicted to high-heels but for sure the way he drew it is really effective. To find a negative points it’s really hard work, I looked a lot at this piece an maybe the only error is on Rosalina’s hairs that follow the body and missing a bit of gravity effect. Anyway the power of digital it to make everything impossible come true and enjoy the power to cheat to make it even more better, so what can looks like a mistake make Mothclip‘s illustration enven more powerfull… °w°

Mothclip is open for commission and made a really cool information piece that you can see on the left. You can discover on this page his mascot (that I wonder if she have a name) and also that he is ready to manage a huge variety of fetishes. From really sweet en sensual illustrations as this one to really explicit or extreme stuff the only limit would be your imagination (and the law). Don’t miss have a look at his gallery (here) to discover more about Mothclip‘s skills. Also never forget than a friendly comment is always a great support, artists don’t publish just for fun and really support and constructive feedback to continue amaze us… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 80$ as commission

One year ago: #604 – Sweet princess for kinky vampire
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#707 – Gymnastic troubles

I previously talked about themed week and was planning with tentacles for next one but it finally wont happen. One piece was started and the sketch was so promising but the artist had some troubles actually and told me ‘my conscience doesn’t allow me this kind of content anymore‘. So this piece will be cancelled and you can find the sketch as patreon bonus that involve massive tentacles under clothes.

It’s kinda a piece I was dreaming for years as for messy one and once again it wont go. Feel I’m cursed even more with the fact it’s the same artist that was planned to work next chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service and this one may never come too for now… Maybe it will change with time and I’ll sure keep you in touch… T_T


After a so adorable and pretty pin-up for christmas 2015, Tetisuka make a new appearance on the project, pin-up again but Rosalina wear her gymnastic suit and seem have some troubles. After all she entered recently on the Mario and Sonic at Olympic games for Rio one and had to train really seriously to reach a great level but as Tetisuka show us, when you start ribbon it looks more like bondage than gymnastic show… XD

Sketchy but already so cute and expressive, love how Tetisuka managed Rosalina adorable face being in this embarrassed situation now we have to decide if we goes help her or abuse a little of the situation and so perfect body. Another detail I love is the ribbon pressing her breast for a soft soft and sensualtouch so I’m a bit sad on other way the medallion looks so flat. Anyway Tetisuka really did a great job on Rosalina suit and as always is so powerfull with expressions… Thanks so much for this lovely piece… \(^o^)/

This illustration is a colored sketch so don’t show Tetisuka full power but already looks amazing. She also recently drew a Rosetta Christopher pin-up from a patreon raffle and since she’s my #2 fav lady I love even more the result. As you see the Rosetta illustration turn a little more explicit but still far to the naughty level Tetisuka can reach so don’t hesitate visit her HentaiFoundry (here) for even more illustrations and support her on patreon (here) for more awesome sweet and kinky content… Oh yeah… ^^

Artist: Tetisuka / Cost: 0$ (raffle)
Tumblr: www.chocolatecomcereja.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/tetisuka
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/tetisuka/profile

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706 – Who’s the best at stripper show?

March come soon with a new patreon raffle and only a few days left to join and get a chance with it. I already know the artist as announced previously but I have to tell that you can’t ask for penetration or sex scenes. Anyway don’t mean it can’t have a mix into cuteness and sexiness than I don’t know no one can resist about.. °w°

Also for those who know about Super Sonico, she will celebrate her 10th anniversary in 2018 (she’s older than Rosalina in fact). There is official artwork and a figure that will come with her wearing a lingerie wedding dress that you can see on the left. That piece turn so marvelous and freaking sexy, wish I can buy the figure but no money for at last I’ll manage get Sonico and Rosalina with sexy wedding dress… Need to find the artist now but I’m sure you’ll enjoy,oh yeah… \(^o^)/


And talking about raffle, here is the February patreon raffle reward made by Lunakiri featuring Rosalina and Kainé from NieR series. The idea was Rosalina and Kainé as pole dance slowly undressing. Kainé outfit already looks like so sexy lingerie piece so no way change this one and I asked Lunakiri to give some sexy clothes to Rosalina and it goes with a corset that keep breasts visible for even more sexy and perfect curves… ^^

It’s looking at Lunakiri‘s illustration that I was surprised about Kainé outfit, the bra is open at the bottom and that is so sexy but we don’t see nipples, looking at original refs there is no error on this illustration and I guess Kainé must have really small areolas. I was curious how cosplayers manage that particularity of the outfit; some don’t open that part and other but a skin color fabric under to hide it (that is totally cheat for all perverts). Now when I look at the illustration again, I wonder if have be better if Lunakiri made areolas visible but took me two weeks to think about that details so I know no one will notice it. XD

Both looks so cute and teasing, Kainé removing the ribbon from her suit and Rosalina showing us a so sexy and indecent open crotch pantie, must tell my fav part in Rosalina dress is the ribbon on thigh-high Lunakiri drew. Now who can resist fondle those breasts and get my hand slowly move on the bottom gently teasing her until she get wet and then goes deeper with one finger then then a second… Each one can imagine how will goes the show and in all cases Lunakiri gave us all we need to make it epic… °w°

Have to admit Lunakiri considered this illustration as boring when involve multiple characters that don’t interact kinda remaining as cheating with two separated illustrations in one. I can’t deny I understand her opinion and also love when some yuri actions bit sensual or more kinky but as lingerie and heels addict that kind of illustration offer a perfect view on both ladies perfect bodies and sexy suits without have one hiding the other cause of the pose or angle. At last keep that in mind if you wish commission Lunakiri, don’t miss add interactions to get something even more powerfull to give her fun working on the illustration…

The NieR series will continue, next coming is Yorha type a no.2 (time for complicated names), Lunakiri have some troubles to manage it for now but I know she’ll do her best and can make something really amazing and exciting. You can discover much more on Lunakiri’s website (here) with lasted illustration and update of the comic ‘Quantum Perversion‘ she update weekly, safe art on Deviantart (here) and exclusive/kinky bonus on patreon (here).

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 20$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#705 – Bravely Rosalina #02 – The black mage

The previous illustration was published a bit late on the week for stupid reasons again (dat USB key). Anyway as it the illustration don’t always come it time I never missed to do a post, two illustrations at last per week since 5 years of existence, I wish I must take some holidays at a moment like a week off at last but if I manage write them earlier I can totally work so just need a bit of organization. ^^

And stay tuned for March patreon raffle that will be here soon for 5$ supporters, don’t hesitate to join and support the project here and get a ticket to get any (female) character and pose you want with Rosalina. Also it’s B-side7715 that will work on this illustrations so feel free to see what is waiting for you… Oh yeah…


Time to continue the Bravely Default dress series I started with the lovely JamilSC11. After being a cute freelancer Rosalina get black mage costume but don’t lost anything of her cuteness. Now I managed to get 2 from 36 jobs existing in Bravely Default series by JamilSC11, still far to be completed but you can see on the right the previous one and all illustration on this link.

Looking at this illustration it’s a big ‘Awwww’ but I’m also amazed how JamilSC11 drew the black mage dress including some blue part linked to Rosalina’s dress that add even more details on the suit and also a bit more lingerie or lolita style. On other side, if you consider that black mage have the stronger and destructive magic you can never imagine with that cute look and adorable face that she can kick your ass so easily, JamilSC11 made her so dangerous in fact. Now let see if we have to be more careful of Rosalina or the artist at this step, take care guys… O_o

Anyway, a huge thanks and hug to JamilSC11 for always being so kind and do her best drawing Rosalina. I really hope get more from her to continue the series and also get more sweet as sexy Rosalina duo from her main style (see it here) but she increased her skill really quickly that her art turn even more amazing but her prices goes out of my budget… At last it’s not time to lose hope and for now don’t miss visit JamilSC11’s page to discover about her art and why not give her some support… Oh yeah… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com

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#704 – Sensual night with Levy McGarden

I was talking about the latex nurse outfit I was refused to use cause TheKite didn’t like watersport piece and my tailor told me it’s not the only suit existing so no reason design something else as a sexy military suit for Rosalina. After thinking at it I guess I must get more Rosalina in sexy costumes, already ton of cowgirls (that you can see here) cause I love so much that outfits but many other possibilities with Rosalina as maid, cop, firefighter, teacher, student , military, racing or taxi girl (I saw a ref for the last one that is freaking sexy btw)… °w°

I guess I’ll use this with a pool or theme in next raffle for patreon members so if there is a suit you wish to see on Rosalina don’t hesitate to join. Now have to think if it must be on the sexy way with short dress and high heels or cutie in a chibi series… what do you think guys?


A new illustration created by Ryev Alki and I must admit that was a bit delayed with the 700th piece then virgin killing sweater and Valentine day illustration but the next one he’s preparing with Rosalina will come with huge priority so stay tuned for more. This time Rosalina meet Levy McGarden; a Mage of the Fairy Tail Guild that stands at a rather below-average height for her age so not easy get an artist that can work on something sexy with that loli style character. Anyway looking at a character to suggest, I thought she can be perfect to fit Ryev Alki‘s style that mix both cuteness and sexiness at a so epic level and the result is so wonderfull… \(^o^)/

This pieces turn so marvelous with many interactions and I’m even more amazed by Ryev Alki‘s style with this one. Started so sensual with a long and romantic kiss, eyes closed and tongue out moving together, the breasts add a sweet and soft touch pressing together and finally those more intense with those kinky hands fingering each other pussy. Also adding some love juices as I love Ryev Alki made it sooo perfect…

That’s interesting cause it looks sketchy at some points but Ryev Alki putted many details on this piece, like Rosalina’s lingerie and gloves that show us Rosalina is fingering Levy and vice-versa, the brests with so perfect curves and that I want to fondle like hos soft they looks. Also Rosalina earring that isn’t affected by gravity is the only mistake I can find here so nothing that need to ask and edit to Ryev Alki.

No sketch or WIP about this illustration to show but if you want more just have a look at Ryev Alki‘s art on Deviantart (here), Tumblr (SFW here and SFW here) to discover cute designs to naughty actions where the cute part of the girls is never missing. You can also consider give him the support he deserves on patreon to get exclusive illustrations, request art and help create even more powerfull stuff.

Artist: Ryev Alki / Cost: 22.5$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/ryev
Deviantart: www.ryev.deviantart.com
NSFW Tumblr: www.darkryev.tumblr.com
SFW Tumblr: www.pucelle-ryev.tumblr.com

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#703 – Let me be your (futa) valentine

princess rosalina ecchi yuri lesbian tiger anthro crossover futa futanari

A new publication that come a bit late due to family obligations, at last I’m still in time so could be worse (and it already was). Anyway as if publications aren’t always posted in time I never missed one in 5 years with two publications a week, a crazy rate that is sure hard to manage but as long I can I don’t see a reason stop and show even more Rosalina art to show how that princess is marvelous and can be sooo sexy too… Oh yea… \(^o^)/

Also I plan themed weeks more than just for Easter/Halloween like tentacle one coming next month, at last I think this one will have better feedback then watersport piece but also will have exclusive patreon art for the first time. Don’t worry I don’t plan make it happen often but want offer a little something to promote it more.


After the illustration I made for my valentine card, here is the one I received as Valentine gift from my cutie featuring Rosalina and her tiger girl OC; Lilah. This illustration was created by Rancid Art that is basically more into furry characters but also can also manage humans as you see on this illustration with Rosalina looking so adorable and can’t resist about that marvelous lingerie set she wear (love the star design on the bra and panty), for sure my cutie know me really well about that point. ^^’

At first, Lilah isn’t a futanari character and kinda appear on the hottest illustration my cutie own and there is so much I would love to share with you. For now there is this illustration the left that is the reason of this duo, first time I saw this piece I was curious about the panty and wondering if artist error or a bulge for a trap kittie. I really Lilah design and was so curious about that bulge that on this illustration and it’s why Rancid Art was requested to draw her as futanari in this duo. It keeps a sensual and romantic touch for Valentine day theme but maybe in the future she will be back in something even more naughty as girl or futa… suspense… °w°

I hope you like this illustration guys and enjoy that mix into cuteness and sexiness we all need so a perfect and sweet Valentive day. If you want to see more about Rancid Art on his Facebook page (here), see him stream on Picarto (here) and you’ll have to go on FurraFinity (here) for the naughty stuff but this place isn’t updated lately but you can already see some nice pieces on that place. Once again, thanks so much for that so ravishing as sexy piece… \(^o^)/

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#702 – With Love


princess rosalina ecchi yuri lesbian meroko Full Moon wo Sagashite sexy sensual dance crossover

I was looking at the graph of visits lats year to see how it goes with time but finally there is still that attack with more than 13.000 hits on November 2nd that kinda destroy the scale. At last the blog itself wasn’t affected but I still wonder if there is a coincidence it happen the same day as Rosalina’s birthday, anyway I’m sure I wont get an answer about that… ever… ^^’

I’m also working on an excel files to train a little on VBA coding, it will be use to manage client list and shop rent but since he don’t know excel at all for now I try to make it simple to use with buttons and coding. Will have more like 500 rows of code but I’m proud of the result to react correctly in any situations, great design and protection but hours of work to make it perfect… O_o


This is an illustration I commissioned to Mazzacho to illustrate the valentine card I made for my cutie, she love so much this artist as me so once she was to work I enjoyed the opportunity to get this secret piece during a livestream and it turned sooo ravishing… Also must admit we met on Mazzacho stream so if we get a long and nice story he will get my eternal thanks but I keep the cuddles for my love… °w°

In fact this illustration don’t really have special story since what in the card (and what happened after) will remain as secret, the time was limited for Mazzacho that was able to finish it finished in a single session and make it even more epic and detailed as I expected, I first was asking for a colored sketch and the result sure have nothing to do with. I really love the colors and effects as how turned Rosalina’s hair that Mazzacho made so strong and impressive like a goddess offering you the heart of the galaxy… It’s absolutely ravishing and stunning. °o°

It was really powerfull to be here during Mazzacho‘s stream and see about his techniques especially for coloring, shadings and textures. As example no one can imagine the box and sleeves were made with the same textures since the result is different, then it’s all those techniques that are interesting to see so don’t miss come to see him stream on picarto (here) and why not get a commission and have Mazzacho make real your sweet to kinky dreams… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Secret cost
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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