#733 – Teasing a little fairy

And here is a new artist of the month, I let you discover BandiJones and his fetish for cunnilingus and high heels. He have many project and wish get the funds to participate in con and sare his passion for art but need some help, that’s the reason he recently started a patreon page (here) so don’t miss have a look.. ^^

I’m sorry for the previous publication that came a bit late, I was in a trip with friends on Switzerland for 3 day that were sure intense and special. The level is really hight for when will be our turn invite them… O_o


The main idea when created the project was to pair Rosalina with ‘famous‘ characters to be sure people will see about the illustration was looking at fanarts, with time I saw so many ravishign original characters that for sure weren’t famous but OC also could make a ravishing duo with Rosalina. Already got a lot with Rosalina and today it’s a new illustration Mazzacho drew pairing Rosalina’s with Kittehskye‘s OC named Miri.

A little fairy than Rosalina want to see if that cute, tiny and fragile body can be so sensitive as human one using a stem (or bade of grass) softer an smaller than her finger to be more sweet. I’m sure it tickles a little that way and must be intense like the way Miri hold her leaf and antennas moving, I also love the way Mazzacho drew it pressing on her breast and have a sweet curve appear. As you can see that little fairy is really cute with freckles and I’m sure Rosalina wont resit gently press her breasts to see how soft they are… °w°

Mazzacho managed a lovely illustration where cuteness and sexiness mix so nicelyand also where your imagination can play a lot, just imagine all kind of sweet caress Rosalina can give to Miri body, touching and teasing with fingers or even get that huge princess tongue tasting all that sweet body. the tip of the stem can also do more than just teasing and then Miri can also her turn explore Rosalina body with her being curious and tickle that princess body. I’m sorry for Mazzacho that I don’t think intended to make something with so explicit meaning but how about you guy? what kind of story you can imagine from this scene?

As you can see on the right, Mazzacho was already working on the stem idea but Miri pose was a little different on the first sketch. Being more quiet and sweet that way so I like how she turned more expressive on the final version… °w°

Once again, here is a big hug for Kittehskye and Mazzacho, I’ll never regret meet you two. For more guys you can get HD version on my patreon (here) or Mazzacho patreon (here) but no the only thing you can enjoy from this powerfull artist. Feel free visit places listed below to see more about his art, watch him stream maybe your commission… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#732 – Not in my butt Ilumia!

Still waiting for an answer from the artist to get the confirmation but I can announce for sure it’s Ivan Bucio that won June patreon raffle and will get anyone he want with Rosalina and/or decide a theme as long it respect the artist rules. There will also come some patreon exclusive versions like the Piranha plant series that you on the left.

Also talked to peoples about pay-up-front or paywall, for the first one it’s to prevent all that join the top tier for a few days to steal content (go so many of that) and for the second, I’m far to be a paywall. I want patreon to support the project and help it grow but there will have more rewards for patreon and never less on the blog. For now I just do extra efforts get more content to offer to patreon and I hope that will work… O_o


And not here is May patreon raffle reward for Kittehskye that asked Rosalina with her OC Ilumia that you must do not to confuse with her other OC Imelia that appeared on the Shota trap party (see it here). For sure it wasn’t intended to get that quality but the artist Ocanya wasn’t able finish the commission because of personal problems. I’m really sorry about that and must find a way to apologies… U_u

Ocanya made a first sketch that you can see on the right and isn’t bad at all, the ass and back are great, she looks like she’s got one hell of a squishy ass, which some people love. On his side he wasn’t really happy with it and wanted to try ‘another sketch more sexual and that the girls look younger’. The second one Ocanya sent was really good, I love the pose for Rosalina, lingerie and high heels add a so sexy touch (love that part) and the wand make it even more kinky.

Unfortunately, for this second attempt the result wasn’t good enough for Ocanya that told me he have trouble with Ilumia and ‘do not understand this character’. I think he had trouble to draw Ilumia by following other artists style instead of draw her the way she would look with his own style. For now I noticed all art from Ocanya‘s gallery was deleted. I don’t know what happened but sounds really bad, just hope thing will goes better and see him back soon… O_o

Artist: Ocanya / Cost: ??? (abandoned)

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#731 – Princess become Goddess

June will be here soon with the name of the winner of the patreon raffle in a few days, I will show on the next piece the reward of May that will (sadly) come with a bad new. Anyway I’m already looking for the artist to work on the raffle, some messages sent and now it will depends on replies… Stay tunes… ^^

And with the end of May also come the end of my holidays, at was really nice as if the lack of privacy don’t help at all to really stay quiet and relax for now, it’s kinda from this point I prefer be at work than home sometimes. Now I’ll wait until September for next one but this time it will be special… °w°


Now a new piece from Ivan’s contribution, that guy is so kind as pervert (my fav kind of friends) but this time he come with a safe and lovely piece commissioned to Nephiam featuring a solo but so lovely goddess Rosalina. Also the equivalent of “goddess” in French is “déesse” that we also use to design a ravishing lady so it sure work perfectly here, the hair and dress turn so awesome with details and colouring. A pantie touch but Nephiam‘s illustration is really far to be explicit so I’ll also post it on the safe blog Rosalina&girl… °w°

I’m really amazed by this illustration, sweet pose, cute face and hair turn awesome, Nephiam sure worked hard to draw and color this part but like how detailed is the outfit there is hard work everywhere.The dress offer a great mix into cuteness and sexiness, also like the part that start from her shoulder to her back, must be really original and elegant dress to wear. A lot of accessories and as if I’m more fan of high heels in general, the shoes Nephiam made are so nice and I love the wings. Not only the dress but there is many things that make the goddess effect even more stronger, that’s powerfull… \(^o^)/

Not that much to write so I’ll continue jump in the room cause how happy and thankfull I am for this illustration. You can discover more about Nephiam from all links below and for more there is Artists&Clients for commission or patreon for Uncensored versions of my NSFW art (or both if you want)… °w°

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#730 – A mermaid is also a lady

I started a commission series that was partially founded by patreon supporters but recently I lost two supporters and it’s not trivial to me. I decided be a little more forcefull and next week will edit patreon adding more rewards for 5$ tier as exclusive versions and source files as .psd. It will start on June so stay turned guys.

And about patreon, there is also Bandijones that started his own patreon page (here) to fund his first con ever at the end of the year. If you are curious you can see if SFW art and NSFW art to get an idea of what you can get.


Here is a new sweet but sexy illustration ordered by Kittehskye (or Lolikitteh) to DestinyBetweenWorlds (or Freiearth)… Damn, why people have so many different names? Can’t tell so much since it was a gift but I love it so much and if you are curious guys, this time Rosalina meet the mermaid Nami from League of legends game. I really love how looks Nami with DestinyBetweenWorlds style, kinda the one I would like to get Zora from Zelda series with Rosalina. If patreon goes up again I can see manage this duo as commission…

Mermaid is sure a specie that allow many different type of body but here it’s really cool how DestinyBetweenWorlds gave Nami some human attributes as really soft and sensitive breasts that Rosalina enjoy ton fondle. It was more complex for the pussy if I remember, DestinyBetweenWorlds wasn’t sure if have to show this part on mermaid body, finally this part was added as you can see and it don’t looks wrong at all. Now with a little imagination you can imagine Rosalina explore all that cute body and let Nami discover her own in return, sensual or kinky as you prefer… °w°

I also want to make you notice Rosalina’s’ right leg holding Nami, both have nice expression and Nami’s body is sure captivating but don’t miss look around to really enjoy every details from DestinyBetweenWorlds work. Again, thanks so much Kittehskye for this so ravishing gift and to see DestinyBetweenWorlds‘s gallery or talk why her during a stream, just follow the links below… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Freiearth / Kittehskye’s gift
Stream: www.picarto.tv/Freiearth
DeviantArt: www.destinybetweenworlds.deviantart.com

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#729 – Tight clothes wont stop tentacles

With holidays I have no reason work harder on the blog and finally updates pages that need it since sooo long like the Curriculum page that I must finish today with Mario party, Mario Sport Superstars and even Mario Maker (yeah, Rosalina in in this one too). Anyway so many “Mario” games, I wish she get her own game a day… °w°

I’m also curious what people think about friend ranking (basically order them in term of preference), for sure there is people that like or don’t but also others (like me) that don’t want make a ranking but ask friends cause they want to know their position, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?


Not time to present a new illustration by Mothclip that I’m sad to announce will lose his feature as artist of the month, though he’s here since 4 months. Will be time present you a new wonderfull artist and no worry, you can find all listed on the dedicated page linked below. So, after Rosalina and Sonico in messy lingerie weeding dress, time for another crazy idea. It was a long thinking to get the prefect idea that will be both pleasant to draw and also a great challenge for Mothclip, I first got the theme and it’s seeing a fanart of her sister that I goes asking Rosalina and Marie from Splatoon abused by tentacles under clothes.

It was a long time I wanted an illustration with tentacles under clothes but since I wanted it massive and crazy with so much expectations I had to find an artist that I know have the power and talent to make it epic. There was a first try that finally was abandoned after the sketch (you can see on the right) from another artist and I finally decided go try again with Mothclip. This time instead of a pairing with Chun-Li I decided to go with Marie from Splatoon and make Rosalina’s dress really tight to have tentacles show better and a pose that give a nice view on both girls. The first sketch was already excellent but I asked for even more tentacles and high heels on Rosalina to get tentacles going around the heel… °w°

Also Mothclip accepted draw octopus tentacles adding suckers, it was a powerfull idea linked to Splatoon universe but really lot of extra work to draw and colour, I feel bad gave him so much extra work but like the result it’s marvellous. You can also noticed some see-through effects through Rosalina’s stockings that are really amazing and sure not easy figure, also some fluid but so bad don’t add a wetlook touch at some points. Finally compared to my original idea with tentacles everywhere, it’s so bad Mothclip missed add some on Rosalina’s sleeves and gloves but like all the work there is already it’s not a big deal. Also don’t know why but the artist that tried previously also missed tentacles on sleeves, maybe there’s a reason… O_o

I promise next one will be easier for Mothclip to manage, I have a deal for now that will make come an illustration from him each month and maybe pick him as artist for patreon raffle so stay tuned. And if you wish for more kinky or original illustrations (sometimes bit too crazy) don’t miss visit Mothclip‘s gallery until come the next piece from our commission series… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission

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#728 – Archers’s new (princess) target

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover clash clan royal archer queen princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover clash clan royal archer queen trap femboy crossdress

Got the first sketch for the patreon raffle reward that member can see, it show Rosalina and the OC Imelia owned by Kittehskye. Anyway the artist isn’t really happy with this one and want try another pose even more naughty so let see what will come. For sure I keep you in touch… ^^

Was night at museums in France, some were open and free from 7:30pm to 1am and it was a great opportunity visit one with some friends. A special expo/even that was useless in my opinion but the museum itself was really pleasant to visit as if not the first time I go in this one. What amazed me the most are paintings with some huge and impressive or other really realistic.


Now here is a new piece from my deal with the amazing DigitallyDeviant that was so kind and accepted work on a threesome drawing Rosalina with archer and archer queen from Clash of Clan (or Clash Royal). Once again, I posed as model for this illustration but compared to the other DigitallyDeviant’s creations (see all here), I had to take the pose for the 3 characters instead of just Rosalina to have it easier to manage since a trio need so much work as you can imagine, even more adding interactions between characters.

Not so much kinky fanarts about games like Clash of Clan or dungeon defender that also have some sweet characters that would make a nice duo with Rosalina. I talked with DigitallyDeviant that I wanted a character from Clash of Clan to be with Rosalina but can’t decide from the archer or queen, finally he accepted for a trio (thanks sooo much). Other detail you sure noticed but can be wrong at a point is, there is a female and trap version for Rosalina but no futanari as many can imagine. It’s not like there is a preference about trap/futa (though a little in fact) but it’s also due to DigitallyDeviant‘s model that have some special attributes… ^^’

I really love how turned this piece from the start as if there was some adjustments DigitallyDeviant managed, he made queen dick finer and moved the archer closer to Rosalina the have the dick not like horse size as if it can sounds even more naughty at some points. There is also Rosalina leg the moved due to the new position of the archer, I kinda think it was more interesting have the leg laid down archer shoulder dut I suppose that way was easier for DigitallyDeviant to manage. Finally must say looks sooo hot wearing high heels and the creamy touch is also a powerfull detail…. Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Lately DigitallyDeviant work on several project but that are all private but once again you can see all Rosalina he made here. Feel free to have a look at his HentaiFoundry page to drop him a comment or maybe if you are interested commission him for some naughty project you can also contact him by mail. DigitallyDeviant his a really pleasant person and sure don’t bite… ^__^

Artist: DigitallyDeviant / Cost: Deal
Mail: digitallydecadent@gmail.com

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#727 – Can’t be Easter without chocolate

I was thinking at some kind of crossover in posts, the idea is have an artist write a paragraph about another illustration giving his opinion and advices. Would be great to have another point of view and interesting feedback from an artist to another. What you think about the idea and who should be interested as artist?

I had until May 31th to use the remaining day off and I honestly expected to negotiate and have them pay but my boss wasn’t enthusiastic about that idea. So For today I start 3 weeks off and really don’t know what to do all this time. Work is quiet, fine and I have more privacy at this place than in the apart I live with my family… T_T


It’s more than a bit late for Easter illustration with bunnygirl and messy theme, so here is another piece created by the talented Psicoero that is so talented draw characters with adult and realistic look being even more sexy and ravishing, he also design high heels shoes that are totally addictive. Anyway this time, I commissioned Psicoero to pair Rosalina with You Watanabe from Love Live! series inspired by the illustration on the left. The character name is a little confusing but fun, when people ask ‘Who is she‘ you just have to answer ‘it’s You‘ and you are sure make people lost… ^^

Being a fan of messy, I really love this piece with You Watanabe covered in chocolate and wanted something that style for an Easter piece. Anyway to make a difference with Valentine day and add some sexy costume touch, I asked Psicoero if he can manage draw them in bunnygirl outfit and I love the flashy dress he created like they can be used for a show in Love Live!. Rosalina giving her friend some chocolate and enjoy that huge bottle to cover You Watanabe with that sweet liquid, there is only one piece Psicoero made but with a little imagination you can imagine after get the bottle empty all over that sweet body, Rosalina wont waste this tasty chocolate licking it and enjoying some warm kisses… That kind of story sounds so sensual and exciting… °w°

During the illustration creation, it was decided You Watanabe’s tail have to be a butt-plug (as if it don’t show that much here) and from the first sketch I received from Psicoero, I asked if it’s possible to move Rosalina leg a bit to show better her high heel shoe that looks so marvelous. I received an edit with the advice that ‘this change on Rosalina’s foot looks a bit forced‘. I love so much how looks the shoe that you can see appear on this sketch but was sad admit Psicoero is right so he was back to the first version to complete it.

As you can see on the sketch, there is more chocolate as in Rosalina and You Watanabe legs but Psicoero focus on one part and messy is really lot of work to manage so we can have crazy ideas but must be realistic according the artist work. I hope you like this illustration guys and if you wish for more, you can see all illustrations Psicoero made for the project here and for more just visit links below to discover his galleries, patreon, streams […]. Oh yeah.. \(^o^)

Artist: Artist: Psicoero / Cost: 60€/65$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/psicoero
Gumroad: www.gumroad.com/psicoero
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/psicoerochannel
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Psicoero/profile

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#726 – At the beach with horsea Adrian

As some noticed there was no post during the week, I had a really bad talking with a friend and was disturbing. I’m really sensitive and it increase with how much I appreciate the person, kinda useless on a way like how it ended and I told her about that but whatever. I still don’t have so much motivation in general and wanted to way next week to restart the blog but it’s not fair for artists waiting to get their art published here and my wonderfull patreon members so let’s do it.

If I don’t count the moment the blog was down cause google blocked me when host on blogspot, it’s the first time in 5 year a post is missing. Don’t sounds that dramatic on a way but it hurt a lot see my project depending so much to how I am and can stop really easily if something bad happen. For now I just hope it’s not a sign the project will slowly go down and disappear, suspense.


Back to kinky illustrations with an illustration by Lunakiri for a new step in ‘Where is my pokemon? project featuring her OC adrian dressed as Horsea. This illustration looks special since you can see some color palettes and Rosalina without shading, it’s sure not Lunakiri fault and I must admit the actual quality is due to the fact I lost the final illustration with all shadings and HD. Really no clue what I did… T_T

Edit: I finally found the final illustration on Lunakiri’s website

Adrian is dressed as Horsea and we can wonder were are her legs; I was looking if that could be possible with some way of bondage and I found this illustration ‘on the left) that can make a great explanation. For sure I agree it must not be really comfy enough to really enjoy some kind of naughty time but whatever, I’m sorry for Lunakiri the pose have to endure her sweet OC but Rosalina seem to really enjoy that talented tongue so it wont help Adrian be free that quickly. I also really love Rosalina expression and hair, Lunakiri made her looks so ravishing as sensual so that kind of lesbian action make it even more exciting… °w°

About the sketch, there was two edits from the first Lunakiri did, first was to add a swimsuit to that sweet princess for sure without covering that much or her perfect body, that’s why breasts are still visible. The second point was to reverse the illustration to fix Rosalina hair and have the hair lock covering her right eye. Now for more don’t miss visit Lunakiri’s website or all places linked below where you can see her art, contact, support or even commission her to make your dreams come true.

Artist: Lunakiri / Cost: 25$
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#725 – Galaxy is a beautifull place

A big thanks for all my patrons for their new month of support, more than help the project it also allow me commission some artists that I consider as talented but in bad situation and really deserve some support. For sure without patreon the project would be totally destroyed and still not easy for now but I do my best have a project with great illustration but also help and promote some artists that have potentiel to be epic… Oh yeah… °w°

Also for patreon that visit tumblr (here) or twitter (here), I don’t use these sites to promote the sfw illustrations that are published on the blog. Mostly of the content is adult and kinda explicit so I prefer keep the safe and sweet illustration out of this places, if you have some suggestions for places I can post SFW art, feel free…


Let’s end this week with an adorable gift from Kittehskye and made by N64 (I wonder if that name is linked to Nintendo btw), Rosalina floating in the galaxy with one of her Luma being so cute as always, so pure and innocent but the way N64 draw the mouth and some curves adding some sensuality, there is a mix into cuteness and sexiness that is so marvelous… °w°

I really love colors in this piece but I’m really curious about N64 idea for Rosalina pose and so bad her hands are hidden. Other light detail, the motif on the crown isn’t like the original one Rosalina wear but no way stay negative, everything else in this piece is marvelous. The luma is great and I’m really addicted to the way N64 managed Rosalina’s hair so nicely, that’s bit voluptuous and so ravishing…

I was a bit surprised looking at N64‘s gallery since this Rosalina illustration is one of the only SFW illustration he did, so many other kinky furry art that you must enjoy if you are in kinky mod. Also if you are interested in commission, an illustration cost like 10$ for a solo and 30$ for a duo but I really sugegst to visit N64 gallery first to see his style before think about commission idea, once again his general art is really digerent than this sweet Rosalina… ^^’

Artist: N64 / Cost ??? (Gift)

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#724 – Why tennis dress are always that short?

I started post on tumblr there is less than a year and just got a mail saying I reached my 100th publication on this place, I’m not surprised cause it kinda what I estimated on a previous post (read it here), each year it’s 100 posts on the blog, twitter and tumblr adding 200 posts on patreon… Now I wonder if that worked and gave me enough visitors regarding all the time it took to manage both tumblr and twitter…

Another project that is for the moment far to see the light, I may create a lingerie online shop with our own design. For now I there will be with the help of Lunakiri for the design and feminine touch, a friend to create the site and another for the english support. Last one is my friend and tailor that will have really important role as advice on the final design, fabric and the creation process… I hope it will work but there is still time to see if that will really happen, suspense… ^__^


This new illustration looks a little similar to the one made by Uxdragon (that you can see on the right), anyway today it’s a safer version of Rosalina in her tennis suit still not being use to wear something that short being use to her long dress she have living at the observatory and keep even to fight on Smash Bros. This illustration was commission by Ivan Bucio to MissBehaviour for te project. I really appreciate your help and support my friend, thanks so much… \(^o^)/

This is a really beautifull illustration, Rosalina so sweet as always embarrassed to have her tennis dress revealing her cute pantie and so perfect curves. MissBehaviour was able figure that mix into cuteness and sexiness that suit Rosalina so nicely, a bit exiting but when you look at her face she looks so innocent that we can’t have real dirty things, just she’s sexy. Trying to be serious, there is a little mistake on that piece assuming I don’t count the dress shorter than original one (since I love that sexy detail). At first there is the way MissBehaviour designed the middle of the tennis racket that looks a bit off and fragile who can break at anytime.

When you stop focus on Rosalina ass (or just try at last), her hair is also an interesting part. First the wind effect MissBehaviour managed that add a dynamic touch as we can imagine them slowly moving with Rosalina stunned looking at us. It can also be part of Rosalina that just turned her head looking at us after noticed her pantie goes visible but turning her head on the left the hair had to be on the other side to be right so in that way sounds more logical consider it’s the wing. On a way, it sounds bit stupid search for logical reason or explanations on a virtual piece ( and only MissBehaviour really know what she wanted to show) but add a little story and reality touch make it alive and really more interesting in my opinion… °w°

Second point about hair, Rosalina is platinum blonde and depending the artist there is always some variations but always stay close to blonde color, with MissBehaviour it’s more close to white hairs that is unusual but not that bad. It’s also since each artist add their own touch that Rosalina always have something different and unique, oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I hope you like this illustration guys, once again a huge thanks to Ivan for his support and MissBehaviour that made Rosalina so powerfull once again. For more don’t miss to have a look at her gallery (here) or visit links listed below cause there is so much sweet piece to see but other really naughty depending your preference. Also for what I hear, MissBehaviour is really attentive to manage your idea and draw it to be so epic as in your mind so feel free if you want commission her, no doubt you wont regret… ^__^

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#723 – Stacked Rosalina

May is now close and next post will announce the winner of patreon raffle. You till have a few days to enter the raffle and get a chance ask XXXX to pair Rosalina with any girl you wish, you can also choose the pose/situation as long it follow the artist standards and style.

Also going for a trip with friends this week-end lost in the mountain, I wont be able manage the blog so I wrote and planned this post earlier to you this new piece in time. Anyway patreon reward will come once I’m back on Monday evening. I’m sorry for the delay to all my patreon supporters and hope there will be data on my phone… O_o


The content of the blog is mostly NSFW and really explicit, the fault to his really pervert owner but today here is some cute and safe drawing by Lunakiri to show we can also go with sweet illustration. On other side I have to admit this one was a gift by Lunakiri and traditional art isn’t that good for explicit piece but still, I love this illustration. °w°

Here is a sweet Rosalina holding her Luma, it’s really the true Rosalina I know being so lovely and protective for her little Lumas, what is really cool is this piece is traditional art, something that don’t looks that perfect and detailed as digital but give a different feeling, also the original Lunakiri made is really unique since no one can copy/paste and that’s magic. There is another interesting detail on the creation process, if you looks at the write border around Rosalina or her crown it’s because they all are different parts made separately and that Lunakiri putted together to create the final piece. The background, Luma, Rosalina’s body/arm/crown were all made in seperated papers and together here is the result… \(^o^)/

And about these different parts, Lunakiri sent me this really interesting WIP that you can see on the right that kinda show all the sketch creation process, starting from feet and legs with construction lines that is the most basic step either when figure a pose and moving up, the body that slowly appear and finally it’s Rosalina face and hairs that are kinda the most detailed as you can find on a sketch. Finally the only think missing in the sketch is the crown that Lunakiri noticed and added later adding another piece that finally make the stacked effect even more interesting… °w°

Artist: Lunakiri / Gift
Website: www.Lunakiri.com
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/lunakiri
Patreon: www.patreon.com/lunakiri
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Xeccan
Deviantart: www.Lunakiri.deviantart.com

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#722 – 4 years of secret cuddles

Just noticed I missed to make a censored version on my last publication with chocobo Rosalina (here), I use it to post on patreon, tumblr and twitter but always censor pussy and boobies to be safe. I asked advice to a friend that told me it’s better fix that so I did before get some troubles.

Also, I’ll be out for a trip this week-end back on Monday evening since it’s a day of in France. This time I must prepare the post earlier and have publication planned earlier since can’t do Saturday morning or Sunday evening this time, patreon bonus will come on Monday, bit late but be sure I wont forget you… ^__^


Here is a new record for the project that is far to be a celebration, here is a new illustration with Rosalina and Nami was made in December 5th 2012 by 00gojiramon. I really don’t know the reason I missed to post this illustration that I found on the folder but never appear on the site or even the old one hosted on blogger. It’s sure really late and I apologie to 00gojiramon but would be stupid be like nothing happened so I decided make a post and finally show it to you guys.

So here is a really sweet illustration with Rosalina and Nami from One Piece, romantic and sensual scene with Nami fondling Rosalina breasts. 00gojiramon also added an adorable touch with this little kiss and Roslaina expression, the illustration looks basic but still really expressive and Rosalina face so definitly sooo cute. On the anatomical side, 00gojiramon did a great job, maybe the legs that looks a little to large in my opinion, what do you think?

Anyway this piece show 00gojiramon level 4 years ago so you can imagine he now have new skills with time and practice so don’t miss check his deviantart gallerie (here). Anyway if you want see more about his style at this time there is a second illustration he made for the project that was posted in time. 00gojiramon participated on a contest hosted by AdultAnonymous group, he did a collab illustration with Rosalina and Tifa that you can see on the left and click on it to see the dedicated post.

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)
webcomic: www.ckarrus.webcomic.ws
Deviantart: www.00gojiramon.deviantart.com

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#721 – It’s Chocobo Show

It’s really hard find artists that suit the budget and also can make quality art, on a way it sounds like rape at some point looking for unfair prices for artists but I do my best give them some support, advices and make the best post I can when time to show their illustration on the blog. Also found some really interesting next artists that will appear soon, stay tuned… °w°

I really hate hospitals being really sensitive to blood and injections, anyway it’s not the only thing that made this week totally crazy and confusing at some point due to totally unexpected news. Now time for a long week-end out of the internet, will be boring at some points but I guess I need it to have a break. U_u


It first started with a livestream request DefiniteSin started on Picarto, it was so impressive see her draw being so fast that you wonder if you looks at a livestream or speed-painting at some points. Anyway I had the opportunity get a shot for a little sketch and the main challenge was to decide about a great idea to suggest that would be cool to see and fun to draw since it’s important the artist have pleasure, even more for a request. I guess it’s the final Fantasy soundtracks that made me in the mood ask DefiniteSin to draw Rosalina in a sexy Chocobo suit like ref on the left.

Other point of the idea was Rosalina fucking a chocobo dick dildo but there is no design existing for it and the outfit would be already a lot of work for DefiniteSin so create a new design would be too much for a sketch, anyway we keep the naughty touch with Rosalina ridding a huge dildo. Hot action but Rosalina stay lovely being calm and so ravishing with this outfit, colors looks great and love how DefiniteSin managed the feathers on the suit and this little on as decoration on the crown.

DefiniteSin‘s speed was impressive watching her working on this illustration but there was a lot of details to manage so make it faster don’t mean there isn’t a lot of work. it’s also how the lines looks like traditional pencil that is interesting, there is powerfull tools on digital but make it looks like traditional art, that’s cheat… XD

I hope you like this illustrations and for more just be sure to follow DefiniteSin on Picarto or for the art she already created, many places to visit that are all linked bellow. A powerfull art and skilled artist that do requests or raffles but you know it’s not what pay the bills (fucking society rules) so you can also consider get a commission from DefiniteSin have your fetishes and dream come true and offer some support on patreon (here)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#720 – Easter lingerie bunnies

Two weeks untill May but I must be ready for the next patreon raffle and find the artist that will make another dream come true for the winner of the next edition. You still have time to join patreon giving the project the opportunity to grow up and get exclusives rewards or even a free illustration for the rafle winner… ^__^

I was looking to create a gallery from a folder that can automatically update adding or removing illustration in the folder but the existing CSS codes are quite complex and I must admit I’m lost with it. if anyone have a great tutorial for this or something that can help please tell it with a comment.


A little late for Easter but I’m sure we can still love to see that so ravishing and sexy bunny girl duo made by LadyBarbero for March patreon raffle reward. This month was a little special for sure, it’s Ixalon that was able decide about what girl to be with Rosalina and the situation but I added a little rule; it had to be Easter theme. Finally it was decided for a sweet duo with velvet from rwby‘ and LadyBarbero free to go with the pose she want. After all it’s great that way having the artist keep some fun and freedom.

Anyway there was a little mistake with the first sketch and I have to admit this was my fault. Ixalon asked for something sweet but on my message to LadyBarbero I told her to figure something ‘more explicit than sensual‘ instead of ‘more sensual than explicit‘. It’s from that error I received a really hot sketch with both girls enjoying a double dildo, anyway Rosalina face was still so cute and adorable. I told about my error to LadyBarbero and she was really kind redoing new one more romantic and sensual, thanks so much.

Rosalina and Velvet outfit are inspired by this illustration on the left, bunny-girl outfit is sure really sexy and this one with fishnet was even more sexy and original. I sent this one to LadyBarbero as reference for the outfits but was a bit sad the final piece don’t have the see-through effect as I expected, anyway looking closely you can see areolas appear so there is still a little transparent touch that I love. Another great parts are the perfect curves appearing with those tight outfit and the lingerie touch with stocking, LadyBarbero figured that mix into cuteness and sexiness so nicely… °w°

And if you wish to see even more of that powerfull mix, don’t missed visit her DeviantArt gallery. If there is an idea you dream to make really and would enjoy see in that style, don’t forget you can commission LadyBarbero from sweet and adorable pin-up to more explicit scenes she can unfortunately can’t share due to D.A. rules but you can see NSFW from illustrations she made for the project to have an idea.

Artist: LadyBarbero / Cost: 10$
Deviantart: www.LadyBarbero.deviantart.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/LadyBarbero-1275553415800090

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#719 – Sensual and messy wedding birthday

Basically, I post twice a week and since a year has 52, it means more than 100 publication on the site, tumblr and twitter each year. Now if we count the patreon page that have each time a public + patreon post, it’s 200 posts a year on that side. So if we count everything together I reach 500 posts each year and this doesn’t count all the external things to manage the site, artists and commissions/requests… This project really needs so much time but I can’t stop doing it as if it may destroy my life wasting so much time… O_o

Wish I could buy this figure


It’s the second time I get a pairing with Rosalina and Sonico (first one here by Omnimaid), not that I planned Mothclip draw her again since the main objective of the project is have Rosalina with many different girls, but when I saw this special version made to celebrate her 10th anniversary (on the left) it was just impossible to resist. I still wonder why a wedding dress to celebrate her birthday but the lingerie touch was so epic according to my lingerie fetish and when Mothclip offered me to work on this duo I was sure it would be epic, and it is like the result… \(^o^)/

So, Sonico is back and meet Mothclip‘s power mixing lingerie and messy fetishes, adding high heels the result goes over the limit that allow me stay quiet looking at this kind of illustration. At first I was into a more explicit pose but it goes for something more ‘Grounded that mean no big actions is going on and poses are kind of laying on each other‘. A bit frustrating at first when you have pervert mind but the sketches Mothclip sent me was really nice and since it was a gift I didn’t insist. Anyway the more important part was still here; Rosalina and Sonico in weeding lingerie covered by syrup and cream. Sensual, sexy and messy for a powerfull mix that I hope you guys like… ^^

Being a lot into messy, I asked to add a wet touch around the parts there is cream or syrup like the fabric absorb it as real clothes, finally it didn’t happened since Mothclip thought about that detail but decied that ‘it could shade the other more important details‘. As messy lover I still think some absorption would be nice but agree with Mothclip, it’s important don’t hide to much those beautifull and detailed lingerie bridal wears, I’ll keep this fetish for an illustration oriented mostly on the messy side with even more cream, syrup or… who knows, so many ways to make an outfit dirty but the more complex will be to decide the one to pick, I have that kind of choice… T_T

And about details, there is really a lot to admire here, both outfits really detailed with lace on Sonico and see-through on Rosalina, you can also see the red ribbon on Rosalina’s suit appear on the neck, corset pantie and even high heels that are also soo sexy. There was also a lot of work for Mothclip to manage all syrup and cream, Rosalina giving Sonico a strawberry with syrup running all along the glove and girls bodies that we want to lick and eat every part of the body. There is also another detail I asked Mothclip; with Rosalina’s crown being filled by syrup that overflow making the hair messy, kinda light detail like all cream around but I love this detail and you may see it appear again in the future… ^__^

So much to say about Mothclip that I admire not only for his art level, he’s a really amazing man open minded and supportive always ready to listen to you while doing his best to work on your ideas as if they can goes totally crazy like guro or Hitler raped, it ‘s like you can find anything on his page so must be ready for some special fetishes but there is sure illustration that will make you addicted. Mothclip is also open for commissions offering powerfull skills for a correct price as you can see on his ref sheet on the left, it kinda remember me Zombo.com when you hear ‘the only limit is yourself‘ (and as always, the law)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / Gift (60$ as commission)

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