#747 – Lingerie and unexpected guest

I found a nice and talented artist that I will make you discover about soon with a sweet pin-up. I expected more but I wont be able commission him either, thanks to the help of a friend. I already work so hard to make people know about the project and efforts goes vanished so easily, I wonder if it’s to make me understand I have to focus on the project itself and some support/promote artists. I’m really pissed off actually. U_u

What I talk below happened like a week ago and during the time things changed a bit, anyway this paragraph was already written and ready so I keep it like this no because I’m lasy but to keep this as memories. I took several decisions after that and some are already visible on this articles but I’ll explain more on the next post.


I feel really sad about the delay for this illustration but finally come June patreon raffle reward, the winner of this edition was Ivan and the chosen artist Eberry. No special rules or themes to follow this time but Ivan was really surprising asking ‘Rosalina giving a titjob to Vixxy as futa‘. First problem was Vixxy is a moth original character owned by C.haos so before commission it to Eberry I had to ask the right to use her character, fact is she allowed me do it only if I ‘keep Vixxy a full-fledged female‘.

Then I had to talk about it again to Ivan and maybe and change the idea like have Rosalina as futa getting a titjob from Vixxy. I goes with Futa Rosalina only but can’t work again after Eberry told me ‘futas are completely banned from my art. I was close ask Ivan go with another idea and duo but wanted to keep his wish and have Vixxy with Rosalina, I decided remove the futa and titjob side asking Eberry to make a sweet duo in lingerie. I hope you like the result… °w°

Anyway if you wish to commission Eberry, you must be really careful about her term of service and commission rules, there is a basic price per character but the price increase for each suggestion or pose on each character, as example if you ask a duo in lingerie you pay the lingerie option for each character. This point was first made to give more freedom to Eberry and I understand her on that point but be careful with limited budget, she’s awesome for pin-up but can be expensive if you want something specific and/or multiple characters.

Artist: Eberry / Cost: 30$
(24$ two characters + 2$ panty tease theme + 2$ Rosalina lingerie + 2$ Vixxy lingerie)

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#746 – Transparent is magic



princess rosalina Nintendo hentai sexy fetish latex rubber transparent pinup

I was working on fixing some issues on wordpress and cleaning a the database, anyway I must admit at some points if was like you delete folders and check the blog… There was many crash and error before finally working (yeah) but I hope it wont break wordpress and also noticed the blog is way too huge for a standard export so this part will be complex too. Anyway I’ll never stop fight to keep the Rosalina x Girl project alive… °w°

And today I officially own my future apartment as if for now it looks more like a huge hole in the floor than a nice building. I must admit I don’t worry to much that I still have a year to wait until I can move from the actual living room I live. Just like how hard it’s to keep a job, I hope this 22 years long credit will be fine… O_o


I was contacted on deviantart by Paloma that asked me if I was still looking for commissions, looking at her portfolio I was really impressive but the style like a mix of shiny and realistic. I was sure interested and even more after see that sexy duo she did (on the left), being so ravishing and sensual but also really sexy I sure wanted that with Rosalina and it started. Here is the first of 3 Rosalina illustrations actually made by Paloma and I’ll sure manage more with that talented and lovely artist.

The best when you commission an artist is look at his actual gallery to suggest something that will fit his style, my side I must admit I goes a little crazy asking Paloma to draw Rosalina with some kind of transparent latex suit that I found and love sooo much that I wasn’t able resist submit it. AS if she was able to decline the idea, Paloma accepted this outfit challenge and sent me a really promising wip; cute face, sexy suit and finally hand/crown already here, what else I can ask?

And there is something else I asked (sounds like I’m a bastard), cause my fetishes I wasn’t able resist ask Paloma for high heels as you can see and once again she did her best to figure it. When received the final version, I was sure amazing by the result but also surprised and disturbed by the general blurred effect. I wasn’t use to have this part of the artist style and asked Paloma if she can mage something less blurred then she did her best to make the second version you see. Anyway I hope you like it guys, Rosalina get that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness I was hoping when started this commission and the shiny neon style background is also a great surprise… °w°

This illustration was a powerfull surprise and Paloma was really dedicated to do her best all the time (thanks so much), it’s a reason I wanted continue with her and there is more coming but be sure have a look at her gallery for more amazing piece or get a commission slot on her deviantart or patreon (linked below). About patreon there is a last thing I want to announce, it’s Paloma that I chosen to work on August patreon raffle so still time to come and get a ticket… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: PalomaGouthier / Cost: 60$
Website: www.artsofpaloma.com
Tumblr: www.artsofpaloma.tumblr.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/artsofpaloma
Deviantart: www.PalomaGouthier.deviantart.com

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#745 – Aurin girl make her entrance

I made some tests but have troubles with wordpress, I have troubles configure come features cause seems I edited a bit too much WordPress files and the blog is so huge that it’s impossible make proper exports to make edits on wampserveur. If some of you can give me a hand to manage it, it would be really powerfull cause for no I’m not sure I’ll go with what I have in mind being scary get all the site down… U_u

Also family moving to Spain for a week so I must care about pets, garden and flowers at mother house, with everything already planed this week will be soooo busy but nothing I can manage… ^^


While watching Mazzacho‘s livestream, he told me he really liked an illustration I posted made by Ryev Alki for the project and seeing the rest of his art he was really interested by the duo you can see on the left. I Mazzacho that got some interest for a after see her in a trailer from this game, didn’t expected have him so enthusiastic with this character as me… ^__^

Here turn a ravishing duo in an adorable and little sensual scene, Mazzacho drew Rosalina with a outfit more casual and sexy close to Aurin one. Despite the fact I wonder if Rosalina have a blue belt or if it’s omission during colouring process, there is so many efforts and details Mazzacho putted on the drawing and colouring process. About shading, I love the smooth and sweet color and light crossing tree foliage (learned a new word), it make the illustration much more detailed, impressive and ravishing on the hair and fur… ^__^

I said there is also lot of work on the drawing process cause Mazzacho did so many sketches and poses until reach this one, you can see some of them on the right and also it was really more explicit at the start, kinda love the POV one with panties pulling honestly. Anyway, as if the final illustration is really more sweet allowing me to share it on many places (Oh yeah), there is some sexy details still here like Rosalina outfit, high heels and maybe the Aurin lady that don’t seem wear bra. Don’t know if it’s me or Rosalina but each time Mazzacho create and illustration for the blog it always tend something really sweet and lovely whatever how naughty can be the original idea… ^^’

Mazzacho is sure a talented artist but also have great skills in many fields working on animations, 3D modelling, website creation, etc… I’ll need his help on that last point to prepare something huge. For now don’t miss have a look at Mazzacho’s gallery on deviantart, meet him during stream on picarto or be member of his patreon. If you have an idea in mind that you think could looks great with his style, you can ask about commissions for whatever you want from really safe and adorable to more… Naughty… °w°

Artist: Mazzacho / Cost: ??? (gift)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Mazzacho/profile

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#744 – Naughty schoolgirl’s favorite toys

After a huge promotion, I’m glad finally see people come and vote as the Misty dress-up poll event (I kinda made you can miss it visiting the blog) but there is a part I’m a little sad. It’s to see many peoples vote for the naked version in a dress-up thing, there is so many cool and sexy suit to pick guys… O_o

Other that get nice amount of vote is the golden suit from one of the first episode of the pokemon series, I wonder if people vote for golden suit cause she’s so sexy or they recognize it. Anyway the naked and golden suit must be draw cause both got many votes but only one will be pubic and the second patreon exclusive.


Because I love to be logic, July raffle reward illustration will come before June one (Benjamin Button rule) but the reason is simple that June one took more time to be ready and will come soon. Anyway for July, Curtis won a pin-up from the patreon raffle made by Youngjaerome and sent me the pose on the left for Rosalina. Since Rosalina bust isn’t that much visible, it wasn’t easy to find a great outfit and after a (pervert) brainstorming it was decided dress Rosalina as sexy schoolgirl with toys under panties, quite a challenge that Youngjaerome managed remarkably well and was a great surprise see it turn as full body, Rosalina legs looks quite erotic here… °w°

After Youngjaerome sent me a WIP, I asked my patreon what part could be missing from the sketch on the right, they noticed about her wand and Luma that is great point (but don’t want Luma involved in NSFW stuff) and due to my fetish there was also high heels that would looks amazing on Rosalina with this pose. Anyway Youngjaerome told me he ‘don’t really draw them so they’ll come off looking ugly‘, I wanted to insist to have them on Rosalina but someone told me respect the artist opinion so as if frustrating, no heels (this time)… ^^’

Finally the missing part was the pantie but Youngjaerome fixed it for the final version, I love how dildo appear through this tight panties being, looks so exciting thing that seems only appear on Japanese porn movie, double dildo and Rosalina that can still keep that quiet and sexy face is soo erotic. The vibrator remote was also removed during the process cause a little misunderstanding but that detail was back, now there is just to enjoy the show and see that hot student Rosalina soak her panties… °w°

I must admit there is an error left that is my own fault, I was so focused on that ass with dildo and legs that deserves high heels (stripper one exactly) that missed Rosalina crown color was wrong when received the flat color wip and even final versions. If I’m right due to the pose and toys it took me 4 days to get my eyes reach Rosalina’s crown and notice it, Youngjaerome really made a powerfull illustration and Curtis that wont the patreon raffle also came with a wonderfull idea… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Youngjaerome / Cost: 15$ (special pin-up commission)
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/pictures/user/Youngjaerome

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#EVENT – Misty dress-up poll

Casual, naked, sexy, swuisuit, bondage, costume…
Vote on what suit you want her to wear on this illustration



princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi hentai porn lesbian yuri crossover pokemon misty dress-up Rosalina and Misty will appear together once again but this time it’s you who decide what should wear Misty, thanks to Mothclip who helped me create and manage this new event where visitor can participate and everybody can vote on the dedicated page (here) during a month and the suit that end with most vote will be draw.
Time to share it and have your friends help your favourite suit win the poll. And for those that took the time read until the end I have a little secret for you… You can vote once each week so don’t miss this opportunity… °w°
15 different pose available for Misty
Which one will you vote for?



#743 – Indiscrete horny winner

It’s a long time no one posted a comment on the blog so I was curious if there is some troubles with it, at a moment all was blocked cause a spam protection pluggin so it could happen again. I finally decided to try and you know what guys? The comment section is perfectly working… :p

More than an illustration, next post will announce a free event everybody can participate. It’s was a long time I haven’t do something to make visitors participate since ‘Your dream by…‘ so I hope this upcoming one will be a success and many people will come to vote during the month… ^^


New piece I received from Ivan that is so supportive as naughty and sent me this illustration made by HauntedDoge, another talented artist than I’m so happy to present you. This piece featuring Rosalina and Daisy during Olympic game award ceremony with a special touch on Rosalina. Before commission this piece to HauntedDoge, Ivan asked me if there would be a problem with futa but since the only rule is ‘no men‘ this fetish was perfectly fine… Anyway Rosalina look really hot that way… °w°

From the first sketch (on the right), you can see Rosalina pose and expression changed for something less excessive and the second point is moving from bust to full body so there was really lot of work for HauntedDoge. There is also a detail that may be wrong, I guess you’ll never see high heels during a gymnastic competition but we are not here to follow rules and standards, even more when you start asking a futa Rosalina revealing a huge bulge in public. We can also talk about their shoes but as high heels addict I will never complain about that decision and HauntedDoge managed them so nicely, it’s powerfull…. \(^o^)/

HauntedDoge made both suits really tight and hot revealing many exciting details like Rosalina’s breasts perfect curves, Daisy pussy and for sure this indencent and shocking bulge according to Daisy expression. A gymnastic suit have to be tight but it must be even more that way for Rosalina since you can even see the vein appear through the suit, not really comfy and Rosalina may be impatient remove it but what can appear once both ladies will be back in dressing room? So much possibilities to continue HauntedDoge‘s illustration, Rosalina removing alone the pressure or abuse of Daisy sweet body in dressing room or even shower, what scene would you imagine?

Feel free left a comment about a subsequent scene or story you could imagine
If looks enough inspiring it could be a great reference for upcoming illustration

If you wish to see more of HauntedDoge feel free visit place listed below, a lot of great piece to see and some so powerfull as hot like Samus, Velma and even Jessie illustrations. Commissions are sure open if you feel interested and as you can see HauntedDoge really do her best for her clients. Just a little sad the blog watermark is missing on her posts, can’t promote the project that way… U_u

Artist: HauntedDoge / Cost: ??? (gift)
Deviantart: www.haunteddoge.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/HauntedDoge
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/HauntedDoge/profile

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#742 – Dressing room

Someone told me on twitter the link to get the second chapter of the comic wasn’t working, simple reason selfy putted down my account due to new policy that don’t allow adult and copyright stuff. Anyway it’s fixed and the two chapters of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic are now available so don’t miss get a chance read them… ^^

I’m preparing a little event but for now it’s hard get time work on the project, the access to the website is blocked at work and I’m out of city due to family reasons all week-end lately. For sure familly is something really important that you have to care about but it’s also goo to have some free time to relax too sometimes.


There is really famous illustration with overwatch character and thanks to Tallon there is now a dressing room illustration with Rosalina and his two lovely OC Angel and Tess, cute face and sweet ass drew by SaMelodii, I hope you like it guys. Tess is on the left, Angel in the right and in the middle, SaMelodiicouldn’t fit in rosalina face but I think u get it‘… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I’m sure a little pervert but can’t resist to the powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness, a great close on the lady asses with a little panty tease on Angel, SaMelodii also made the girls looks so cute and adorable in the mirror reflection. Also more than a sexy piece, this one allow us to imagine what kind of suit they will wear (or not) and what will happen next. SaMelodii did a great work on ladies but also the background with lot of details and make me wonder what behind the “exit” °w°

If you want to see more about SaMelodii then don’t miss visit her HentaiFoundry or support on patreon. And if you wish to get a commission it’s th perfect time since there is ‘Summer deal: buy one commission, get one half off‘. From adorable sketch for really naughty comic page there is nothing SaMelodii can’t manage and she’s also open to many fetishes, just check the commission page linked below if you are curious.

Artist: SaMelodii / Cost: ??? (gift)
Patreon: www.patreon.com/SaMelodii
Deviantart: www.samelodii.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundy: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/SaMelodii/profile

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#741 – Helped in the bathroom

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult bathroom princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn adult spreading pussy bathroom

I finally added a favicon to the site this week-end, nothing that incredible for sure but editing the html code of the site header I used to opportunity to clean it a little from various experiences, maybe a bit too effective cause it seem I also deleted some usefull stuff. At last it was fixed quickly and nothing important so visitors may not notice it. ^^

About the previous post with chinese Rosalina (on the left), I announced Youngjaerome was open for commission but I took the last slot for the patreon raffle reward. Anyway I suggest you to follow him to keep in touch for new announcements.


Here is a new publication by Endoh69 that stopped to draw there is a moment, he was really talented and passionated trying to make money selling (kinda expensive) pack of his uncensored art and there was spammed by bastards that wanted them for free. Anyway it’s not the reason everything stopped, Endoh69 promised got he will stop make porn content if he can date the girl he was in love and as you can see he finaly did it.

I don’t know they are now since lost all contact with him after that but Endoh69 is still inactive now and I home it mean he still have a sweet story with that girl. Anyway there is some of his art remaining on rule34 and a Rosalina piece I share today with you with it’s uncensored version. The special version will be the monthly exclusive reward of 5$ tier on patrons

I met Endoh69 with that illustration on the right that I received for the contest I made on Deviantart in 2012, quite a long time for now so I’ll see if his mail is still working and try get some news… suspense… ^^

Artist: Endoh69/ Cost: ???
Deviantart (desactivated): www.Endoh69.deviantart.com
Art saved on Rule34: www.rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Endoh69/1

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#740 – Chinese dress

After the E3 and new games presented by Nintendo, we can wonder if Rosalina will appear on one of them, the most likely would be see Rosalina in Mario Odyssey, after all there is Pauline as the Mayor of New Donk City, the female character that has even less exposure than Daisy so that’s something. Maybe Rosalina and why not space themed world area inspired by Mario galaxy series.

There is also on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle that Rosalina have a chance to appear, there is already crossvers with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Daisy, Yoshi and even Donkey Kong… Anyway forum just show the fight against Rosalina and Daisy fans but nothing useful instead of a great sentence; ‘She’s a busy space mom you know? Those Lumas aren’t going to take care of themselves‘.


Forgive me for the basic title, wanted to try something a bit more original and explicit but this new illustration made by Youngjaerome already show everything we need about the kinky side of this horny Rosalina pin-up in asian dress. This one mix some of my fetishes like hand in panty, chinese dress that was a huge challenge to get a perfect reference and the same expression as the Elsa illustration Youngjaerome posted a while ago that you can see on the left, I really think this one is so exciting as fascinating.

From the first sketch you can see on the right, the only edit I asked to Youngjaerome was to flip the illustration to get the hair lock on right side but rest was already perfect, the chinese dress is so sexy and I wonder if this model really exist but whatever, Rosalina looks gorgeous with it. It’s also interesting to see the evolution from the sketch, I first wanted a large scene to get Rosalina high heels but Youngjaerome cut it to be able add more details on the main part, earrings also don’t appear on final version but that naughty face a bit embarrassed is all we need for that powerfull mix into cuteness and sexiness… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

I must admit the Rosalina pin-up didn’t turn so naughty as the Elsa piece, I guess the DP and all fluid explain it but Rosalina still looks gorgeous. There is maybe a way make even more hotter cause I’ll pick Youngjaerome to work on the next patreon raffle reward on for July the winner is Curtis, congrat to you. And for all that wish get something Youngjaerome do 15$ special single character commissions but only 8 slots available so don’t miss it.

Artist: Youngjaerome/ Cost: 15$
Patreon: www.patreon.com/yjayr
Livestream: www.picarto.tv/Yjayr
Commissions email: Imadori1@yahoo.com.au
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Youngjaerome/profile

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#739 – Lunakiri’s birthday (after party)

June 28th 2017 – Lunakiri is turning 29yo
Happy birthday to you… \(^o^)/
princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian birthday lunakiri swimsuit princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian birthday lunakiri naked

No need introduction for this post fully dedicated to Lunakiri for 29th birthday this June 28th, Happy birthday to you… I wish I could give her a big hug (and not just from skype) but at last I hope Lunakiri will have a marvellous day for her birthday, anyway I also hope the other days will be lovely too, just one a year isn’t fun… ^^

Also a tender and romantic illustration to celebrate Lunakiri‘s birthday draw by… Lunakiri… More I think at it and more it’s stupid ask the once that celebrate his birthday create the illustration that celebrate it instead of get a surprise from another artist. At first Lunakiri offered me to draw this duo with Rosalina and her OC luna and the description sounded so marvellous that it was hard to refuse, also it seem there was some messy touch from the main suggestion so she got one of my weakness from this fetish… ^^’

Finally Lunakiri managed something sensual with some cuddles on the beach with sunset to make it even more romantic and intimate (why my birthdays never end that sweet?), for sure it’s just the start and many things can happen, even more since Lunakiriput them on a big ass blanket to offer some protection‘ so no way this night can’t be intense. On a more lovely side I love the idea of a plushie Luma as gift from Rosalina, I guess I must keep that in mind for next year… ^^’

I hope you like it guys, also compared to what expected Lunakiri you have here the HD version instead of patreon exclusive, it’s celebration day so we just have to enjoy it. Anyway Lunakiri is an awesome friend and really good artists so take the time give her a little message then visit her gallery (here)… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#738 – Sandcastle true masters (summer wallpaper)

It was a long time since the last edit but there is now more illustrations listed on the gallery page (here). This need so much time cause more than just create the thumb and edit the code, I do a same time a redo on all posts to fix and clean the html code that looks like a hug mess after moving from blogspot to WordPress.

Another week with family anyway there isn’t internet working since two weeks and mobile phone network is really shit on that place so hard to be active. Anyway I was prepared to put the blog and patreon posts before left and tumblr/twitter will be updated when back on Sunday evening. Feel free visit and follow on these places… ^^


Here is an illustration I wanted since more than 2 years, I planned to commission the same artist as the Christmas wallpaper (that you’ll see soon) but her prices increased much more than my budget so I never had the opportunity got with a commission. Anyway I took the opportunity use the actual deal I have with Mothclip to make that idea come true. I have a really awesome level and style so I was sure he can make a powerfull piece so after some really hot messy and tentacles duos I asked Mothclip goes on something safe and adorable.

The idea was Rosalina building a basic sandcastle then notice Bay Rosalina and Lumas made one together that is masterpiece for for those that know about Mario Galaxy series this huge castle looks like Rosalina’s observatory that sure sounds like a challenge for Mothclip that managed it like a pro. So many things to manage on this scene with placement, poses, outfits and details that I sometimes missed to mention I wanted Rosalina kneeling and not standing up but Mothclip was so kind and accepted rework on that part… Thanks so much… \(^o^)/

The character placement needed long talk and homemade sketchs on paint to show what I have in mind (sacrilege), there is also a huge difference on Baby Rosalina that Mothclip drew a little older as she appear in Mario kart series since he thought ‘this age looks nice in that style‘. I must tell she looks really adorable that way even more cute and I’m also addicted how fun looks the Lumas with Mothclip‘s style, the one with shovel made me think at a dwarf from Snow white and the other with bucket to an alien, maybe stupid or crazy but I think it add a fun touch to this ravishing illustration… °w°

Mothclip was really dedicated and patient and that’s even more incredible when we know how much my ideas can be crazy then he also made a little bonus with this step by step gif that is always powerfull when you have many wip you wish to share. Here you can see the evolution from the first sketch with arrangement, flat colour and then shading that have a huge impact on the final version atmosphere… °o°

I hope you like this cute illustration guys, you can get the HD on patreon (here) for a powerfull summer wallpaper and for all perverts, be sure the naughty side will be back in the next illustration I plan with Mothclip. For now you can ask him about commission with great skills for a correct price and an artist dedicated to do his best with the devise: ‘I happy when client happy‘ (the grammatical error is part of the quote)… ^^’

Artist: Mothclip / 80$ commission

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#737 – Bravely Rosalina #03 – The red mage

I’m editing all 200 posts on patreon mostly to change/clean the tags. There was a bit too much so I’ll keep only the series where character is from listed and also create 5 categories on patreon posts that would be wip, final, abandoned, HD and exclusive. They are already working so just click on them to see the dedicated posts.

And after a crazy Spring, summer is now here in France, on a week it’s like we moved from cold and rainy days to
heatwave. Today is also street music festival to celebrate the longer sunny day of the year, I wonder if this festival happen in other countries, how it is your side guys?


Anyway no music here but a new chibi illustration by JamilSC11 to continue the Bravely defauldt dress series, anyway I received a Rosalina theme piano song as Christmas gift 4 years ago that I now always use as phone ringing. Back to today illustration, after freelancer dress (here) and black mage dress (here), JamilSC11 dressed Rosalina as red mage keeping the dress design but not colour as you can see… ^^

This one came as reward with Mandy illustration (on the right) and it’s the reason you must always keep an eye on JamilSC11‘s commission offers, I’m really happy how it turned with Rosalina sooo cute as always and a great work on her outfit inspired but the Bravely Default series jobs. It’s a little surprising to see Rosalina dressed as red mage with a blue dress, compared to the black mage one JamilSC11 decided to change the dress color, for sure blue suit much better to Rosalina than red but it’s a bit special name her as red mage that way… ^^’

Compared to the recent digital one this is a traditional art illustration and I love so much that format, I wish I could get the original versions that have something magic compared to a digital piece everybody can copy/paste anyway it also show JamilSC11 can master both traditional and digital art. Rosalina is a pure and innocent character so mixed withthe cuteness of a chibi the result is powerfull, everything cute with face, pose dress, background and even this flower on her hair is ravishing, thanks so much JamilSC11… \(^o^)/

I really admire JamilSC11 style so there is sure more to come in the future but for now feel free to enjoy links linked below to see more about her art and share some love with a nice comment, it’s free and always really appreciate cause everybody love to hear they go great work to keep the motivation do even more. You can also get JamilSC11 work on your own idea and actually ‘for every 2 orders you receive a free chibi‘ like the Wonder Woman on left so it’s sure a cool bonus from an artist already so friendly and talented… °w°

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com

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#736 – Posing with Mandy

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi yuri Grim Adventures Billy Mandy princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi yuri Grim Adventures Billy Mandy see-through princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn sexy ecchi yuri Grim Adventures Billy Mandy naked

Here come June illustration with it’s exclusive patreon reward, I really wasn’t sure about what tier will get this content, at first wanted it to be on the 2$ one but finally decided this could be a nice addition to the 5$ tier that keep its monthly raffle so now you have another reason to join and enjoy… ^^

Also patreon celebrate his new design (yeah?), it wont change anything for the project but let see if they fixed some annoying bugs. What don’t change at last is their fee that are a little high in my opinion but I’m also really curious see how work the livestream option, could be fun… °w°


It’s hard stop working with talented and kind artists so here is a new illustration made by JamilSC11 that use “awww” in her messages more than anybody else I know always sharing so much tenderness. For this new illustration Rosalina meet Mandy from The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy series, far to her cartoon style, Mandy design was inspired by a cosplay that was really well made, adding a more realistic, adult and sexy touches than JamilSC11 was able to keep and the result is soo powerfull… \(^o^)/

On the first sketch JamilSC11 sent me, there was only Mandy and this impressive background that I really wanted her to keep. I really love how badass it looks presenting those two ravishing cuties always sexy but with a strong expression raise again the badass level of the illustration. JamilSC11 is always so amazing and I hope you also like it guys… ^^

JamilSC11 drew the clothed and naked version then I thought there is an opportunity create an alternative and since I love lingerie and see-through I wasn’t able to resist create this 3rd version. It’s also working on this 2nd version I saw there isn’t just clothes that change from the 2 version JamilSC11 created but she also did some extra work adding nipple on Rosalina right breast, the form isn’t visible on the clothes version and I had to edit a bit creating the see-through one to have it looks correct and don’t have a nipple pointing out the dress.

I feel a little stupid cause missed to save the wip JamilSC11 sent me in time before links stop working, I can’t use those to illustrate the post but after all for more you just have to have a look at her DeviantARt gallery (here) for even art sometimes sexy but always so adorable. You can also ask for commissions at a really good price so don’t miss have a look and share some love to JamilSC11… ^__^

Artist: JamilSC11 / Cost: special commission bonus
Pixiv: www.pixiv.me/jamilisi
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jamilsc
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jamilsc11
Instagram: www.instagram.com/jamilsc11
Deviantart: www.Jamilsc11.deviantart.com

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#735 – Snow White sleeping toy

Talking with artist to use their artwork as patreon only content, most of the time they also have a patreon page so the illustration will be available on both artist and RosalinaxGirl patreon pages. People can have choice the place they want to see it and give some support to the project or the artist that also deserve some love… ^^

Also noticed I kinda talk and link the patreon page in the description of 95% of the posts, no way to see I don’t do my best to promote it but can be annoying at some point. I try get various content and subjects to talk about but for now when I look at the blog budget and the way it goes with upcoming commissions, it’s close to hit a wall… O_o


I’m sure many people (mostly man I guess) fantasize to be awake from a some sensual caress or even a little blowjob from his partner or even more crazy in saw some videos from Japan with girl being abused when sleeping (actress work). Also from Fyren illustration, it seem Rosalina also can’t resist abuse of Snow White sweet and vulnerable body, maybe crazy but I hope you like it guys… ^^

Snow white face looks so quiet and peacefull but when we see how busty Fyren drew her it’s sure hard to resist, then after some fondling and sucking play Rosalina wanted to play with that body even more while (almost) no one is watching. Curiously on this scene, there is a so adorable touch with the bunnies, they are so well made and cute than looks like from the Disney movie itself, Fyren really drew so many cool and interesting details… °o°

This time Fyren draw Rosalina far to the sweet and innocent princess we know, playing with Snow white body as a sex doll using some big toys and personally I love the design of the anal bead one. Anyway more than the scene and impressive toys another epic detail is Rosalina psychopathic smile, as if we don’t see that must her face from that angle Fyren was able make her really impressive and maybe a bit disturbing, who know what else she can have in mind looking at Snow white with that kind of smile… ^^’

If you are looking for more from Fyren, he don’t have profile on places like deviantart or HentaiFoundy anyway you can find his art on rule34 but be careful cause it’s mostly guro. He did two other piece with Rosalina, one sexy with Kiki form Ghibli movie (see it here) and the second is a guro scene with Peach and Daisy only available on rule34… Anyway I warned you about the guro side so if you don’t like but go watch it, not my problem… :p

Artist: Fyren / Cost: 0$ (gift)
No link available, refer to description to find him

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#734 – Narsha private nasty show

princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover k-pop narsha singer princess rosalina Nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian adult crossover k-pop narsha singer

I finally made changes on patreon page offering more content for the 5$ tier who will get access to exclusive alternatives and source files for some dedicated illustration. The first one coming with be the .psd file of Rosalina and Marie illustration with tentacle under clothes scene. IT will be forcefull on a way but far to be a paywall with no more than 1 or 2 5$ tier reward each month.

Also really need you help and support cause on the actual way, the budget will be negative for all the rest of the year and that’s why I really count on patreon to help get quality and sure kinky content. I also have many project like lingerie series or new chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service comic but those need investment that the 0.1$ (really) benefits each month from ads wont cover… ^^’


And here is a new piece from HentaiTeodor who game me the honour contribute several times to the project since his first piece in November 2012 (see all his Rosalina illustrations here), all previous illustrations were gift or requests so I decided go with a straight commission this time. I love the really kinky and naughty side that appear on HentaiTeodor and wanted have it appear on a real people so I asked to pair Rosalina and K-pop singer Narsha from the clip abracadabra.

I really wanted keep a latex touch since HentaiTeodor is really good at it and high heels cause that already looks so marvellous, the scene looks really hot with Rosalina being fucked by a strap-on but her face also keep something sensual with the hair style that also turn like a so sweet and ravishing pin-up. HentaiTeodor took a break with drawing in the middle of this illustration and when started work on it again he wanted the left part be even more naughty that’s why he redo Rosalina face.

The second version is sure even more naughty and explicit with that face, it looks like Narsha goes really rough abusing of that princes body and the tongue out turn so marvellous, rolling eyes and saliva touch make it even more intense, I’m just a little sad this part ended sketch compared to the left panel really clean and more detailed with HentaiTeodor full power but the result is still sooo cool. I hope you like it guys… \(^o^)/

I took lot of time to post this illustration cause personal problem that kept busy HentaiTeodor who stopped update his page but he’s now active again so time to show his power to the world. If you like really hot art with so naughty and ever incest captions be sure HentaiTeodor will looks so freaking exciting and powerfull… °w°

Artist: HentaiTeodor / Cost: ??? (Actual rate unknow)
Commissions: hentaiteodor@gmail.com
Patreon: www.patreon.com/hentaiteodor
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/hentaiteodor/profile

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