#997 – Captured in the Overlord

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Summer is back and of course it’s Lumakini season anyway artists creativity made really amazing summer outfit concepts and there’s also a new official suit for Rosalina on Mario Kart Tour. so much choice and decision time is hard so how about make a pool on patreon where you ca vote on what suit focus on for Rosalina? Let’s add that winner of July (ticketing) raffle will be the one picking who’ll join Rosalina and be able to decide how adorable or spicy it can be °w°

Also episode #9867 on the RosalinaXGirl security management report, honestly it was pretty quiet lately even if I still don’t really get the difference between a “malicious file upload” and “arbitrary file upload” anyway both sounds like problems and I’m glad there was no success on those attempts. Also there was the usual login attempts to get access and the one that surprised me the most was “cortezpyu15061” as login, just wtf could this thing be related to the project? O_o


Time for CBear624 to join the party and be on the list of all artists who contributed to the project, there also a new pairing to consider with Albedo from Overlord enjoying some time with Rosalina. I discovered about CBear624 on deviantart that quickly noticed my addiction telling me Judging by your name and your content, you are a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig fan of Rosalina, it’s also interesting that she consider Rosalina did make a pretty big impact when my side considering all people that called me Peach at con while I was cosplaying Rosalina she was pretty much unknown princess (bit different now considering she got more exposure with mario kart and Smash bros since her first appearance). ^^

So after a little talk about how people were misguided about Rosalina it was time to talk about the commission, CBear624 was in the mood for lesbian stuff so was perfect and also can’t draw male characters (even more perfect XD). After sharing some characters suggestions from my infinite wishlist one got CBear624‘s attention since she “have a weakness for demons so I decided focus on that side and from the few girls I suggested it was Albedo she wanted to go with.

For the scene, once again I managed keep some freedom to the artist and CBear624 seems to be the demon expert (succubus more exactly), the reply was knowing Albedo, she’s veeeeery lustful and can get a little… coo coo when she needs pleasure […] She is a Succubus after all so I believe some bondage stuff would suit her. Since she seems to get a pretty crazy mind and increasing libido in the second season of Overlord (sorry for spoilers) this sounded pretty good to me; so bondages fun, strap-on on Albedo and a nice view on both ladies was all the keys for CBear624 to start with the illustration (there was also the payment of course since it was a commission) and as you can see with the final illustration she did a powerfull job… Oh yeah \(^o^)/

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