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#992 – Dress-up as Arabian genie

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The confinement caused by Corona-chan officially ended this Monday on May 11th and life is slowly restarting. Of course it’s still really special, obligation to wear mask on public transportations and some places, shops are slowly reopening too with exception of all place that receive lot of people like bar, restaurants, cinema, etc… Honestly the most important is to see how people act and not getting a second wave in 2 weeks if they act too stupidly like virus is gone and everything back to normal (sad part is I know they can) ^^’

Every country face Corona on it’s way with more or less success anyway what we always see if how stupid are governments not taking it seriously and hiding information like did China, Russia and I’m sure other aren’t really honest. No need to debate about how bad were governments to face that crisis but are really all that way or there is some countries acting on smart way? OF course informations always talk about dramas and disasters (cause honestly it’s what get people attention) but does there is also some hope and positive vibe we are missing? °o°


And today PlanZ34 is back with his 3rd illustration for the project, after two messy oriented illustrations (one for Rosalina’s birthday and the gymnastic futa princess threesome) working of some crazy ideas and fetishes of mince it was time give some freedom to the artist so I asked about his actual mood/preference/fetish to go on something that would be enjoyable to work on. It’s started general with PlanZ34 suggesting several themes as “tight clothing? / gothic? / pole dance? /costume of another character?” and finally added “Personally, I like dancing more. So the next and evident was who would come dancing with Rosalina and PlanZ34 suggested shantae? (lately I wanted to draw her).

So first part of the brainstorming ended with arabian dancers Rosalina and Shantae, there was also the idea of pole dancing but I considered this kind of clothes would work better with a more dansual looking illustration than pole dance itself and honestly I never saw pole-dance in that kind of dress since you need your skin to be in contact with the pole to not slip (be sure it need really more technique and skills that you can imagine). Next part was to decide about Rosalina outfit, it was evident to give her something like Shantae style but was more about details like if there is a way to add her medallion or a jewel with a little Luma on it. Also PlanZ34 suggested “Rosalina could have bigger breasts and Shantae more ass” and finally the large breasts goes to Shantae

Last but not the least was to decide about the pose with PlanZ34, it’s not easy to decide on something when there is so much ideas in mind that you like but only one you are allowed to go with so it need really critical decision and some sacrifices. I manage to only select a few references to send to PlanZ34 that really liked the last one (that you can see on the right) being pretty sweet with an interesting angle so no need to lost more time on that side. Last point was about adding a nsfw edit to the illustration ending with clothed and nude versions on this illustration with a see-through version as bonus, I’m really happy I was able to go on that side considering my addiction for lingerie and see-trhough considering the result, it looks so powerfull… \(^o^)/

Be sure it’s really important to give the artist a really precise idea of what you want before he start working on your illustration, of course it’s quite some work to find all references for characters, clothing, posing or background but this can prevent a lot of problems and waste of time. Everything was set and clear so PlanZ34 did everything perfectly from the first sketch to final colouring with no edits needed and be sure it save a lot of time for the artist (and also work on the mood since you don’t have misunderstanding or time wasted doing something wrong). Talking about mistake I must admit the only was my side taking too long to release the illustration while PlanZ34 was waiting to release it on his side, I’m really sorry my friend U_u

Artist: PlanZ34 / 20$ commission
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#677 – Clumsy Luma with Shantae stuff

I made some edits on the blog organization, first you can see more page directly from the bar in the top of the site and I cleaned a little those listed on the right column to make it more clear and compact (must continue giving a smaller button to the gallery page). Last point is about the Information Videos, instead of move this page the the archive as usual it will be fully deleted from the site; those getting old with bad english and out of date information.
Promoting the site, I also post on patreon, tumblr and manage a newsletter (that you can subscribe here). Since tumblr search system looks kinda broken I got the advice to post on twitter so this page will be more active for now. Feel free follow me if you are active in those places. ^^


As for Mavruda that will never draw Rosalina anymore, this one maybe the last from Suika for the project since she continually grow up and reached an awesome level that I wont be able to follow with the budget, for now I let you enjoy this new kinky duo she made and hope you like it guys. Rosalina meet Shantae from Shantae series game, this one was inspired by a script I made for a chapter of Rosalina’s Delivery Service project. She’s kind addicted to tentacles (and want one as tatto like her OC) and the story I made have this kind of action so Suika was just perfect to make it powerfull (and naughty)… °w°
Basically, the storyboard for this Rosalina’s Delivery Service chapter start with Rosalina delivering a little package to Shantae, as a normal delivery must be. The package have a new oriental suit Shantae ordered and Rosalina was amazed how beautifull looks this outfit. Shantae offered her to try wear that kind of suit and insisted enough to make that lovely princess not able to refuse then both end wearing sweet Arabian suits and looked a bit so sexy that Shantae wasn’t able to resist tease Rosalina and wanted more of that ravishing body. Gentle caress, kiss, tease and then some lesbian action on the bed as you can expect.
And now start the part linked to Suika‘s illustration: a Luma was waiting on the delivery car for a moment cause they love travel with their mam a around the galaxy) and decide go find why her mama need so much time to come back. Entering Shantae house from a window he finally find those two ladies doing weird thing and moved under Shantae magic lamp still wondering what happen. Then touching the lamp is released all that black magic hidden inside that move on Shantae and Rosalina around the bed and take the form of many huge and angry tentacles that wanted to get they revenge after so much time in the lamp and you know how tentacles can be naughty when sexy and wet ladies. It’s for that part I commissioned Suika. I still don’t know if I’ll be able get a new comic for the project with that story but for now you can have a little idea about the story… ^^
You can see on the right a sketch with the same size of the HD version you can get as patreon reward, to give you an idea. Suika really worked hard on details and shading, just must admit my fav part is the see-through effect on Rosalina’s suits and shoes… °w°
Also talking about this drawing with Suika, The point that needed the more time wasn’t pose or clothes but what kind of shoes they have to wear. I love so much high heels but had to think something that is sexy and bit naughty but still work with both ladies style and outfits, I’m kinda happy of the one I found and how Suika drew them. Tentacles and see-through suits are also wonderfull but if I goes list all great details and make a detailled feedback of this illustration, better write a book than blog article. Just thanks so much for your kindness and efforts Suika, also guys don’t miss take a look to links above for more naughty art, strip-comic project and commissions guideline.

Artist: Suika / Cost: 65$
Livetream: www.picarto.tv/suika
Patreon: www.patreon.com/suikaa
Deviantart: www.suikaad.deviantart.com
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/suika/profile

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