#120 – Saving earth from Godzilla

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nintendo mario princess rosalina crossower godzilla

Basically I use a UBS key I carry I work where I work on my posts when I have time and inspiration making ton of .txt files. Sometimes I forget it at work when hurry to leave so can’t use what I prepared for the post and there is other days I forget it home so moving back one the evening I just prepared nothing… I should really find another rule that don’t make the publications depend too much on this usb key… ^^’

Also I really don’t like winter, luckily it’s not soo hard one in France compared to Mazzacho in Russia as example (discrete ad for you my friend) anyway I still want warm days to be back. At last sun is back and days start growing again so it’s on the right way… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/


Today will be a quick post for multiple reasons, on the illustration side this one was a gift so I can’t tell anything about the illustration process considered I received directly the final version and as you can see it’s a sketch so pretty hard talk about details and shadings. Even bigger problem is on the artist side since GojiCachou account was deactivated a few months ago and I have absolutely no contact, even some other friends she had on deviantart don’t know what happened. I was waiting to see if could be a temporary ban and see her back but seems the chances are now really low and I finally goes to show her illustration… U_u

At last what I can tell from this illustration is GojiCachou decided take part of the project pairing Rosalina with her ultimate waifu… Godzilla, it sure don’t work too well for a yuri project but you can be sure her passion was strong for him so I pretty much expected this pairing from her. She was also a huge fan of the Zelda and Link couple but it’s the couple itself she love and that she enjoyed imagine and draw into bondage scenes. Maybe it’s one of her last publication about it that got her account deactivated but I can just make theories at this point. Anyway even idf the artist disappeared this piece remain as memory or her existence and I’ll just finish saying that it’s not often I see artists using watermarks even bigger than mines… XD

Artist: GojiCachou/ Gift

#119 – Femboy cutie

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nintendo mario princess rosalina cute femboy trap r63

All pledges are made so it’s the time tell a bug thanks to my patrons for their support and announce the winner of January raffle. It’s applause to FalseAlias that make so gorgeous Rosalina her side and that I can finally reward her support and I’m actually planning get the reward draw by the-4got10-one… °w°

On a personal side, I was really scary I could miss to wake up in time and be late at work after the holidays and finally the only mistake I did was forget the USB key at work… Once again… Was good old time when dropbox was working but now everything blocked basically I should also encrypt my usb key at work to be sure all get secured, they are going too far… T_T


Something I’m not happy with is to admit it took two to get a new SFW illustration coming on the project (and a solo piece obliviously), I really need manage to change that and get more regular updates on the main page of the project for everybody that may not be into NSFW and don’t make the place like it’s updated once in a while compared to the NSFW side getting new stuff twice a week. Also this new illustration is really special cause here come a femboy version of Rosalina made by Irask after I wont his YCH auction. IT sure was a little special drawing but I really wanted an illustration from this artist and was also an opportunity get something different… ^^

Of course I first asked if a femboy version of Rosalina was ok before jump into the auction (and it was), finally the only question from Irask was “It´s ok if I cut a little her hair to the trap ver., for me it was ok cause I mostly consider the hair lock as important part of Rosalina look but not so critical for the length in the back, also I understand that shorter hairs would help a lot for a femboy look. I know make a trap version of Rosalina wasn’t an easy challenge especially cause her hair style and I hope it wasn’t too much pain for Irask. Anyway the result is soooo pretty and adorable, I hope you also like it guys… °w°

Artist: Artist: Irask / 15$ YCH (Your Character Here)

#112 – RosalinaKitty (and Mario)

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nintendo mario princess rosalina cat neko catsuit catgirl outfit cute

I’m kinda annoyed having to verify a device on my for my Patreon account each time I want to login, sent a message to support that told me “if you are clearing your cookies on a regular basis, this will prompt you to verify your device once again“… So it’s security against privacy… U_u

I feel close be able stay in my apart, kinda all stuff is moved but need wait for things to be fixed before finish he kitchen. Also last week-end was chaotic since I got a dead useless fridge that need evacuation plan and father did two mistakes damaging a door and the floor… Raaah… T_T


Let’s start a week dedicated to Mazzacho with a really cute but unexpected duo, I already got some pairing with Bowser and even link then this time it’s Mario who join this yuri project. Well, technically it’s the second time since is was also hidden in the background. Anyway once every 850 illustration isn’t a big deal considering how Mario is important in Nintendo franchise and can’t deny Mazzacho did a so adorable piece… Two adorable kitty that must be so soft ready for lot of cuddles, and I’m curious how sounds Rosalina when she purr, it could be so adorable or as said a friend “sounds like pigeon“… XD

If you are curious, Rosalina have a catgirl outfit in Mario 3D world but the canon is black since Toad got the blue one, I’m still not sure about the reason and think should have be better have Rosalina blue but too late change the game and Mazzacho fixed the problem here. I really with a dynamic pose when Mario looks more quiet his side. And talking about dynamic, Rosalina pose was different from the first sketch Mazzacho did and once completed this illustration he said he regret a bit didn’t keep the first pose, I agree Rosalina so so pretty in this one but maybe the pose would make it a bit more sexy too. Not that I would complain about sexy but I’m happy get an illustration I can use to give an update on the safe blog… °w°

Mazzacho is an amateur artist (but freaking talented) and also work as graphic designer in real life so be sure his skills and abilities show on everything visual as for background and text that also come with really serious work and it’s part of the perfection of his art. This illustration is a little more simple but don’t miss take at the art he posted on his pages (listed bellow) or his other Rosalina illustration (here) to really get an idea of his level and also the incredible range of themes he can manage. Now I also know Mazzacho educational curriculum and it’s pretty impressive, long time since I heard so long and complex titles… XD

Artist: Mazzacho / 40$ commission
Picarto: www.picarto.tv/Mazzacho
Patreon: www.patreon.com/mazzacho
Deviantart: www.mazzacho.deviantart.com

#106 – Kyoko playing Rosalina

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Patreon bonus: Kitty duo (Ecchi abandoned WIP for 1$+ patrons)

princess Rosalina nintendo kyoko crossplay cosplay

I missed to tell it one the previous post, Ivan won and illustration from Ocanya with January patreon raffle. You can already visit the artist page to get an idea of his style, anyway compared to what you see in the actual gallery he want try something NSFW this time so let see what Ivan will imagine… Suspense… °w°

Also was visiting the place will be my future apartment, the roof is now done but still around 6 months before I can get my own place and discover again what is the privacy… ^__^


And here is the 4th illustration I got as birthday gift, this one made by NekoToTora with his OC Kyoko dressed as Rosalina, he added the illustration in his comment on deviantart and was sure a powerfull surprise. I first was confused seeing it from the small thumbnail, I recognised Kyoko hair but her outfit looked kinda familiar too. Love this little doodle from NekoToTora, it’s so sweet and cool… \(^o^)/

It’s true you may all say this piece looks >really sketchy but for me each illustration deserve it’s own and dedicated post, behind each illustration you have an artist (NekoToTora), story, feeling and lot of works that no one have to ignore, also even if this one is a doodle it’s not something you draw in only a few minutes, just watch artists livestreams (and not speedpainting) then you’ll see how much time need a decent piece. Other interesting detail, NekoToTora made this illustration using DeviantArt muro, long time I haven’t heard about that page and what I wonder if is it was made using mouse or tablet.

Once again thanks for this lovely gift my friend, also guys don’t miss take a look at NekoToTora‘s page and ‘for the full Kyoko experience, please visit her website www.KyokoNeko.com. You’ll discover an artist really talented and dedicated to his Kyoko project as me with Rosalina, also I must admit compared to the Rosalina x Girl project, NekoToTora do do stuff more serious and committed to denounce the shit in our society… Don’t tell him hentai is the best but at last be serious is also nice from time to time… XD.

Artist: NekoToTora / Birthday gift
Website: www.KyokoNeko.com
DeviantArt: www.nekototora.deviantart.com

Happy 10th Birthday Rosalina

November 1st 2007 to November 1st 2017

It was now 10 years since Mario Galaxy was released in Japan on November 1st 2007 and Rosalina officially appeared to the world, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. After that she appeared in way more game (as if nothing new with her since the Switch) but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

#066-067 – Rosalina have now 7 years (of existence)

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2014

AS if she don’t officially have a birthday date, the first time Rosalina appeared to the world was in November 1st 2007 when Mario Galaxy was available in Japan. I consider this date as her birthday and seem I’m not the only due to some other artists on Deviantart who made celebrations illustrations at the same time.

Now let me show you the coll pieces I received, they are just listed in order I received them so no preference in the order… After all I love all of them and thanks sooo much to all artists who helped me make a powerfull post to celebrate this event… °w°


Second illustration is from Mavruda and may be the soft version of November calendar. s for the smash bros. illustration, this illustration is not girl only so special an the blog but sincerely, Mavruda made is so powerfull that I don’t care. I love this illustration and the way he draw Rosalina. Thanks so much… (^o^)/

As me, this one is the cutest Rosalina Mavruda ever drew. She look so lovely, so adorable, so happy, that expression is so cute. I wish her a wonderfull birthday and looking at this drawing I’m sure it will happen. Everybody have a cool present (I wonder what inside Bowser one btw). Also love the way Mavruda drew other characters, she look nice and kinda funny with his style. Will be a really cool birthday party, but I can’t be here… Bwaaaa… T_T


Another soft and lovely illustration made by my (ex) friend Shao-pix. Just keep in mind that he bought a tablet and started to draw there is less than a month so he still have to practice a lot but it’s an excellent start. I love this illustration because as if it’s really simple without so much details or shading he made Rosalina so expressive. That’s surprised expression make her soooo cute. Love that point… °w°

It’s the second time Shao-pix draw Rosalina (you can see the other one here). He also made a lovely Miku (here) and some illustration who show he really need to practice anatomy but it’s a great start and let see what he will be able to create in some months… Oh yeah… ^^

I think this one is the last for Rosalina’s birthday, thanks so much for your kindness and this wonderfull illustration Shao-pix.

More innocent than Rosalina… Baby Rosalina…. (^o^)/

April 30th – Nintendo Direct about Mario kart
New characters announced – Baby Rosalina join the party

Nintendo made a new announcement video and at start announced it will be a little different than usual, for sure it was different and kinda weird (they used like a vocaloid for French voice, nothing expressive and the result was perfect for a headache).

But something epic during this livetream, After Baby Mario, Luigi, Peach or Daisy there is now Baby Rosalina… Since the Wii version Rosalina is a heavy character and have same stats as bowser cause she’s Taller than Peach and Daisy (Mario too for sure) but now you have a way to play her as light character… For sure the true Rosalina is still my fav but this new was sooo powerfull… She’s so adorable… Awwww… °w°


Rosalina was just announced as playable character in Smash Bros.

You can be sure she look gorgeous and will be really powerfull but only for pro fighters… Time to prepare myself and if you are curious, just look at this video… (^o^)/

After Mario 3D world, there is one more game when I can see her… Damn, can’t stop jumping… That’s just amazing… Yeeeeaaahhhh!!!

#032-035 – 2013 birthday

January 7th… Hey… It’s my birthday today…
So let get the party starting… (^o^)/


After Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st it’s my turn to have a little fun, I agree it will be a really special post here (though a lot a artist thought I’m a girl) but once a year… I think I can do it… ^^

The idea for my birthday was “Rosalina and Me” and I commissioned some drawing in that way but you can see I received some gifts from friends and lovely artists here… Really powerfull and sometimes really original gifts… Don’t hesitate to take a look and maybe let a little comment, it’s always really nice…

The first drawing I received is a gift from Tallon… You know the little mail with “Don’t open til your birthday “… It was hard to resist for a month but I’m alive and it’s now time to open it… Yeah…. ^^

So my first gift was draw by DeadCorpseBarbie representing Rosalina and me dancing… This one is really powerfull and I must admit I have a great costum and the perfect song: Rosalina’s observatory… Excellent one DeadCorpseBarbie and thanks so much Tallon

Other drawing sent and drew by the awesome dmfo who already contributed with a little story in Bowser laboratory (see it here)… Dmfo love scifi, machines and laboratory so I decided start a little serie with him… But didn’t expected this gift… I love the concept, idea and I agree my dreams with Rosalina are always so electric… That’s the only reason sleep is so powerfull as work on my blog… Thanks for your participation dmfo… (^o^)/

Other gift I received from Eromanboy… For people who know Mario galaxy you can see on the original soundtrack there is 3 songs for Rosalina’s observatory and made piano and recorder versions and sent me the song… After the new wishlist page my idea was to add a little music on the blog so it was a perfect gift… Thanks so much Eromanboy… And why not a CD cover…. Hum… ^^

My first commission for my birthday, of course I expected some gifts but for a bigger post I commissioned some drawings too. The first commission was to izka197 who already drew a Really cute Rosalina as commission for Tallon (see it here).

Izka197 have a really lovely style so I decided to ask her something more romantic and cute, hope you like the result… I don”t have a so powerfull uniform as the one asked by Tallon but I love this blue cravat in reference to Rosalina’s dress… That’s an excellent one… ^^

I want to say a huge thanks for everybody who (will) wish me an happy birthday but I’m to tired (and lazy) to write all names so thanks everybody and have a great day, oh yeah..

Birthday on January 7th – Me and Rosalina

Yeah, after Rosalina’s birthday on November 1st (see the post here), it will be mine in January 7th. I always say I’m so jealous seeing Rosalina with a man that’s why I create this yuri blog and project though sometimes I think it must be awesome have some illustrations of Me and Rosalina so I create this little event for my birthday… Hope there is artist who accept to participate… It must be awesome guys… (^o^)/

Not use to add references of Rosalina and if you are curious about me, why not take a look at my facebook profil (click here)… Not a surprise, you can find it on the “contact page too… XD

Just me as Rosalina (Yeah, that’s me)

Like I said, after a me AND Rosalina‘ (see it here), it’s now “me AS Rosalina“… The Japan Touch meeting is now over since a week but I didn’t received greats photos so I don’t have a lot to show you. I had a little problem on saturday because I couldn’t fix the pin and must keep her in mind, same thing for the Luma, I received it on sunday…

So nothing great so a week but I’m really lucky because yesterday I found a photo of me with some girls, so it’s the best way like my blog name than a solo pic or the other when I’m with a friend as Anonymous… XD

A lot of you were a little scary about this cosplay, that’s true a man dress as Rosalina can look a little curious and I was really scary about people reaction during the meeting but finally I’m really happy about the cosplay. There is some who though I was a girl before I talk… It was so funny see a lot of surprise and amused faces…

There is one thing really annoying, it’s people said ” it’s Peach” or “it’s belle”… There is one friend who asked me where is Tinker Bell… Seriously… U_u

If you want to see more of my Rosalina cosplay, you can take a look at my facebook page (click here)…. But I have a little problem because I don’t have idea how I make make the crown… If you have a solution don”t hesitate let a little comment, and if you don”t have idea, don’t hesitate a little comment too, it must be lovely… Thanks guys… XD

 Rosalina birthday on 1st November
Yeah, in 1st november, it will be Rosalina’s birthday. That’s true nintendo character don’t have birthday in fact but for me it’s the first time Mario galaxy was available in japan so the day when we can discovert this so beautifull and awesome character… It was on 1st november 2007 so this year Rosalina will have 5yo… Now I must find artist who are interested to participate at this event, and maybe if you are curious about this, don”t hesitate send me a message or leave a comment… ^^

Just me… And Rosalina… (^o^)/

I was so excited show you this pic that I prepare the post yesterday, now just have to click on “publish” and it’s done… So powerfull… ^^

This photography is like a dream, I see some guys asking drawing like “me and Rosalina” but I’m not a fictive character so I can’t really meet Rosalina in a drawing but in truth, it’s an other thing… and it happend… When I see the cosplayer during the mang’azur I was so exciting and pretty stupid run while shouting “There is Rosalina… There is Rosalina…” and when I was front of her… Wow, I finally meet her… (^o^)/

Maybe I know Rosalina is a game character, so I just see a cosplayer wearing clothes of the more beautifull and cuttest girl in the world (as me)… But it’s not the same thing than just see a pic, during a moment I never think about fictive or not, just it’s Rosalina and meet her turn me totally crazy for all the day…

I was really happy meet Rosalina and at start I think to take photographies with her and other cosplayer like Peach or other for the blog but she say she prefer be quiet for a moment but after, I try to find her and when I see the Peach and ask where is Rosalina, just see a girl without the blue dress, it was over… And I was really sad at this moment (not cry but it was just)… So I’m happy meet Rosalina, have a photo with her, but it’s so hard to see it’s over, and the cosplayer say me she wont use the cosplay again… Bwaaaaa… T_T

I want to say a lot more about this awesome day but like my english level, I think this post don’t need much mistakes and like all people who read all I write, more is not use… Just want to say Rosalina was a

Artist: Me / Price: Hum…
It was curious write that… XD