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#743 – Indiscrete horny winner

It’s a long time no one posted a comment on the blog so I was curious if there is some troubles with it, at a moment all was blocked cause a spam protection pluggin so it could happen again. I finally decided to try and you know what guys? The comment section is perfectly working… :p

More than an illustration, next post will announce a free event everybody can participate. It’s was a long time I haven’t do something to make visitors participate since ‘Your dream by…‘ so I hope this upcoming one will be a success and many people will come to vote during the month… ^^


New piece I received from Ivan that is so supportive as naughty and sent me this illustration made by HauntedDoge, another talented artist than I’m so happy to present you. This piece featuring Rosalina and Daisy during Olympic game award ceremony with a special touch on Rosalina. Before commission this piece to HauntedDoge, Ivan asked me if there would be a problem with futa but since the only rule is ‘no men‘ this fetish was perfectly fine… Anyway Rosalina look really hot that way… °w°

From the first sketch (on the right), you can see Rosalina pose and expression changed for something less excessive and the second point is moving from bust to full body so there was really lot of work for HauntedDoge. There is also a detail that may be wrong, I guess you’ll never see high heels during a gymnastic competition but we are not here to follow rules and standards, even more when you start asking a futa Rosalina revealing a huge bulge in public. We can also talk about their shoes but as high heels addict I will never complain about that decision and HauntedDoge managed them so nicely, it’s powerfull…. \(^o^)/

HauntedDoge made both suits really tight and hot revealing many exciting details like Rosalina’s breasts perfect curves, Daisy pussy and for sure this indencent and shocking bulge according to Daisy expression. A gymnastic suit have to be tight but it must be even more that way for Rosalina since you can even see the vein appear through the suit, not really comfy and Rosalina may be impatient remove it but what can appear once both ladies will be back in dressing room? So much possibilities to continue HauntedDoge‘s illustration, Rosalina removing alone the pressure or abuse of Daisy sweet body in dressing room or even shower, what scene would you imagine?

Feel free left a comment about a subsequent scene or story you could imagine
If looks enough inspiring it could be a great reference for upcoming illustration

If you wish to see more of HauntedDoge feel free visit place listed below, a lot of great piece to see and some so powerfull as hot like Samus, Velma and even Jessie illustrations. Commissions are sure open if you feel interested and as you can see HauntedDoge really do her best for her clients. Just a little sad the blog watermark is missing on her posts, can’t promote the project that way… U_u

Artist: HauntedDoge / Cost: ??? (gift)
Deviantart: www.haunteddoge.deviantart.com
Artists&Clients: www.artistsnclients.com/people/HauntedDoge
HentaiFoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/HauntedDoge/profile

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#729 – Tight clothes wont stop tentacles

With holidays I have no reason work harder on the blog and finally updates pages that need it since sooo long like the Curriculum page that I must finish today with Mario party, Mario Sport Superstars and even Mario Maker (yeah, Rosalina in in this one too). Anyway so many “Mario” games, I wish she get her own game a day… °w°

I’m also curious what people think about friend ranking (basically order them in term of preference), for sure there is people that like or don’t but also others (like me) that don’t want make a ranking but ask friends cause they want to know their position, isn’t that a bit hypocritical?


Not time to present a new illustration by Mothclip that I’m sad to announce will lose his feature as artist of the month, though he’s here since 4 months. Will be time present you a new wonderfull artist and no worry, you can find all listed on the dedicated page linked below. So, after Rosalina and Sonico in messy lingerie weeding dress, time for another crazy idea. It was a long thinking to get the prefect idea that will be both pleasant to draw and also a great challenge for Mothclip, I first got the theme and it’s seeing a fanart of her sister that I goes asking Rosalina and Marie from Splatoon abused by tentacles under clothes.

It was a long time I wanted an illustration with tentacles under clothes but since I wanted it massive and crazy with so much expectations I had to find an artist that I know have the power and talent to make it epic. There was a first try that finally was abandoned after the sketch (you can see on the right) from another artist and I finally decided go try again with Mothclip. This time instead of a pairing with Chun-Li I decided to go with Marie from Splatoon and make Rosalina’s dress really tight to have tentacles show better and a pose that give a nice view on both girls. The first sketch was already excellent but I asked for even more tentacles and high heels on Rosalina to get tentacles going around the heel… °w°

Also Mothclip accepted draw octopus tentacles adding suckers, it was a powerfull idea linked to Splatoon universe but really lot of extra work to draw and colour, I feel bad gave him so much extra work but like the result it’s marvellous. You can also noticed some see-through effects through Rosalina’s stockings that are really amazing and sure not easy figure, also some fluid but so bad don’t add a wetlook touch at some points. Finally compared to my original idea with tentacles everywhere, it’s so bad Mothclip missed add some on Rosalina’s sleeves and gloves but like all the work there is already it’s not a big deal. Also don’t know why but the artist that tried previously also missed tentacles on sleeves, maybe there’s a reason… O_o

I promise next one will be easier for Mothclip to manage, I have a deal for now that will make come an illustration from him each month and maybe pick him as artist for patreon raffle so stay tuned. And if you wish for more kinky or original illustrations (sometimes bit too crazy) don’t miss visit Mothclip‘s gallery until come the next piece from our commission series… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Artist: Mothclip / 60$ commission

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#671-673 – Birthday time

November 1st 2007 – November 1st 2016

It was now 9 years since Japan were able to discover Rosalina on November 1st 2007 when the game Mario Galaxy was available, after that the game came in USA, Europe and Australia respectively the 12th, 16th and 22th of November. She appeared in even more game since a year still so wonderfull as always creating even more theories and mistakes but for today all she need is love and a little wish for her birthday.

A huge thanks for all artists that helped me prepare this special post, Hope you like it guys.
princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthday
She must be one of the artist I commissioned the most this year but when you find someone so kind with a price that suit perfectly to your budget there is no reason I stop work with JamilSC11. You’ll see more by her in the future for sure but let’s present you today two illustrations (and a bonus version) for Rosalina’s birthday. First one is commission but where I gave totally freedom to JamilSC11 until she do a birthday related piece, maybe a bit too much freedom since Yoshi join a drawing for a yuri project (does I must use lesbian in the future?). Anyway it ended really cool with a fetish I enjoy so much… Messy… *w*

princess Rosalina Nintendo yoshi sexy tentacle tongue birthdayIt looks kinda friendly and adorable but with Yoshi tongue liking the cake from Rosalina’s body it can sounds like a bit of tentacle and sure exciting, adding the naked version JamilSC11 made (as always with kinky commissions) it’s sure sooo exciting.

The second illustration JamilSC11 made was totally surprise and wonderfull one, she looks so adorable and ravishing looking at us with a pretty face, no one can resist to that invitation. Also no Yoshi but still some sweet cream for that messy touch, thanks so much JamilSC11… \(^o^)/

princess rosalina Nintendo birthday messy cake cream

Rosalina Nintendo birthday Lucile monster in ParisSecond illustration is totally cute and safe sent by Lonely-Cartoonist that contacted me there is a few day saying ‘I love your project and would love to participate‘, it’s really that kind of comment that give me motivation continue the project and I was so happy hear it. Anyway since Rosalina’s birthday was close Lonely-Cartoonist decided by it’s own to work on that kind of picture and finally send me this lovely duo with Lucile from the movie A monster in Paris.

I really enjoyed this french movie and two of the main characters were on the wishlish page before I finally remove them from the list to clean it a bit, since the movie isn’t really famous I didn’t expected get this pairing a day but I forgot remove it from the soft blog wishlist and Lonely-Cartoonist noticed it. Seem Rosalina didn’t expected get a so ravishing and talented singer to come at her party, love how cute she is with that embarrassed look. Thanks again Lonely-Cartoonist for your kind words and participation.

#668-670 – It’s Halloween party

princess Rosalina nintendo ecchi yuri lesbian Hokoka Kosaka Love Idol FestivalBe careful of sweet demons

First illustration I received was a gift by Lolikitteh that was a bit crazy with this commission to Mazzacho but love so much this artist and was a wonderfull surprise. Here is an angel Rosalina meeting Hokoka Kosaka in her demon suit from Love Idol Festival musical game. If you like musical/rhythmic game this one is really cool but also too heavy for cheap devices.

That illustration is so ravishing and needed so many hours of work, it was so nice Mazzacho was streaming most of the time but since I follow it not easy for Lolikitteh to keep it as surprise for so long, kinda as me when I ordered the shota trap orgy for her (that you can see here). I guess the more impressive is the amount of details and effect on Hokoka dress, you can figure Mazzacho used a texture on it as many other artists but it’s the first time I see some efect addition for a better render on folds. The HD version (4x bigger) and step by step are available on Mazzacho’s patreon if you want it. And once again, thanks sooo much Lolitteh for that powerfull surprise \(^o^)/

nintendo-mario-peach_31cPrincess witch and galactic ghost

Second illustration and also October patreon raffle reward for Chris who asked ‘Rosalina dress as a ghost but have a see-thought clothes and peach dress a witch wear a small dress show off her good parts‘ and it OJ that I to chosen work on that idea. Already commissioned her an Indivisible trio (see it here) that gave me some troubles but I wanted give her another chance. Once again it didn’t ended that well cause the lost original file on previous commission and for this once wasn’t able to send me the full photoshop file, OJ goes too fast but is excellent to figure and create close pieces of what you dream about. ^^

I made some edits that I’m kinda proud editing background and Rosalina see-through effect to increase her ghost look, it was pretty easy since OJ have an excellent layer organization. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to send me the full version of photoshop file and and the illustration I created come with a really smaller size than the one she made her side. If you are curious there is the HD version with white background as patreon reward (here).

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian tristana Bewitching lux witch league of legendsYordle ‘special ingredient

Third illustration was by Ryev Alki that got my eternal admiration with his style and kindness (and deserve your too), I love how he can make so adorable ladies in all situations so turn it even more naughty each time but always a cute touch that create a powerfull feeling. For those that play League of legends, Riot create so great skins as characters and after Nidalee witch last year (see it here) it’s time to prepare some potion with Tristana Bewitching and Lux Rosalina… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

Yordle love juice is a powerfull ingredient that Rosalina sure enjoy a lot to collect with the help of her little friend. As bonus you can see the character sheet Ryev Alki sent me to be sure about both suits. Didn’t expected it but was a nice surprise and the suit were perfect, just asked Ryev Alki to edit Rosalina hat and put her medallion and show Tristana boot but since the floor not appear, the boot either. No high heels but great suits, so sexy view and some juice to make it soooo perfect and also love that busty touch.

#667 – Feeling a peachy tongue

Forgot my usb key where I prepared the Rukyo post that had to be published previously, I can say it’s the curse from the 666th illustration on the site but must admit it happen like once a week (and even more dramatic when week-end coming). No choice since all dropbox and drive blocked at work and each time I install a new one it don’t need more than a week to be down… Raaah… T_T

Also as Nintendo fan I sure saw about the Nintendo Switch, it sure looks interesting and bit complex with so much (expensive?) accessories to come. I’m now curious if manets are comfy to use, autonomy, retro-compatibility with WiiU games and the price… Suspense…


After a spending some fun time with Samus back to a party (on the right) or being serviced orally by Lysithea (on the left), BandiJones contacted me to announce another kinky duo coming with Rosalina and Peach. Be sure I was really excited about it, not only because another Rosalina illustration but since BandiJones is a french artist with cunnilingus and high heels fetish (how powerfull). Also it’s the 31th time I receive Rosalina and Peach pairing for the blog but this duo is kinda magic and it’s real interesting to see how that duo can look depending the artist style and idea, if you are curious you can see all Rosalina x Peach illustrations here.

I was so honored receiving BandiJones mail, it’s so nice when people think at me when it concern Rosalina content they saw or created but this time it was more as teaser cause I wasn’t allowed see the illustration before it goes completed, how cruel. Anyway, since it took more time than expected I finally got some compassion and be able get a WIP (kinda exaggerating about BandiJones, he’s really nice guy). Something intimate, expressive and intense as you can see on Rosalina face and also both princess gloves torn, ‘Rosalina could have caught Peach’s glove as with the bed sheets cause excitation and tear the fabric‘, the idea is sure interesting but torn clothes represent more a fight in my opinion, what do you think guys?

What’s wonderfull when you follow an illustration creation is to discover about details or ideas that never appear on the final version. As example BandiJones wanted Peach heel a bit wet from Rosalina licking after partially remove her shoe. Not really sure if the idea was abandoned or too hard to figure while coloring (high heels shoes still here so we keep the best). Better BandiJones don’t spend time on a detail people may not notice, anyway I must figure a licking scene with shoe dangling a day… °w°

I hope you love this new illustration as me guys, BandiJones was really kind tell me about this illustration and let me publish it here but on your side don’t miss discover his art on Deviantart, Tumblr and even more (all listed below). He increased a lot his level sicne the first time I discovered him and now will be time to move from requests to commissions. Must be really interesting price at start so don’t miss you chance let that cunni-sempai make your dreams come true… Oh yeah… \(^o^)/

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#603 – Daisy need some punishment

March is here and it was time for a new raffle for patrons members. On february the winner asked for a duo with Rosalina and Victoria Seras from Hellsing, the illustration will be on the next post so stay turned. For March the idea is ‘Rosalina mud fight Mai shiranua nude’ and it will be draw by StormHippo. The mud and messy parts sounds like a challenge for the artist but let see how it will be… °w°

Also I was looking at Bravely Second wiki info about the game and some jobs outfits are really cool, wonder to create a little series with Rosalina dressed like this but since there is 30 different job it must be really huge to get 30 pin-up chibi at the same time… Also must see it I pick safe or more kinky, what your opinion guys?3


Today let me tell you a little story with Rosalina and Daisy that was created but the so cool and kind Uxdragon, After a huge day managing her kingdom Daisy decided to release pressure using her favourite dildo (never told it will be soft story). While Daisy was playing herself, Rosalina discover about her and was kinda frustrated Daisy started this little game without so Rosalina decided to punish Daisy and add a spicy touch to this kinky time.

At first Uxdragon offered me to draw Rosalina and sent me a sketch that you can see on the lest, it turned really cool and love Rosalina wand with that dynamic touch so I asked him if the accept to make a duo and as you can see he accepted (how powerfull). so Daisy joined and then started this story. Be sure it was lot of work and changes for Uxdragon to make the final piece is so incredible.

Two wonderfull princesses, those high heels I love, sexy suits with fishnet, lingerie, cute touch with Lumas, dynamic part with Rosalina want, kinky action, some toys, sexy mistress and then the star of a so damn naughty nights that all can imagine what will happen next. Uxdragon added so much elements and as if he don’t have a damn epic and detailed style there is everything to amaze us. °w°

Must admit I’m a little surprised Uxdragon chosen Daisy, not that I don’t like her, both make an amazing (and damn sexy duo) but I expected him to choose his OC Lysithea that is really cool and appear so much on his art. As you can see on the bottom there is so much places where you can find about Uxdragon‘s art so don’t miss to take a look and give him some support or comment, he really deserve it.

Artist: Uxdragon / Cost: Gift
Tumblr (SFW):www.uxdragonart.tumblr.com
Tumblr (NSFW):www.uxxxdragonart.tumblr.com
DeviantArt (SFW): www.uxdragon.deviantart.com
FurAffinity (NSFW):www.furaffinity.net/user/uxdragon
Hentaifoundry (NSFW):www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Uxdragon/profile

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#280 – Nintendo – Daisy N°5

It’s always a huge dilemma when I find an old drawing I totally missed in my mailbox… In one hand it’s a “new” one for the blog so must be a really original post because nobody know the drawing (or totally forgot it) but for the artists, it’s not really fair. When I found this Rosalina x Daisy I thought ‘How I can missed this one… How I can missed to publish a drawing with Rosalina… That’s so stupid‘… T_T

I often apologize in my mails for the long time to reply but this time it’s really more than 2-3 days late but 4 months since I receive this drawing… I’m really sorry about that Throat but now I have your drawing and it’s time to show your incredible art to the world… Rosalina x Daisy again but when it’s beautifull there is never enough… Oh yeah.

I tried to find more about the fact than Throat chosen to pair Rosalina with Daisy but can’t find any interesting informations in his mail, Throat just said ‘I’m sure you’ve already got a large amount of Rosaline x Daisy but… Here’s more. :3‘ and same thing for his hentaifoundry gallery, I can just say he love video game girls. Though you can also take a look a Throat‘s gallery too, there is a lot of great drawings… °w°

It’s not the first drawing I have with Rosalina and an other girl, stick together having a long kiss. There is really a lot of situations like this in the blog and it will be soo long to list all but this drawing have something different; it look more sensual and romantic. Not a pose than you can see in a fapping blog but who can happened in the true life… That’s so beautifull and lovely (but still really sexy)… XD

Thanks so much for your participation and interest Throat and once again sorry for my huge fail. Artists really spend a lot of time to draw Rosalina and help me increase the collection so after that my objective is to write the best post I can and make the artist honoured with the post… Please forgive me Throat

Artist: Throat / Cost: 0$ (request)
Tumblr: http://throatsart.tumblr.com/
Hentaifoundry: www.hentai-foundry.com/user/Throat/profile

#278 – Nintendo – Peach N°19

The Japan Expo is now over, it was a really fun and tiring week-end but 3 days without internet that’s not good, Like the blog stats if I don’t upload something new each two days I lost a lot of viewers but it’s always the same thing for comment, nobody take the time for a little message as comment or in the chat… T_T

I worn my Rosalina cosplay during this event and have some photography with other cosplayer but these photos will be upload soon in the soft blog (see it here), just want to show you my little souvenir (not enough money for something bigger. His name is Meugon-meugnon-meugnon than you can translate by Cute-cute-cute… It’s what I said when I found it… XD

I really love drawing with a principal scene and some close-up and it’s a huge thanks to TheHadokenman for his awesome Peach and Rosalina… Generaly I said I’m a little sad because too many Rosalina with Peach but this drawing is so gorgeous, I can just say “Epic”… °w°

TheHadokenman really have an awesome gallery, the way he draw and especially color them create a so powerfull style, that’s so beautifull and really exciting at the same time, as example you have the devil Sakura (see it here) or TheHadokenman‘s OC Maybelle (see it here) are my favorite pic in his gallery, just after this Rosalina and Peach, of course…

Other interesting detail, Maybelle have some similarities with Rosalina because her hair style, I expected TheHadokenman to pair this two girls but he finally chosen Peach… after all it’s a request so the only important ting is the artist have a lot of fun with the drawing…

A hot cunnilingus with two girls is always so exciting and here I love the panel on the left with Peach’s wet tongue and like the situation I think Rosalina taste really good. I’m a huge fan of lingerie and high heels but I must admit this drawing don’t need anything like this, it’s just perfect in that way… You are just amazing TheHadokenman, thanks so much for your participation to this project… (^o^)/

Artist: TheHadokenman / Cost: 0$ (request)

Added to wishlist: Gaige, Maya and Moxxi from borderlands (see it here)

#269 – Nintendo – Mario – Peach & Daisy N°3

I played minecraft with some friends and no time for the blog but5 days without any update here, that’s not good. I agree it’s not so much complicated post a new drawing but that’s always so hard find what I can say for a great post and like my english level I’m not really fast… With all updates in the wishlist and first post I think I need like 2 hours for a post… I must work faster… T_T

So let’s enjoy this new drawing by the lovely Bugaboo. He have an awesome style and some drawing so powerfull in his gallery, his arabian girls are damn beautifull (and sexy) but there is other girls I love like Cynthia, Haruhi and if you want to see the other, don’t hesitate take a look to Bugaboo’s gallery (you wont regret it guys)… ^^

After a solo arabian rosalina (see it here), Now it’s time to have some fun with Peach and Daisy in the Harem (but who is the owner?)… I love Rosalina face a little surprised but she still have some experience with Peach and Daisy and like the pose I’m sure she’s ready to enjoy it… Oh yeah…

A huge thanks to Bugaboo because at start the original version is with piercings and naked girls (you can see it here) but Bugabooremembered Harmonie_Rosalina‘s birthday as being around this time, and I remembered he always liked the transparent clothing but disliked the piercings of the Arabian series. So here you go!… And that’s true, I’m not a huge fan of piercings but transparent clothing or lingerie is amazing… Thanks so much Bugaboo… (^o^)/

Artist: Bugaboo / Cost: 0$ (gift)

Added to wishlist: Black cat from Marvel’s universe (see it here)

#245 – Rosalinaxgirl and Dmfo…. New project

Starting with a simple commission and finally and awesome result… It’s not only a drawing guys, it’s a project I want to start with dmfo… A huge fan of scifi and awesome artist like this new drawing… ^^

I was more than a year than I saw dmfo‘s gallery and latex girls so you can be sure I asked him he do request or commissions… Finally a commission started, a little long but sincerely like the story dmfo made, I can wait years for that (but more fast is not so bad)… XD

Not use to explain what happend, you just have to read and enjoy the story… At start dmfo only sent me a sketch of the mast panel so when I received the preview of the final version were we can expected more than just a simple image, it’s was just so powerfull… Only with a small preview so you can imagine how I was with the final drawing… In fact no, you cant… Thanks so much dmfo… (^o^)/

Now I think you have read the story more than 2 time, focus a lot on the final pic but you must take a look again because I’m sure you missed a lot of details… Really a lot and there is soem examples…

Little quote from a mail for the first detail: ” If you noticed in the silhouette, there’s another character next to bowser. that was actually Doctor Ivo Robotnik AKA Doctor Eggman from Sonic hedgehog. Bowser is not tech savy enough to create such devices, but he is the one who came out with the idea. He’s been observing and collecting vital information each time the girls were caught by him and deliberately letting Mario to safe them so it wouldnt be that obvious “.

Other detail: Peach and Rosalina have a crown, made by dmfo… Oups… Dr Robotnik of course… dmfo reinterpret the crown in the headset that they have to wear, its a control mechanism where it plays as a receptor from the sensefelt by Rosa channel into Peach. She will feel what Rosa is feeling as she is being… Its also where she will received an audioinstruction from Brock who are monitoring through the cameras.

An awesome drawing for a great price, you can be sure I’ll commission dmfo and you can commission him too. At start dmfo suggested me some situations with Robotnik or Bowser’s childrens but like the blog so after a little brainstorming, the idea is than Rosalina have a little laboratory in her observatory and will kindnap some girls to test her new “dmfo” machines and gadgets… I think a lot know cartoons and ACME… Not it’s time for dmfo to give some materiel… I plan to create a serie about this, don’t know the frequence of publication for the moment… Stay turned guys… ^^

Rosalina as the ‘professor’? hmmm… sounds interesting.


Artist: dmfo / Cost: 15$

#242 – Mario – Daisy N°4

I didn’t expected the little event for my birthday can cause a little war here and sincerely I’m not interesting about that… I received a curious or pretty funny drawing I’ll show you in my birthday post on January and for people who didn’t notice it, on the bottom of each post there is a little vote, and the only I received is from a guys who voted “dislike” twice in each post… But finally I glad about one point… They are just jealous… XD

It was a long time since I show drawing with Peach and Daisy, at a moment artists often suggested these character, that’s why I have more than drawing with Peach and Rosalina but since summer holidays, Peach and Daisy were missing… Though the problem is now fix for Daisy, thanks so much to Savvader for this awesome drawing…

It was one year since I asked to Savvader if he can draw Rosalina as request for my blog, the answer was “yes” so just so nice but after that I never heard Savvader and totally forgot him… But he never forget me… (^o^)/

Hope you like this drawing guys, it’s really sexy, pretty romantic and I love the Luma; it’s just so funny… And like Savvader’s gallery there is a chance it’s not the only Rosalina he made… I published an other drawing I think with Rosalina and Daisy but as category he selected Games » Mario » Princess “Peach” Toadstool… With Savvader‘s style we don’t really recognize Rosalina lock and her hair style look a little different, more like Peach one so I prefer ask… And maybe you will hear more about Savvader soon…. Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Savvader / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Missy from Elite Beat Agents

#219 – Paper Mario – Shadow Queen

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian Paper Mario Shadow Queen
3 days before Rosalina’s birthday, it will be soon and I start to be excited, really excited… For the moment there is some people who participated and I have two drawings and little story I commissioned to show you but I hope to receive more… Don’t hesitate to participate guys… It’s not too late… Oh yeah… XD

I’m really late with publications and must publish a little more fast so before Rosalina’s birthday it will be a drawing per day. And this time it’s a huge fan to lordghoul who drew Rosalina meeting Shadow Queen from Mario paper, I never play this series and don’t know this character (it’s the final boss) so discover her was a great surprise…

About Shadow Queen, it’s the demon who possessed Peach. She tried to cast the world into darkness, but Mario whipped her butt good. If you want more information about her, the best way is the Mario wiki here, not use to copy/paste all the site… XD

If you look at the drawing, there is something really awesome, the Shadow Queen exactly do what Peach (possessed) do. You can see it for the hands and peach tongue, I fact Peach is licking herself and fingering Rosalina with the Shadow Queen, that really original…. You did an awesome illustration lordghoul… Thanks so much… (^o^)/

With requests I only let the artist free to draw what he want and have fun make the drawing but like this there is often greats surprises, I discover new characters and situation I never imagine… And lordghoul have a great gallery, don’t hesitate to take a look here… Hope you like it guys… ^^

Artist: Lordghoul / Cost: 0$ (request)

#214 – Peach N°16 (and a lot more)

A lot of artist make a special post for every 500 fans or follower… It’s not the same thing for me, each new follower is so nice and I have now a 26th… How nice… Something curious is that I have fans in HentaiFoundry but they don’t follow the blog… That’s stupid, I don”t publish anything in hentaifoundry… T_T

If you don’t know you can receive a mail for each new post I publish: on the Followers part in the right:
Join this site => Options => Site settings => Messaging => Allow site members to send messages…

So it’s now time to talk about rirukzo and the awesome job he did… I don’t only made this drawing with Rosalina and Peach but totally modelised Rosalina in 3D… That’s just awesome rirukzo… Hope you are fascinated guys… (^o^)/

You asked me for a drawing of Rosalina soft(I think:p) but instead I decided to make some 3D stuff to try something new, I hope it`s ok, is my first try on this ( so maybe I make some mistakes :p). Sincerely I don’t really see mistakes with these illustrations, There is some epic faces for Rosalina, other a little scary but the idea is awesome… I never imagine see Rosalina in 3D art, it’s totally different than normal illustrations because you need to create all the character first but rirukzo did it… That’s so powerfull…

I can show you all images rirukzo sent me, there is really a lot but you can see the result is amazing, clothed, lingerie, naked and he can change the pose, face expression boob size… I want to do it too… It’s incredible… Now I must find someone who can create a game with this… XD

Sincerely I don’t know what I can say, just enjoy rirukzo work and if you want more illustration or if you have the ability to use this Rosalina and make something great, don’t hesitate let a little comment.. Oh yeah… XD

Artist: Rirukzo / Cost: 0$ (Request)

New wishlisted girl: Reverie Metherlence (Ren) from Elemental Gelade

#168 – Nintendo – Daisy N°03

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai porn yuri lesbian daisy

There is a pretty famous contest in HentaiFoundry, I’m really interesting to have a contest like this and see awesome publicatiosn for my blog, maybe don’t have the money for 450$ prizes… So bad… With adds here I earned 2$, not interesting for a contest like that… T_T

So today it’s not a colored drawing, just a line… But a really nice and so funny… It was a long time since OneObese accepted my request but he don’t have only deadline, and the mor eimportant it’s to see the drawing done at a moment… And it’s now here… Oh yeah… (^o^)/

An interesting detail, sometimes before, the artist who draw me Rosalina with Bayonetta as commission (see the drawing here) say me she will draw me an other drawing to apologize the long time I waited for the drawing, the concept was the other character using a huge dildo on Rosalina but I never see the drawing… So when I see the drawing it was a great surprise, thanks so much OneObese… Now I must find somebody to color it, the result must be powerfull… XD

I love the detail of the wand spreader bar and the little “dialog” in the bottom make it more sexy and pretty funny… So don’t worry about the delay OneObese, you does a really nice pic and I’m so happy publish it here… Not a new girl, but it’s actualy the funniest drawing in the blog as me…

Artist: OneObese / Price: Request

#149 – Nintendo – Peach N°17

princess Rosalina nintendo hentai yuri lesbian porn princess peach

Don’t expect to see me post or comment anything this week, I’m in the Mangazur convention in Toulon (France) for the week… I love ask to cosplayers if I can photograph them and do a nice shot but the more important will be on Sunday, a cosplay of Rosalina, see be more beautifull and cutest girl in the world but I don’t think if I’ll be able to talk when I see her… That will be so nice… (^o^)/

Maybe before prepare my prepare my luggage I have a little time to post a new pic here and in the soft blog (rosalinaandgirl.blogspot.com) and today Rosalina meet peach again and have a little fun with her… ^^

This really nice drawing was a request to Zapon who has the kindness accept it and do a beautifull pic… I love the description he put with his publication: ‘a request from Harmonie_Rosalina on HF. His collection is so funny!‘… That’s so nice see people like my collection and always have a lot of interest to participate.. Now I have a really nice blog and huge collection… A little spams, lot of kindness from artists and tadam… that’s awesome… ^^

Now it’s not a surprise Rosalina and Peach is the best pairing for a lot of artist… In one hand I’m a little sad have all these Peach and Rosalina pic instead or other girls in my wishlist but in other hand like this we can really see artists styles and ideas are really differents, maybe I hesitate ask this pairing if I do a contest or maybe I’m looking for a theme… If somebodye have an idea… Don’t hesitate to post a comment but I don”t want something like guro, loli and all ideas who include a man… ;p

So I’m waiting for your comments and thanks again to Zapon for this awesome pic, Rosalina and Peach are so beautifull, sexy and a little romantic too… I love the situation and this kiss… hum… XD

Artist: Zapon / Price: Request